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Американская актриса, известная по роли в ситкоме «Шаг за шагом» (1991—1998).
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Keeping the tradition alive... albeit at 9am on a Sunday 😂 Happy St. Patty’s everyone! 🍀🌈

Somebody found a new pillow. #codybear

I’ve got Dolly Patton’s “Working 9 to 5” on repeat. Major props to the working moms out there! It’s Friday y’all! Happy weekend! @momsincars @yolakin @deannastag #momsincars #webseries #webisode #comingsoon #working9to5 #dollyparton #workingmomlife

That was then... this is now. Me and my dad. Baylor and his. 👶🏼 ❤️

Happy birthday friend! (One of us is aging laterally and judging from your childhood photos, it’s not me) 🌳 🌳 @thejackieseiden

🌈 6 months 🌈 . . #baylorb

Dat carpool life. 🚗 😆 @momsincars @deannastag

Seven weeks post-partum I stepped back into work in an entirely new position. Pumping between takes, sleeping 5 hours a night... this is what we do, us women. We fight for what we want professionally, we make it work at home, juggling roles and wearing lots of hats and surviving on coffee and that little reserve used for lifting cars off animals and tiny children in a crisis. We are women. Hear us roar- because it’s just starting to get loud enough!! To all my fearless, badass women friends, ROAR!!! 🐯 💪🏼#internationalwomensday #femalefilmmakerfriday

Done. Dead. Lights out. . . 👗: @rococlothing 👔: @cuddlesleepdream

Who’s three?? Thats ME! Can’t believe my little peach is a threenager! Epic fun at her “Pink Party” (her choice!) with the neighborhood kids, cookie cake and a truly funny clown. Shout out to @wavhello and @junklessfoods for the rad gifts! 💕 Now I’ll be over here crying in a corner, as all moms do. 😭

Fact about me: I HATE tying my shoes. If you’ve ever seen me in my Air Jordan’s you can be assured the laces are hanging all over the place. Lazy? Yes but also no time. No time!! I just got these high tops from @goplae — seriously my favorite shoes to date. No tying, WATERPROOF (!!) hightops. I’m in love. Ordered some for the kiddo too (she can put them on herself- game changer!). Moms out there, fellow anti-shoe tyers, take note. #momlife #hightops #livingmybestshoelife

Hold on tight... those years just start slipping by. 🌸

NewBae, who dis? 👶🏼 #baylorb

I love this lady and I love this show... hilarious NKTOB and Kriss Kross throwbacks tonight on @schooledabc with @iamaj 🦋 choreo stylings by yours truly 🕺🏼

This one is for all those good hair days when no one important saw you. 😂 . . Postpartum hair shedding, baby hairs and greys... you moms feel me?? 🤦🏼‍♀️ I booked a sitter and got into the #dphuehouse for a visit with my hair magician @codysmithhair. This mama feels like a NEW WOMAN! Can’t get enough of the @dphue ACV rinse to keep this blonde fresh and my hair healthy. And I can’t stress the importance of self care enough. Hair doesn’t make it woman... but good hair certainly helps. 😉

How many “influencers” does it take to ruin the sanctity of your car time? 😂 But seriously, I gotta finish this post! . Stay tuned for more hilarity from @haelywhite and @gutstadt this week! 😸 “Im a cat” 🐱 . @deannastag @yolakin @dontcallmemommy . #christinelakin #deannastagliano #hollywooddarlings #stepbystep #thebachelor #thebachelorette #moms #momfriends #wildmoms #momsofinstagram #momsofig #momsofinstagramseries #mommingsohard #peaceandquiet #carsanctuary #inourcars #momlife #momandstuff #momsgonewild #metime #momstuff #funnymomstuff

Happy birthday to this beautiful soul. Let the celebrations continue @jenniferlovehewitt ! (Until a sensible June) 🥂 #newoldfriends #tequilafordays

Sharing Baylor’s @evolurbaby nursery with a little video tour... link in profile 👶🏼 🍼 💕 📷: @stephanielorenphotography . . https://thedomfamily.com/celebrity-mom-christine-lakins-modern-nursery/

I love this crazy mutt. ❤️ #codybear

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