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Fitting at @prabalgurung 💖

Got to meet @evachen212 at @instagram today!

Bought this baby at a little shop in Ojai and I love it so much. I like, can’t put it down—so nice and easy to play ❤️ #vintageguitar ‘66 #Gibson 330 TD


For #internationalwomensday I wrote an essay for @portermagazine that I titled “On Problematic Women.” (it’s not about shaming or not-shaming at all, don’t know why it says that, I didn’t title it that) anyway LINK IN BIO 😘 https://www.net-a-porter.com/gb/en/porter/article-82a987a0abbf2a3e/reporter/news/constance-wu

This photo is a little blurry bc I was drunk but wanted to post anyway bc OMG I MET @kellymarietran AND I LOVE HER ❤️

My first @vanityfair #oscarparty 💖 styled by @alexandracronan wearing @markarian_nyc dress @edie_parker @alexisbittar hair by @dereksyuen makeup by @silverbramham

❤️ @vanityfair #oscars party with Mindy and Olivia

Vanity Fair #oscars with @breagrant

#TimesUp I love these women and can’t wait to see more women breaking barriers, making history, and telling our stories from our points of view. For me, #timesup is sisterhood. It’s dignity. It’s passion. It’s change 💖

It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be yours. #DoWhatYouCant with @SamsungMobileUS and start making something today. Look out for the full commercial during the #Oscars #ad

My makeup artist imitating me (Bc I hate powder and always back away when being powdered) and me imitating her (she had 39 parrots and 1 owl and 2 ducks and she is from Kazakhstan!) @strukova14

#pinkhair i made it pinker

@emilys_list Resist, Run, Win pre-Oscar brunch 💗

#wrinkleintime 💖 #pinkhair

Sleepy bun

“Once more, with feeling.” 💖 #pinkhair

no filter

💗💖💗💖 @freshofftheboatabc ‘s head of makeup for the last 4 seasons Peter Robb-King THE LEGEND is retiring today! Congrats Peter on an extraordinary career! Look him up, he’s done like every cool movie ever! And he got me a Peter Rabbit 💗

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