Джеймс Ван Дер Бик


Американский актёр, наиболее известный по роли Доусона Лири в сериале «Бухта Доусона».
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This picture came with the frame

Check. F*cking. Mate.

Ut oh 🤭

#tbt My wedding... 2010. Heartbroken to have learned that our dear friend @markhlerner, who took this photo, passed away yesterday. Mark was a beautiful guy... giving and supportive in such a subtle, powerful way. Whether you were mid-victory or mid-process, he was great at just being present with you. And he was always working on himself. Really going to miss you, Mark. Godspeed...

Tide pools are free 👍

New year, new look

#tbt My dad is the cute one #TwinningIsWinning #IdenticalTwinningIsCrushingIt

And to all a good night... #MerryChristmas from Rodeo Drive 🎄🤑🎅

Feeling that shark robe swagger 🦈

Intimidation game strong

Small role in a great movie is all the excuse I need to dress like I’m in Peeky Blinders & go on a date. 👌 @downsizingfilm

You can’t fake feeling it.

If taking the wife out for #TheLastJedi & Karaoke on a Saturday night is nerdy, I don’t want to be cool. ** note- wife is not actually Will Forte - she’s taking the picture 😉👍 #GoodSport

So many things wrong with this picture... and one tiny little thing right 😍

When yer chin gits grey... jus’ shave it. TONIGHT on a super-duper special @abcmodernfam 👍

Watching football counts as babysitting if you have a kid with you. Look it up. 😇 - - ** it’s been pointed out that “parenting” instead of “babysitting” is the optimal term. I think I quite agree. “Being helpful” is what I what getting at...

I think @rollingstone might be my Secret Santa... 🙌🤯🎄

Los Angeles, California

So 2018

Been waiting outside for someone in Los Angeles for 5 minutes... already feel the smoke in my nose & throat and have a bit of a headache. This is no joke. Stay inside, everyone. Stay safe.

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