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Американская актриса. Наиболее известна по роли Ширли Бенетт в телесериале «Сообщество».
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Yep. Unbroken. Unbowed. Unbothered. I stand up. I speak out. I sow Seed. And I will NOT stop. #TheyTriedIt #TheyFailed And how's YOUR Monday going, loves? 😁 UPDATE: This amazing shirt is fundraising project for the @womenshistory museum. You can get your own by going to their page! ❤

😚 You'd think black voices mattered the way y'all acting up. Haven't seen you #VeryFinePeople THIS mad since #Bart almost missed out on his promotion. This post is just for YOU! ❤ Feel free to fill my comment section with your vitriol. I've already been called pig, nigger and c*nt though, so please be original. This is your moment to shine! #BeHate #BeBest I'm gonna make dinner for my papa now. See you lovely defenders of decency on the flip side. Ooh! I hope someone tells me again how I'm jealous that I'm not white and thin and the third wife of Tang. He IS pretty sexy. All plump and orange. What gal wouldn't want to be grabbed by that. And since he's so famous, we'll let you do it! #swoon 😍

My only hope in life now is to look JUST like this beautiful portrait! Thank you @innerdemoncross! ・・・ #REPOST @innerdemoncross Decided to do this one in a different style, but gonna bring this to @yvettenicolebrown at #walkerstalkercon #Atlanta since I didn’t get to see her at the premiere last year #artwork #talkingdead #yvettenicolebrown #portrait

My beautiful Sorors and I on the set of @theviewabc 💖💚

It's my last day as a guest co-host on @TheView (for this trip!l) Lots of pics to come, but here's one from earlier this week of me and the ladies with @mgyllenhaal ❤

Who's coming? ❤

Hey guys in 15 minutes I'm gonna be on #SiriusXM @sxmurbanview on the @karenhuntershow. I'm sitting in for the whole THREE hours! There shall be shenanigans! 😉

Yep. ❤

The love I have for these two (@mrmarcelspears @brandonmichealhall) and @bernarddavidjones cannot be quantified. It simply cannot. Here's a small glimpse of the shenanigans I had a front row seat for every day on the set of @TheMayorABC with the three of them! I miss that sweet show @jeremybronson created ❤ but my continued family-ship with these three talented gentlemen are a continued blessing that lives on! #LookAtGod You can currently see #MarcelSpears on @theneighborhood and #BrandonMichealHall on @godfriendedme both on CBS! And you will see #BernardDavidJones on the big screen very soon! They all got NEXT! #MyBoys #TheMayor UPDATE: My babies CAN act. This scene was a fake commercial their characters, Courtney and T.K., were making. They are supposed to not be great actors in the commercial within the show. Hope I explained that well. Lol!

Yep. It sure is a scary time...for men. #Repost @markruffalo ・・・ Listen to women like @lynzylab to give you an idea of the world as they experience it. It’s a good time to wake up to this reality as men. We are evolving toward greater equality, which is a great thing for us ALL. Don’t be afraid to have greater awareness. It can not harm you nor diminish you. Head over to her profile to hear the full song ➡️

❤ @TheView ❤

Guys! I joined my little pumpkin-doodle @annafaris for an ep of her #podcast @unqualified and it's LIVE TOMORROW! We had a BLAST! Please tune in! ❤ #NoraAndChristy

Who needs this? Here ya go! ❤

Tonight, "Dani" is all of us! ❤@TheOddCoupleCBS #TWD Fun Fact: In the script it was #GameOfThrones. I asked if I could change it to #TheWalkingDead. I love #GoT too BTW. But I felt Dani would be more of a #TWD girl! 😉

Rest in peace, kind Sir. 💔 #ScottWilson #Hershel #TWD

I always looked at him just like this. He was a dear, dear man. What a profound loss for his friends, family and the world. 💔 #RIPScottWilson #Hershel #TWD This day officially SUCKS. It is now completely OFFICIAL.

Me. Sitting at that glorious table. Every single day next week. Yay! 💙

#TBT Liiisten...I don't know HOW I neglected to post this pic! What a joy it was to meet you, @johndavidwashington! And thanks @makeupbykweli for the proper introduction AND for taking the pic! ❤

Nobody does YOU better than YOU! Remember that! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and let us have it, ya hear? ❤ You get one life. Give us YOU! #YNotBe... #YNotBeWednesday #ADayLate #BetterLateThanNever 😉 📸: @tinabphotos

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