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Вокалистка американской рок-группы «Paramore».
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Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Joey's Sweet Delights

joey slept on his couch for me

New York, New York

i walked around forever and a day, wearing sequins and looking like a mermaid superhero. i danced with strangers, got yelled at by a construction worker, hugged a time traveler... all the while looking p damn carefree. in my mind, i was anxious and really self-conscious. we didn’t even write the treatment around that, it just was the reality of filming Fake Happy on the streets of one of the busiest cities in the world. the only moment that any underlying emotion (other than “happy”) is apparent is at the very end... . @zacfarro directed the video. he conceptualized it and insisted we shoot it on film. very proud of him. proud of me for not giving a shit that im the only one in this video. we made another something we love for the band we grew up in. i love @paramore. (link in our band bio).

Nashville, Tennessee

don’t doubt my devotion

Nashville, Tennessee

1st meeting of the minds/breaking of the bread . . so lucky to be constantly inspired by these wizards and more in Nashville. thx friends 🖤 . . The mission is to band together as a creative community to bring more art/more opportunity for expression and to create more safe spaces for artists and ppl who need art of all forms. Expression is survival. @gooddyeyoung #creativecommunion

one of my current favorite writers, adrianne lenker of big thief, talking about the reality of what’s femininity.

Stay Alfred

meet and greeted photo by @zacfarro

Nashville, Tennessee

this is halloween

Nashville, Tennessee

gDy got a HQ 😗#communionbread @gooddyeyoung

Nashville, Tennessee

this must be the place

Beans & Love

365 days that feel like a million and also none.

we're a long way from meridian, jimmie. #601

Guadalajara, Jalisco

covered my fav @teganandsara song for The Con X: Covers. it's out today if you wanna get sad 💙 . . "i was yours, right?"

Ryman Auditorium

2 gold dust women living & learning. i needed those #TourTwo hangs. here's @best_coast & i being friends at @theryman 💗💗💗 . (found vid on @pmore_love)

doesn't even realize he's going to the ryman

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