Тайра Бэнкс


Американская супермодель, актриса, певица, продюсер и телеведущая. Известность Тайра получила, работая моделью в Париже, Милане, Лондоне, Токио и Нью-Йорке, но её коммерческим прорывом было появление на телевидении.
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The boss is BACK! Don’t miss the return of America’s Next Top Model, coming soon to @VH1 💋 #ANTM @antmvh1

Miraval Resort & Spa

Sunset Solo Soak #Alliteration

Miraval Resort & Spa

The whole crew after our jumps! I didn’t know any of these women before we took flight, but after, we all bonded and felt so connected! #GirlPower

Miraval Resort & Spa

I’m on the left and Miraval intern Hannah (who’s so sweet, BTW) is on the right. We helped each other so much. And because of her, I had the courage to flip upside down! 1 2 3.....Augghhhhh!!!!

Miraval Resort & Spa

If my #ANTM models can climb stuff and pose fiercely for a photo, I better climb this thingy and NOT complain!

Miraval Resort & Spa

Yep. About to climb that bad boy.

Miraval Resort & Spa

A slice of heaven lives at the center of this labyrinth.

It’s not Thursday without crazy throwbacks. Lord, can someone reach into the past and help her with that red mess. #TBT #ThrowbackTyTy

I was obsessed with her and this campaign when I was a youngin’. Still love you today @claudiaschiffer. Us curvy models from back in the day gotta stick together. (When I was a young supermodel, “curvy” meant you had some boobies and booty. Not much room for that on high fashion runways of today. #Sucks)

“Wait, is that my child?!”, I say as I scroll through IG today. @paolalct

Don’t you wish you were there...then? A throwback pic of me in a throwback pic. #TBT #ThrowbackTyTy

Ain't she cute. #Mama Dinner on the diamond.

My favorite dinner partner. #Mama

Dinner w/beautiful strangers

Throw it back. Push it over. #TBT #ThrowbackTyTy

Important to keep our drawers and closets organized so we can keep our LIVES organized. #AllOfThisWasInTwoDrawers!

Rise & Smize

Paris. A long time ago. Throwing it back today with some birds of today. #TBT #throwbackthursday #ThrowbackTyTy

Chatham Cape Cod

The view. Peace.

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