Кэмерон Бойс


Американский актёр и танцор, известный по своим ролям в художественных фильмах «Зеркала», «На крючке», «Одноклассники», а также в сериале канала Disney «Джесси».
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Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial

This year will mark the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination. A day where sadness, anger, and grief, pierced and perhaps for a period of time, deflated the hearts of the Americans who Dr. King had once locked arms with in protest. Their fearless leader for change had suddenly vanquished, and with his departure also came the fear that his progress would perish with him. However, the helplessness Americans felt then quickly faded. Segregation in our country eventually met its demise thanks to the gravitational pull of a true hero. Let us remember the power of UNIFICATION in troubling times. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would remind us today, like he did in the 60’s that ONLY LOVE can drive out hate. It is so much easier to hate but please... Look within yourself and find the strength to love. Only then will we reap the rewards of the change we so desperately need. #MLKDay

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Mel's Drive-In - Sunset Blvd


Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

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Malibu, California

The Dream Issue... @candidmagazine

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naughty list? jokes on you, I also celebrate Hanukkah.



Johannesburg, South Africa

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TCL Chinese Theatres

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No ones talking about this one... “Cause it’s plain to see a man’s integrity by the way he treats those when he don’t need them.” “Now” by Miguel... go put your thinking caps on people! Not the song people will talk about from #warxleisure but that right there? ☝️ is what legends are made of.

Children's Hospital Of Orange County

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