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Like father, like son

It’s funny cuz im dum

Vote hard, play hard

Time to do the damn thing! Get out there and #VOTE @lupefiasco @yayadacosta @colindonnell @torreydevitto @indiecmr @gotv18

You know what’s at stake. November 6. @gotv18

This is Us

Tonight... our monumental 3 hour crossover begs the question... Does. Otis. Get. A. Lollipop? #OneChicago

Set your sundials... here we go...

My mother supposedly turned 50 yesterday.

Happy #OneChicago day

Yonder window

One of us farted. And the other three farted too.

Dorset, Vermont

Storm’s comin

Sliding into federal prison like

Paris, France

#followmeto le trash

How to smother a fire 🔥🔥🔥 #ChicagoFire

YEA we are #ChicagoFire

Activate model mode

Guy Van Swearingen, Michael Shannon, Karen Aldridge, Rich Cotovsky and Mierka Girten put on the most frenzied piece of theatre I’ve ever seen last night. Buy a ticket to Ionesco’s A Victim of Duty, directed by Shira Piven, at @aredorchidtheatre and brace yourselves.

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