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My Core Line, featuring art from @mikeparillo and made with #zerohazardouswaste! @libtechnologies, made near Canada in the US of A. Zend It this winter!

Spaceship Earth

@theellenshow donating for every repost with the hashtag #bekindtoelephants to @dswt . Ole' dick hump lifted a ban on imported Elephant heads from Africa, hmmm... And while I'm on it, Trophy Hunting... Really? For purely trophy's sake, you ever really just mull that one over...So far from majestic and certainly isn't strength... Thank you to positive reactions to inhuman actions.

Morning Analysis with @jbuffery while filming @depthperceptionfilm last winter... That time of year to figure out what your Avalanche Awareness plan is! What are YOU doing?? Take a course, go through your gear, practice with your friends, be responsible! It's a key that can unlock your freedom in the hills- Hope to see you Out There! @quiksilver @cmh_heli #Galena @skullcandy @roxy Film's now available


Brooklyn, New York

FRIDAY SOUNDTRACK! Listen to #SOMNURI.. The band of my Brother and friend Drew Mack @thewhitewizzard - Just released their Debut Album- link in Bio for exclusive Full Album Stream before it drops tomorrow- take a listen, it will straighten up that back of yours!... . .check track SLOW BURN.. . Small Recap from Decibal Magazine.. 'Fans of Mastodon or other earth-shaking, progressive-tinged sludge need to listen to Somnuri‘s debut album. On their self-titled debut, the Brooklyn-based group blend styles and take risks in a catchy way that is uniquely Somnuri. Listen to the full album exclusively through Decibel and read an interview with the band below. Somnuri is out tomorrow on Magnetic Eye.'

Once in A blue 🌑... You find something like this... @bryanwfox and I are now #tunnelbuddies, @depthperceptionfilm now for sale... @quiksilver @cmh_heli #Galena @roxy @skullcandy @austensweetin @robinvangyn 📷- @jtaylorsmith

Would you punt? @robinvangyn did... @depthperceptionfilm now available for purchase....

CMH Galena

@DepthPerceptionFilm is now AVAILABLE! And so is the real trailer for it! Link in profile... #DepthPerception presented by @quiksilver | Filmed at CMH Galena @cmh_heli | @skullcandy | @helioandcompany

Downtown Denver

This is Hannah Holbrook, @hannahonthekeys, a member of the band Shel, @iloveshelmusic, which made one of my favorite songs from The Fourth Phase. She and her team scored the majority of the film and really gave it a theme and consistent pleasure rich feel! Thank you for all the work Hannah🙏!! @depthperceptionfilm NOW available everywhere! Tomorrow as in today--

@kishi_bashi is a boss! He scored a large part of @depthperceptionfilm and is epic to see perform LIVE- he just hit the road on a new tour! I put the availability as of a week ago on the next image- Swipe right... he is the one who brought the incredible string and orchestral to the Fourth Phase and the teaser for the new film we put out.! Check him out...

This is my New God Son!!! At only 68 days in, he is a heart melter... it is a true honor to be asked by my brother @keenanwrice and his amazing wife @mssarahd to become his Godfather.! I don't take the responsibility lightly, as he is the future. Needing an even more dynamic and progressive upbringing than even the luckiest of us received. It only gets better from here...


1st wave @kswaveco- words can't describe how fun that was! A bit Soggy on my part but stoked to make it ALMOST to the end..- A few rides on this and she starts to click! Then you leave, and just want more... how's it go,.. the first ones always free.? Haha @quiksilver thanks for the Goldy tix.. My coach @raimanaworld @kswaveco @kellyslater ....

The Winter on Falcor... It has has been a FOUR year focus of mine and @Unionbindingco to challenge the age old concept that sacrifices have to be made when balancing Weight, Strength, Flexibility and Function. While at first glance this binding looks like an updated model, but really, it's a compromise free platform that will usher in the next generation of hardware made to simplify the freedom of a good turn in the mountains. While some are focused on making a binding that is easier to strap in with a beer gut, we are focused on absolute highest performing and lowest hydrodynamic drag. Simply put it’s a binding engineered to be forgiving when you need flex and responsive where you want connectivity. They will sell out, so if you want to try em, don’t wait! You will love em..!

Banff, Alberta

Thank you @banffmountainfestival! What an honor to present with so many inspired works in film and literature! The 2 standouts I was able to watch was NUMINOUS by @kyepetersen, which... my God, maybe the rest riding ever...? Also INTO TWIN GALAXYS with @eboomer and his crew, psycho expedition across Greenland trying to kayak a glacial river.! Hats off to our team back home, you were with us in spirit...

Love me some Goldmember! @libtechnologies 💪🏽art design by @mikeparillo

Galena CMH

New York, we are bringing this to you Oct. 30th to kick off our US tour, still a few tickets left. 📷@andrew_miller keeping us dreaming bout' this coming season.

Russia is Psyching on Depth Perception! Ha, we did an autograph and Q&A with 800 people at @quiksilver boardriders club and appreciate all of the support Moscow!🤝!thank you

@skullcandy #hesh3 making travel enjoyable! Thanks guys, digging the newest version! @depthperceptionfilm tour

This is Chris Murphy (@murphychris), Cinematographer and Co-Director with Chip. We have worked together since he did title's and Graphics for That's It That's All so many years ago. He was a key part of the Film being plausible, and it wasn't until he agreed to help us that we thought it was possible to make it. He is @helioandcompany up in Bozeman, MT and is one of the best filmmakers I know. His even keeled attitude was really stable for the project getting done. He is an artist, an awesome dad and solid husband. I especially can't wait for some of the other films he is working on to make it to the light of day! 📸: @andrew_miller - Sometimes you just gotta BLADE... @quiksilver #DepthPerceptionFilm | Filmed on location at CMH Galena @cmh_heli | @skullcandy

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