Джеймс Ван Дер Бик


Американский актёр, наиболее известный по роли Доусона Лири в сериале «Бухта Доусона».
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If you’re going to get a trophy for participation... Rock that sh*t.

#tbt My grandfather on my mother’s side, who always effusively praised my “command of the written word.” God bless grandparents who point out talents in their grandkids. The impact was so subtle at the time, but man, was it lasting... ❤️

In all my free time this year, I jumped onto a pilot for @amazonstudios. Directed by @muraihiro, the visual genius behind the series Atlanta, written by award-winning author (and sweet human) #GeorgeSaunders and starring #GlennClose & @jack_quaid... I can’t tell you much more w/o spoilers except it’s really different. And weird. And I’m just a small supporting character BUT I did let my moustache get super bushy and wear a really bad shirt and... well, watch it on Amazon Prime (available to stream now) & lmk what you think! @seaoakamazon

Beverly Hills, California

Today I rode a bicycle through Beverly Hills, with dyed blond hair, wearing designer sunglasses while sipping an almond latte. Only problem, guys, is I can’t decide on a hashtag... ** follow-up question: is it possible to be SO basic that you come all the way around to the other side and eventually get to a point where you’re actually kind of not? Asking for a friend...

#tbt Rocking my late ‘17 look back in ‘01

Listens to one 90’s song...

Had to happen at some point... New job, new look #Pose

The family you make along the way ❤️ (btw - the amazing #MaryBethPeil is not on the gram, but you can see her on Bway in her Tony-nominated performance in @anastasiabway )

Will the real fake #Diplo please stand up? 👏✌️🔥

For everyone who also regards #Halloween as a national holiday 🎃🇺🇸🏆🥃

#Halloween prep at Uncle Kevin’s... @kevwilliamson

Two legends, 180 years of experience between the two of them. And they still outlasted @vanderkimberly & me at dinner. @thenormanlear & @theritamoreno have made us laugh, cry, delight and think... and they’re fucking pissers. Getting to hang for a night with artists of that caliber is my favorite perk of being in this business. Thanks @paleycenter for putting together such an epic panel tonight.

Super-psyched that now I get to talk about my next project... #POSE. From TV mogul/legend/boss Ryan Murphy, it’s about the trans ball culture in the 1980’s NYC and what happens when that scene bumps up against the high-rise real-estate wealth boom happening concurrently on the same little island. Really complicated character, amazing cast, and I can’t wait to jump in and play!

Yo... how do you say, “Soooo dope” in British? #WhatWouldDiploDo premieres in 🇬🇧 TONIGHT 9pm @vicelandUK @diplo Side note: it was one year ago today @brandondermer & I pitched Spike Jonze & Eddy @vice and got the green light... still amazed it happened this fast. And that we pulled it off. And that I decided to pitch this show in a full beard 🤔

Due to unexpected brain inactivity on our part, we missed the @goodplusfdn Halloween event, (whole story on my IG stories)... But wanted to highlight the organization. It’s parents helping parents by providing low-income families with the tools, education, goods and services they need to break the cycle of poverty and to create lasting, sustainable change for themselves and their little ones. They partner with many local networks and have donated $35m worth of goods throughout the US. Check them out. @jessseinfeld

How do you say, “Sup, fam?” in French? 🇫🇷 - #Repost @vicelandfr ・・・ WHAT WOULD DIPLO DO? À PARTIR DU 22 OCTOBRE. SUR VICELAND. - - - - #VICELANDFrance #VICELAND #VICEFrance #VICE #WWDD #Diplo #Jamesvanderbeek #DJ #music #producer #djlifestyle #producers #producerlife #producersbelike #fun #comedy #EDM #majorlazer

Wife & I were woken up at 5:30 AM by a young bed-crasher... and she mentioned she’d had a dream that our kids were grown, and our life had been good... but that we’d give anything to go back to when our kids were these exact ages, even for just one day. It’s tough to stay #woke when you’re tired AF... but I don’t think we’ll ever regret having made the effort ❤️

And the Best #Bedhead award goes to... 🏆#RosanneRosannadAnnabel

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

The next #StarWars poster

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