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Американская актриса. Наиболее известна по роли Ширли Бенетт в телесериале «Сообщество».
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Nothing will ever top THIS moment! I met @TheRitaMoreno! 😍 She was as lovely and amazing as I always imagined she'd be! #Legend #Emmys

I'm a little late crowning our new "Mayor" this week; but here he is, America! Congrats #JeremyHamm! We are happy to have you as our new Mayor! We appreciate all your hard work on our behalf! #TheMayor #CrewMemberOfTheWeek ❤ #BestBoyGrip

#Goals #Repost @thebettermanproject ・・・

New promo pics, who dis? 😉 #TheMayor #DinaRose⚘

#Repost @thetigerhunter ・・・ Tune in! Catch @sauerkraut13 talk about 70's clothes, his "secret weapon," and more on tonight's Last Call with @carsondaly, at 1:35 am ET / 12:35 am CT.

A tale of four people. One of these beautiful people is a force of nature on #AmericanGods. Another just became the FIRST African-American woman to win an #Emmy for best comedy writing. Another is about to make America fall in love with him & his shenanigans every Tuesday night. And the last is just happy to be sharing the frame with this much melaninated greatness. 👏😊✊Always #ForTheCulture ❤

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 But seriously... ❤ @IssaRae #Repost @realdlhughley ・・・ Simple as that. #Emmys #TeamDL #Repost @cthagod Forever Mood.

#CaptionThis At the #Emmys with this wackadoo! @anikaaroundtheworld! She's presenting! @televisionacad

Dear @RashidaJones, You were right. All the bags in your @Away luggage collection are sold out. Weep with me. 😢 Sidebar: Always great to see you, friend!

In honor of finding out that today is the 8th Anniversary of @communitytv premiering on NBC in 2009... #This! @MPTF #EveningBefore #MPTF ❤ UPDATE: we are standing with 2x Emmy winner TONIGHT #DonaldGlover (Lead Actor and Directing) ❤👏✊

And one for the #MagicAndJoy! #TheBeautifulBlackness #ThatMelaninTho? #AboutLastNight #MPTF

#AboutLastNight #TheBeautifulBlackness As usual, there's one #ForTheCulture ... #MPTF #TheEveningBefore #MelaninSoStrong

This is @camaraaunique! #HeyGirlHey! And another look at her artistry on my face! #Grateful

The look from last night. Thank you @camaraaunique for this beat! I mean... #ThisBeatTho?! 😍

Same @BananaRepublic dress and @TopShop duster, but different backdrop dawg! *Cole from Martin voice* Thank you @EntertainmentWeekly for inviting me to your awesome soiree last night. BTW Those macaroni and cheese balls were the TRUTH! 😉

Had a blast with my buds @cedtheentertainer and @GeorgeLopez talking all things @ComedyGetDownBET yesterday! Thank you @Bet and @PaleyCenter for having me! ❤

So excited to moderate the #TheComedyGetDown panel at @paleycenter #PaleyFestPreviews ❤ @cedtheentertainer @GeorgeLopez

And I get to moderate the panel with @cedtheentertainer & @GeorgeLopez! #LuckyAmI! See you guys TONIGHT @ThePaleyCenter #TheComedyGetDown ❤ @BET UPDATE: #PaleyCenter is in Beverly Hills not on the UCLA campus. Go where your ticket tells ya. Mmkay? 🤗 #Repost @cedtheentertainer ・・・ “Hey LA! I’m going to be at PaleyFest Previews (at the Paley Center) for #TheComedyGetDown screening and panel. TONIGHT at 7pm me and my bro @georgelopez Come check us out. Hope to see you there! You can get your tickets with this link: paley.me/bet”

Anyone who truly knows me knows along with some great things I'm also a worrier and an over-thinker. In varying order and degrees I assess, let things stew, assume/jump to conclusions and then often shut down completely. There. That's all my yuck when it comes to connections with folk. BUT... I'm learning new ways. Maybe you guys are too. If so, allow me to share my #Affirmators! card for today. May it bless the worriers & overthinkers among us, as it blessed me. #Breathe #WaitAndSee #ItsOftenNotAsBadAsYouFear #WhyAreYouLivingInFearAnyway? #AskingForAFriend #LoveYallMeanIt #LoveAndRelationships #Affirmators UPDATE: I got this deck of #Affirmators from @Amazon. There are two decks. The original deck and the #LoveAndRelationships. This is from the latter.

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