Рис Вабара


Английский футболист, защитник в "Манчестеру Сити".
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I’ve been real all my life, they confuse it with conceit, since I will not lose, they try to help them cheat...

THE KING OF COATS RETURNS @manieredevoir 🙏🏽 | This campaign is something I’ve visualised for a few years and I’m very grateful we’ve been able to make it a reality. Through directing the shoot, going through the edits and watching the full film, I’ve seen the frames 1000s of times, yet it still captures and demands my attention for every second of the 60. As a company we continuously strive to lead in product design and quality with a price point to match in order to provide our customers with great value, this is the beginning of a new ambition, to create industry leading visuals to compliment our creations. I hope creatives and customers enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed creating it. I’d like sincerely thank all of the departments at #TeamMDV who have helped make this possible, I’m very proud. Tomorrow the bar must raise again 🏆

My most influential public figure, with my most influential books, created by the most influential @prestonpaperboy 💯 What books have you read! Let me know 👇🏽

Overly focused it’s far from the time to rest now...📈


Only the real will last, all that pretend stuff the is here today & gone tomorrow.

Bootsy Bellows

World can't hold me, too much ambition 🌏

Love Yours

Manchester, United Kingdom

I smartened up, opened the market up 💯👕📈📚

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" 📚

The vision has just begun.

Striving for Excellence

Tape London

You can pay for school, but you can't buy class 🖋

Must Watch 💯 Few clips I pulled from a #jayz interview. Very intelligent talented man, who's vision was bigger than nearly everyone in his industry and beyond. Share the knowledge!

They say it's impossible until it's done. They doubt you, until you succeed, then want to join you. Don't listen to negativity or doubt. Because someone says it can't be done, It doesn't mean you can't do it! #pursuitofhappiness

Knowledge is 🔑 . With specialised intelligence comes money to get what you desire. "Make the money, don't let it make you"

Come up in that coupe, that new Wraith, it got stars in the roof ⭐️ #levelup #wraithtalk

World can't hold me, too much ambition...

Boxing with these young kings!

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