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Planet Earth

This has been gaining A LOT OF TRACTION. And I mean, duh... take 27 seconds and sign it! Link in bio!

#sluffonbothsides @tordrilloheli @GoPro #GoProFusion

So many faces with so much personality. It’s easy to overlook the more regular but these often provide so much opportunity...

Sums it up

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

The Crescendo Continues... 🤯 This was @eliaselhardt and I’s 4th attempt at riding this wall. Perfect conditions favor the patient, just as luck favors the bold... . 2nd photo, find my track...

@GoPro pressed a camera to match my @dc_snowboarding boots! #HERO7 black-White Flossing! LTD... @polarpro ND - the white rice model... *this is not actually my model.. excuse the sarcasm!😂 never take anything you see on the Internet serious

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Sneaker lines getting me to greener pastures from a few days ago... @GoPro #hero7 white....

Alaska....... Firing @tordrilloheli. This face was a true joy to tag. 🙌🏼💯 #sluffmanagement

My first little dance with @gimbalgod was a good one! Stoked to see you in the pow Spenny! April 8th @stalesandbech and him have a project called Lines dropping! Going to be gold no doubt. @GoPro #HERO7 Black #hypersmooth Vs. @cmhmonashees riding @libtechnologies Goldmember!

@GoPro Athlete Camp @cmhmonashees was 🔥 the last couple days! Such a solid crew.! A few photo’s from the #Hero7 by the man himself @gimbalgod!

King Kong Pillows. Donkey Kong Vibes

Stellar Heliskiing

I find with persistence and an open mind, once every couple years I am lucky enough to get a shot at a line like this! A myriad of variables had to come together to get a stab at this beauty. It was a team effort and lines like this only have a number of days that only some years become ridable. It took some effort to get into the right mindset before this line but I was able to get to a place of flow and had a full time dilation experience while descending. Active meditation and joy can be a savage combo! I wasn’t going to stop until the line stopped me, haha. We ended up landing back at base right before dark on our last day. This line took 3 days to get, shot on @GoPro #hero7black straight from camera, no extra stabilization! Thanks to @robinvangyn @austensweetin @blairhabenicht @wrkshrt @fotomaxizoomdweebie @gregt_johnson @stellarheli

DC boys went to Russia! #DCTRANSITORS 2 EP2 MOSCOW is now live on snowboardermag.com and dcshoes.com! link bio, Keep your 👀 madness at @dcsnowboarding. Featuring: @iikkabackstrom @justinfronius @jmorse_ @derek_mo @antochamberland” #dcsnowboarding #dcshoes”

Filled with gratitude after a week touring through some of the most remote wilderness in the lower 48, pursuing the essence of a theme @bryaniguchi has been committed to for decades. Guch, being able to join you and @jeremyjones was a true honor, and what a fun trip packed with so much amazing riding! Thank you. The Roadless project is coming next fall! @tetongravity #tgrroadless and respect to the sturdy crew who supported and shot! Only the beginning... @unionbindingco Expedition bindings and @libtechnologies Goldmember Split was the juice combo for me! shot on @gopro #hero7black

Ya @victordelerue! Congrats on winning the @freerideworldtour... this pic of you and your brother @xavierdelerue is perfect...🤘🏽

@blairhabenicht @austensweetin @robinvangyn - that was a party... 📷 @dustinlalikphoto

Sweet Dreams from @tordrilloheli

Stellar Heliskiing

Drawing curves in BC last week on a 153 Orca. Snow quality-👌🏼. @gopro #GoProHERO7 Black #HyperSmooth

I’m thinking of all the incredible woman in my life who make it possible for me to do what I do! I would like to take the opportunity however to highlight the new company @joanofsparc that is so focused on supporting the full expression of woman everywhere🙌🏼. I love that there is a day for this but Everyday is Female Appreciation Day! I think it’s about time you all take the lead... I mean... is it not Blatantly obvious that we share a perfect partnership in this🤘🏽. It takes 2

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