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Paramore: Tour Two

wow cortisone & cough syrup !

miss you mr. floof #sofarrrraway

Orpheum Theatre

this is actually a post about @colormebrian: . . when you go thru (im sooo sorry) "hard times"... you may not feel like yourself. no confidence, maybe you lose or you gain weight, your body may revolt against you in weird ways you never knew it could, etc... and sometimes you just need a friend to show you that you're still you and you're still worth the effort. thanks Brian, for making me feel worth it and for helping me express where im at thru makeup/fashion/& hair - especially this year. on this particular day my skin was extra broken out, i was dead tired (from life & no sleep) but when i got outta his chair, i felt like a friggin peach. i don't deserve a friend like you Brian. the looks💃🏼 are only the sparkley surface of our friendship. . . expression is survival, ppl.

let's talk about getting better... . . 📚: Women Who Run With The Wolves

Kid Rock

she's been "Beth Coast" in my contacts since the fall of 2011. we're finally tour-mates! @best_coast 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

hey thanks for sharing your art @st3phascope


Charlotte, North Carolina

cant sleep just wanna play a show. damn you, Irma. we were gonna have 5 or 6 shows to get really good before riot fest. now we'll have like 2. guess that's just like life. it doesn't always let you prepare for things you just gotta give it your best shot. oh and charlotte is such a nice town... been a nice couple of days off here. there, ive emptied out my thoughts.

no problems

Cocoa Beach, Florida

a life at best left half behind

last day at home i got cookie dough in my eye and hung some art

Copenhagen, Denmark

very not faking it 🙂 on the last night of Tour One. . . . (personal reminder to never be ashamed of a genuine smile)

Nashville, Tennessee

"it's not gone. you just have to pick off what's already dead so the rest of it can get healthy again."

art enjoying art #rg @daicydisaster . . *alt. caption: never gonna get over the fact that @gooddyeyoung is real. it's fun and terrifying to build something from scratch. thanks for being a part of it 🌈 #dyehappy

actually us 🎨: @dave_your_fave (thx for your art)

Greenwich Village

it's us

Statue of Liberty

it's us

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