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They wouldn't let me keep the shirt #spiritday

In her natural habitat

Our beloved David

Our beloved crew member, John Donahue, passed away unexpectedly last night. This is John. Wild, funny. An avid motorcyclist and violinist. John always seemed to appear out of nowhere when he was called upon. It always made us laugh. I think he was in on the joke. Tonight's Chicago Fire is dedicated to you, John.

I love making my life look perfect on Instagram! • 📸 @msmayoalldayo

It's all happening, tonight, 10/9c! #chicagofirepremiere #wholiveswhodieswhotellsyourstory

Mom's a knockout #tbt

Thursday, September 28, 10/9c

As close to an old married couple as I'll get in a while • 📸 @christianstolte

The man, the myth, the legendary safety advocate

Looks like it was a fun night • 📸 @joeminoso

Wedding blues

A horse, a horse! My kingdom on a horse

Dalí inspired episode • 📸 @elizabethmorrisrocks

• This is my friend Paul. His friends call him Pomme. You may recognize him, we travelled the world together this summer. The fucker has a grin a mile long and a wit that can weaken as well as it can fortify. We used to hate each other. And then one summer evening we got drunk and decided to do a play and here we are. • Paul (it's Pomme, but probably not to you) just got cast in his first show on Broadway. It's called the Band's Visit and it stars Tony Shalhoub. This is a big deal. He wanted it hard enough, for long enough, and he fucking did it. • The audacity! Fortune favors the bold, my friend. I love you and congratulations.

We sat like this for a long time • 📸 @joeminoso

Okay, now open your mind up and listen to me, Kendrick.

Soviet despot, 36 across • 📸 @joeminoso

#tbt to my death

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