Тайра Бэнкс


Американская супермодель, актриса, певица, продюсер и телеведущая. Известность Тайра получила, работая моделью в Париже, Милане, Лондоне, Токио и Нью-Йорке, но её коммерческим прорывом было появление на телевидении.
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Cara Adelante 💛 @angelaevripidi • #FaceForward

@heavenlyfxshion Eye see your beauty 👁 💛#FaceForward

Shine Bright, Shine Far. Don't be shy...to admit you love LIFE-SIZE. 😜 Eve will be back in 2018 but all grown up. #Freeform Face: @valentefrazierartistry Hair: @oscarjameshair Stylist: @jstylela Smize: @tyrabanks

Eve 2.0 was on the red carpet last night announcing Life-Size 2. And then she had sticks of butter for dinner.

Send love to them still. They need a hug.

Reunited with this beautiful model babe, Mizz @ambervalletta, who I strutted catwalks with back n the day who is still killin' it on the runway today! Love u, boo.

Snapped by an 11 year old. #Skillz #AmericasNextTopPhotographer

#tbt to the day my crew and I filmed my #faceforward video. Check out 5 posts back to see the final product. The video is really powerful.

Wow. When I posted my #FaceForward video, I was hoping to touch just some of you... But so many of you have completely blown me away with your vulnerability and strength. You all truly bring hope to my challenging moments, light to my darker hours — and make me all emotional about it, for real! THANK YOU. Stay open, stay authentic, stay powerful, stay inspiring. Let's do this together. #FaceForward

Earlier this week, I posted a video about washing away all those negative voices lingering in your head and holding you back. The comments you left me have been like little fortune cookie messages — each one unique and illuminating in its own right. Let's channel that inner power we all have and together #FaceForward

What are you going to do to end this? #FaceForward

It's time to end this nonsense #FaceForward

We may not hang with each other everyday, but I still feel like I know you. And I know you deserve to not be tripping about that ugly, inner voice that tells you you're not good enough, not worthy of love, happiness or forgiveness. We all deserve to look at the warmer, brighter days ahead with optimism and hope. A beautiful new chapter awaits and it's in your power to make it happen. Whether you're wrestling with inner struggles or feeling weighed down from the news or global events, let's cleanse ourselves of anything within our personal power that holds us back and, together, #FaceForward

The haters and the hate get stripped

I'm so excited about this!!! Apply Now, boo!!! #ANTM #tyrabanks #michellemockcasting #Tyrasback Send 3 photos, Name, Age, Height, Weight (all shapes welcome!) and your Contact Information to VH1TopModel@gmail.com. You must be a U.S. Citizen! #antm24 #casting 18+ #ageaintnothingbutanumber Hope to see you soon! 💛TyTy

Hairy work day The Tresses: @kiyahwright1 The Face: @valentefrazierartistry #AGT

The LOOK for #AGT today, baby. @nbcagt Makeup: @valentefrazierartistry Hair: @kiyahwright1 Styling: @jstylela

Behind-the-Beatdown featuring my newest @TYRABeauty blush, Talk Is Cheek Pink! Looove this shade because it flatters all skintones and gives you a super healthy-lookin' flush. Available in my #PinkLightning makeover set at TYRA.com 💛💕 (link in bio)

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