Джеймс Ван Дер Бик


Американский актёр, наиболее известный по роли Доусона Лири в сериале «Бухта Доусона».
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You don't need armor when you got "the look." Via my amazing wife @vanderkimberly

HUGE congrats to my amazingly awesome sister-in-law Sierra, who got married last night to the guy over my right shoulder. *not to be confused w/ the guy ON my right shoulder. Love you Sierra & Brock!


May or may not have climbed atop an elevator shaft to get this photo. I admit to nothing, and hereby declare myself not liable for any injuries that may or may not have been sustained by the person who took this photo while allegedly climbing atop said elevator shaft @brandondermer #SorryBrother 😳 #Repost @diplo with @repostapp ・・・ It's lit 🕯@vanderjames

So, this is the project I can finally announce! I'll be writing, producing & starring in a new show for @viceland where I'll be playing a fictional version of @diplo. Yes, for real. Kinda the way I played myself on #Apt23, but, y'know... lit. Think "Louie" meets "Worldstar Hip Hop" meets "Spinal Tap." It'll be fun, ridiculous and I'll probably win a Nobel Prize. Directed by my partner in crime, @brandondermer - shown here getting a head rub from a global music superstar - and produced by @Matadorcontent and @KevinKusatsu (photo by @toastycakes)

When announcing one's writing debut, I find it always helps to have a bear humping a pole in the top right corner... #AndSylvesterStalloneAnywhere #HollywoodProTip

Sometimes, you just have to drive to the beach and appreciate the shades of grey... #AnyExcuseToWearAHoodie

Not mad at 2017 so far...

Baby human in natural habitat #NoFilter

Happy 2017 🍾🎊❤️

Sportsmanship is the most important thing... #SnowballFight

Taking a break from holiday clean-up... goals for 2017 including getting better at shifting from work to home and being completely present at both. I know I've been coy about what I've been working on - it's not on purpose, official release to come first weeks of January - but it's fun and crazy and I'll be wearing some new hats #Figuratively #AndLiterally #YouHaveToBeANerdToMakeTheDistinction #OrToAppreciateIt 🤓

This Christmas & Chanukah, wishing you & your family peace, blessings and joy #AndMoreSleepThanIveGotten

When some kid photobombs your perfect frame but you post it anyway

Steak & eggs, fire & football. Doing Sunday right... #EvenDressedLikeChristmas #AlbeitAccidentally

Angry sky, happy guy #JoshuaTree #NoFilter

King of the hill

I TOTALLY did this Belvedere Red Vodka video (currently up on Vice.com) because half the profits from (BELVEDERE)RED are donated to help #endAIDS in Africa... and not because they gave me this huge bottle with my name on it. Get your limited-edition bottle today: http://bit.ly/ReserveBarRED #MAKETHEDIFFERENCE

Waiting for rain ☔️ #BeverlyHillsRescueChihuahuas

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