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Американская актриса и певица, более всего известная по главным ролям в серии фильмов «Дети шпионов» и в мюзикле «Рипо! Генетическая опера».
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Familia😍 #blessings

Saturday at Deer Creek Pt 2. Shot ,chopped and scored by @therealcarlospena with @Kriziavega #Dylan and @oceankingpenavega

Saturday at Deer Creek Pt 1. Shot ,chopped and scored by @therealcarlospena with @Kriziavega #Dylan and @oceankingpenavega

#EnchantedChristmas @therealcarlospena We can't wait for y'all to see this. Having so much fun getting to film with my husband. 😍😍😍 Can you guys tell we have the coolest crew?!! They are pretty amazing! #Utah #hallmarkChannel

Photo cred : @kriziavega (felt the need to write an update... No, I am not naked. I am in a bathing suit. However, whether I was or wasn't is beside the point... why do people feel so entitled to give their opinions of judgement. Comments left on pages should be uplifting and loving. And if you don't like something you see... or someone posts something that bothers you... PRAY for them!!! It actually works and does something for your heart as much as theirs! For those who will further this argument and say "we must call out our brothers and sisters...etc..." Again, pray. When we feel the need to call each other out, especially on social media, it doesn't come across as loving... it just comes across as arrogant and self righteous. People are looking at your words and they DO take them to heart. We are ALL role models and our actions DO affect one another. So please be mindful.)

😍😍 familia. Gracias a Dios!

#AD My family and I recently uprooted our L.A lives and made the switch to the island life on Maui! We wanted to give Ocean a life outdoors filled with adventure. One of my favorite bonding activities as a new mama is to take Ocean... well to the ocean! We went to @Target and stocked up on all sorts of beach goodies. Toys, sunscreen, bathing suits, snacks, etc. But my favorites are all of Ocean's beach clothes from Cat & Jack. Isn't my little man precious?! I love watching him grow and spending all these amazing moments together as a family. I wouldn't trade this life for anything!!! #IslandLife #HelloMama Click the link in my bio to find more baby clothes from @Target

Biggest little blessing. 😍😍😍 Photo: @kriziavega

Making mornings in Utah feel like Maui 😍 I love my family!!! 😝😝 thank you @kriziavega for capturing this moment!!!

Dance practice for #enchantedChristmas!!! Thank you @kriziavega for the photo!! @hallmarkchannel (ps. @bonbonstory is kicking booty with this choreography!) oh yeah... and Mark and Witney for giving us some skills back on season 21 of #Dwts

Loving our home away from home. Great video baby! @therealcarlospena @oceankingpenavega #utah @hallmarkchannel

#Ad The first few weeks with our new little baby were beyond exciting!!! But everything is trial and error and seeing what works for you and your baby. Having a wet wipe warmer for those middle of the night changes was a life saver!!! I highly recommend it! It is much more comfortable for your little one and isn't as disruptive, allowing them to go back to sleep quickly! The next time you're at @Target pick up this mini life saver. I still use mine and I love it. #HelloMama Link in bio.

What do you do when you haven't packed and your flight is in two hours? #CatchWaves #808

Who is going the #JustOneConference today??? Get your tickets before noon! Wish I could be there!!! Praying for you @canonjjohn !!!! http://JustOne.co.uk

I can't thank God enough for these two. My heart feels so unbelievably full all the time. My little angels. I want to squeeze the both of them!!!! ❤️❤️💥💥 #TeamJesus #7months

This last month God has introduced us to so many beautiful families in our new community. So excited for these new relationships not to mention all the little cutie patooties Ocean gets to play with now!!! 😍😍😍🌴☀️✝️

This family is so beyond beautiful! What a fun day of catching up and talking about the Lord! Refreshing! Love you guys!! #TeamJesus #Family #IslandLife

#Ad For those of you who followed my pregnancy journey... you know I was on a constant search for the perfect "items" to feel prepared/ready for the delivery date. Whether it was registry items or mama items, I needed a whole new world of "stuff". About 50 @Target runs later (NOT including my online orders) I was ready. But in all the searching, I learned something that I recommend to all pregnant mamas. Something that I made sure to do was to take the time to take care of YOU. One day I woke up, went to Target, and bought a bunch of lotions and baby oil to massage my growing bump and IT WAS GREAT! It was perfect bonding time for me and my little man AND it personally helped protect my belly from stretch marks. (He was a big boy). So don't forget. In all your baby prep and Target runs... make sure to grab something for you too. Mama's need some extra goodies once in awhile. #HelloMama Click the link in my bio to see more helpful baby products from @Target !

This guy has the right idea 😍😍

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