Джеймс Ван Дер Бик


Американский актёр, наиболее известный по роли Доусона Лири в сериале «Бухта Доусона».
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DIY wooden robot a big hit 👍😎(saga on my instastory)

And... that's a wrap on the week.

Boys day out. Nice when two Pisces can just space out together... 🤴

Do I look smarter when I point at something? #PhotoShoot #NotAModel @roguemagazine

Big thanks to all the firemen & women out there staying vigilant to keep us safe. We only really think of them in disastrous times, but figured I'd throw some love their way today just 'cause. Most firehouses welcome visits - especially from kids - so call up your local house, bring the little ones, and maybe even bring 'em some healthy food. And say thanks.

Date night. @vanderkimberly is giving me shit for not finding a filter where her natural cheeks look natural. This is what filters and fake cheeks have wrought, people...


Got ourselves an air date, yesterday! Was too busy in post to, well... post. Damn, it's been too long since I've written something #ThisIsYourBrainInEditing #WhatWouldDiploDo #WWDD #AugustThird. It will be crazy and fun and thoughtful and stupid @diplo

Just chillin 😎

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics” -Albert Einstein I was going to be pessimistic about something today... but then my wife sent me this... and who am I to argue with Einstein? Use it for good, people 😍 @vanderkimberly Update: Just learned it was @beckytbordo who posted it for my wife to see... thanks Becky!

Decision time...

Proud to support @operationsmile, which provides free operations to kids born with cleft lip or cleft palate, and allowing them to, well... smile (among other things). Huge props to @brianbowensmith for getting fully half of my kids to look in the same place at the same time, happily 🙌🏻#savethedate #may17 #untilweheal www.operationsmile.org/smileevent

Everybody help me wish a very happy birthday to @shrimptooth... ⅓ of the #WWDD writing staff. Solid dude, hilariously clever, and always ready with a good #Squattypotty quip when needed. Worth a follow, people... 😇

My son has this crazy connection with #prayingmantis... he always seems to find them - no matter how tiny. Anybody know if there's a cool, hippie, metaphysical significance of praying mantises's? #OrWhatThePluralFormOfPrayingMantisIs?

Malibu, California

Notes strategy meeting today for #WWDD. Really. I swear. @brandondermer

Gettin' her hair did for #Easter...

I could be saying, "Be careful..." but where's the fun in that? #siblings

"Speak softly and carry a big stick." - Theodore Roosevelt

It's so hard to find good hair stylists...

Saturday afternoon #bbq #BBQHack #SmokerHack

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