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Every time I post something political or take a stance I am told that I should stay out of it or just worry about being pretty. This is exactly what is wrong with our society. I didn't ask to be born in this generation. Being part of the conversation and fully aware of the present and future unequal policies will affect me and my future family. Politics ARE MY business and should be yours too. Speak up! Stand up! It is up to us to change and improve upon the troubles we have inherited. I am deeply saddened at what I am seeing and reading! As a philosophy major and sociology student I feel an obligation to not ignore the ignorance and racism surrounding me. I am a Mexican immigrant, I am American, I am female, and I will be part of the conversation. #Politics #NotMyPresident #Equality

Nuevo video con mis amigos de @univision el link está en mi Bio! Gracias por tu apoyo, 4 años de que participe en @nuestrabellezalatina 💋 |Click the link in my bio for my latest fitness tips video in collar with my peeps @univision #NuestraBellezaLatina #Univision 😉 #LatinaPower | Thanks everyone for all the Twitter Love!

Balboa Bay

Bridesmaid for the first time ⚓️🌸🛳 | What's your favorite #Bridemaids movie line?

Balboa Bay Resort

#Brunchin 🕶

Todavia media dormida! Busy weekend ahead 💆🏽🙎🏽🚶🏽‍♀️#InstaMood #Smile 😉

Los Angeles, California

Happy Thursday! 🌅 hey there frizzy fly aways! 💁🏽| NEW YouTube video @beautyesbalance click on the link in my bio 😜 My sister killed it again @mua_passion 👅 #Profiles #Thursdate

Dry Rosé kinda gal, what's your fav? 🌷💓| Took this photo with my Nikon F3 in #Paris #35mm #Trocadero #Mondays

Happy Sábado my loves! Birthday month! How many of my followers are #Leos ? 🍋: #ForLoveandLemons #LeoSeason

Thank you for all the sweet Birthday wishes! 🍰🙏🏼 I read every single message, comment, text. Sometimes I distance myself from social media because it can be so superficial but you guys remind me that one of the best things about it is being able to connect with so many people from all over the world and that's amazing! Thank you all for putting a smile on my face! 😆😊 ----------------------------------------------- Besos y gracias por todos los mensajes que me mandaron ayer! Leí todos y me da mucho gusto que me pueda conectar con tanta gente alrededor del mundo! Muchas veces no quiero estar en las redes sociales pero ustedes me recuerdan los bello que es conectarse con todos ustedes! Gracias por darme más sonrisas! 😘🤗 #BirthdayGirl #LeoSeason #Grateful #MiCumple 🍋: #ForLoveandLemons

Mi cumple 🍰😝 Gracias amor @javier_huerta #26


Early birthday gift from my taco @javier_huerta | Created my own scent & named it 'twenty-six' [so creative lol] 👩🏽‍🔬 #SundayFunday #LeoSeason Watch my story to see the process

Buenas Tardes mes amours 🎡 #Paris #jardindetuileries

Paris, France

New Blog of Paris 📝| I want to be female @anthonybourdain no joke 🕵🏻‍♀️💃🏽🎒✈️| Take me back! Left my heart here 😫 | #Paris | Link in my bio

My Paris Style Diary: zuleykadoeslife.com | @zuleykadoeslife 💋#Paris #tumemanques

Been in the car more than anywhere else today 😕 so here's a selfie #saturdayvibes

Our Beauty Channel is back ▶️ | Latest video is up. 📺 Click the link in my bio + SUBSCRIBE 🤳🏽 | Follow our beauty page too if you love us 😝👉🏼 @beautyesbalance #beautybloggers #hermanas #Dontmesswithus #💋

Viva Hollywood

From Last Night to 2007! We had to replicate it 10 years later! Love this kid! Happy Birthday @thejohnlock 🍾 #HBD #TBT

🤖 To salsa or to not salsa?! #HumpDay #WednesdayBlues


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