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Американская актриса. Наиболее известна по роли Ширли Бенетт в телесериале «Сообщество».
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Guys, @avengers #EndGame is not even out everywhere yet. If you’ve been blessed to see it early and you’ve seen some things that surprise you, don’t spoil the surprises for other people. Please let us all enjoy the film the way you did...sight unseen and unknown. Please don't spoil the endgame. I beg you. And spoiling things in the comments under folks’ pictures counts too. I’m up here looking at a pic of someone’s baby and some jerk is out in these streets spilling MAJOR plot points. 😳 *sigh* Why do it? We don’t all have to avoid social media two days before the film is released if those of you who have seen it just chill. #BeKindToEachOther #DontSpoilTheEndGame 💜 #avengers UPDATE: That I had to turn off commenting on THIS post because folks are either too dumb or willfully hateful to know or refrain from SPOILING in the comments of THIS post explains everything I need to know about how Donald Trump got into office. Damn. Just damn. #BeBest Folks are mad reckless in these streets. Just stay off social media. #TrustNoOne

#BOSS! #Repost via @simoneismithjewelry #BOSS is integrity with style 💜 show us how you wear the collection !! #BeatCancerLikeABoss | A portion of proceeds from every piece on our site goes to the @americancancersociety.

#AboutLastNight Did somebody say #Shazam? My ❤️ @zacharylevi and I at @unforettable’s always epic #PinkParty! Sending month-long birthday greetings to Retta! More pics to come! Made it to the shindig after a 10 hour shoot day on #AlwaysABridesmaid! And didn’t feel no ways tired! Look at God!

But on that THIRD day, though? #HeIsRisen and I am so grateful! #Hallelujah ❤️ #Easter #HappyRessurectionSunday

Tell the youths that I may have just snuck off set with @j_calloway6’s used coffee cup. Highest bidder gets it! I’ll even get him to sign it! 😛 These indie films don’t pay for themselves! 😉#AlwaysABridesmaid #SetLife #ProudScreenWriter @tridestined #JordanCalloway #Mark @Javicia #JaviciaLeslie #Corina

That’s a picture wrap on two of my loves @mrmarcelspears #CarltonJr and @bernarddavidjones #Terrence #AlwaysABridesmaid #AlwaysAFamily

Thanks @deadline!❤️ #GodIsGood & the cast @tridestined and I have assembled: @JaviciaLeslie @JordanCalloway1 @MMitchenor @mrrichardlawson @TosinMoBetta @BernardDJones @watchjazzy @meagantandy @affioncrockett @telma_hopkins @hall_m_brandon @mrmarcelspears @amberchardae @joybrunson @simply_diandra & @lalahhathaway (!!!) is 🔥! Pic credit: @ericblackmon ❤️ Who just texted me to say “Enough is enough! It’s time for a new photo shoot!” This pic is years old. YEARS! 😂 And for the chick who popped in and said the plot sounds like 27 dresses, I thought so too when the script I wrote in 1999, that made the rounds in 2001 ended up on screen in another form in 2008. #YouTriedIt #MyScriptWasWrittenFirst #AndAsideFromTheBridesmaidAngleItIsNOTHINGLike27Dresses #MineIsMelaninRicherToo One more update: I wrote this before I was an actress when I was still an office temp. Good seed sown always bears fruit. Always. And I wrote it because I was a huge romantic comedy fan and there weren’t really any at the time starring us. Not any that we’re like #WhileYouWereSleeping which was my fave. I wrote the film I wanted to see but with us. #BeEncouraged

These talented wonders are serving up beauty, brains and body in every scene we have been blessed to shoot! Thank you @amberchardae #Janelle, @michellemitchenor #Tamara, @javicia #Corina and @watchjazzy #Denise ❤️ You four have brought the sister-friends of #AlwaysABridesmaid to LIFE! #ProudScreenWriter Pic Via @watchjazzy!

#CantJustPreach! #JohnLegend! 🙌🏽 #Gospel #Music #Preach #Motivation @johnlegend

Guys, it’s not enough to just talk about it or tweet about it, WE have to go out and DO something about it. Please join me in supporting @johnlegend’s #CantJustPreach initiative. Learn how YOU can take action here: we.tl/johnlegend ❤️✊🏾 And share below the things you’re doing and the organizations you are supporting with your dollars or your time. #cantjustpreach #FaithWithoutWorksIsDead We CAN make a difference!

True, that @foundr. #TrueThat! #HangInThere #BeEncouraged

😢 #Repost Via • @katiecouric People in Paris kneeling and singing Ave Maria while watching #notredame Cathedral burn. Heartbreaking and beautiful 💔💔💔 #avemaria #paris 📹: Ignacio Gil

I am honored to have been asked to take part in this initiative spearheaded by the AWESOME @sislovespurple 💜 #Boss Is my Mantra. Always keeping cool in the midst of chaos. What does boss mean to you? Make your own #Boss pic at www.BeatCancerLikeABoss.com. @AmericanCancerSociety #BeatCancerLikeABoss

.@AmericanCancerSociety wants to empower, uplift and encourage millions to face their biggest battle like a BOSS. Inspired by @SisLovesPurple story of strength and resilience, the message is clear: #BeatCancerLikeABoss.

#MeetPastorBrody #AlwaysABridesmaid #DelayIsNotDenial

#DelayIsNotDenial A feature script I WROTE many moons ago is currently being filmed in LA. It is a romantic comedy with an African-American cast full of amazing, young talents. They have ALL got NEXT. I am honored to have them saying my words AND to act alongside them. I am also an EP—alongside the amazing @tridestined Studios—and have been blessed to be on set to watch everything unfold every day. That is why my page has been bit quiet, lately. I’ve got so many pics to share with you guys! #soon My film is called #AlwaysABridesmaid ❤️

#BlackGirlMagic out and in support of @youfoundkimberly and @cyncityforever currently performing @geffenplayhouse! ❤️@yvonneorji @tiffy_may

Happy #NationalSiblingsDay to my one and ONLY brother! I love you @dc.thoughtsof! You be’s da GREATEST!

If there’s one thing I believe in, it’s supporting my friends! Get it @youfoundkimberly, get it!!! ❤️ You SHINED tonight at the @geffenplayhouse! Her play #BlackSuperHeroMagicMama runs until the 14th!

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