Кристин Лэйкин


Американская актриса, известная по роли в ситкоме «Шаг за шагом» (1991—1998).
  • Все 2057
  • Фото 1912
  • Видео 145

Counting down the days until we’re a family of four... and hiding from everyone to nap like a baby myself. 💤 @lullbed #getyourlullon #ad Get 100$ off at lull.com/lakin

My friend @marlasokoloff wrote, directed and stars in this hilarious short (alongside the always amazing @missjudygreer) for @awestruck — for all you moms starting pre-school, this ones for you 😂. Link below 👇🏻 and in bio! https://www.facebook.com/awestruckTV/videos/2134838203458429/ . #femalefilmmakers #womeninfilm


Having a summer baby meant I needed some new maternity clothes but I didn’t want to overspend on this short period of time in my fashion life 😂. @thredUP was an awesome solution - they are the largest online thrift store and I found tons of great items for up to 90% off retail, delivered right to my door. This Liz Lange Maternity top was $20 & Everly Grey dress (new with tags) was only $26. Yep, that’s pretty much a dream for a hot, sweaty, bargain hunting mama like myself. Find yourself something at thredUP.com & use my code CHRISTINE25 for 25% off your first order! See more in my story!#thredUPinfluencer #secondhandfirst #maternityfashion #momlife (exp 7/31/18)

All the feels! Mostly 🤗... but a little bit 😭. Btw she told me she was going to “high school” this morning... okay girl, slow your roll. 😂 . Dress & Shoes: @nmkidsboutique Backpack: @babytula Lunchie: @stephenjosephgifts

Hay girl hay! Mommy Nail Salon is open for business. 💅🏼 #sundayvibes @zoyanailpolish @threadlust

Had a magical time with Georgia at @greatwolflodge a few weeks ago! This Picses girl loves the water!! 🐟 Now I need to go back when I can ride all those cool adult slides ;) #fbf

Our summer send off Part 2 is up on @worsteverpodcast! Giving you some classic high school feels with this pic. Choker!!! Alaa finishes his family drama story, we talk existential life stuff and why Alaa is certainly not a witch. Or on second thought... 🔮 Have a great summer y’all! We’ll be back in Sept! K.I.T! (Also scroll for a side by side of Alaa and Steven sporting very similar hair!) 👈🏻 . . LINK IN BIO and here ✌🏼 https://audioboom.com/posts/6931619-episode-58-with-christine-and-alaa-baby-names-family-drama-part-2 . Cohosted by @yolakin & @alecledd Produced by @stevenraymorris

My friend @megmcnut has an amazing YouTube channel called @thetinytutor where she teaches kids (like yours) reading fundamentals. She’s smart, she’s tiny and I like to make her do ridiculous things like dress up as Al and get in fights on @hollywooddarlings. I’m such a good friend 😂 But seriously, check out her profile. She’s smart and will make your kids smart. Or smell farts. I’m pretty sure that’s how the rhyme goes. I don’t know. I didn’t have @thetinytutor growing up. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🧠 💨

M O O D.

My mother in law Barbara passed today after a long fight with “the beast” known as cancer. She was a true light in my life, the life of the party and the ultimate “Granny Nanny”. She wanted everyone to remember she put the FU in fun.. and she did indeed. I miss you already Babs. 💔

Spotted a tiny mermaid with a popsicle. 🧜‍♀️

This is my “It’s hot AF out, what the hell does a pregnant gal wear in times like these... oh wait, I know, a full onesie with haram pants”. Pretending I’m on a glamorous trip to Morocco and not just sweating in my backyard. #maternityfashion #survival #shweaty #onesie #30weeks . Onesie: @gozoncom Earrings: @amritasinghjewelry Bag: @oradelphine

This week on Worst Ever, Part 1 of our summer send off! Alaa makes me do shots (of apple cider vinegar... it doesn’t go well) Talking baby name dilemmas, family drama and more. . Link below ⤵️and in bio ⤴️ ⭐️ check out our MERCH! ⭐️ www.worsteverpodcast.com . https://audioboom.com/posts/6923063-episode-57-with-christine-and-alaa-baby-names-family-drama-part-1 . Co-hosted by @alecledd & @yolakin. Produced by @stevenraymorris

Mornin’! Gonna be a tepid 112 degrees today. Thank god I’m not like, 7 mos pregnant or anything... oh wait. 🤦🏼‍♀️ #shweaty @momlifemusthave

Hope your 4th was delicious. 🇺🇸

Last 5 years: Pivoted careers. Got a masters degree. Married me and had (almost) two babies. Helped build a house. Let me rope him back into playing my husband on TV. Handling major life stuff with a tremendous amount of grace and emotional presence. . Definitely deserves the shirt. And the ultimate #mcm from me. ❤️ @momlifemusthave

It’s Monday and I got my mom gear on! 😆 Kiddie dance class, doctor appts and washing the dogs... it’s a glamorous life people, but someone has to live it. 😏 #momlife #maternityfashion Top: @gozoncom Leggings: @apeainthepodmaternity Shoes: @justfabonline

This ones for you @ava.breault because I know you’re a big fan. But also a little for me because after watching this talented, kind, professional actress on set for several weeks, I’m also a big fan. Keep shining @theparisberelc! ⭐️ (and yes that sweater is a costume 😂) @alexaandkatie @netflix

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