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Sunday in the Park with @ashleyparklady @nealgk @reedpc @misslaurai

Had such a blast at 826CHI, an after school tutoring and creative writing noneforprofit in Wicker Park. Check out their page and show them your support, or maybe, sign up and be a mentor! Rad teachers, rad kids, rad mission. @826chi

Road kill

Do it do it do it!

Squeezing through tight spaces. Together.

My muses

Not throwing away her shot

Season 6 spoiler alert

It puts the Tony in the basket


Fighting fires and saving lives is important and all but girls just wanna have fun-damental rights!

Explaining to Eamonn how important it is to call your state's elected officials and voice your thoughts and concerns. Trust me. I'm wearing a suit. • Link in bio!

The republic is falling ¡YOLO!

Leaders lead from the front.

The man behind the veil, Joe Chappelle.

If you won't stand for your mother's rights, your sister's rights, CIVIL RIGHTS, then... fuck you maybe?

It's our 1st AD's birthday. So we dressed him up as Carl Fredricksen.

Prescient, Doctor.

Ode to the state of critical thought.

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