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Salvation Mountain

It’s a GOOD FRIDAY! #GodisLove 💐


Baby girl is getting marrriiieeed!!! Spent most of today giggling at how ridiculous we were in our single years.. If we only knew the amazing men that would come into our lives! Phew! I love you SO much you sweet soul and over the moon for you both 😍💖 #swickardlyeverafter #luckyjosh #turnoffyourairdrop

When @chrismason_1 tries to tell me white cheddar popcorn doesn’t qualify as a well rounded dinner #dontstart #balancedmeal #stepasidemarthastewart

#nationalsiblingsday is my FAVORITE!!! 😭 @chelseajaymes my bffffffff #independentone #sweetone

Pool day with Duckie! 🦆💛 @chelseajaymes

Thank you SO much @caitlincrosby for reminding me to Dream✨🌈 Ladies, what’s your word for your Dainty Rose key?! I suggest Powerful, Brave, Beautiful, Inspiring, Capable, & Strong... @thegivingkeys #payitforward #internationalwomensmonth

Facebook Los Angeles

Just a couple of emojis hanging out at FB. Where they have the snacks of your dreams and you can play Ride by @maxehrich all you want 👏🏻😍 #walkriderodeo

@amberleysnyder taught me so much... to keep fighting for what I love, to trust in God’s bigger picture, to make the most of every day, and to never have “floods.” ;) We are reminded in #walkriderodeo that in one second our lives can change forever, I hope that sunk in. Shoutout what @amberleysnyder taught you and how you’re going to make today count!! 👏🏼❤️ #wewannaknow #makeitcount

Y’all. My husband.... let’s just say. A lot goes down tonight on the premiere of #plltheperfectionists!!! #fangirl #mine #prayforme 🙈💙

Whatcha wanna know?? @maxehrich and I are answering your questions live on Reddit.com tomorrow at 8am PST. Ask us anything... (uh oh) see you there!!! 👋🏻🤙🏻 #walkriderodeo #reddit

MAKE IT A GOOD ONE 🧡 @katemoorephoto

Oh snap. Caption this. #walkriderodeo

So proud of my @chrismason_1 💙💛 #plltheperfectionists

On our way to prom! 👫👫💕

Does this song make you feel like you can do anything or what?! 🤙🏻 If you know me you know I’ve always been obsessed with country music so being in this video by @haleyandmichaels is pretty freakin cool! Watch the full version on @netflix YouTube!! 🎶 #walkriderodeo @amberleysnyder

@amberleysnyder and I wanna know your favorite part of #walkriderodeo 👯‍♀️ Her favorite moment is the first time getting back in her truck after the accident - that first taste of freedom... 🤙🏻 Mine is “they said you and I would never be back here... welcome to never” 👊🏻 Comment below with yours! We wanna know! #amberleyismyfavorite #twinning

Hi hello 🌞 @katemoorephoto

“This chair will either be your wings or your anchor - you decide.” 🔥 Mamacita @missipyle bringin the heart, the tough love and so much wisdom #walkriderodeo #mamaknowsbest #tinasnyder @amberleysnyder @netflix

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