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My sweets

DuShon Monique Brown passed away today. She was an incredible woman, mother, CPS counselor, actor. This is how I’ll remember her, from when Connie and Otis went on a date to the theatre:)

Don’t be a pain in the neck. Watch tonight!

So much fun at the Chicago Heroes Event this weekend!

On our first anniversary, I just want to say, where the hell are the rest of our gifts? Guys, it’s been a year. Registry’s still there. We know who hasn’t paid up. Also we’re so in looooove😍😍😍

We’re baaack #chicagofire


O captain my captain! #hbd

I’m completely overwhelmed. The last 24 hours have been the most magical in my life. To Joe, Murph, Luke, Karolina, Miranda, Cyrus for planning, to Neal, Allie, Cory, Derek for flying out, to my family who have always been there, to my cast who’s now my second family, to all my friends from all walks of life who have had my back through thick and thin. And to Madi. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mi familia

Killer coffee

O return!


Our sad clown

3 for 1 special

Merry Christmas from our fire fam to yours. And especially to Sydney! These are the reactions we live for😊

🔆🍌🍦🍷🥖🥕🌳🦖🖇 🌈 • 📸 @fifeleh

baby boi

Red light dipshits

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