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Ode to the state of critical thought.

That feeling when someone's like "the leader of the free world is an insane orange person lol" so you jump on your bunny and go to space hahahahaha

As some of you know, our beloved Joe Minoso recently got married to the lovely Murphy Miles. So Chris Stolte, Dave Eigenberg and I obviously made a secret wedding musical we unveiled at the ceremony. Interested? Link is in my bio. Huge thanks to Mike Aljadeff and Bayley Pokorny.

Back to filming. Back to being weird with @msmayoalldayo #yurder

Happy Holidays:)

#tbt brothers

Beauties and the beasts

A church for ants

That's the trouble with the world! Too many people grow up.

Allow me to wax nostalgic. The day after my 23rd birthday, I woke up hungover, and oddly elated. I couldn't remember why, but later in the day I checked my email, and saw one that I had received during the prior evening's bacchanal. It was from Michael Brandt, whom I had worked with (along with Derek Hass) two years prior. They had been given an opportunity to develop a TV show with Wolf Films, and they were wondering if I'd like I come by and audition. I said fuck yea. At 28, this has been the longest consecutive thing I've ever done. To be able to celebrate it in such a momentous way with such profound people has been the great blessing of my life. I hope you all enjoy number 100 and to a hundred more!

Soon... 12/6/16

Power couple

Late night date night

We'll all be there this Sunday... will you? Tickets are almost sold out!

She's scared of thunder

Chicago Westworld

Classic #mouchcrushmonday featuring our first ever child director

Cop/firefighter rivalry in full effect

Yesterday was yesterday. Today, we make you laugh. Presenting, Professor Charles Javier.

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