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Английский футболист, защитник в "Манчестеру Сити".
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The vision is far from complete! Still #dreamchasing @manieredevoir #manieredevoir

I'm yet to do my 2017 speech so firstly i wish success to each and everyone of you! Work harder than ever and push yourself to learn each and everyday. Remember ego is the enemy and think long term with the majority of your choices. On a personal note I'm hungrier than ever and this year I vow to be a bigger influence than ever to others around me. More life ❤️️


So Sophisticated

Miami Beach South Beach

☀️ M I A M I ☀️

Happy Birthday to me 🎉 25 Sitting on 25 ... 😅

Central Park

New York complete ✅ - Places like this inspire and motivate me more 🔑

Top Of The Rock NYC

Dreamchasing can become isolating! Nice to be able to take a break and take my fam to NYC for Xmas 🌲 Mother looking fabulous! #empirestatebuilding #empirestateofmind

Ensure the people you surround yourself with on a daily basis are inspiring you, pushing you to reach your potential or teaching you something new! Don't underestimate the relation to success and the company you keep. #levelup

New @manieredevoir accessory collection 🔥Releasing Friday!

When all is said and done, you will realise nothing was by chance. Velvet Jacket @manieredevoir

If you don't see greatness within your self no one else will. Don't allow others limited perceptions to define your worth 🙌🏼

About a year ago #TBT #youknowthwdifference #falseprophets

Previous failure or success do not define you. Forget the past, live in the present and plan for the future #levelup @manieredevoir #manieredevoir

I been tryna change life around for everyone I know, cause if I don't share the wealth, how the f*** we supposed to grow! @champagnepapi

Sun ☀️ + Laptop 💻 + A Book 📚 = Productivity!

@manieredevoir HQ Reception! . I refused an interior designer because they charge too much 😅and attempted to do it myself! Very pleased with the finished results :)

Sneak peak from our @manieredevoir A/W campaign! Check out the NEW RELEASES that just went online! www.manieredevoir.com

I'm coming for it all 🌎 with the intention to give it all back 🔑

#mannequinchallenge @manieredevoir #manieredevoir

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