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Американский актёр, известный по фильмам из серии «Классный мюзикл», фильмам «Папе снова 17», «Я и Орсон Уэллс», «Двойная жизнь Чарли Сан-Клауда», «Счастливчик» и «Этот неловкий момент», а также по роли в телесериале «Вечное лето».
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Let’s get it tomorrow night on Fox. 🎶

Chris R trying to be PG. 😂#thedisasterartist

#mood when Zendaya swoops in with a brand new acoustic version of Rewrite the Stars. 👀 the magic here: instagram.com/greatestshowman/

I want to thank everyone who put their hearts and souls into THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. THE DREAM TEAM of virtuous renegades who made the impossible come true - Congrats on the HFPA nominations 🎉

Empire State Building


New York, New York

About last night. #GreatestShowman

Fame. 12.14.17 #greatestshowman #thecordenshow


Go team Bombas. 5 Million pairs donated. Check it out: https://bombas.com/pages/5million

London, United Kingdom

Showman Squad. #grahamnorton

Just singing in the rain...#greatestshowman

Z squared. #GreatestShowman

Let’s go @thehughjackman! #greatestshowman

A pic is worth a thousand words. Only ones I can think of now are: wtf were u thinking dude?! Look at her!! #GreatestShowman #RebeccaFerguson

‪Feeling thankful for all the love and support I receive from my fans, family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving all. #gratitude ‬#thanksgiving

Happy Sunday world! #SundayFunday

Let’s #RewriteTheStars @zendaya 🎩✨

“Ladies and Gents this is the moment you’ve waited for...” check out some exclusive dance rehearsal footage on my Facebook page. 🔗: Facebook.com/zacefron #GreatestShowman

Channeling my inner HUGH JACKMAN spirit. You HAVE to try this. feels amazing. been doing it once a day for the last few weeks, and I feel results in every aspect of my life, I’m happier, cooler, and stronger in the gym every day. #greatestshowman #WWHJD

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