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Американский певец и автор песен, продюсер и актёр.
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Smoke break turned album cover. Happy 420

Happy Easter!!!

Aye one time for my auntie...she always got my back and stay ready to go. Yo look at her face in the back 😂😂

When you tried to kill it at the gym but the gym killed you...


San Diego... TONIGHT

When my lil phone be having me crineeee 😂😂

LA... come thru TONIGHT

No Effort. Word to @tee_grizzley

Real ones at the table

All this time, all this struggle, all these protests, and Pepsi seriously had that lame ass commercial to offer. Who's getting fired?! Smh

LA I'm home!! Come thru and celebrate

SCOTTSDALE!!! Come celebrate with us tomorrow night...

I think Marvin Gaye is my guardian angel. Rest well KING. Sidebar I was looking at pictures of Marvin alongside myself while listening to R.Kelly, I then saw a post from R.Kelly reminding me that Marvin passed on this day 33 years ago. One year before I was even born. 2 of my biggest influences in a moment of synergy gives me a feeling of being closer to God. I think I look like Marvin in this pic and it makes me happy 😊

Cactus Music

HOUSTON!! Meet me TODAY @cactus_music 6PM!

Thanks to everyone who came out in Dallas! Thanks to @FYE and the Mesquite* PD for helping out as well!! Seeing people move their lives and schedules around for us to spend just a moment together will always be special to me. Thank you again

DALLAS!! Meet me today at 6pm at FYE!!!!

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