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Американская актриса. Наиболее известна по роли Ширли Бенетт в телесериале «Сообщество».
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Forgot to share this pic from the @instylemagazine #HollywoodForeignPressAssociation party celebrating the awesome 75 years of The @goldenglobes! ❤ Outfit: @whowhatwear from @target @targetstyle Face: @makeupbykweli Hair: @nancy_a_martinez

#FreeCyntoiaBrown UPDATE: For the those who lack the ability to read to comprehend, she is NOT 16 now. The post says she was a victim of sex-trafficking when she was 16. Feel better now? #NotToday #Dammit UPDATE #2: And if you've got your panties in a bunch because of update #1 or because I "dealt" with you in the comments below leading to me having to post update #1...Here is my advice: Thoroughly READ and reread what I post. You may have missed something. THINK before you comment. ASSESS the room. KNOW your lane. STAY in it. Everything ain't for everybody. Posts like these (that deal with the unique injustices people of color face in AmeriKKKa) are not the place to pop off incorrectly. I'm trying to help somebody. I swear, I am. Again #NotToday

Y'all already know I'm a big nerd. So my geeky excitement about my character #QuickCharge (from @netflix' #StretchArmstrong) having an action figure should surprise no one! And trust and know that I AM geeked!!!! ALL eps of #StretchArmstrong are currently streaming on #Netflix and you can find this cutie this Holiday Season at a #Walmart near YOU! 🤗😄❤

I will lift up my eyes to the hills from whence cometh my Help. My Help cometh from the Lord. The Lord which made Heaven and earth. He said: "He would not suffer my foot, my foot to be moved." The Lord which keepeth thee He will not slumber nor sleep. For the Lord is my Keeper. The Lord is my Strength. Upon thy right hand, upon thy right hand. No the sun shall not smite me by day, nor the moon by night. He shall preserve thy Soul even forevermore! #MyHelp. My Help. My Help. All of my Help cometh from the Lord. Lift up thine eyes... unto the hills... He is my strength! ❤ #AllOfMyHelpComethFromTheLord #HaveABlessedTuesdayEverybody

Guys! I'm a FIRST-TIME NAACP #ImageAwardNominee! I'm nominated for #OutstandingCharacterVoiceOver for my work on the @DisneyChannel animated series #ElenaOfAvalor ❤ On Elena, #IVoiceLuna one of the flying Jacquins! I'm super excited about this HUGE honor and the GREAT company I'm in! 😄 @KerryWashington @LoDivaDevine @TiffanyHaddish and #DavidOyelowo?! WHOO!!! #ThankYou #NAACP 😄 AND... @neweditionbet was nominated for outstanding limited series as well! #Yay #YayISay!

Living that asymmetrical bob life on @unsolvedusa #UnsolvedBiggieAndTupac Thanks for having me @shinybootz! And thanks #Andrea for dis here bob of LIFE!

.@bigrondevoe #HappyBirthdayRonnie 😄


Happy 50th to this amazingly kind, talented, woke, Spiritual brother! Wishing you every happiness @bigrondevoe! Sending love to you, my Soror @shamaridevoe and the two cutest twins every born! ❤ #HappyBirthdayRonnie #November17th

Thank you @lovekeishaepps for this gem. Her take is below. Here's mine: I'm of the #SeeSomethingSaySomething mindset. Proverbs 27:6 says: "Faithful are the "wounds" of a (true) friend." (The emphasis on true is mine. Sad that in this day and age we have to make that distinction, but here we are 😔 and I digress...) I say, please don't #YesMan me to my demise. If you love me and think I'm doing something dumb or dangerous, tell me. A misplaced "Rah Rah!" can derail Purpose and Calling. #EachOneTeachOne #LoveYallMeanIt #JustTryingToHelpSomebodyOnToday 😉#Selah. #Repost @lovekeishaepps ・・・ “All cheering is not good cheering” #NoIsntAlwaysNegative #PeopleWhoLOVEYouWillEncourageYouToMake #SmartChoices #LiteBytesByKeisha✨ UPDATE: Now I'm not talking about haters and frenemies pretending to love you who root for you to fail. Those folks will always kick you and your dreams in the shins. They root against everything you want to do, not just the dumb and dangerous. Not those folks. No, in this I'm talking about the folks who truly love you who may at times raise a hand or an eyebrow to make sure you've thought your newest plan thru. That's #love. Those are the folks who can save you from some mess when it's bad but will yield to the same Holy Spirit that's guiding you when it's good. Those folks love you. So if those folks pose a question and the Lord tells them He's got you and to hold their mule, they will. I'm talking about them, not the #dreamkillers. Shake the dreamkillers at ANY cost. You know in your gut who those jokers are. They truly don't want you to have nice things. They suck. 😉

#BeKindToElephants 💖💚 #Repost @theellenshow ・・・ I’m determined to do something about this. Please repost it. Use #BeKindToElephants, and for everyone who does, we’ll make a donation to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. @DSWT **LINK IN THE @TheEllenShow BIO ❤

I got mine! Y'all better go out and get yours! Congrats @kimfieldsofficial on this milestone! I'm so blessed to know you! ❤ #BlessedLifeBook

#NewPhotoShootWhoDis? Face: @yvettrahelene Hair: @wwackohair Style: @liancalyons 📸: @andreasbranchphotography ❤

Christian passed the torch to #GaryHellerstein from our transpo department. He is our current mayor and #CrewMemberOfTheWeek. Fun Fact: Gary is retiring this Friday! We are so happy he got to be Mayor before he leaves the biz and that we are the last show he worked on. #Honored! #TheMayor

Guys, this will be a 2for1! This is our NEW Mayor from last week #CrewMemberOfTheWeek #TheMayor! Meet #ChristianTipton from crafty! He passed the torch last Friday to...

SO proud of my sister @KimFieldsOfficial! Her new book #BlessedLifeBook is out TODAY! ❤Her joy is evident in her giggle! CONGRATS Kim!!!! #Repost @kimfieldsofficial ・・・ RELEASE DAY!!! #blessedlifebook The sounds you make when you're still a lil girl from #Harlem and THIS happens🙌🏼 deep gratitude #GMA will never forget this moment

Our awesome #TheMayor (AND @NewEditionBET) costume designer @ritamcgheeofficial and I showing off our @TraceeEllisRoss #EverydayJoy sweatshirts from #TER4JCP 😍 @JcPenney! Tracee has a NEW clothing line with JCP! If you don't know, now ya know! 😉 #YoureWelcome #SoundsLikeASponsoredPostButIsnt #IJustSupportMyPeeps

#Monday #Mood #Mucinex 🤒😷 Face: @makeupbykweli 📸: @ericblackmon ❤ Update: Thanks for all the love, guys and gals, but this pic is not me today. I am a congested mess today. Lol! I did not wake up like this. In spite of the gross, this shall be my mood. That's what I meant by my captions. 😉❤

That "This is a REAL tweet" part. 😩 #Repost @comiclonilove ・・・ Actually.. Kim Jong Un called him old and crazy .... #thisisarealtweet

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