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Американская актриса и певица. Дебютировала в кино в 1999 году ролью в фильме «Доктор Мамфорд», за которой последовала роль в фильме «Почти знаменит». Благодаря ролям второго плана начала получать главные роли, в том числе в фильмах «Всегда говори „Да“» и «500 дней лета». C 2011 года играла роль Джессики Дэй в сериале «Новенькая».
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Name that squash!

Thanks #sagesummit for an awesome chat!!! #Chicago

2 New Girl episodes tonight!!! True American returns! Cece and Schmidt get married! 8pm and 9pm on FOX.



KERMIT!!!!! #weday

#weday @therealhannahsimone best day ever

Yes please!

And David Walton as Dr Sam is back!!! #NEWGIRL

Lucy punch is on #NEWGIRL tonight!

Excited about tonight's episode of #NEWGIRL- Cece and Jess pull an all nighter!

If you would like to see the rest of my face then tune in! I am back on #NEWGIRL tonight at 8pm!

I'm on the Ellen show today talking about babies, animals and 100 episodes of #NewGirl

Thank you to all of the lovely gals in our hair and make up department for my early birthday celebration!

I saw a gentleman wearing this pin and I told him I liked it. He said I could keep it if I spread the message. So there it is! Be kind to others and kind to yourselves. Happy holidays!!!

Happy birthday to my beautiful and wonderful and talented sister Emily! Here we are with someone else's dog.

Just found out that this beautiful lady Carey Lander from one of my favorite bands, Camera Obscura, has passed away. I had the great pleasure of touring with them a few years back. She was a lovely person. I am thinking of her and her loved ones today. If you have a spare dollar donate to raise research funds to treat the cancer that took her: https://www.justgiving.com/Carey-Lander

My best friend since kindergarten @sarahmayb interviewed me for her blog Teaspoon of Happy back in January- here it is: https://teaspoonofhappy.squarespace.com/blog/2015/1/18/an-interview-with-zooey-deschanel-on-childhood-memories-and-what-makes-a-best-friend-forever

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