Тайра Бэнкс


Американская супермодель, актриса, певица, продюсер и телеведущая. Известность Тайра получила, работая моделью в Париже, Милане, Лондоне, Токио и Нью-Йорке, но её коммерческим прорывом было появление на телевидении.
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It was a next level fierce night. #bbmas 💛 That Dress: Marc Bouwer - @marcbouwer Those Jewels: Jared Lehr - @jaredlehrjewelry That Face: @samvissermakeup That Hair: @misscopeland310 That Style: @jstylela

Meeting BTS is... Better Than Smizing 👀@bts.bighitofficial

Taylor and TyTy so Tall Tall! 💛 #BBMAs

Takin’ it next level fierce at the #BBMAs! 💛 That Dress: Marc Bouwer - @marcbouwer Those Jewels: Jared Lehr - @jaredlehrjewelry That Face: @samvissermakeup That Hair: @misscopeland310 That Style: @jstylela

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Ok. My @stanfordgsb course is done and now it’s time to celebrate with our students! #BrandPROJECTYOU #GraduationHereTheyCome!

Ain’t nobody fresher than my (Stanford) clique. The squad behind me = geniuses. @stanfordgsb #AnnaliseKeating #BrandProjectYou

We must always give thanks and praise to the people and things that made us who we are. My alma mater #ImmaculateHeartHighSchool 🐼 taught me pride, courage, leadership, and true sisterhood. Never would I have thought I’d have the opportunity to return those strong lessons as a teacher at @stanfordgsb. My students, male and female and from all walks of life, are the future titans of business and I am amazed by them every day. Here’s a sample of that power. Notice that Stanford #BlackGirlMagic. 😉

I can’t wait to support my next level fierce buddy @janetjackson, and all of the talented women on the stage tomorrow night on @NBC. #BBMAs

I can’t just stand there and lecture. In order to make sure my lessons truly resonate with my students at @StanfordGSB, I sometimes talk one-on-one to offer that extra bit of knowledge or to learn something new from them.  I like to think by involving myself on a personal level, we both leave a little more wise. #gsblife #ProjectBrandYou #BrandPROJECTYOU #InvolveYourself

We can always learn from each other. In my second year of teaching at @StanfordGSB, I may be the instructor, but my students school me with their original takes on my lessons. The world is not built for one way of thinking, doing, or achieving. #gsblife #TeachItForward #SchoolYourTeachers #BrandPROJECTYOU

Palo Alto Creamery

Diners are a girl’s best friend (when she’s teaching and needs a meal break).

I’m teaching personal branding at @stanfordgsb for the second time and am honored to be taking my genius-minded students’ careers to the next level! 💛 Take a peek at me recording the magic my students are thinking up: Simplify. Don’t wait. Shock. Vibe. Look. Hustle. 🍎 #ProjectBrandYou #gsblife #BrandPROJECTYOU

My Mama and I recreated iconic mother-daughter @ZoeIsabellaKravitz and Lisa Bonet for our @papermagazine shoot. Their relationship is so organic and powerful, like mine and my Mama's. See the hand holding...I love how it captures this bond. We should always remember that there is so much security when we connect and hold on to one another. Our unique shapes are even more beautiful when our hands are together. 💛 In #PerfectIsBoring you can read all about my Mama’s crazy strength, and how it shaped mine. #LinkInBio

Mama’s Girl Forever! 💛

My Mama. She knows how to be a lil bit goofy! She is strong, she is next level fierce, she is wise, she is love, and she is kind. I love you Mama! Happy Mother’s Day! 💛 #perfectisboring

An open letter to all the incredible, badass, Mamas. Happy Mother’s Day!!! 💛 Tyra

Mama’s teach all kinds of lessons. My Mama’s lessons were quirky, unique and badass. You can read all about me and my early days and more in #PerfectIsBoring. But until that book reaches your doorstep, just know that YOU need to stop overthinking and comparing yourself to others. YOU need to get rid of that self-doubt. YOU need to know just how fierce YOU are. After reading my new book, I want you to shout out, “HATERS, GET OUT OF MY DAMN WAY!” 💛 Now you have about 3 days until Mother’s Day! Get on Prime to get in time! #LinkInBio

Tyra + Mama = @traceeellisross + @dianaross for @papermagazine 🐯 + 💃🏾

Tyra + Mama as ourselves for @papermagazine 💛 📷 Recreating fierce mother-daughter duos. #LinkInStory #perfectisboring

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