Тайра Бэнкс


Американская супермодель, актриса, певица, продюсер и телеведущая. Известность Тайра получила, работая моделью в Париже, Милане, Лондоне, Токио и Нью-Йорке, но её коммерческим прорывом было появление на телевидении.
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You can’t pinch me today! ☘️ #happystpatricksday

I mean, just being a boss... 💅🏽

Workin while I werk it! 💛

Well halleloo boo! The next level fierce @itsSHANGELA stopped by @AGT and shared all the tea! Good luck tonight you diva! #allstars3 #perfectisboring 💛

To Chill & Smize...#TyraTaughtMe

Hangin’ in there. #TyraTaughtMe

Imma be honest, I’m feelin’ myself in this dress at the judge desk. #ANTM 💛

Reality is, I’m thinkin’ bout BBQ! Mmm

Tyreequa is comin’ out to play! #ANTMtonight

Took my book 📚 for a fierce lil walk on the @agt red carpet! Lemme hear ya if you think #PerfectIsBoring! 💛 That Hair: @misscopeland310 That Style: @jstylela That Face: @valentefrazierartistry That Jewelry: @glynnethb That Dress: @3publicrelations

Link In Bio! 💛 It’s an audio book too, so that means you get ME reading to YOU wherever. In the car, in bed, in the shower (ok maybe that’s weird?)... Get it first: perfectisboring.com

Let TyTy spell it out for ya. Hashtag. Next. Level. Fierce. Tuesday's @ANTMVH1 is #NextLevelFierce

Starry Night with TyTy

I know I pose in doorways a lot, but ya gotta go where the light is fierce! 💛 That Style: @jstylela That Hair: @kiyahwright1 That Face: @valentefrazierartistry

Wanna be on top? She ready for some #ANTM tonight!

Blonde ambition baby! See ya tonight for @antmvh1!

That time @verawanggang had me feelin’ Vera BANG at @theacademy awards. #Oscars

That time at @theacademy awards. #Oscars ...and I did my own face...

Move it or lose it sistah! This weeks #ANTM is must see!

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