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Американская актриса. Наиболее известна по роли Ширли Бенетт в телесериале «Сообщество».
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Live-Stream. Today! 5:30pm PST. @seekellymccreary and me. Via the @StreamLiveMe app! Partnering with @skyboundent. Benefitting @DonorsChoose! Join us. Give. Share. ❤ Link to give to a @DonorsChoose project that spotlights diversity is in my bio. No amount is too small!

Scroll for pics! Had the BEST morning on #AMJoy with @joyannreid @jenclymer @lisabloomesq @yvettrahelene and @JohnWDean! I ❤ #AMJoy

Guys! I'll be back on #AMJoy with #FriendInMyHead @joyannreid THIS morning in the 8am hour on @msnbc! 😄 That's 11am for my East Coast peeps! ❤ #WhatYallKnowAboutThatAmJoyJoy?! 😊

Now you see me. Now you don't. 🤗 #CatchMeWhileICare ☺ #IStillGotMadLoveForYaTho 😙 #ThisIsNotASubTweet/Post

What am I doing Sunday? Oh I'm just live-streaming a chat about Diversity in television on #LiveDotMe at 5:30pm to benefit @DonorsChoose! Why don't ya join me, @skyboundent & our guest this week: @seekellymccreary? 😄

Mine rotates but what lands at number one most often is #PopLife. The lyrics just get me. It's Prince #VocalSHADE. And y'all all know his gift for #shade was second only to his musical gift. 😉 #WhatsTheMatterWithYourLife? #IsThePovertyBringingYouDown? #IsTheMailManJerkingYouRound? #DidHePutYourMillionDollarCheckInSomeoneElsesBox? #TellMe... #WhatsTheMatterWithYourWorld? #WasItABoyWhenYouWantedAGirl? #DontYaKnowStraightHairAintGotNoCurl? #LifeItAintRealFunkyUnlessItsGotThatPop!

It's been a year. Still we mourn. There will never be another like you. #RIP #Prince 💜 #AprilTwentyFirst

#FBF Last week JOYOUSLY celebrating our girl @appleofhisai and our guy @shinybootz and their show @undergroundwgn! #Minty #HarrietTubman #Melanin Sidebar: if somebody don't cast me and Kelly as sisters in SOMETHING...

#Selfie #MirrorImage #IfIWasSymmetrical #ImNot #ImSoNot

They don't make 'em like Lu-Lu anymore. Today would've been his 66th Birthday. Happy Birthday to one of the best vocalists to EVER touch a mic! #NeverTooMuch is in my top three of favorite #LutherVandross songs. In his honor, enjoy this minute of greatness! #RestInPeace #Repost @whatsgoodtoya ・・・

The @supermansion S2 finale is streaming NOW and if you need to catch up on the season all eps are streaming on the @crackle app! #Repost @supermansion ・・・ @bryancranston @daxshepard @yvettenicolebrown @keeganmic @jillianbell and the rest of the gang decide the fate of the Storm City! #SuperMansion


Going LIVE on Facebook in 2 minutes! Meet us on the Crackle page on FB to chat SuperMansion! LINK IN MY BIO! ❤

IT’S TIME! Let's FACEBOOK LIVE it up! Send us your #SuperMansion questions NOW on the @Crackle Facebook page. Link in bio. Repost @supermansion ・・・ The moment has come! Send your #SuperMansion questions to @yvettenicolebrown and @mzebwells TODAY at 10AM PST on the @Crackle Facebook page.

This little curly head and tiny hand belong to my mom. She doesn't feel well so she's staying with me and my dad for a few days. I'm responsible for BOTH of them right now. It's tough raising kids...especially when they're 70. 😉

For the next FOUR Sundays, I will be chatting w/my buds about Diversity in television. These chats will stream LIVE via @LiveMe & benefit @DonorsChoose! Gotta ❤ that! Up first is the FABULOUSLY talented @seekellymccreary from #GreysAnatomy! Overjoyed to partner with @skyboundent and #LiveMe! Please join the discussion! For FOUR Sundays at 5:30pm you will find us at www.liveme.com and on the #LiveMe app! 📷 and Face Beat: @yvettrahelene Hair: @wwackohair

Guys! It's almost @RedNoseDayUSA Time! ・・・ Red Noses are now on shelves at @Walgreens nationwide. A Red Nose bought makes a difference, but a Red Nose worn makes an impact. You know what to do: #NosesOn #GreatCause #SoundsLikeASponsoredPostButIsnt

Y'all don't even know. Ya just DON'T know! 😍 Thanks @LoungeFly & @Vamp for this AWESOME #StarWars backpack! ❤❤❤ #NerdsBeLike...😄

See? Told ya! 😉 Get your questions ready! #Repost @supermansion ・・・ THIS JUST IN! @yvettenicolebrown and @mzebwells will be taking your questions on Facebook Live this Thursday on the @crackle page. See you there!

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