Кэмерон Бойс


Американский актёр и танцор, известный по своим ролям в художественных фильмах «Зеркала», «На крючке», «Одноклассники», а также в сериале канала Disney «Джесси».
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Adventures of The Dream Team: Volume 2, (feat. Mevie)

English Bay

Vancouver, British Columbia

Adventures of The Dream Team: Volume 1 (feat. The Dream Boats)

She put on her hood to “act cool” 😂 I think she forgot that in our eyes she was already the coolest person ever. Even without the fringe on her badass jeans. Mom, I was bad at sharing you at first (shoutout to @maya.elan) because you have ALWAYS been my everything. I wish I could be with you today. I love you so much. See you soon! ❤️❤️

She never actually kissed me. She was just breathing on my face.

wearing a couch cushion isn’t as comfortable as you’d think

“dang Chi these braids are clean” “😏 practice makes perfect...” lol


❄️🍃 see it?

can you tell i spoil her


Vancouver, British Columbia

not even sure if we’d gotten to the “silly” photo yet

Man! This was last night at the #ThirstGala after I accepted the Pioneering Spirit Award for raising awareness and money for the global water crisis. Last night was insanely special for so many reasons. The Thirst Gala is one of my favorite events and I alwaysss leave inspired. Also, I had NO IDEA that my best friend in the whole world and my incredible director (who flew down from Canada leaving behind Descendants 3 pre-production just to attend) were presenting the award to me - OR - that a video had been made capturing the people I love most (and who support me most) speaking on our relationships and, honestly, making me sound super cool. I am humbled and honored and alllll the other words. Thanks to the @thirstproject and to my family, blood and chosen. You know who you are. I love you.

I’ll post about this in detail tomorrow. Love drains you so I’m a bit tired lol this is just a representation of my current mood and how appreciative I am for the people in my life. goodnight!

Indio, California

Sorry to disrupt your perfectly curated Coachella timeline right now lmao just wanted to share how festival goers look after their 20 minute iPhone photo shoots.

Indio, California


Indio, California

Taking over @flauntmagazine for day 1 of @coachella the only way we know how 😂😭😂 head over to their page now!!

The LINE Hotel

This one is dope. Re-teaming with @tmrwmag for a 12 page feature in their new limited edition copy titled “the film issue.” It’s available now for pre-order (we’re shipping worldwide!) and will be on stands next week! 🙃

I namastay in side crow

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