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you steal the air out of my lungs, you make me feel it (📸: @matthewschueller)

on the brink of 13, this kid was secretly trying to figure it all out. coming out seemed terrifying & daunting, and he didn’t have any queer stories to relate to or outspoken queer celebrities to look up to. representation would have helped this kid make sense of so much & feel like a positive future was possible. . 16 years later, i saw #LoveSimon & honestly, it’s unlike any movie i had growing up. it comes out today, and it’s a movie for anyone & everyone, and the movie young LGBTQ+ kids deserve to experience. go see it & bring your mother, brother, boyfriend, uncle, best friend, teacher, daughter, or anyone in between. #ad . (PLUS, unrelated to the #ad of this post, i wanted to make sure queer kids in my hometown have a chance to see it... SO!! i bought out a theatre for saturday 3/17 in lansing, michigan. enjoy, midwest queer babies, your ticket is on me!! swipe to learn details about how to nab a ticket - first come, first serve - and no, i won’t be there, but a wonderfully delightful film will be!!)

(📸 via @matthewschueller)


spoke on a #SXSW panel yesterday about how to use social media for social good. what do you think about influencers who get political or speak about causes??

that’s just the way you make me feel (via @matthewschueller)

omg remember that time i cohosted an episode of catfish?? 🐱🐠

i’m not shady, i’m just lit that way (📸 via @matthewschueller)

happy birthday to my podcast cohost, @koreykuhl!! grateful you were born, & even more grateful you’re in my life!! from hosting a summer camp & going on our 30 city slumberparty tour, to competing on the amazing race & producing our documentary ‘snervous’ - i love the fun/weird shit we get to do together. can’t wait to wiggle this weekend to celebrate!! 🕺🏼🕺🏼

Gangneung Olympic Park

nothing is more me than @lindseyvonn bringing her dog to the olympics... & then letting her wear her alpine skiing bronze medal!! so fun to hang & film a little video (coming soon!!) about her journey back to the #olympics, how her dog was recently her costar with Bounty, and how when it comes to the slopes, she’s one of the quickest in the world!! grateful to be a #PGpartner with Lindsey here in Korea!!

Gangneung Olympic Park

so y’all know i love soohorang but this is bandabi, their partner in crime. i wonder what their backstory is, as a duo. do they have drama?? did they used to date?? are they related in some way?? this is all i care about. anyway, here’s us outside the #TeamUSA house in the #olympics village. when i bumped into them i was so flustered & genuinely starstruck, because obviously.

Gangneung Olympic Park

one of my favorite olympians i met in korea was @elanameyerstaylor - she brought home a silver medal in women’s bobsledding, & i was lucky enough to chat with her all about the importance of representation & gender equality in sports - video coming soon!! as the first women to pilot a mixed gender four-man bobsled, she is such a great example of how #StrongisBeautiful - grateful to be a #PGpartner with Elana here in Korea!!

when i first told my friends & family i was going to the #olympics, i lied & told everyone i was in charge of carrying the torch during the opening ceremony and THEY ALL BELIEVED ME!! ...well, y’all, LOOK WHAT I FOUND!! IT’S LIT!! 🔥

yeah he’s got a bronze medal at the #olympics, yeah he’s funny on twitter, & yeah he’s dazzling on the ice, but did you know @adaripp is also GAY?? rumor has it he threw the first ice skate at stonewall!! (fact check needed) ⛸✨

Gangneung Olympic Park

my time at the #olympics: clueless about sports, but grinning like an idiot nonetheless - where’s my medal?? 🤪🥇

Gangneung Olympic Park

please allow me to introduce @ajalevans - the legendary US olympic bobsledder from chicago!! loved talking to her about representation in winter sports (video coming soon!!) - plus, she taught me how to #GlowUp at the #olympics - grateful to be a #PGpartner with Aja here in Korea!!

Gangneung Olympic Park

every angle of this room projects your social media footprint, reflected on for infinity

Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium

just a couple bros in #TeamUSA onesies painting each other’s nails in pyeongchang!! so great to be here to cheer on @guskenworthy in the #olympics. plus we filmed a little video (coming soon) about him being one of the first openly gay US winter olympians, his @headshoulders #ShouldersofGreatness commercial which was the first national commercial to feature a pride flag, & what it meant to ski with rainbows on his fingertips - gay isn’t all he is, but how amazing to see someone never tone it down, even on a global stage. WHAT A MAN!! grateful to be a #PGpartner with Gus here in Korea!!

Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium

excited to spend the next couple weeks in PyeongChang with @proctergamble!! i’ll be front row at the games, giggling/wiggling with #TeamUSA , & exploring Korea - can’t wait to bring y’all along for the adventure!! #ad 🏅🇺🇸❄️

gonna give you my heart to break (📸: @rickbhatia)

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