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Island Earth

Link in Bio, this literally takes 30 seconds! Now more than EVER before we need to contribute even at the smallest levels. The North Face and Alaska Wilderness League Partner to Protect the Arctic Refuge and its Coastal Plain Some places are too fragile and important to risk unnecessary development. Along with the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, the Arctic Refuge, and especially its Coastal Plain, is one of those places. #wearethearctic thank you @kitdski for your efforts on this!!

EATING HEALTHY IS PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE! It's one of the oldest ways to heal the body. Yet the way Americans typically eat whatever we want, then suffer the consequences immediately in the form of sickness and sensitivity, or 30 years down the line in the form of disease, is just not right. The past year I discovered HANAH ONE and it has been a total game changer for me. It’s an Ayurvedic superfood I take daily to boost immunity and mental acuity, and it’s the real deal. Can't say enough great things about this product and the intention of the team behind it! Stoked to be a part of it. This is just the beginning! @hanahliving Get the details (link in bio) Photo by @fotomaxizoomdweebie

Heads up! @RemindInsoles is hooking it up with the discounts. Use the code: "comfort" for up to 50% off. Last chance (link in bio) 👊

Falcon is ready! I am lucky enough to join @racingsf and and their team on the second leg of this new type of Racing Catamaran built to Pac Man up the miles by off shore foiling. This vessel is a whole new breed. 1000 miles south from Bermuda here we come! Normally foiling boats are completely stripped down to bare bones, but for going into blue water, you need a whole different approach. @NorthSails @jspithill @redbull @gopro @shafferj @leilanisf @dnaperformancesailing

Hats off to @kimmyfasani for embracing the mind games that come with riding in Alaska! Did you see @absinthefilms AfterForever yet? Check Kimmy's full part up on TWSnow (.com) now-! #powerbabe #powderbabe

Hats off to @kimmyfasani for embracing the mind games that come with riding in Alaska! Did you see @absinthefilms AfterForever yet? Check Kimmy's full part up on TWSnow (.com) now-! #powerbabe #powderbabe

Painting the streets this morning- out for my morning Bluebird on @rideonewheel. Spilled my damn Turmeric Latté all over myself, thanks @btoddrichards! 🖌🌀- I can see where it all went wrong.

@ejackshreds sending it! #theonesthatgotaway @libtechnologies

You have seen @americascup foiling catamarans ripping through flat water. But check this new F4 that Shannon Falcone (@racingsf) and his team including @jspithill built and just foiled from New York City to @Bermuda!! They hit heavy weather, there is a great website and videos by @redbull. Link in bio, it's worth checking out! #racetobermuda supported by @leilanisf @gopro @north_sails among others!

This right here is my favorite type of riding…but it doesn’t come easy. @Gopro @victordelerue #thefourthphase @libtechnologies Edit:@rodophoto

@ericyahnker nailed it. Hahaha- hey, hitting rock bottom can be the start of a new, bright future... Like an addict, change for the better can be forced out of desperation. Here's to never giving up willing a better tomorrow, today.

My vote goes towards the environment... No question. Tomorrow I hope you prioritize.

This line is called The Pyramid. A classic Valdez face which has hosted some of the best riders over the decades. Our guide Don Sharif with @valdezheliskiguides said it best after Victor rode it, “I have seen a lot of people ride this line over the years but I have never seen it ridden that well.” Welcome to the future @victordelerue. Shot on @GoPro

@victordelerue charges hard in the latest episode of the @GoPro Perspectives series. Full video: (link in bio) #TheFourthPhase

Love it when a plan comes together. Mind boarding turned 4D, showcased back in 2D via the 1’s and 0’s… Thanks @GoPro​ and my crew for the stoke. This was after looking for any type of decent snow for several days, we finally found this little sliver a protected snow high up in the mountains. Really it was the only soft snow we could find in about a 40 miles radius. #TheFourthPhase | @rbmhfilms | Edit:@rodophoto

You ever try a switch method? Ya only a few out there can make 'em look good. This is @MarkLandvik crushing one in Japan. Maybe one of the best shots that didn’t make it into the film, it should have been in there! Get your switch method on this winter! @libtechnologies #TheFourthPhase

The World of Red Bull and the talent that is empowered by its support is massive. I am proud to be in company with so many expansive humans that have pushed what it means to be human to new levels. Check out The World of @RedBull​- (link in bio)

And just like that, @john_john_florence is Champion of the world! With his family behind him- Fuck Yeah John! #manifestdestiny @brandonwasserman #66 #H66

Available now at @asymbol, The 4th Phase by @bryaniguchi. This process we follow. This cycle we ride. #thefourthphase #asymbol #bryaniguchi #the4thphase

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