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Английский футболист, защитник в "Манчестеру Сити".
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How are your cookie jars set-up? How much do you want to achieve what you say you do? Do your words and actions correlate consistently? 🏆

A fantastic model casting day using our very own customers who will feature in our AW18 campaign 🏆 At @manieredevoir we focus on our clients not our competitors, we aim to serve their needs and provide them with value at all times. Its only right we repay the faith shown in the company whenever and wherever we can 🙏🏽


If you’re searching for potential excuses for why things aren’t working, you’re sure to find them. Winners don’t make excuses, they embrace problems and find solutions #ComingSoon @leonardsekyonda @mycomeupworld

The ability to stay humbled and neutral in times of great success/joy or great failure/sorrow allow us to remain logical and not emotional with our decision making. This enables us to predict future outcomes with much more clarity and accuracy aswell as seeing the lessons within the situation! What do you think? 🙏🏽

I don’t mean no disrespect, but the way I net-work, it’s hard for me to connect 🔑 #HOV

@manieredevoir @manieredevoirfemme SS18 Campaign 🔥 or 👎🏽?

Overly focused it’s far from the time to rest now...🔋📈 ⠀⠀⠀ s/o @andyansah visuals🔥

Benidorm, Spain

We all need a little culture, some time away from negative energy and vultures 🦅

Manchester, United Kingdom

Big business minus the business suits 🔑 @michaeldapaah_

Everything I’ve seen, made me everything I am💯

New York


#TeamMDV if you didn’t know 🔥👑

Only the real will last, all the pretenders are here today & gone tomorrow! #KingHOV #JayZ #LONGEVITY

Bootsy Bellows

World can't hold me, too much ambition 🌏


Four Seasons Guangzhou

I might just learn to speak Mandarin, Japanese for the YEN that I'm handling 🇨🇳 🇯🇵

@manieredevoir AW has arrived! An Immense amount of work has gone into this collection by myself and team MDV, resulting in what I believe is one of the best multi-gender AW collections currently available 🙏🏽 stay tuned for the rest of the drops in the coming weeks 🔥

Dubai, United Arab Emitates

Can't knock the hustle...

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

To whom much is given, much is tested 🙏🏽....

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