Джеймс Ван Дер Бик


Американский актёр, наиболее известный по роли Доусона Лири в сериале «Бухта Доусона».
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Closest I'll ever get to a real job #ProductionMeeting #WhatWouldDiploDo

At 5am this morning, at an undisclosed location, we rolled camera for the first time on #WhatWouldDiploDo... I started my career 25 years ago on stage in NYC with a 3-time Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright. Now I play a deejay. #AndIveNeverHadMoreFun

White board game strong at the #WhatWouldDiploDo offices...

Dream cast assembled: Dora Madison @iambanditamoonshine @bobbyleelive and & @jamar_neighbors... and a few more to announce soon #WhatWouldDiploDo? #Viceland Would have given each their own post but the pics I had were grainy 🙀

First casting announcement!!! @dillonfrancis as Diplo's best friend and everybody's favorite (read: least favorite) hanger-on #WhatWouldDiploDo? #Viceland photo by @toastycakes

Carry your kid to work day

Wife & I became friends with this cool mom at our kid's music class. Turns out she's like, super good at fashion and stuff.

That was fun... #DaytonaDay @nascar @bradkeselowskiracing

Here's a reason to watch the 4th quarter: Coming soon to no theaters ever... from the same team that brought you the super-dark #PowerRangers de-boot no one can ever make... comes #DaytonaDay: The Movie. @josephkahn #SuperBowlCommercial #NotReallyAMovie @nascar Thanks @bradkeselowskiracing for lending me your suit. Promise I tried not to sweat too much.

Driving the Daytona 500 track. In a golf cart. Why? How?? Answer to come in the 4th quarter. #DaytonaDay

I think my kids have been in my office...

Hook, line and sinker... Three years today ❤️

"Purple Batman" b'day party (by request) for the girl who ALWAYS keeps me guessing... I've often said I don't feel ownership over my kids - that I feel like I just lucked out in the great cosmic lottery... and this girl proves it. She may look like me... but she is all her. #AndICouldntLoveHerMore 😍😍😍

#latergram When your team is losing badly at halftime and your wife says, "You can either sit there mad at the TV, or you can go run around with your kids in the rain..." And you choose wisely. @vanderkimberly

We have a new president today… We witnessed a peaceful transfer of power, and whether you were pro-Trump, or anti-Trump, you still possess the autonomy to answer this question: Who am I? Politicians and pundits encourage us to skip this step by asking, “Who are ‘we’?”, then offering up a sound bite and a team to join. And while that's a great way to stir up emotion, get votes, and drive ratings… our democracy depends upon us first answering a much more critical question. None of us, at our core, are simply pro-someone, or anti-someone else. We’re humans. We’re Americans. And we’re individuals. So today, if you are feeling despair, or vindication… if you’re flush with righteous anger, or self-righteousness… I’ve found it helps to take a breath, and ask the most important question we can: Who am I?

You don't need armor when you got "the look." Via my amazing wife @vanderkimberly

HUGE congrats to my amazingly awesome sister-in-law Sierra, who got married last night to the guy over my right shoulder. *not to be confused w/ the guy ON my right shoulder. Love you Sierra & Brock!


May or may not have climbed atop an elevator shaft to get this photo. I admit to nothing, and hereby declare myself not liable for any injuries that may or may not have been sustained by the person who took this photo while allegedly climbing atop said elevator shaft @brandondermer #SorryBrother 😳 #Repost @diplo with @repostapp ・・・ It's lit 🕯@vanderjames

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