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Американский рэпер, автор-исполнитель, виджей, актёр и продюсер.
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Uncomfortable reality check

Some folks talk chains, 26" wheels, bottles and models or just being an artist and or a player of a team - We talk different it's about ownership, generational wealth and real financial stability beyond JUST being sexy, handsome that's all cool and in most cases temporary - We talk that kids, kids, kids talk.......... I'm forever a student in the presence of GIANTS!!!!!! #VoltronChairman #VoltonEnterprises #TeamVoltron

Everyone loves Optimus - Another all nighter into the day #IDentityTheftAlbum shout to that guy #swaggiant @quentinmiller__ finally a release date fuck/outtahere/2017 exec prod by beat bully monster aka @seigemonstracity

#Fast6 On set antics - the hardest part was us all keeping a straight face Miss our brother! Shout to @gal_gadot @ludacris and our brother @paulwalker

#IDentityTheftAlbum is in the oven - sometimes I can't believe Im still in music 🎶 - the best space to be IN is making music and not be motivated by the buzz, the hype, the beef, the sales the competition, the money the money the money the money - did I say that already? - just doing it for the culture

...and I shall shed my light over dark evil. For the dark things cannot stand the light, The light of the Green Lantern!

The fuck? #BabyBoy2ComingOfAge

Nothing else matters tonight - studio session canceled this album got me shook itunes alert 🚨 dropped in it was ova! @bcpowda1 got them slappers on here and he got the big homie back in his bag...... mad I missed this one......

If you ever talk to him and give too many compliments he would say "I'm just a poor kid from NY trying to maintain" -Vin Diesel happens to be my friend, family and brother but one must salute the giants in this game even if he just so happens to be your brother.......... XxX #1 worldwide..... then #Fast8 #1 for 3 weeks in a row..... Then Guardian knocked #Fast out of the #1 spot and it's now been #1 for 2 weeks in a ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course hire my brother but at this very moment I can't believe I actually know you I can compliment you DIRECTLY cause I talk to you 10 times a day!! Aha!!! I'm inspired by YOU and your STANDARDS and success........ As a poor kid from NY I think you've done just fine my brother......... Salute......... Inspired!!!! And every step of the way is of course legend and sister producing partner @vincentsamantha #ONERACE is no longer just a dream is a HUGE reality!!!!!!! You've effected people around the world that you will literally never meet - keep going keep flying..... My proudest post of 2017!

I needed to see these 2 post God knows I did -

People wonder why they ain't winning in music............... Simple answer...... most look, sound and go about everything their doing IN music the same............ It's HARD to outshine copies...... It's called copies for a reason......... The day you decide to got TO the studio and just simply DO YOU Thats when you will get the win....... I can't tell who's producing or singing or rapping WHAT these days cause everyone and everything sounds the SAME ........... I hit a club look to my left and right everyone is dressed the same.....

"We need women that are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free." - Serita Jakes -

The truth is always uncomfortable be willing to give it and take it when the truth knocks at your door - be regal and bold in your approach - move as a man that knows his value...... Moving and doing anything beneath your standards will always come back to bite you in the ass..... Move in silence or you will "help" those with malicious intentions accomplish their mission to try and take you OUT!!! Beware of goal and DREAM killers who will talk talk talk string you along and bullshit, gain "access" to all your secrets plans and intentions just for their OWN self gratification and then after the long unnecessary journey they will leave you on the side of the road with your thumb UP, bucket empty and say #fuckyou moving on to waste somebody else's time........ Devil you took me out for 72 hours had me feeling stuck confused and taken advantage of but I just found my strength again - Yeah today happens to be one of those days I'm on my Capricorn shit........... #VoltronChairman here's my closing message to you - It's a shame that you would decide to confuse #DETERMINATION w/ DESPERATION - God you know my heart...... I hope and pray that all of these visions and ideas come to past cause it's hard to sleep at night until they all come out of my head and into reality....

This is not just another post......... I reached out to my brother Carlos of @lexanimotorcars after another company completely fu%*ked over me and they had to undo their damage and then they proceeded to get me ALL the way right!!!!!! My VOLTRON CHAIRMAN - Executive SUV turned out sick and I'm just grateful...... Lexani was professional and gave me great service, and built my mobile Office in a first class style. Even though they are expensive they are worth every dime. Thanks to My good friend Carlos for Making sure it all went smooth. Lexani you didn't just delivered you SMASHED this into pieces!!!!! Hit my guy who SAVED me @carlospulselexani

Y'all In the studio on your bullshit we over here cookin........ new #BlackTy ft Jay-Z @b_avision @seigemonstracity @focus3dots I am hip hop #IDentityTheft

I hope I make you proud #IDentityTheft @seigemonstracity and @focus3dots back on their bullshit

When they call me crazy - I tell them thank you.......... caption this!

Caption this!


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