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Take me back 🍁

Happy Birthday @kitwilliamson !! 💗🎉 #itsnotaplant 😂😘

Lida-Rose, the champ 🏆 #bunniesofinstagram

This was a couple weeks ago at the @variety New Leaders 2017 party with @breagrant #bathroomselfie


YOU READY FOR CRA?? @henrygolding #crazyrichasians @entertainmentweekly

I’ve been on a break from the internet for the past week (in case you haven’t noticed 😬), hopping back on real quick to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @breagrant !! This girl is one of my favs. ❤️u Brea! OK I’m going back on my break from the internet. BYE INTERNET SEE YA IN A WHILE POSSIBLY NEVER (jk)

Kathy and Ian are back! @eastsiderstv Season 3 premieres Nov 28th #lgbtq

Ok so I was really digging my hair today 💅🏽which prolly means they'll make me cut it soon it's all good tho bc I love my job and anyway it's only hair so whatevs 💁🏻xo #goodhairday #nofilter

Two of my favorite people in the world @theabrooks and @jeffreyryancreager who knew me back when 🤗#bestfriends (photo by @theso)

Gift box doubles as a playpen for bunny in my trailer 🐰💗 love bringing my bunny to work everyday #bunny #bunniesofinstagram

My pretty new baby and also current obsession

🐰photo by @a_cam7 #bunny

TCAs yesterday! Thank you @marialuciahohan24 for the dress 💗 makeup: @mollygreenwald 💗 hair: @dereksyuen 💗 #tca #freshofftheboat


Everyone in the DMV area needs to see @studiotheatre 's #WigOut right now! An amazing show w/ great friends 💗 Michael Darnall and I went to drama school together and he was the Hamlet to my Ophelia in a production of Hamlet we did over 10 years ago (!!!) and Frank Britton was the Caliban to my Miranda in a production of the Tempest we did at Virginia Shakespeare Festival 🙌What a small world that they were both in this show🐰🐰Both were superb. The whole cast, the whole production ---- SO GOOD!! Get tix now, I think there's only two weeks left! I might see it again! Also in the last pic are #oldfriends from elementary school and high school 💗💗💗#tarrellalvinmccraney #studiotheatre #virginiatheatre


This article by @susanchira in today's @nytimes is req'd reading, ESPECIALLY if you're a dude who gets defensive & argumentative about it.


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