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being on my all-time fav TV show was a dream come true. I AM STILL GAGGING!! and i am most grateful to be a part of @monetxchange’s journey - we laughed, hugged, & shared for two of my favorite days, and she was nothing but patient, gracious, and a wonderful coach & teacher who listened to my fears, reassured me, & injected me with that drag queen confidence. our time in the workroom was a blessing - all of us just had to keep reminding ourselves to take! it! all! in! we were on our FAVORITE SHOW & not everyone gets that opportunity. monet took me under her wing & while this was one of the most intimidating experiences, she made me feel like short change was THAT BITCH!! ...and so was tyler. :) we turned out two looks with plot, reveals, runway choreo - all of which was executed with the most amount of FUN. we did the damn thing for the viral video challenge (& let the record show, the judges named us the winners of that!!). monet & short change had family resemblance, baby - from outfits to hair to accessories to makeup to glasses to runway delivery... but most importantly PERSONALITY!! we couldn’t have been a more perfect match, from the second we were paired together to our last hug after untucked, and anyone who didn’t see that probably went into critiques not wanting to see that!! regardless of the reality competition of it all, i couldn’t be more positive that @monetxchange is a STAR. when we filmed our new video months after filming the RPDR episode, we picked up right where we left off & giggled for hours while playing with makeup - which at the end of the day, is exactly what drag should be - connection through creation. grateful to witness the sponge queen’s legacy in action - if you wanna check out our new makeover collab - link in bio!! (📸 via @isthatjma)

Abbot Kinney Marketplace

she’s got particular taste (📸 via @matthewschueller)

TONIGHT on @rupaulsdragrace - 8pm ET/PT on VH1!! Tag a #DragRace fan below!! 👇🏻

Abbot's Habit

the past can’t haunt me if i don’t let it (📸 via @matthewschueller)


missing wiggling at coachella with my sisters!! realized i never posted my outfits so here they are!! in my new video i talked about how I dealt with showing some skin at the festival, despite dealing with body image issues - LINK IN BIO!! 🌴🌞

Abbot Kinney

hate that you know me so well (📸 via @matthewschueller)

when you’re out & experiencing introverted panic & your only friend finally arrives - tag that friend 👇🏻 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ (check out my new video - link in bio - to hear the story of how i reunited with hillary!!)

Abbot Kinney Boulevard

i know that i was lost, but i miss those days (📸 via @matthewschueller)

Moonlight Rollerway

my favorite tradition with my queer friends is our rollerskating nights. we’re unapologetically gay as we twirl & giggle & skate our hearts out.🕺🏼⛸✨

Spartan Stadium

NEW VIDEO - watch what happened when i went back to college!! in the series finale of #GoingHome, i return to MSU as the youngest ever & first openly gay homecoming grand marshal - it was WILD. i always say that one of the first times it really hit me how many of you watched my stuff was when i was at an MSU football game & i had more subscribers than could fit in the stadium... now to be honored on the field?? i’ll never forget that weekend!! 💚🎓

10 years ago, moving into the dorms - here’s the spot i made my very first video!! never could have predicted what it would all turn into, a lot can change in a decade!! go watch the series finale of #GoingHome to see what happened when i went back to MSU 10 years later!! 💚

Okemos High School

the morning after my 10 year high school reunion, i asked a few people from my graduating class to meet up in our old library to film a round table video!! it was like a real life breakfast club... lots of giggling, reminiscing, & cringing - LINK IN BIO!!

a decade ago, i spoke at my high school commencement & my speech was about how “all the world’s a stage” - last night, i talked about how that couldn’t be more true at @youtube’s 2018 #brandcast presentation (swipe for that pic!!). life is weird. what a full-circle moment as we close out the #GoingHome series. so grateful for this journey & for being able to take a trip back to the past with the people who make this life possible. love!!

clearly didn’t have any fun at my ten year reunion - watch my latest video to see what i forced all my classmates to be a part of while there - “Adults Guess Current Teenage Slang” - it got hella turnt?? (📸 via @shelbzrobinson)

throwback to senior prom 10 years ago!! NEW VIDEO: i made my classmates at my 10 year reunion try to guess the meanings of current teen slang!! to celebrate, let me attempt to caption this as if i was in the class of 2017: “just your average thot, hundo p thirsty as hell & gettin’ turnt all night long - senior prom was straight fire!!” (jk i was actually hella sober at my prom!! everyone be safe this weekend!!)

NEW VIDEO: i went back to my first job & worked for a day!! same window, 12 years later!! LINK IN BIO!! (what was YOUR first job?? lemme know in the comments below!!) - ps major shoutout to my trainer for the day @coachperky - she made my shift at @mcdonalds so much fun!! go give her some love!! 🍔🍟🧡


i guess i’ve always been good at taking orders?? throwback to 12 years ago working drivethru at micky d’s - what was YOUR first job?? (watch me go back & work a day at the mcdonalds i used to work at in my latest episode of my #GoingHome series - link in bio!!) 🍔🍟🎥

i’ve known @dolanbloom since 6th grade - almost two decades of friendship - we’ve seen each other at bests, worsts, & everything cringy in between!! check out this bestie duo reacting to our middle & high school drama club performances - LINK IN BIO!! what friend have YOU known the longest?? TAG ‘EM BELOW!!

NEW VIDEO: reacting to middle/high school drama club / talent show performances (SWIPE TO PREVIEW - LINK IN BIO). here are just a few i had to cringe watching - go check out the full video as ep4 of my #GoingHome series!!

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