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Look who's back!!! Ahhhhh reunions. ❤❤❤

Valonz Australia

Hair so good you could eat it 😜 big thanks to Valonz for making me feel extra spesh #hairdid #loosewaves #valonzhaircutter

La Perouse, New South Wales, Australia

Take me back here! Dancing on the grass by the sea... What an incredible place to live when 20 minutes out of the city you can come to a place like this. #straya #Australia #beautiful #nofilterneeded #humbled

Is this real life?

Mona Vale Beach

The most incredible day out on the northern beaches... Ozzie Land really does have some amazing places! #sunsaltsand #beach #Australia #luckiestgirlintheworld

!!! 😆😘😜😱😄 !!!

Saying goodbye and fairwell to old faithful 72 today. The home that holds indefinite memories... And our hearts. I am saddened yet excited for a new chapter (and space to entertain)! I couldn't thank all those enough that have helped over the past two weeks and are yet to help, it's really been tear jerking, and I can't wait to cook for you in my new abode. Jack and Jack, Simmo, Timmy bear, Benny T and Benny D! Lukey, Rodders and Sebo. I love you all so much, we love you all so much. And I guess im screwed now, because I'll be roped in to your moving escapades next time round! Anyway, goodbye and good luck old faithful 72, it's been a cracker of a ride. ❤

HAHHAHAHAHAHHA! Found this as I was cleaning out my phone! Lol lol lol #mardigras #whathappened #looklikemymum

Snuggles with my kitten Zena after class today, need some cuddles on such a rainy day! #kitten #rainraingoaway

Mardi Gras Parade, Oxford St

Yup, mardi gras was awesome!

PacMan is evil! Or Jealous of Garfield and I 😜 hahha. Hope everyone's excited for Christmas! I am. 😄. #pixelsmovie #notreally


Just out with my new boyfriend #garfield

Concerts over! Went smashingly. Let's go again... #valeriejenkinsacademyofballet #cecchetti #ballet #cecchettiballetaustralia

So not the full costume but this is the train I get to dance in. Lots of fun jumping and turning in it. Bit hard though Haha! Full costume pic after the concert. Too excited #ballet #determined #costume #dance #concert

Black Pointe shoes this time around for the ballet concert! So excited I get to be the Evil Queen from Snow White. And my costume is pretty OTT too. Mirror mirror anybody? Mwah haw haw. #blochau #ballet #dance

Powerhouse Museum

Amazing exhibitions on at the #powerhousemuseum in Sydney at the moment. Definitely worth checking out. And you can totally play with Lego too. Hehhe fun!

The Dolphin Hotel

Getting spoilt on John's last day at the dolphin, less pace more accuracy 😜

Just completed my Cecchetti Advanced 2 exam. So chuffed and can't believe I've done it! Thanks Mrs Jenkins. Now time for diploma class, whoa.

And this is the back! Soooo beautiful! Thankyou Sarah! #missjonesdance https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/MissJonesDance

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