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Cathedrale de Strasbourg

Fire and brimstone

We interrupt our regularly scheduled traveling...

London, United Kingdom

The endless search

Story time- I was (admittedly) stoned one night during college, in the basement of our family home, watching Sphere on HBO. The raging thunderstorm outside did little to affect the aural smorgasbord of deep sea sci-fi; on the contrary, it was convenient lo-fi surround sound. So, when water started seeping into the room (through the basement door, from a neglected drain) I was momentarily astounded by the level of cinematic immersion. After the stark realization that the house was, indeed, flooding, I hazily stumbled up to my parents’ room on the second floor. Rousing from sleep, my Dad rushed me outside (we’re both in our underwear) and propped a ladder to the roof. “The drainage pipes are clogged. Let’s go.” And so we climbed (again, we’re both in our underwear) and amidst the storm, plunged ourselves into the suffocating, fetid pipes, removing leaves, sticks, and twirly helicopter tree things by the armload, the slick roof offering an honest sense of danger. When we’d finished, and the crisis was averted, we threw up our arms in mutual victory and bellowed, two punch drunk pugilists simultaneously winning the heavyweight bout. We’d conquered the beast. There was a lightning crack and everything. It was awesome. • This was the moment the myth became the man for me. Happy Father’s Dad Sashulka. Make sure to periodically check the pipes in Florida.

Look! A waterfall on instagram! 📸 @hoskisaem

Earth, Wind & Surfing

Blue Lagoon Iceland

We blue ourseleves

Reykjavík, Iceland


Giving thanks on Memorial Day, from our fake heroes to your real ones

My son went to prom

I don’t look this anymore but still come to the Armando Experience at @iochicago this Monday at 8pm!

We’re all back. On the same night. #onechicago

For it’s one, two, three, four strikes you’re out at the avant-gaaaarde baaaalllll gaaaame!

My sweets

DuShon Monique Brown passed away today. She was an incredible woman, mother, CPS counselor, actor. This is how I’ll remember her, from when Connie and Otis went on a date to the theatre:)

Don’t be a pain in the neck. Watch tonight!

So much fun at the Chicago Heroes Event this weekend!

On our first anniversary, I just want to say, where the hell are the rest of our gifts? Guys, it’s been a year. Registry’s still there. We know who hasn’t paid up. Also we’re so in looooove😍😍😍

We’re baaack #chicagofire

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