Джеймс Ван Дер Бик


Американский актёр, наиболее известный по роли Доусона Лири в сериале «Бухта Доусона».
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Metro Expo Line

Good light on the @metrolosangeles platform. And no traffic. And no tailpipe exhaust. But really good light 👍

Expo Park/USC station

You can’t please all the people all the time...

Guys... I gotta’ to come clean. I’ve been on a cleanse. #DadJoke I hate cleanses... but this one has been okay. 9 days. Eat till you’re full, the menu just narrows to stuff your liver can process easily. Mustache optional, but highly recommended (by me). Last day is just juice. And I’m glad I did it. If nothing else, it got me recognizing how much I overlook in life in anticipation of the food I’m craving. Plus, I figure, my liver does so much for me... why not do a little something for it? Not gonna lie, really looking forward to a burger which is not on the recommended menu. (Grass-fed of course... but on a bun loaded with gluten because life’s too short for gluten-free hamburger buns 🥳). If you’re curious, you can follow @medicalmedium on the gram & see if what he’s sharing resonates with you. (Btw, not getting paid for this, just sharing 😘)

#WilliamGoldman passed away yesterday... the man who wrote #ButchCassidyAndTheSundanceKid, #ThePrincessBride, and #AllThePresidentsMen among many many others. He also wrote a great book on screenwriting I would recommend to any writer. I’m not big on books about writing... but his is aptly titled: “Adventures in the Screen Trade” and it reads like that - it’s a personal account (and at times blisteringly honest self-assessment) full of insight and perspective from a man who wrote more than a few masterpieces. Thanks for the work and the inspiration, Mr. Goldman 🙏🏻

Some days you wonder if you’re failing as a parent... and some days you realize that whatever your shortcomings, your kids might just come out okay anyway. 🥰 #Repost @vanderkimberly ・・・ Good morning 🌞

A fan will bring out the @beyonce in anybody...

You can’t be an artist without soldiers to protect you... so want to say thank you to all the veterans and their families for the sacrifices that have created space for us storytellers and freaks and... well, for all of us. Starting with my grandfather. Thank you! #veteransday And when we say #neverforget, let’s hold up our end of the bargain and not forget - not forget about care for our veterans when they get home - physical, mental, spiritual. After they’ve served so bravely, it’s our duty to give these men and women everything they need to get healthy, and get whole.

Malibu, California

@vanderkimberly is pairing those in need with those who want to help. Reach out if you’re one of the two. Also, Q: If your wife is a really good person... do you get credit for it? #Repost @vanderkimberly ・・・ ATTN LA: if you know of anybody displaced by the fire and have immediate needs that need to be met, please contact me so that I can connect them to a family ready and able to help! Spread this message far and wide to get those the help they need! 🙏

Los Angeles, California

Feeling profoundly grateful for a quiet evening at home tonight, and for all the #firefighters and first responders putting their lives on the line just a few miles away. Thank you to you and your families for keeping us safe.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Happy Birthday to my spirit animal and musical stuntman @diplo. It’s rare when geniuses have a sense of humor about themselves... I admire your work ethic and drive and how you’re always looking out for the next thing. And your craziness. Thanks for making me proud every time my kids call me “Fake Diplo Daddy.” ✌️Have an amazing birthday, Wes.

Anybody you’ve ever been angry with was once this size... Never hurts to remember that ☮️

Los Angeles, California

Our democracy ain’t perfect... but neither are we. So it works. #vote

Here’s some good news: There are 24+ anti-corruption measures on ballots in 11 states today. @Representus members don’t endorse parties or candidates, they just work across party lines to put anti-corruption initiatives on the ballot. #Vote to #UnrigTheSystem. Link in my bio. If you live in #Arizona #Colorado #Maryland #Massachusetts #Michigan #Missouri #Nevada #NewMexico #Utah #NorthDakota #SouthDakota #NewYork

Writing my next project while at a car wash and just realized I look like the Unabomber; Hollywood edition. I think this election is getting to all of us... Rock your #vote tomorrow, y’all!

“Daddy, if you don’t say it I will do it... but if you say it, I will never do it. Okay?” #4yearsold ❤️🦄

As long as I keep having kids... I can keep dressing up on #Halloween, right?

Baby dinosaur for #Halloween? As you wish...

Day after Halloween feeling like...

The president has said he will bring back family separation. He thinks it’s a winning issue for his party. Whether or not he’s right... is up to you. #vote #SilencedVoices @supportkind

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