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Американский актёр, известный по фильмам из серии «Классный мюзикл», фильмам «Папе снова 17», «Я и Орсон Уэллс», «Двойная жизнь Чарли Сан-Клауда», «Счастливчик» и «Этот неловкий момент», а также по роли в телесериале «Вечное лето».
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With the ☝🏼and only @jimmykimmel tonight. He's dope. 👀❤️🙌🏼😜 #Baywatch #ZacBrownBand #DoubleZACATTACK

There's no crew quite like us. Can't wait for you to see us in action. 💪😎👉🎟🎟🎟💘 #Baywatch #MAY25

New York, New York

Thanks @livekellyandryan for yet another unforgettable morning 🕺🏼🙌🏼💯❤️ #Baywatch #MAY25

Sydney, Australia

Thank you 🇦🇺🤚🏼❤️

Love you 🇦🇺. Love my bay. 🌊😎❤️ #Baywatch

Bondi Beach, Sydney

♥️ Bondi 🌊😎


Home sweet home 🇦🇺

Taking #Baywatch down under with Bae Babe @alexandradaddario! See you tomorrow Australia, I told you I couldn’t stay away… 😊❤️🇦🇺

Miami, Florida

Can't thank you guys enough for coming out and tuning in live. Last night's @baywatchmovie premiere was epic!

Ocean Dr & 7th St

7th and Ocean Drive 5PM Tonight Or watch our @baywatchmovie premiere LIVE: http://facebook.com/zacefron‬ ‪#AskBaywatch‬ #Miami #LetsGo

Miami, Florida

@baywatchmovie press junketing with this one today. Peep those 👀!

@BaywatchMovie's new red band trailer! Get ROCKED. Get EF'ed. And most important- GET YOUR 🎟 cuz it's 🔥 http://bit.ly/BaywatchTix #MAY25

Always fan boy out too much when 0️⃣1️⃣1️⃣'s around. Great to run into the #StrangerThings crew- even BETTER- handing @milliebobbybrown her 🍿. #mtvawards

House of Friends is 🔥!!! 🌊🙌🏼🔑🙌🏼 #ManzuMagic #nofilter

Happy Birthday @therock. Thanks for bringing us, the people, your hard work, honor and justice , every single day...and for your sexy eyebrows. 💪🏻😜✌️👑

Legit 🔥 #BeachesBeCrazy #Baywatch #RespectandLovetheLadies 🎟 http://bit.ly/BaywatchTix


Always good times when I get to hang with this crew- even better when we get to laugh our asses off. Thanks to all the creative "runners" that showed out at today's #SlowMoChallenge

Yes I'm riding my atv indoors: you got a problem? 💪🏼😜🔑 #Baywatch

Los Angeles, California

It's hard out here on these beaches. #BeBaywatch

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