Кэмерон Бойс


Американский актёр и танцор, известный по своим ролям в художественных фильмах «Зеркала», «На крючке», «Одноклассники», а также в сериале канала Disney «Джесси».
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*sniff sniff* A little behind the scenes look at my photo shoot for @roguemagazine!

We enjoyed this trailer as much as we enjoy torturing people by not letting them see what we're watching. Maybe we're evil after all lol #Descendants2

Planet Earth

Happy 🌎 Day!

The Beverly Hilton

The #ThirstGala is one of my favorite events of the year! Reminds me how privileged we are and how the youth can do their part to make the world a better place!! In one night the #ThirstProject raised over $250,000, all of which goes directly to clean water projects in the developing world.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Happy birthday to the man who inspires everyone he crosses paths with! Thanks for waiting for me for all those months Kenny. 😆 You've changed my life and continue to sharpen my perspective in all things life.

Indio, California

🤣 on my way back from Coachella like 😈... Have you bought #WaysToBeWicked yet?? Show me you're excited for #Descendants2 this summer and rock out with me!!!

Coachella Music and Arts Festival


Coachella Music and Arts Festival

Childish on my arms, Anderson on my chest, and Thundercat in my ears 🤘 #staywoke

Coachella Music and Arts Festival

So glitter is an accessory now

My sister's handwriting is beautiful isn't it

Happy birthday to the hardest working grandma in the business lol. Pop yourself some extra popcorn tonight Sof, you deserve it. Love you. 💙


Flash pollution

Vancouver, British Columbia

Soph. My sister. Happy birthday. We share a love that people have trouble comprehending, that's how special it is. I'd be in a very different place without you... but just because you're an "adult" doesn't mean you get to boss me around any more than you already do 😂 love you.

Grew driving the 2

Rebel Without A Cigarette

Vancouver, British Columbia

Floating Joe

Westward Beach

Can't leave your goldfish unattended for 3 minutes man

"look at me"

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