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Американская актриса. Наиболее известна по роли Ширли Бенетт в телесериале «Сообщество».
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This time last week I was preparing to moderate a talk-back at the @garrymarshalltheatre for the AMAZING play #themountaintop! Here are pics from the day and that moment! Thanks @gilbertglennbrown @carolynratteray and @tyreebp for taking part in the great conversation about MLK and race in America. And thank you to my friends at #TheGarryMarshallTheatre for letting me lead the convo. ❤️ Go. See. The. Mountain. Top!!!! You have until #March6th #GilbertGlennBrown and #CarolynRatteray did the dang thing as MLK and Camae respectively.

#Repost @comiclonilove via @alfrededmondjr UPDATE: For clarity’s sake, Gucci is the problem. As is any other company that creates blackface imagery and calls it fashion. That said, as this post details, the bigger problem is those of us who use brand names to validate our self-worth. That need for validation creates an environment where we can’t kneel or stand for a dang thing. And boycotts work...when we all stand together and say #NawSon. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with liking nice things. And if you can partake of luxury brands without your light bill and mortgage taking a hit, have at it! Life is short. Do you and all that. Shoot, I’m the #FrugalQueen and even I own a Gucci piece or two. I rock them right along with pieces from my fashion favorite @target! 😏BUT I will not be wearing or buying anything Gucci again until and unless this blackface situation is rectified. @dapperdanharlem meeting with the powers that be @Gucci is a start but they have to do more than meet with that glorious fashion icon to fix what they broke. Just wanted to make my position on all this clear. #Selah ❤️✊🏾

And this package from @jordanpeele and the folks at the @usmovie. The scissors are real. Trust and know that if I look into my driveway and see ME in a red jumpsuit smiling back, these suckers WILL be used. #TheTeathered #USMovie ✂️ #WatchYourself #MarchTwentySecond #ImAlreadyScared 😳

I arrived home today to find two surprises waiting for me... these BEAUTIFUL flowers from the kind folks over @therealdaytime (Thanks guys and gals!) And... wait for it... (next post has your answer)

. @awkwafina and I bring up the rear in episode six of #WeirdCity! Directed by the AMAZING @amyheckerling ❤️Go below the line on @youtube Premium! All eps are streaming NOW! REPOST • @weirdcityshow Below is Required Viewing Above the Line. Have you watched yet?

This happened TODAY when I popped back in on @therealdaytime! Thanks for letting me visit again, ladies! And for the gift of getting to chat with my dear friend #HenryWinkler! it’s a #FriYay for reals!!! Come for the ladies and Henry. Stay for me DRUNK on daytime television. 😳😉

I love this. I will always love this. “Why should you make the money he’s making?!” he said. “Because we are doing the same job.” @Oprah said. True that, Ms. Oprah! ❤️ Motto: #IllShowYou #Goals

❤️I ❤️Had ❤️ A❤️ Ball❤️! ❤️ Thanks for having me for #ValentinesDay ladies! @therealdaytime

My #OOTD for @therealdaytime ❤️ Glam: @sarahbbeauty Blouse: @vincecamuto Thanks #oakley! Skirt: @rachelpally Shoes: @bananarepublic #HappyValentinesDay ❤️

Heading back to @therealdaytime TODAY for some #ValentinesDay shenanigans. I am grateful for any chance I get to hang with the ladies of #TheReal! 💜 Face Beat: @sarahbbeauty And you can’t see my #OOTD in this pic, but if you see and like later... Blouse: @vincecamuto Skirt: @rachelpally Shoes: @bananarepublic (don’t sleep on their shoe section!)

😂😂😂😂😂 *Volume UP!” #YoureWelcome! #REPOST • @squidthegriff Will you be mine? ❤ #HappyValentinesDay! (🔊🔊 Volume UP)

May you find, give and BE all that TRUE #Love is on this day. #HappyValentinesDay, everybody! ❤️#FirstCorinthiansThirteenFourThroughEight

This kind of fun! Had a blast yesterday on @therealdaytime! Thanks for having me ladies! Get well soon @tameramowrytwo ❤️ Fun Fact: I’ll be back on tomorrow for #ValentinesDay!

STREAMING NOW! #Repost @charliesanders The show I created, #weirdcity is out and available for consumption! All episodes streaming on @YouTube Premium. Please binge them multiple times. And thanks to the amazing cast and crew that helped my weird dream come to life!

The struggle is real! @misterharleybrown let me know he needed to go outside. When I opened the door it was to bark at said piece of wayward plastic. That was the ONLY reason. Didn’t have to pee or poop. Nope. Just had to let the neighborhood know that he was ferocious and no piece of plastic stood a chance. #DogsOfInstagram #CockerSpaniel

Last night celebrating the premiere of @weirdcityshow TONIGHT or TODAY! Did you guys follow that? Get thee to @youtube originals and explore the above and below the line weirdness. And it IS weird. Lol! #YouHaveBeenWarned!

REPOST • @unionworking Why is #SAGAFTRA important to YOU? These fine #actors answer that very question.

Here’s my #OOTD from my time on @therealdaytime LIVE this morning! Entire look from head to toe is from @Target! Even the shoes! ❤️ @targetstyle #TheReal Face: @makeupbykweli Hair: @raibmason

Go see #LightsOut:NatKingCole at @geffenplayhouse #ThatIsAll ❤️REPOST • @dulehill The first week of previews are in the books. It’s been a thrill to be back on the stage! Much appreciate to all who came to check us out!! Opening Night is this Wednesday! 💪🏾🔥🔥 #NatsGuests #LightsOutGP #NatKingCole #GeffenPlayhouse #JazmynSimon #YvetteNicoleBrown

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