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Английский футболист, защитник в "Манчестеру Сити".
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Manchester, United Kingdom

I smartened up, opened the market up 💯👕📈📚#HOV

Goosebumps every time I watch this! 💯 Real, arguably the best speech of any movie imo #rocky

Trying to live life Supreme 🤘🏽

Time is the most valuable asset in the world. Prioritise finding it and using it effectively. Let's get it 💯


Press Play 🔥#SQUADGOALS #MDVinLA @izabelag4 @jaxonrose @jon_herrmann @akarambo_

Manchester, United Kingdom

I see you kept it moving, you see I kept improving 👑

This is real #squadgoals 👑 Floor seats with the homie alongside our beautiful, talented women🤘🏽 #visualisethenputinwork

Your mindful of it all when your minds full of it all...💯


Manchester, United Kingdom

Generational wealth that's the key, my parents ain't have shit, so that ship started with me 🔑 #tbt #jayz #hov

#notetoselfstaytruetoself - When you are humble, nothing will touch you, neither praise or discouragement, because you know who you are! #2pac #motherteresa

Hollywood Hills

V I E W S @manieredevoir

English boy worldwide dreaming 🇬🇧🌎

Those who fail over and over without any lack of enthusiasm are those most likely to make it 🙏🏽

Facts only @damedashofficial 💯 Arguably, played a huge part in the success and opportunities of my Idol Jay-Z and Kanye West (not my idol). Very very knowledgeable man #damedash

@manieredevoir everything! Clothing, Footwear & Accessories 🔑

@manieredevoir HQ 🔑 Great success so far but vast improvements are necessary and much more learning to do! Be self critical in every area, it's the only way to grow!

🎥 💯 #spreadtheknowledge Learn to understand the difference between assets and liabilities, make sacrifices and forget all pride in the marathon to excellence. #EGOISTHEENEMY

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" 📚 #knowledgeispower

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