Закари Куинто


Американский актёр, получивший известность благодаря ролям серийного убийцы Сайлара в сериале «Герои», доктора Оливер Трэдсона в сериале «Американская история ужасов», коммандера Спока в фильмах «Звёздный путь» и «Стартрек: Возмездие».
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New York, New York

noah's chill is something...

New York, New York


Belasco Theatre

"the play is memory..."

New York, New York

self reflective.

New York, New York

new haircut. new lamp.

New York, New York

they woke up like this... @milesmcmillan

New York, New York

"when you're there i sleep lengthwise. and when you're gone i sleep diagonal in our bed."

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

very much into betsy - our photobombing flight attendant. knew i loved her the minute i saw her... back from whence we came. 🛫

Vanity Fair Oscar Party

everything is more fun with @milesmcmillan by my side.

Los Angeles, California

oscar vibes with @milesmcmillan

The Black Cat Los Angeles

this is about everyone. go if you can!

John F. Kennedy International Airport

westward bound. did anyone find my wallet at the party last night?

Jefferson Market Library

#tbt to yesterday at 5pm. it felt like the sky was painting itself. i missed the first bong.

New York, New York

no ❤ like this ❤ to the most beautiful: i love you and i am grateful for you everyday @milesmcmillan

New York, New York

time for a trim all around. just don't know how to back out of this slowly...

New York, New York

dogs appropriately excited by my return.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

bought mom some 'silver slippers' she's pretty happy with them.

the eyes of history see with fierce clarity.

Capitol Hill

THEIR ATTEMPT TO SILENCE HER ONLY AMPLIFIES HER VOICE. once again i am inspired today by the truth and integrity and resolve of @elizabethwarrenma in the face of such blatant racism xenophobia homophobia sexism and fear mongering. her censure in the senate chamber further highlights the utter desperation of the old white men who are ruthlessly clinging to their stagnant and dangerous ideals. we are evolving beyond your hatred. we are rising above your smallness. she is a powerful embodiment of the unstoppable movement toward inclusion and equality. it is only a matter of time before truth and goodness prevail.

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