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Американский певец и автор песен, продюсер и актёр.
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I remember being 16, one of my best friends said "mane you better stop with all that wishing and dreaming, you not gon make it outta here mane! We from the Burg hahahaha no way" The younger me was upset that he didn't believe in me. The man I am today knows that it's not me he didn't believe in, it was himself and he projected that upon me. He'd seen so much failure & acceptance of mediocrity, that chasing dreams could never be real. I thank him for those words. I vowed to myself I would show him. Throughout my career I vowed the same to those that didn't believe in me. It was fuel! My father was never there and my stepfather doesn't deserve a mention. Fuel. My mothers sacrifices & some of her own dreams going out the window, the 🐭 in the house, The fish sticks, the syrup sandwiches and her making sure she had a job to feed us all the time. Fuel. BELIEVE IN YOU! Success is a crazy road, highs lows and many turns. I'm proud to say I've lasted this long. Overall I'm a very happy person but sometimes I'm angry...sometimes I'm sad...sometimes I'm wrong but I'm me, all the time AND I'm human all the time. 12 years in and I go hard like day 1. TREMAINE THE ALBUM

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Meet me at Rough Trade Tomorrow 7pm

London I love You... gone too soon! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

NYC. Come celebrate Tremaine The Album 3.24.

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@tapelondon TONIGHT Tremaine 3.24

Uncle Steve, Winnie, @biancasamadhi in the cut with best photo bomb of her life. Then it's just Bae and me.





Tremaine The Tour. Up close and personal...

My youngins and they kids!!!

Feel good to see the boy, no lie. #MoreLife

Top of the morn! Off to London real quick

Who wants their soul snatched?

"Animal" available everywhere Tremaine The Album 3.24

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