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Atlanta, Georgia

Sunday 😴

Atlanta, Georgia

I wrote a song. Link in bio!

⚡️Check out the song I wrote in the link in my bio⚡️

Atlanta, Georgia

I released a SONG. It’s super angsty. Let me know what you think. Link in bio. By the way, my soundcloud is almost at 1 MILLION plays, so that’s pretty cool 🙏🏻

Buckhead Atlanta

Something new for ya tomorrow night

Buckhead Atlanta

Thanksgiving : a portrait

Nordstrom Perimeter Mall

Happy place 👡

Buckhead Atlanta

RIP to the dance floor we killed tonight


Zinnia Power 💪🏻

Happy to be at #musicmidtown2017

Buckhead Atlanta

Stay safe, everybody! #irma

Labor Day sales 👏🏻


This is NOT gluten free 🤷🏼‍♀️ but it is a beautiful rooftop and a veggie burger.

Actual footage of us getting shit done 👊🏻

Hurdling the Monday excuses today! I sometimes struggle with believing I don't have enough time and energy to do everything I need to, but it's so important to remember that you will astound yourself with what your capable of by letting go of your excuses ✔️


L.A. Jackson

Nashville #2

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