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Thank you UTA @unitedtalentagency for these beautiful birthday blooms I love them 🐰💗

It's my birthday today but I gave the bunny a treat instead of me, I'll just take straight whiskey later when I finish filming tonight. 🐰 🍌 😎 gracias in advance

Last weekend with @derek_mio and @michaelgeneconti love my SPOOKED fam ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

Spent time with a newly arrived family this week, made a new little friend 💗 you can support families like these at @miryslist too and add your positive action to @thebighundred #thebig100 #miryslist #refugeeswelcome photo by @vonswank

My new magic trick!!! Approved by master magician @davidkwong ✨last night at @cape_usa dinner #magic #cardtrick

Outtake from @bust_magazine photo shoot

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My lovely #sundaymorning - coffee, eggs, toast and the Sunday @nytimes. I've been a home delivery subscriber for several years ☀️ #antioxfordcomma


News got you in despair? Read these words from Lord of the Rings. Have Fight in your heart and faith in your tribe. Stories are often in the middle or just beginning. And some Orcs are orange.

My childhood best friend, me, and my future goddaughter 💗 marching together yesterday at the @womensmarch in DC!! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻#bffs

#whyimarch #imstillwithher🇺🇸 #POPULARVOTE @womensmarch in DC

#riseup backstage at the #womensmarch



Bless your little bitch heart hacker lame-o.

My bunny loves resting her head on this chair in my trailer so cute 💗

Did my own hair and makeup last night for the #bookoflove premiere 💅🏽💗

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