Джеймс Ван Дер Бик


Американский актёр, наиболее известный по роли Доусона Лири в сериале «Бухта Доусона».
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We get to choose how we react to the world. We get to choose how we respond to what life throws at us. And it’s not about faith, or choosing the “right” path, or being moral, or even good. Those are all nice ideas that can help light the way, but ultimately... what truly serves us? What nourishes our soul? Aligns with our heart’s desire? What affords us true clarity and creates space for lasting happiness? There are so many easy ways to spark outrage, self-righteousness and fear, and all that has its place, I suppose... but we all have the power to make our own choice. #MondayMusings Sending love to New Zealand and everyone around the world trying to find the light today 💜

Even losing a decathlon to a high school kid is a good time when you’re with @kevinhart4real. @whatthefit on the @LOLNetwork channel on @YouTube. #whatthefit link in bio

❤️ Seven years ago today, this little guy jumped out - feet first - and cracked me wide open. I’d never felt such peace, such love for my fellow human. I was convinced if they could bottle up that feeling... there’d be no more war - it just couldn’t exist in that energy field. Since then, it’s been a joy to witness the reveal of this strong, empathetic, deep little thinker. His determination, sensitivity, and wild sense of humor make me a better human on the daily. I’d like to say I’m raising him, but really... I feel like he’s raising me.

Every once in a while, Twitter is still fun.

It’s #Monday. Get yours 😎

Couldn’t have said it better as myself... #Repost @brandondermer ・・・ without women, none of us would be here ✊ 👩 #internationalwomensday

Los Angeles, California

42 years old today. Woke up at 4am to our son throwing up... in our bed. Not quite over the flu, yet, myself. Doubling down on myself as a writer & creator, which is both thrilling and terrifying, and I don’t remember the last time I slept through the night. 21 years ago, The WB TV network got me a limo for the night in #NYC as a present... My college friends all came out and we went to all the “cool” clubs. It was the first time they saw me get recognized, and we partied past 4am. I woke up happier today 😍.

Last week I felt paralyzed by the desire to do everything perfectly. This week I’m paralyzed by the #flu. At least my obsession with perfection isn’t contagious... * or is it? 🤔 #FeverThoughts

Stole my hat, and 97.5% likely to get away with it 🥰

#tbt One of my first headshots. Somebody saw this on a proof sheet and said: “Yes! Found it! Let’s blow up THAT one.” And I must’ve agreed 😬 I don’t believe this one yielded a single job...

Concluded #pot was not a performance-enhancing drug in ‘09 #TheMoreYouKnow 💫🙄🥴👍 - #Repost @theonewiththevows ・・・ The Evolution of: James Van Der Beek #JamesVanDerBeek

One of the most cringeworthy phrases I hear, little dude... is, “Be a man.” Especially when it’s said to young boys, because the message is often: “Be tough. Don’t cry. Suck it up. Act like nothing effects you.” To me... that’s just empty posturing. Being a real man means being strong enough to be empathetic. To be sensitive. To be caring, kind, and confident enough to appreciate and nurture your feminine side. If you start with that as a base, all that other stereotypically “manly” behavior (none of which is exclusive to males, btw) might just accomplish some good. But in the meantime... it’s okay to be a boy. ❤️

Miami International Airport - MIA

Thank you @americanair for the huge travel assist. #WhenInDoubtBringTheWagon

Miami, Florida

So... turns out we’re cruise people. Want to thank everybody on board the @carnival Horizon for leaving us with a treasure trove of “wow” moments. From the food to the service, to the waterslides, to the food, to the entertainment... to the food. We needed this more than we realized. This was our first cruise... it will not be our last. #ChooseFun #carnival #carnivalpartner

If you’ve ever flirted with the idea of going on a cruise, I have one word of advice: Do it. Okay, that’s technically two words, but you should totally go. Aha! I could have just said: “Go.” That would have been one word. But seriously... go for it. It’s fun. And delicious. #choosefun @carnival #carnivalpartner #Carnival (adventures in my stories)


Dad’s still got it 👍


They share a birthday ❤️ It’s amazing how #grandparents can have completely different relationships with your kids than they did with you. Even if they were really good parents... there’s something they’ve figured out the second time around that you just can’t fake. Maybe it’s the part-time nature of the gig, maybe it’s experience, maybe it’s the wisdom that comes with age. Whatever it is... I’m grateful for it.

My funny #Valentines ❤️ #HappyValentinesDay everybody 🥰

Franklin Canyon Park

What if all the constructs and narratives we’ve come to accept as important - where we live, what we do, what we make, to whom we belong, what we win, who we are - what if the only reason all of that existed... was to serve as the architecture within which we get to try our hand at the much more important (and much more rewarding) task of establishing moments of meaningful connection with one other? What if that was actually all that mattered? #MondayMusings

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