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This weekend @ian.walsh and I will be taking over the @roam account. Be sure to tune-in! Dingus Kahn is my Dinghy's name- We have been through a lot together, she is like a dog who loves to test her master. She is mischievous, loves to mess with me to try and get my attention. But man I do love thy Dingus! She is a custom build to fit Falcor stepped down from a larger Pure Tender mold. She's all Carbon with an 18 gallon in floor tank and power trim. Bobby Crossweight and I came up with the surf rack and other appendages. @instagraham.1123 and I hanging tough after a full day adventure. #Lines2HI

Couple of buoys in the line up. It's a hell of a lot more work but there is something magical about going to places where you are the only ones out! Head over to @roam to see some surf clips from our #Lines2HI journey.

Day 12 - Getting some nuts for our crossing to Hi. The best part of this, beyond the fact that these are the sweetest cocos I have ever tasted, is that we found out the next day that climbing coconut trees is illegal and if caught you serve 2 weeks in 'the slamma'. We saw the jail on our way out and you do not want to spend any time in there! @ian.walsh breaking the law for coco's that taste like strawberry milk, I shit you not…#Lines2Hi @gnarbox 📷@amory_ross

Day 10 - It’s only shallow if you don't make it- It wasn't big but these little waves were so damn fun! A consistent fast little right was SO good after days at sea. #Lines2HI Follow @roam for the video.

Welcome to @Quiksilver Depth Perception, let’s get weird…Had such a solid winter in interior BC this past year riding with @BryanwFox, @RobinVanGyn @AustenSweetin deep in the back zones of @CMH_Heli which is absolutely one of the best places I’ve had the honor of riding on the planet. . @jtaylorsmith, Chris murphy of @helioandcompany and I are excited to share a teaser for our first film with you, it was a team effort with so many incredible humans and a truly committed process from conception to completion. Film will be coming out this fall and Quiksilver will be announcing the tour dates, as come on-This track was composed by @Kishi_Bashi. It’s always best on the big screen! Come out and let us buy you a drink to toast off this coming season…! @skullcandy @redbull @GoPro @unionbindingco @libtechnologies @DC_snowboarding @JacksonHole @Toyotausa @Gnarbox @hanahliving @bluebirdwax

This place reminds me of the Bahamas! Kiritimati Atoll and Falcor anchored off the Southwest point of the island!  Check out what happens on Christmas with today's video update @roam. #Lines2Hi

After a brief stop we decided to sail Northwest one more night to Tabuaeran, also known as Fanning Island. The possibility of seeing waves, even if they were small, was a little too much for @ian.walsh and I to pass up! Ian grinding up the Main Sail with @instagraham.1123 watching out for a clean hoist! Sailing these boats well takes great communication and teamwork. More than a week in and the crew getting well versed in Falcor's sailing systems. 📷@amory_ross #Lines2Hi (All content via Satellite Communication. Thanks @north_sails @kvhindustries @gunboat_catamarans!) #Lines2Hi

Day 8 - Winds have lightened up and while the sailing is peaceful we see our slowed pace missing the initial pulse of the swell. It's funny how everything is working perfect if I just factor out my agenda and schedule! #Lines2HI Follow along @roam for the full story.

Special Report from #Lines2Hi. The subtle elegance of nature. Two creatures travel half the ocean to unite...#AwkwardWildKingdom #ItsFunToWatch

Day 7 #Lines2Hi - @ian.walsh calls these novelty waves but for me, I'm easily pleased by any wave I get to ride. We'll never know for sure but this place has possibly never been surfed before. Malden Island was desolate, raw, beautiful, and the marine life is out of control! Onward to Kiritmati. Check out @roam for the full video coverage.

Day 6 - At the edge of transitions. #Lines2HI 📷@amory_ross

Day 5 - @ian.walsh reeled in this Rainbow Runner! I have never caught or tasted one of these but the fish book I have says food value EXCELLENT. Thank you fish for your gift! New video from Day 5 on the #Lines2HI trip is up >> @roam.

Day 4 - Land HO! Flint Island with the Asymmetrical kite approach! (@north_sails). This is the Southernmost Line Island and she is a marine paradise. So many fish and turtles here with no fear of humans. Refreshing seeing a place so pristine. Follow along over @roam for more video updates from our #Lines2HI journey. Crew: | @ian.walsh |@gnarbox | @amory_ross | @instagraham.1123

Day 3 - At least one person must be on deck and at the helm 24/7. That means a lot of our time is spent alone in the middle of the night. There’s something special about the solo midnight watch, anticipating the moonrise and reflecting on the process. Make sure to tune-in daily over @roam for more video updates from our sail from the Line Islands to Hawaii - #Lines2HI. With @gnarbox @ian.walsh @north_sails @gunboatcatamarans @kvhindustries

Day 2 - As you can see in previous posts there were some very calm conditions to start our trip. I'd almost say too calm. But spirits high as we tick off degrees to the north. We had a 24-hour Screecher run and just furled it and threw up our Asymmetrical Spinnaker. These @north_sails keeping us pulsing between 7 and 12 knots in a 12-14 knot beam reach.Flint Island is now off our stern horizon. Follow @roam for the next video in the #Lines2Hi Expedition.

Day 1 of our #Lines2HI voyage did not disappoint. With Tahiti now at our backs, we began the 2,400 mile journey to the Hawaiian Islands. See the video over @Roam and follow along for more photos and videos. With @ian.walsh @amory_ross @instagraham.1123 Thanks to @gnarbox, @gunboatcatamarans, @north_sails, @kvhindustries

Day 1 - After watching two Loggerhead 🐢's going after it, we are cruising up the west coast of Tetiaroa. 40 miles North of Tahiti this atoll was purchased by Marlon Brando after they shot Mutiny on the Bounty like 40+ years ago. There is a 6* hotel for the well off to relax, soak up the sun and imitate the turtles. It's just above Falcor here. Dead calm out here but winds should be freshening this afternoon and we can turn this dang engine off- North to the Line islands! #Lines2Hi #thewindisfree @roam

Clean the winch game with @instagraham.1123 , the last 4 days I have been getting Falcor ready to sail north to Hawaii via the remote Line Islands! Follow @roam and @ian.walsh to stay with Falcor's journey for the next month! Going to be an Epic! Stoked to be @Adventurescientists this trip which officially makes this an expedition. Going live here later today-

🙏 going out to our Brothers and Sisters in Antigua, the Leewards and the Virgin Islands.. Be easy Irma.. just heard the largest Cat 5 in Atlantic History- @racingsf we are with you and the family in spirit

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