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Американская актриса. Наиболее известна по роли Ширли Бенетт в телесериале «Сообщество».
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Don't look now, but somebody is 2017 lot OFFICIAL! 🙄❤ @themayorabc And don't let that CBS studio center of it all fool ya, #TheMayorABC is on @ABCnetwork! Look for us in the Fall ▪ Tuesdays at 9:30pm ▪

Guys! Allow me to present the @themayorabc writers! Look at all these glorious faces and brilliant minds! ❤ #TheMayorABC

So proud of my ❤ @ItsAlgee! Git it!!! #Repost @comiclonilove via @johnboyega ・・・ DETROIT out august 4th!

Just a gentle reminder. Is this good news or bad news? You decide. You always decide. ❤ #StayClassyMyFriends

Beautiful words from @MaraAkil about #NabraHassanen ❤ #Repost @maraakil ・・・ As a human, as a Muslim, as a woman, as a person of color... one's spirit can get weary with the incessant open attack on us in this country... but I believe in #love... I believe her loss will crack open our hearts and conquer this hate... so today, the day she was laid to rest, I will Say her name... Think about her... Send her family Prayers... Then do something kind and loving in her honor. #NabraHassanen #RIP #InTheLandOfaBeautifulMuslimGirl

Happy #NationalSelfieDay. Don't know if we actually need this, but I wanted to contribute. Full disclosure, this wasn't taken today. I took it when visited our showrunner, @jeremybronson on the lot where @themayorabc will shoot. Our new digs are across the parking lot from where I shot @TheOddCoupleCBS for three years. This selfie was taken in front of our empty stage. 😔 glorious Stage 15. If you want to see the walk-thru and some tidbits about my blessed time on #TheOddCouple, I did a facebook live about it on Friday. ❤

#AboutLastWeek Got to catch up with this bit of joy @loganlaurice! ❤ Thanks Rachel & @Microsoft for the @WomenInFilmLA Lucy/Crystal awards invite! #Evolve #WomenInFilm @DearWhitePeople @TheMayorABC #WeMayHaveJustFangirledOver @LupitaNyongo right before this pic. #ByMayIMeanDID 😉

Yay! Honored to voice #Luna on #ElenaOfAvalor and to have voiced an ailing triceratops on #DocMcStuffins! Super excited about the TCA nominations! 😄 #Repost @disneychannelpr ・・・ Congratulations to the #DocMcStuffins & #ElenaofAvalor teams for their 2017 TCA nominations for Outstanding Achievement in Youth Programming.

Um, how about ALL? Is there a #SelectAll button? #SoManyVowels #WhySoManyVowels? #WordsWithFriends

😍 Just 😍 This album?! THIS one?! #NEHeartbreak changed everything for NE and every NE fan. It's still playable and sing-a-long-able ALL these years later. And to think I wasn't even BORN when it came out. Sshhh! Just go with it! 😉 #Repost @allaboutnewedition ・・・ On this day, June 20, 1988, New Edition released their fifth studio album, "Heartbreak". The Heartbreak album peaked at numbers twelve and three on the U.S. Billboard 200 and R&B Albums Chart, selling 500,000 copies by August 19, 1988. On September 28, 1988, it was certified platinum in sales by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), following sales in excess of 1 million copies in the United States. After sales of 2 million, it earned double platinum certification from the RIAA in July of 1994. The album has also earned international sales of four million copies. Heart Break spun off five hit R&B singles: "If It Isn't Love", "You're Not My Kind of Girl", "Can You Stand the Rain", "Crucial", and "N.E. Heart Break". "Boys to Men" was later on released as a 6th single in 1991. In 1989, New Edition also received the Soul Train Award for best R&B / Urban Comptemporary Band, Group, or Duo Album of the Year (Heartbreak).

Issa #NestingDoll set! 😍 #CloneClub for LIFE! I see you @TatianaMaslany! #AndAlsoYouAndYouAndYouAndYou ❤ @OrphanBlack final season! 😢 #SoundsLikeASponsoredPostButIsnt #IJustSupportMyPeeps My dolls are number 122 in the series! Keeping forever! Thanks @BBCAmerica

If you live in Georgia District 6, PLEASE vote today!* Cough-Cough *for #Ossoff 🙄 #Resist #Persist #Protest #ThatIsAll

📸: @tinabphotos Blouse: @bananarepublic #WhatYallKnowBoutThatPrudyMcPrudeLife? #EvenThatTopButtonIsButtoned! 🤣

😄 My family & I had a BLAST on Celebrity @FamilyFeudABC! Overjoyed to bless @MPTF with this amazing gift! Yay! #YayISay! ❤ #MPTF #MPTFNext

Mood: Afro #DayFourHairDontCare

Tonight! Celeb @familyfeudabc ❤ #Family Paris, @StaceyBaj @RTeeJay #Sharon #CelebrityFamilyFeud For those who asked, @natastic_hair did my twists!

How 'bout when your state of confusion scares even your brother?! Lol! Don't forget to watch me & my family on Celeb @FamilyFeudABC TONIGHT! The fun starts at 8pm on @ABCnetwork with @GeorgeLopez & @EvaLongoria then me & @theashleygraham get our turn! ❤ #SurveySays @StaceyBaj @RTeeJay #Paris #Sharon @cfconthelake

This guy! #MyPops ❤ #HappyFathersDay

With the clowns and the roaches?! 😨🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #Repost @thechristishow ・・・ #Shirleen has a couple announcements pertaining to #FathersDay ! To all the #men who take care of their children and take care of children as their own, you are truly appreciated!!! Get your tickets @ www.likesharetagcomedy.com and check the site your city maybe next!!!#YoureNotAManIfYouDontTakeCareOfYourKids #IfYouDontTakeCareOfYourKidsYouDontEat #WatchWomenClaimToBeASeahorse #RoachesAndClownsAreFromHell #ThankYouToAllTheRealFathers #WatchTheWomanIGuessImASeahorseThen #MaamYouAreNotYourKidsFatherStopSayingThat #MothersDayHasPassedItsNotYourDay #YouknewHeWasALoserStopBeingMad #HappyFathersDay #CleanComedyTakeover #LikeShareTagComedyShow #ChristianeePorter

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