Кристина Агилера


Американская певица, автор песен, танцовщица, актриса, продюсер, телезвезда, филантроп, а также посол доброй воли ООН.
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Sky’s the limit for you today & always my love...Happy 11th birthday to such a special guy that lights up the world around him...keeps me laughing, dancing and proud to be a mama 💙💙💙

Cool to see the version of this song I did with @ladygaga on the charts again — this is a reminder of women sticking together— and not letting a man take ownership of a great song/ moment... And if anything the message of this song remains that although you may have had my body, you will never have my heart, my voice my life or my mind. Being a survivor of past predators myself, these lines spoke to me, which is why I did the song. I embrace all survivors of sexual and domestic violence and abuse holding a special place in my heart, and you @ladygaga, for doing the right thing! 💜

throwback to the dark side with Sante

Ok so I’m a huuuuuuuuge Carol Burnett fan & her speech & tribute tonight brought me to tears.... Out of all the floors of the Chicago theatre and biggest names in business/ classics ...I chose Carol to sign under....you can’t compare to the gift of laughter and joy it eternally brings....and especially her rare effortless greatness that shines so brightly. Her speech was so moving tonight and truly resonated with me. So genuine in a way you rarely see in people anymore...unfiltered, timeless...I was truly touched and inspired. Raised also by my grandmother, who’s no longer here, I am grateful to Carol for supplying a lifetime of memories I have to cherish with her while she was here...and shows that still live on I continue to watch with my mom & sister...and now daughter/ son....thank you Carol and all who made the magic possible...for mine and many generations to come...



💗✨👄🥂 @katiatemkin

Happy New Year 🎆💜

Happy New Year 🎆💜

🎆💜 Happy New Year Photo: @katiatemkin Styling: @karenclarkson Makeup: @etienneortega Hair: @cwoodhair

See you tonight #RockinEve ✨💋 party starts 8/7c on abc

What a busy and unforgettable, transformative year it has been—Thank you to those who have been a part of my journey to find Maria and liberate her & reconnect with many fans & faces I haven’t seen in too long.... looking forward to all we’ll do together this coming year 🥂💛✨

See you in two days 😘 #RockinEve Live from Times Square on ABC 8/7c




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