Тайра Бэнкс


Американская супермодель, актриса, певица, продюсер и телеведущая. Известность Тайра получила, работая моделью в Париже, Милане, Лондоне, Токио и Нью-Йорке, но её коммерческим прорывом было появление на телевидении.
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Wow. POW!

Now wake up! Or take your butt to bed if your time zone is telling you to. 🌎

I see u. Go to bed! Or wake the heck up! (If you're on the other side of the world) 🌎

I know I look all calm and focused here, but I’m screaming inside because of the danger acts you’ll see on America's Got Talent tonight. 😐 @agt

Caption this.

Beautiful Baby

...and Flawsome is the new Flawless

I don't know this girl. I just saw her on Instagram just now - her mother posted that today is her 17th birthday. Something about this girl's face makes me happy and I'm not sure why. Sending hugs and well wishes to Ella on her special day.

Good morning

Thx #coolhaus 4 me helping me treat my amazing #ANTM crew & keepin' them cool 😎

@SimonCowell is determined to make mama’s wig come off! Nah boo, this thing don’t move! Love my @agt family!

Y’ALL! Get ready for @agt tonight! You find out who my #GoldenBuzzer is! Is it another singer, or...

To all the amazing daddies out there that love their kids unconditionally like my mommy's daddy and my daddy, too...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! -York💛

Papa & Teen TyTy 💛


I ship #ANTM & @AGT! Here’s the America’s Next Got Talent pose! WERK it on Tuesday night with me!

When I tried out for Coyote Ugly, they played Prince's "Kiss" for the dance portion of the audition — I was like, here we go, one of my favorite tracks. Nail this, Tyra! I was supposed to groove for a couple of seconds, but then I realized they weren't stopping the song... So I danced for the ENTIRETY of "Kiss" in front of the producers! When I was done, I was a sweaty mess. They told me they were enjoying the show so much, they let Prince's song play and play... Needless to say, I got the part. Just another example of Prince stepping into my life and creating some magic. I'm wearing my #PurpleReign TYover in this pic, celebrating the artist that'll get my ass dancing anytime his song comes on — even when I'm nervous as hell at an audition. Go to tyrabeauty.com to learn more about #PurpleReign 🎶 💜

#TBT: Flexin my Angel side on the VS catwalk. @bernadettenails always held it down with our manicures on show night... I feel super blessed that the nail goddess herself collaborated with me on an exclusive @TYRABeauty nail polish shade for the summer! Check it out on TyraBeauty.com✨

@AGT is back tonight at 8! Get the beauty product breakdown and shop the #TYRABeauty makeup @valentefrazierartistry used for my look by tapping that link in my bio. I’m really wanting to hit my golden buzzer tonight, but will I? 😉😉😉😉

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