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you should take it as a compliment that I’m talking to everyone here but you // 📷: @maxwellpoth • • • • • #gorgeous #newmusicfriday #taylorswift #hat #fashion #fav #dreamingaboutrealfallweather



I posted this on my story yesterday, so this post is a “risk,” but isn’t being a rockstar about taking risks after all?! #liveyourtruth #rockstarlife #happytuesday #leavefearoutoftheroom ⭐️🕺🏼😝

help, i can’t find my jet ski

guys. It’s @bcliff89 ‘s Birthday!!! Also she’s getting married in less than two weeks. can’t even begin to describe my love for this beautiful woman. From Justin to Kelly, Seventh grade till now, Clifton to Strale, keep shining you star ❤️🙌🏼⭐️

Inn of the Seventh Ray

didn’t plan to color coordinate but wow, here we are, and I am so pleased

Inn of the Seventh Ray

just do it ✔️

_______ in #mycalvins /// #fillintheblank #haha

Underwood Family Farms

they call it the WAGON WHEEL watusi !!

one month ago today...take me back #campbigskywithvinceandry

tell me you love me 📷: @thepatrickrogers


fun fact: my dad used to be a competitive high jumper...look who got hops dad!!!! 😝 #campbigskywithvinceandry #tinsel #fringe #highjump #family #love

Flathead Lake Lodge

the cheetah girls STRUT-ting like we mean it #werktheroom #campbigskywithvinceandry

I don’t know how but @37frames gave me my Abercrombie & Fitch moment I always wanted #campbigskywithvinceandry

IDA Hollywood

Idk a better idea than a dance class for a bday party...happy bday @bettywho !! We Slay!! #formation #beyonce #slay @iamvincint @tylerlain @scotthoying @jessescottegan @mollytarlov

If you’re wondering, these pants did NOT split, but they are ruined. Oops! 💁🏻‍♂️🕺🏼📷: @37frames #campbigskywithvinceandry

ITS @ryansalonen BIRTHDAY!!!!! thank YOU to Ryan for showing the world how to be a person who leads through love. Your smile brings everyone joy. You are a star. May you never forget what it is to be young and imaginative. (and if you do...come back to this picture and look at the little guy on your shoulders and keep shining your light + inspiring!!!) this is gonna be a big year. #happybirthdayryan 📷: @37frames

Santa Monica, California

OVERALL, I believe we can start living in a rainbow land. 😝⭐️😜🌈

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