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Американский рэпер, автор-исполнитель, виджей, актёр и продюсер.
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This Sunday - Denver #Belco #Tag away so your loved ones know I'm coming

Fellas..... shit is about to get rough on Friday

Fellas..... shit is about to get rough

Exactly why I will never do this bullshit

Vin doesn't know I'm posting this

In the spirit of marching for science I had to post this

#LadiesNightOut - I don't get out much - this Sunday come see me in Denver - there's only so many tix left #tag your loved ones and make sure they understand what's moving

I guess most of us find ourselves believing whatever read and whatever "version" of the story the press and media release I heard about this long before I seen the clip - then I seen the clip and it looked very different than the one I'm seeing here - Then they always wanna run home and play the clueless victim - Good people will always stand UP for good people... We should all #HighlightWrong until they get in right.....

This will be sold in 2 hours flat..... 525 horsepower V6 turbocharged more pics and link in my IG bio go there now!!!

I simply said one thing.......... I know it's very last minute but if you're able to make it to our event where we wanna honor YOU when you walk into the yard it's going to be ALL HUGS AND LOVE........ google him people Michael Moses is Co-President of Worldwide Marketing for Universal Pictures, working alongside Josh Goldstine, President of Worldwide Marketing. Moses is responsible for all areas of the global marketing department and directly oversees digital marketing, publicity and promotions. Aka one of the real brainchild's of WHY we're #1 for 2 weeks in a row at just hit 900 million GLOBALLY!! Our whole universal family came out 2 from the crew was even preggers! Yes!!!! And we danced and danced and ate and danced even more celebrating what we all achieved in global domination of #Fast8 cheers to YOU the real brains behind our magic......... We all get way too much credit we do what we do as a team..... Thank you #TeamUniversal Donna Langley, Jeff Shell, Ron Meyer, and Mr Original pictures himself #TeamOriginalPictures Neal Moritz the best movie studio in the WORLD!!!!! #MyBackyardIsAwesome #MichelleakaLettyGivesTheBestHugs #FeelTheLoveCauseWeDo

#Number11MyAss - When you have the #1 movie in the WORLD 2 weeks in a row #F8

Nothing else to say.......

Shut up........ Don't tell all your buisness or secrets cause someone is always lurking and looking to swoop in and move in on your shit....... Someone's who's an #Opportunist awaits the #Opportunity to make a move.... they laugh with you create comfortability to get you to share and talk about all your ideas and plans......... Then they strike and steal........ heartless motherf*^+s - beware guys... it's real out here..... find more comfort in being u and DOING you it may get lonely sometimes but keeping your circles small that will directly contribute to your BIG blessings....

Hi my name is - making sure she's looking up to the RIGHT people somebody might wanna #TagTyra

When you're #1 for 2 weeks in a row what do you do? Send out an e-blast inviting every TOP TIER executive from every department out to celebrate......... And of course in my legendary backyard.... Whoa!!!!! Ron Meyer dropped in and it was pretty much over!!!!!!!!! Legend!!!!!!!! #F8 #1 for #2weeks in a row........ Vin aka big bro always showing love....... and my sis a Michelle aka Letty!!!!!!!!!! #MyBackyardIsAwesome my brother #Tej aka @ludacris dropped in OMG!!!!!! This was life!!!!!!!!!

He turned his back on family............. The whole world was curious about why........ We're now #1 for 2 weeks in a row........ #F8 #GlobalDomination we're all humbled and grateful

This is what happens when they work you like a horse - No food, No Water overload your carriage just trying to get money and could care less about the animals.......... They only care when you pass out the animal rights activists are going to get youuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!

RIP to mumble rap - RIP to just having hot beats but ain't sayin shit - RIP to those of you who continue to disrespect the culture RIP to rappers with corny gimmicky dances that go with your songs..... I'm always happy to see the real MC's that's still in the game rather you Selling records or NOT - we see you and we respect your bars and you trying to stick to and respect the culture -

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