Тайра Бэнкс


Американская супермодель, актриса, певица, продюсер и телеведущая. Известность Тайра получила, работая моделью в Париже, Милане, Лондоне, Токио и Нью-Йорке, но её коммерческим прорывом было появление на телевидении.
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When @HowieMandel says something that makes no sense! Poor HowHow. #FacesOfTyra #AGTin3Days

This unicorn is quite ummmm... @agt #FacesOfTyra #AGTin4Days

Throwback to the days I didn't need a bra. #ThrowbackTyTy #DefyingGravity #Wicked!

Today I start for you, the extra-ness that is, the #FacesOfTyra countdown to my @AGT debut! 7 days!!!

My students making me smile from ear to ear... I appreciate you and all of your classmates so much and am beyond proud of what you all are accomplishing in our class at @stanfordbusiness! #BrandPROJECTYOU

Fueling up with some lettuce-wrapped chicken mole Mexican goodness before an intense "presenting your brand" session where my @stanfordbusiness students are front and center on live television. #BrandPROJECTYOU #PersonalBranding

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Visual Branding Day. One of the many people helping to make it epic @stanfordbusiness. #BrandPROJECTYOU

On the way to teach Visual Branding and am dressed casually to allow my @stanfordbusiness students to think outside of traditional business suit rules. Let's go! #BrandPROJECTYOU

Get ready America! In just TWO WEEKS it’s my debut as the new host of @AGT! It’s gonna be a fantasssstic new season! #TyraOnAGT

Stanford Graduate School of Business

I wish I could say every day in class @stanfordbusiness is super serious, but every now and then, my co-teacher #allisonkluger and I let loose. #BrandPROJECTYOU #PersonalBranding

Stanford Graduate School of Business

I'm teaching as well as learning. @stanfordbusiness

2 Mamas #HappyMothersDay

Palo Alto doesn't just have a top notch institution of learning. It also has some of the most flavorful heirloom tomatoes I've ever tasted. I'm celebrating an enriching week of teaching #PersonalBranding at @stanfordbusiness with this late veggie dinner. Gonna work hard this weekend to make sure next week's classes are even better than what my students have experienced this week. #BrandPROJECTYOU

Stanford Graduate School of Business

CIIS = Class Is In Session. #StanfordGSB #PersonalBranding #BrandPROJECTYOU

Stanford Graduate School of Business

How do you spell powerhouse? K-L-U-G-E-R. At @stanfordbusiness, #AllisonKluger is my dynamic partner in #PersonalBranding crime. She's nonstop hustle 24/7/365. And I thought I was a hard worker... 😉 #BrandPROJECTYOU

Stanford Graduate School of Business

I feel so at home teaching at @stanfordbusiness. #Stanford #BrandProjectYou #PersonalBranding

Stanford Graduate School of Business

The calm before the storm. Teaching at @stanfordbusiness for two weeks. Class starts in 2 minutes! #PersonalBranding

#Memories lead you to today

Light hair. Dark Brows. Me 💛 This

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