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Got er' just under the guillotine- #nograb #instabrag @libtechsurf @mayhemb3_mattbiolos 📷by @benthouard you got the eye! Haha- @raimanaworld you know how to pick em- @ian.walsh

If you take Ashwagandha there is an 87% chance you will get barreled. I mean look at this turkey pretending like this is an often occurrence… Want to share the third product that just dropped from @hanahliving! I LOVE THIS COMPANY An ancient adaptogen from India that HANAH sources from the richest soils possible. Clarity, Immunity, Anti-Inflammatory, Calm Focus. Not all herbs are equal! Detail link in Bio- @hanahliving @libtechsurf @slowtide Thanks Coach @raimanaworld @ian.walsh

World Boards

World Boards in Bozeman summed it up pretty well! Especially for those who go in and try stuff on and get expert advice then go save $15 by ordering online... It matters. Some times it is unavoidable to take to the internet but when you can, stay human and shop local! Thanks!

God Bless America! Now do some push ups and try not to catch anything on fire! I already have the belt loosened up for some grillins -@jtaylorsmith nice pic- ha- going to show you what a coon tan's really all about-


The scene was hype at @raimanaworld's watering hole he dunks the jet ski's in! Schools out for winter! Turn down for what? Join us tomorrow as we are going to cover the Jr. Hawaiian paddling team tomorrow live on @Roam! And yes- I took if off the top deck to like 8 ft of water after this- the Tahitian youth be strong!!!! Haha-

#lotsoffilters -evening sight set back towards mother.

Thanks @raimanaworld for the tows today! It was fun hacking a few upper deckers... Your getting good at that @polarissnow - @timmckenna damn you still got the eye! @miniwavesbydom what?🐜

@mikehornexplorer stories about his solo crossing of Antarctica going up on @roam today, - I'm also going to do a live look over on @roam. Follow and tune in to see how my sailing systems work on Falcor. But no Iceberg glory hole- I mean, how nuts is this situation!??

Best documentary I have seen around the subject! Just came out this year- WATCH IT! Oh America......

Rigging up the big girl in Tahiti today for the winter season! Going to give a little live tutorial on how her sailing systems works later this week on @roam network- @north_sails 3Di getting hoisted here-

Hit the link in my profile to become an Igniter! 2 days left to back @stokedorg and the important work they are doing, accross the country! Thanks for your time-

Become a @stokedorg IGNITER with me! We're half way there... Years ago I was able to be a mentor and really see first hand the impact this program has on teenagers who have all the potential in the world but need some help getting there. @stevelaros and his incredible team need help and every dollar is being matched so become an Igniter and directly support a young person that just needs some help in the right direction! I am proud to be an Igniter! You won't regret it! Thank you-

A select few of @mikeparillo's originals have been re-released in to the wild! Link to the collection in the @asymbol profile. #astroshapestudy

HydroDojo 📷 @andrew_miller- stable and 2 feet deep! Can you pick out the line from the @GoPro POV I dropped yesterday? Thanks for backing me up on this @jbuffery

Spent weeks exploring the @CMH_Heli #Galena Lodge tenure in BC last winter and this mental Alpine pillow face was one of the highlights! Weird broken bumpy steep ass terrain covered with the down blanket of winter has to be my favorite thing to ride with so much optionality and chances for a good plan to run amok. Testing out the new @GoPro Karma Grip Extension Cable here and was pretty blown away with how smooth the shots are. Being able to separate the gimbal and the battery opens up a lot of new ways to get stabilized shots- Keep an eye out for our sleeper project Depth Perception from @Quiksilver. Shit is going to get weird. With boardin’s finest- @robinvangyn @bryanwfox @austensweetin- @helioandcompany More info on the Karma Cable: (link in bio)

Backyard Adventures with Fern!

Massive Cecropia moth at the house last night. Nature will always be the greatest artist around! #creaturefeature

Just before the snow started to stack this winter I had the opportunity to take a 1000 mile sea trial of the new F4 with Shannon Falcone @racingsf. This trip blew my mind to what the future of offshore sailing has in store and was by far the most intense sailing I have ever done personally. This future craft is a 46 foot carbon performance catamaran built for foiling offshore. [LINK IN BIO 2 WATCH] shot on @GoPro - I had the pleasure of joining 3 professional sailors along with Shannon, @tloughboro @cythompson1 @shafferj as I am purely a hobbyist. We left on the heels of the ‘Falcon’ and @Jspithill (Jimmy is the Skipper of Oracle Team USA) sailing from NYC to Bermuda, I recommend watching the ‘Flying On Water’ documentary on @OutsideTV about that trip, presented by @RedBull. It has all the juicy details of the genesis story for the F4. They sailed to Bermuda where the 35th America’s Cup is held. LVCS starts this Friday the 26th! Watch live via the @americascup app! Next month the F4 will be sailing around Bermuda during the AC Finals starting on June 17th, go for a ride if you find yourself there! @North_Sails @oracleteamusa @tourdefoil. #sailfasthavefun For more info go to www.tourdefoil.com

3 years ago, a couple guys started working on something revolutionary for all camera users from a little garage in LA. Today, their dream became our reality. @GNARBOX is the world’s most rugged and compact computer that allows you to back up, edit and share your photos and videos while you’re on the go. GNARBOX is paving the way for mobile editing and redefining workflow for all camera users. This is something you should be a part of as I love anything that streamlines the workflow of creating and sharing-! HOPE THIS HELPS ANY WHO NEED A BETTER SYSTEM-

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