Тайриз Гибсон


Американский рэпер, автор-исполнитель, виджей, актёр и продюсер.
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Guys - can you help me get ahold of any of these executives over at eBay? Do you know any of them personally? Cell, email? Work # ? Anything?

Praying at the wailing wall in Israel - as a born again Christian son I was so moved by this and I also went to float in the Dead Sea and couldn't believe what I had experienced - My daughter is Jewish and speaks fluent Hebrew and her entire family lives there!!!!!

6 offers locked! Only a few hours left get to the link in my Instagram bio now! eBay level 18 pics of this #OffRoadKilla

After the first press conference of all lies from the White House a search is now underway

Message to the new head of education that Trump just appointed

Please let me sleep for four years - please wake me up when he's gone

Yuck F+++ing Yuck!!!! So the day of the #WomensMarch you use your FIRST press conference as the president to try and prove that you had a bigger turn out than Obama?? Trump we KNOW you signed off on the words this guy was reading - as the president you purposely never addressed the 3.5 million women marching IN DC on this very same day? The disrespect is real -

Trump why did you hire her again?

80 million worldwide and still going - I'm SO proud - You guys go see it yet? Drop them comments below!!!!!!!!! Igor my dose last night the movie was pure insanity!!!

Wait for it

3 million hits later 18 pics in my IG bio #ebay shipping worldwide shouts to all my loved ones who hit me gem the Middle East about this beast!

#GrownManSeason #VoltronChairman


Yeah I said it

#HermesGator shopping #Savage2017 this is me in 2017 I ain't gone wait I'm here to TAKE what's mines

I didn't know - I just didn't know

Thank you Jesus for my life - after these 2 days of the DT madness I needed this

#Ebay just went live! #AmericanMuscle Over 2 million hits in 3 hours link in my IG bio #OffRoadKilla ( see all 18 pics of this beast now )....

Believe it #WomensMarch

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