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2019, I can’t wait to meet you! Sincerely, Trav

This is Beckham, and he’s a NYC city boy now!

Little clip from class this past weekend at @nuvodanceconvention Dallas!!! 🎥 @serianphotography #traviswallchoreography

Fire Island, New York

This beauty of a photo resurfaced today. Already has me excited for next summer! @murphymade PHOTO OF THE DAY: TRAVIS WALL AND ROBBIE FAIRCHILD

#tbt @britneyspears

High Art Tattoo Gallery

Sat 6 hours yesterday for my new TAT!!! So in love with this piece! @rubys_ink is the one! #tattoo #blackandgrey #icarusandthesun

Hopewell, Virginia

This hasn’t been the only day I’ve reflected on what I’m thankful for, but especially today, I am the most thankful for my friends and family. That have been my backbone through recent challenges! I don’t know where or who i would be without you. So thank you for filling my heart with such warmth and power! I love you all more than you will ever know! Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁🍂

What an experience it was working with the best in the biz!!! “LIMITLESS” is streaming now! Can’t wait to release the MUSIC VIDEO!!!! Director: @jlo Creative Director: @nappytabs Choreographer: 🙋🏻‍♂️

Junkanoo Beach, Nassau, Bahamas

November who?

This kid became a Yankee again today. Finally have my keys to my NYC APT! #onceayankeealwaysayankee

You know just a casual Sunday working with @jlo on her upcoming music video while @arod works out! Excited to film next weekend!

This has been a really emotional week. Packing up, letting go, and moving on. They don’t teach how to deal with this stuff, you just have to experience it. And it has only made me stronger!

I voted!!!! Did you?

West Village

Got to sit in my empty NYC apt today first the time and think about what i exactly want to achieve here! Not gonna lie, i cried. I had a moment. I am so ready to begin this new chapter. Just one more week before the big day happens!

It’s November, ready for a new month and for what’s in store on the horizon and can’t wait to share!


Thank you @mottnyc for refreshing me today with this cut!!! I love this city

I’m officially a New York resident

It was the summer of 1997 in NYC, I was 9 years old, and I was booked as a body double to do a back handspring for a Dr. Pepper commercial (that’s why i loved Britney so much, we were the same) So i knew as a kid, no one would ever believe me at school in VA that was me in the commercial. Especially cause everyone already knew i danced, wouldn’t want to put out a lie for them to pick on me more.. But what an opportunity! I got to set, and the child star who’s face was supposed to be on my body couldn’t take direction, so they moved onto film my body dance shots. I was able to react to the directors calls. As a dancer I was used to my Mom correcting me in class and I retained the information, this kid only followed directions at recess. So on the fly, the director fired the kid actor and decided to use my face too!!! And as a small hometown boy, my life changed when this premiered on the NFC championship game. I was known as the Dr. Pepper boy. However looking back. I only became popular and not bullied anymore in elementary school because of this commercial. So what I’ll teach my kids, is if they show their talent in person, or on TV, it’s still talent....and the bitches that only see it when it’s “cool” are just jealous they don’t have any. And talent didn’t give me this opportunity, it was training, structure, and discipline. Thanks Mom! @denisewalldance !! #flashbackfriday #drpepper #babytravis #wheresdanny #shesinthebathroomdoingherhair #lateforclass #madeanentrance #stayingalive #servingrunwaysince97 #worktripleturn #productplacement #thatwinktho #canigetthosecheeksbacktho #backhandspringservesforwhyitwas #bookedandblessedat9yrsold #toocoolforschool #wishisnappedattheend #withafan #iftheyonlyknew #toogayforschool

You can break my heart, but you can’t break my wings 📷 @esp_bymike

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