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Excited to share a project my friends @jtaylorsmith, @kishi_bashi and @andy_bardon are diving into ~ ‘Omoiyari’ ~This songfilm tackles a personal journey of artist and composer @kishi_bashi ( Who scored The Fourth Phase and Half of Depth Perception) as he creates music in locations relevant to the Japanese American Incarceration. It is on this journey in which Kishi Bashi comes to terms with his own identity, and uncovers a myriad of social issues that have gripping modern relevance. ‘Omoiyari’ is a genre breaking, artistic exploration that fuses history, art, interviews with survivors, original music and the complexities of the human condition. Please consider supporting this project as it has integrity. From 5 bucks to your own Kishi concert, the perks are also dope... link in bio.

@travelindan @ben_ferguson. Training for Korea! Pipe looks good, private session if you need to come train next week!— #fontsidebacksidefrontsidebackside


After we finished our Lines to Hawaii sailing expedition this summer, @Roam and I teamed with @TheJamesBrand to make a few knives to give to those who helped us out with the project. We liked them so much we decided to do a super limited run. 10% of the profits goes back @AdventureScientists, so they can continue to bring awareness to turning the tide on microplastics in our oceans. It’s a badass knife—and there’s only 100. Get em’ before they go extinct... Then give it to your Grandkid someday! (link in profile) #Lines2HI

Lay out a swanny...

My @polarissnow Pro RMK 174 from last year entering into an ascended state after my build with @nxtlvlclinics! @bdturbo Boondocker Turbo, @chrisburandt211 Fox Float Shocks, @jefffpeters art wrap by @arcticfxgraphics, @cheetah_racks, @skinz_protective_gear.. I seriously can’t believe how much better this sled is, as I though it was top notch stock! Trail breaking to another level this winter... Thanks for the help and oversight @sledneckdan on this one! #sixtomidnight #spidersilk

@ChrisRasman- I’m claiming best part of the year! Stoked he has continued to trust my @libtechnologies boards, and honored to have him on them! If you want to get F^%# Psyched for winter, make sure you watch @themanboys web series that came out this year, they won best series for it. Next year - big things happening here... link in profile if you want full screen edit of this-Better max Volume and hùgë, duh!

Meanwhile @baldfacelodge... Boss man Pensiero making sweet love with 📷 @blattphoto

Jackson Hills, Tennessee

2018 and the growth has no doubt started in the high north 📷@scottserfas

A few runs following this feller’ around... @austensweetin, a real slippery lil’ bugger that’ell strong leg any mountain... @depthperceptionfilm side lines- @gopro #Karmatoned @cmh_heli #Galenalodge


Snowder day out here @jacksonhole - feels like the real start to winter- @bryaniguchi @camfitzpatrick @yoderyoder @cartercountry

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

@remindinsoles, I Swear by these... Created by Kinesiology, these insoles are designed to keep your proprioceptive muscles firing. Basically a lot of insoles, especially custom molded insoles turn off your small balance muscles in your feet, which effects everything up the chain. For me these are the only insoles I can pass a muscle test with. I post about em because they help me get through entire seasons healthy. Super affordable, currently on sale for the Holidays. Thanks-

Setting my Winter Goals... @Emilahrling making it look easy? @polarissnow @sledneckdan, you going to teach me this move this winter? #wintergoals thanks for the clip @tobeouterwear @curtisciszek @bryanwfox ditch those Skidoo pigs, let's do this.😂

I can't say I honestly know these humans all that well, but over the years bumping into them in random places, they have both made radical impressions on me. This moment frozen tells the real story of a couple down-to-earth people who have committed to being the best they can Be. Talent is a dime a dozen, it's passion and determination that takes you to the finish line. Congrats @john_john_florence on the World Title and @floresjeremy for the the Pipe Win.! Felt like that last wave comeback by Jeremy was the opportunity Given for a Medina defeat in the Quarters... hats off to you both. And the crew that had your back throughout... @erik_knutson_ @brandonwasserman @stephenisbelly etc......

@Asymbol, a Platform for inspired creatives of our world! Use my code #JINGLEBALLS and get 25% off almost everything till Christmas... I love all these pieces-! Asymbol.co has u covered... a few items are exceptions. Thanks for supporting the arts.

Just in time for Holidays-! We did a limited run because BluRay+Large Screen+Good Sound is what this film was made for-! You still have a BluRay player? Get it @asymbol gallery... A sturdy stop for holiday Gifties... comes as BluRay/DVD combo kit, NO PLASTIC in it, other than what's in the discs... @depthperceptionfilm

Congrats to @whatelze, Louif Paradis, on Rider Of The Year and to him and his team for winning @twsnow Film Of The Year for BEACON... It was cohesive, thought out and unique. Check it out, I enjoyed it... The beauty of film making is it is such a blank canvas for anyone to make something out of nothing and grateful that films still play such an important roll in snowboarding... Enjoyed taking the Avy 2/Safery course with you last year to kick off the season. Aaaannd here we go again! Blank Canvas., engage...

Jackson Hole Town Square

@bluebirdwax has the Juice-! Stay snow Lubed this winter.! I recommend the new All temp with Coconut oil! For Wax and weird awesome extras go to Bluebirdwax.com! Do you WAX? Order this weekend if you want it by Christmas-!!

This was my line of the winter, while filming @depthperceptionfilm. It’s nuts how good @GoPro cameras are getting, never thought I would be able to capture basically the same view I have riding beast mode lines like this.. Named this face Hydro Dojo as it was a place of study, and the type of mountain face filled with potentials… . Dōjō is a Japanese term which literally means "place of the way”. Initially, dōjōs were adjunct to temples and were formal training place for any of the Japanese arts ending in "-dō", from the Chinese Tao, meaning "way" or "path”. Example-Judo. A proper Japanese martial arts dōjō is considered special and is well cared for by its users… Well cared by for its users… British Columbia backcountry with @CMH_heli and thanks to @GoPro Karma gimbals! Link in Bio for the film...

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