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Вокалистка американской рок-группы «Paramore».
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4 years old today. my peanut butter pie guy. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Amsterdam Heineken Music Hal

seen a lot of ancient history lately

Birmingham, United Kingdom

room service french fries for dinner

Paris, France

wholesome stripper’s first day. #imakemoneymoves 📹: @jellyquinn

Musée du Louvre - Paris - France.

“...where violent motion and sudden stillness meet...” Winged Victory

Musee du Lourve Paris

finally went and looked around. to say i was in awe would be an understatement. . @jyplaysguitar @colormebrian

Barcelona, Spain

time to disco dance with these barcelona bubs 📸: @justhowiimagined

my fav artist, Sister Mary Corita Kent’s rules for students attending her art classes. #9🙏🏼


dear home, thanks for being kind to me and v cozy. see you in a few wks.

a year ago, by my friend & fav facetimer @lindseybyrnes


Nashville, Tennessee

got thru 2017. played killer shows, met a lot of inspiring ppl, made some new friends, felt closer to my oldest friends, gained like 8 happy lbs, learned im softer than i thought and that’s actually a good thing, didnt change my hair one damn time !! (photo by @marybethblankenship from the 1st show of AL era) . . happy new year 🙏🏼 every other year can eat my/your dust

side B / 29 now #thanksforarting

side A #thanksforarting

Nashville, Tennessee

a cinnamon roll #zacsfilm

Nashville, Tennessee

christmas 2017 lol 🖤⛄️

Nashville, Tennessee

🌹 you’re so cool 🌹 @gooddyeyoung

is there a ghost in this house?

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