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Американский актёр, известный по ролям Дэвида Викерса в сериале «Одна жизнь, чтобы жить» и Боба Хантера в комедийной драме «Отчаянные домохозяйки».
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⚽️ + 🌧 = 😝

Orange cupcakes w our cousin @m_robinson28 !!!

Yo'Pa reads "Love Monster!" with multiple character voices. Very impressive. He's our Garrison Keillor.

Scotch tape. A necktie. The President of the United States.

Kansas City Urban Exploring Club

I got a solid B. 👍🏼

Rainy race.

We made "Bugs on a Log!" for kiddo's Valentine's Day school party... #StepOffMarthaStewart! #OverachievingFatherhood

THIS is why you hope for boy/girl twins. They do stuff like this together. #Thanks Courtney Watkins!

For every "Elsa" there's a "Wednesday Addams." #EmbraceTheDarkside!

The artist and her most recent work. #BiddingBeginsAt$10M

Legoland is educational, superfun, and just a wee bit of totally creepy.

Hello, world! Happy New Year from Tuc, Catchen & Curtis.

@RetaketheMovie begins theatrical release Jan 5 @laemmleroyal in LA. Come to our premiere weekend for Q&As! Tix: laemmle.com

The only thing more fun than a Hot Wheels Car is a bunch of Hot Wheels Cars.

I mean, come on. Come on! 🌲

Birthday 4!

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