Тайриз Гибсон


Американский рэпер, автор-исполнитель, виджей, актёр и продюсер.
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Teddy I will do right by u #TeddyPendergrassMovie in the oven Secretly I’ve been This album will put kids to sleep #GrownShit

Secretly I’ve been

#TeamChocolate for the win!!!! So proud of this brother!! Inspired by your movement praying and rooting for you to keep flying!!!

When I get back.. have my tacos ready... (watch the full clip on my IGTV)

She won’t rest until she breaks me... (full video is up on my IGTV) @vbozeman avail on itunes now

My zip code changed - my taste buds didn’t Dinner for champions #InMyZone

That part!!! Momma told me be cool and quiet but not to be mistaken for a fool and far from a push over-

I think a few of y’all of heard of kiki?

She’s alive!!!!!!!!!!! #Babyshower prep!!!!

Up to something #BabyshowerPrep

Shayla’s 2 new besties from th AtL are here - babyshower prep is underway!!!

Baby shower prep!!!

Baby shower prep in motion- Gonna make a real debut- #BostonMarket #MyBsckyardIsAwesome

New York! I’m coming to see you October 26th at Kings Theatre with Tamia. I need to see you there, so get your tickets at Ticketmaster today.

#IDentityTheft is now a double album.. You can thank @champagnepapi for that! Black Rose was supposed to be a double album but I only launched the R&B side - My producers were pissed… So.. this time, it’s go time! I’m inspired to make history with this new DOUBLE album… One side R&B… One side REAL RAP… 20 songs - @SeigeMonstracity Here we go!!! (watch this FULL CLIP on my IGTV)

You asked me..... Why are you making me go to bed early.... 9am knock knock the whole crew showed up..... And magic happened!! @MrDBlanks you are all passion and genius!!! 2 month countdown for Soraya Gibson!! @People we love you! You’ve taken this journey with us through it all... ( link with all 9 pics in my IG bio ).. ( can’t put up any of the beautiful pics of my daughter Court Order ).... Styled by Fiskani you’re a BEAST!!!! We love you so much!

Prayers for an angel - always so sweet to my daughter, always so humble, strongest voice of our generation- We’re all so happy that you’re still with us- I only wish there was more I could do- for now I will just keep praying and praying hard- Just know that God is real and he kept you-

Kept a secret for 2 weeks..... No words.... But trust me she’s happy .——. Very.. @MrDBlanks you are a true gift...

Today we salute you King Oweis on your birthday! Who’s doing big things in the Middle East...?? Closing deals on so many levels..... Quietly killing the game...... Today we honor you with a happy birthday and honor you with just being a great and solid overall dude...... And my best friend!! You as single father raising your little girl on your own inspires us all...... Having to take her to meeting with you!!! Sauté King! We’ve been through hell and back together and have held each other down ALL the way!!!! I’m coming there soon for Formula1 races...... #AbuDhabi lock us in with all the right meetings!!!! Sending love to @hhshkdrsultan for extending so much Live to my brother Oweis embracing him like family and inspiring him with your talks..... Sharjah!!!!! I’m sure after this post the DM’s will be flying!!!

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