Джеймс Ван Дер Бик


Американский актёр, наиболее известный по роли Доусона Лири в сериале «Бухта Доусона».
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I asked her to not put her head in the sand... #kids

@hollywoodreporter today... ✊️

First look teaser trailer! #WhatWouldDiploDo? On @viceland August 3rd. @diplo himself puts it best: "Somewhere between iconic and ironic."

Never been broken more wide open than when I became a father. Never been more vulnerable, more tired, more overwhelmed... and never been happier 😍 Happy Father's Day to all the men out there blessed enough to be called Dad. And to all the hopeful & expectant fathers out there... may the force be with you. You'll expand in ways you never thought possible, and it's the f*cking best. #happyfathersday #sleepwhenyoucan

Sunset or nuclear winter?

There's a big difference between a vacation and a trip... or so I've been told. It's probably true. But right now, I'm feeling super grateful for all the little moments that happen when you decide to just f*cking go all in, and be present AF #AndFlyingCharterHelps 🙌🏻@surfair 😘

Trifecta 👦🏼🌳🍷


Imagination is the best babysitter...

Looking like you know what you're doing is half the battle (also my only game plan)***


Date night with a purpose. #ButterflyBall Been supporting @chrysalisla for years now... "A hand up, not a handout," is their slogan, and what they do is recognize homeless, jobless, and recently paroled people as HUMAN BEINGS who have the potential to take advantage of a second chance. So they help them get jobs. No beds, no meals - instead they offer email addresses, mail boxes, interview training, and whatever else they might need to get hired for the first time. And the job retention rate 6 months later is 70%. Lasting, sustainable solutions that empower people. We could use more organizations like this.

Album of the summer! And not because I'm playing a fake version of @diplo this summer... but because this album makes me reeaallllly psyched that I am. Title track & Particula are my favorites. What are yours?? Really want to know this.

You can't bullsh*t a bullsh*tter... but boy do I applaud the effort👏🏻#NoIdeaWhereSheGetsItFrom

This is my trickiest child, currently. My 3 year-old. My wild card. The one I'd nominate most likely to need supervision in a petting zoo (for the animal's sake). And today I turned around and saw her snuggling a goat. My point is, we've got to be careful when we label our kids, especially out loud. Their capacity to surprise us far outweighs our ability to judge them, but our words carry a lot of weight. And they're always listening...

Dodger Stadium

Loves hard rock. Roar of the crowd? Not so much.. 🤔Great day w/ @goodplusfdn & @dodgers @mlb

Requesting this song all day...

I'm not a model but I deejay like one. #Repost @diplo (@get_repost) ・・・ Mom said I had a face for radio .. I guess that's why We had to make @vanderjames do it for 📺

#tbt Why I was not a teen idol until I was out of my teens... This was the most energetic smile I could muster while doing 8 shows a week in NYC AND going to high school in Connecticut. Which explains the heavy eyelids. As for the hair, well... can't quite explain the hair. @cheshireacademy

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