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A horse, a horse! My kingdom on a horse

Dalí inspired episode • 📸 @elizabethmorrisrocks

• This is my friend Paul. His friends call him Pomme. You may recognize him, we travelled the world together this summer. The fucker has a grin a mile long and a wit that can weaken as well as it can fortify. We used to hate each other. And then one summer evening we got drunk and decided to do a play and here we are. • Paul (it's Pomme, but probably not to you) just got cast in his first show on Broadway. It's called the Band's Visit and it stars Tony Shalhoub. This is a big deal. He wanted it hard enough, for long enough, and he fucking did it. • The audacity! Fortune favors the bold, my friend. I love you and congratulations.

We sat like this for a long time • 📸 @joeminoso

Okay, now open your mind up and listen to me, Kendrick.

Soviet despot, 36 across • 📸 @joeminoso

#tbt to my death

I just spent an hour on these photos of the wallpaper around my house because each one makes me happy:)

Faith can be beautiful

Q-Tip and Tribe lit it up yesterday. If knowledge is the key then show me the lock!

My upset housewife series

Happy 30th anniversary to my mom and dad!

It's a doozy #season6 #episode1

Only posting this cuz I look cool #montecarlo

In life, there will be doors that open to endless abyss. Vacuums of time and space, boundless and cold, where neither light or sound escapes. Bring a surfboard.

State of the union

Baba is happy I'm home

"It had everything. Comedy. Drama. A celebrity guest appearance. And a yacht." - @roycedavoyce

Monaco in a nutshell @nealgk

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