Тайриз Гибсон


Американский рэпер, автор-исполнитель, виджей, актёр и продюсер.
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I just fired my security, I thought he was best till I seen this

Just relax......... Never lose faith in God and his capabilities..... Repeat after me “Father God I love you and I trust you with my life, my career, my health, my family and your TIMING, I don’t want what wasn’t sent by YOU, I don’t want anything that belongs to anyone else.... I want what YOU have in mind for ME.... Thank you father God for all that I have learned during my HIGHS and lows..... I am better now because of this..... This the season of benefiting from the FRUITS of the struggles and FAVOR I welcome them ALL... I want ALL of the fruits with my name on it...... Amen!!!!! I’m in traffic and ain’t got no worries.../.... #VoltronChairman if you stand with me in this prayer say “AMEN” in the comments!!!!!!! #TeamTurtleWinsTheRace

In these LA streets!!!!!!! The energy is real.... 1 pitch meeting down for the day 6 to go!!!! Shout the legend Mark Burnett and #TeamMGM for the passion and energy....::: @mgm_studios ( the last pic is what I seen as I was rushing OUT of the house ) I can’t take it I’m in LOVE!!!! #CelbrityGrandPrixTV Adrenaline is my game...... #TempArtWork #TeamAPAMatchMadeInHeaven

Some dude at the Mercedes shop got caught trying to overcharge me for service- She just got home we got shit to do!!!

Try not to notice my ash!!! I’m in traffic and don’t mind at all #VoltronGhostSprinter on deck!!!!

I just felt the need to point out the obvious cause just maybe 1 person out there who see this will stay encouraged

I see why people are freakin out about this movie

Suiting up......... After reading this script I for sure need to get another passport! #F9 #MyWinningSeason

Dear internet is this what we doing today?

If you’re having a rough day just imagine that this is you walking in this forest.......

Los Angeles, California

She’s focused on her GOALS!!!!!! Thank you @davidbeckham lol Life changing morning...... Took my daughter to school and had my little one with me for the drop off.....//. LA traffic with BOTH of my angels...... I know it’s a lot going on in the world and I’m feeling it too so when you get these little pieces of “joy” hold onto it and embrace it father God I’m going to do just that- #Grateful @wattsstix ( you see that hoodie..) #ThinkWatts

Los Angeles, California

I tell you what.... There’s no joy like the joy of an innocent child thank you father God for giving me all that I need

Praying for you day and night john....... Love you bro with my whole heart...... Prayer warriors I need you to pray your most sincere prayers for John Singleton....

Back in LA and back on one

You can’t make this stuff up #VoltronTravel.com don’t just look.... Book!

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