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Американский актёр, сценарист, режиссёр и продюсер. Основатель продюсерских компаний One Race Films и Racetrack Records, Tigon Studios.
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We had fun making the movie. We are going to have fun on the Global tour and you are going to have so much fun watching xXx The Return of Xander! #xXxThursdays

We made history here in Rio with fast five in 2011... now we will create history here in São Paulo with The new xXx.... I am so happy to be back here, I have always loved Brasil!!! P.s. This is a clip from my training for the water bike sequence in xXx.

Almost there... Let the xXx Global tour begin!


Xander state of Mind... Next week Brazil... All love...

Cuba... we love you and we are with you.

So excited to start the new xXx The Return of Xander - world tour next week... first stop Brazil!

So proud of this franchise, built on brotherhood... loyalty. Wait until you see this next chapter... I have pledged to make Pablo proud... All love. #happytorettotuesday

The thing I am most proud of with this new xXx is the cast... they are all so talented and brought so much to this production. The stunts and training that went into it was a blast... but the cast is everything!!!


January 20th!!! Extreme everything! #XanderZone

Rick Thorne was in the first xXx 2002... it was cool seeing him at this weekends fan screening. Can't wait for you all to see this film on Jan 20th!

All love...

Nice Fan Art... I had just finished swimming in the turbulent water in the north of DR... fully clothed and had to shed as I got closer to shore. One of the harder xXx stunts believe it or not... she was waiting at shore. /smile Xander.

Saturday's surprise screening was very cool... Something tells me the xXx Return of Xander Cage Global tour is going to be pretty epic. Haha.

Although the film isn't even completely done, we were able to show an audience a very early screening of the new xXx The Return of Xander Cage. LA was where it all started. It was also so cool to see it with so many X games medalists, many of whom have cameos in the film. #happycreativesunday

Happy Veteran's Day! I have had the pleasure of playing a soldier twice in my career, first in Saving Private Ryan and now in Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk... Both times I walked away with a greater respect for the veterans around the world and the sacrifices made to protect liberty. #weSaluteyou

They say timing is everything... #xXxThursdays

All love.

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