Закари Куинто


Американский актёр, получивший известность благодаря ролям серийного убийцы Сайлара в сериале «Герои», доктора Оливер Трэдсона в сериале «Американская история ужасов», коммандера Спока в фильмах «Звёздный путь» и «Стартрек: Возмездие».
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New York, New York

anyone who has ever truly known me in the last 14 years has known this true prince. noah has been by my side through up and down. thick and thin. feast and famine. in loving him i learned to love myself more fully. he taught me compassion and patience and generosity... and oh how he made me laugh. he made friends wherever he went. his spirit was pure. his love was legend. i am a better person for having had him in my life. but tonight we had to let him go. surrounded by love he went to sleep. and may he forever rest in peace.

New York, New York

always nice to be back home in the...

London, United Kingdom

down down down to the bakerloo line on a perfect day with @celiakb

New York, New York

very much into these spring vibes. @milesmcmillan

New York, New York

...upon returning from the night walk.

New York, New York

i will pull you over. then tickle you.

New York, New York

every now and again you get to work with a true kindred. i am endlessly inspired by the sheer talent and integrity of @juliannenicholsonofficial and endlessly grateful for the opportunity to work with her. she is stunning in this picture. it's been a joy to behold.

New York, New York

i just april fooled the hell outta him.

New York, New York

noah's chill is something...

New York, New York


Belasco Theatre

"the play is memory..."

New York, New York

self reflective.

New York, New York

new haircut. new lamp.

New York, New York

they woke up like this... @milesmcmillan

New York, New York

"when you're there i sleep lengthwise. and when you're gone i sleep diagonal in our bed."

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

very much into betsy - our photobombing flight attendant. knew i loved her the minute i saw her... back from whence we came. 🛫

Vanity Fair Oscar Party

everything is more fun with @milesmcmillan by my side.

Los Angeles, California

oscar vibes with @milesmcmillan

The Black Cat Los Angeles

this is about everyone. go if you can!

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