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Massive Cecropia moth at the house last night. Nature will always be the greatest artist around! #creaturefeature

Just before the snow started to stack this winter I had the opportunity to take a 1000 mile sea trial of the new F4 with Shannon Falcone @racingsf. This trip blew my mind to what the future of offshore sailing has in store and was by far the most intense sailing I have ever done personally. This future craft is a 46 foot carbon performance catamaran built for foiling offshore. [LINK IN BIO 2 WATCH] shot on @GoPro - I had the pleasure of joining 3 professional sailors along with Shannon, @tloughboro @cythompson1 @shafferj as I am purely a hobbyist. We left on the heels of the ‘Falcon’ and @Jspithill (Jimmy is the Skipper of Oracle Team USA) sailing from NYC to Bermuda, I recommend watching the ‘Flying On Water’ documentary on @OutsideTV about that trip, presented by @RedBull. It has all the juicy details of the genesis story for the F4. They sailed to Bermuda where the 35th America’s Cup is held. LVCS starts this Friday the 26th! Watch live via the @americascup app! Next month the F4 will be sailing around Bermuda during the AC Finals starting on June 17th, go for a ride if you find yourself there! @North_Sails @oracleteamusa @tourdefoil. #sailfasthavefun For more info go to www.tourdefoil.com

3 years ago, a couple guys started working on something revolutionary for all camera users from a little garage in LA. Today, their dream became our reality. @GNARBOX is the world’s most rugged and compact computer that allows you to back up, edit and share your photos and videos while you’re on the go. GNARBOX is paving the way for mobile editing and redefining workflow for all camera users. This is something you should be a part of as I love anything that streamlines the workflow of creating and sharing-! HOPE THIS HELPS ANY WHO NEED A BETTER SYSTEM-

To all you mothers out there! I love you!

A wedge into oblivion with @austensweetin a few weeks ago @cmh_heli #galenalodge... @dmos_collective stealth shovel about to cut this thing into architectural shape. These shovels are boss! Check out the new Alpha shovel now available, it's the stealth's evolved uncle. Link in bio, company is based in Jackson and these babies are built to take a beating...

See you at @asymbol tonight! 6.30 @draplin is going to be in house to talk multimedia and design... We did this series of boards together about 10 years ago- At the time we were heavily engaged in Iraq and all the icons were focused on the tag phrases of the media at the time and how the TV Show that is the news is primarily just entertainment television...Had it been today- #collusion #comey #russianties #yourfired #grablifebythepussy #whatthehllisgoingonhere #maga etc...😂. Holy shit Draplin let's do a current re-make of this... Too easy

Asymbol Gallery And Imaging

@Draplin ain't no stranger to our beautiful state! He is coming to speak @Asymbol tomorrow night at 6.30! Psycho Merch table of epicness and he will be telling the story about a pack trip he did with his wiener dog Gary some years back when they had to fight off a one eyed old bear, and about how he lost his foot and had to hobble out for 2 days with Gary pulling him to safety.- come out!

Asymbol Gallery And Imaging

The one and only Aaron @Draplin is coming to @Asymbol here in @jacksonhole! This Wednesday 6.30 to 8.30 the Renowned graphic designer and a good friend will talk story about graphic design, state-of-the-art multimedia techniques, his life, and whatever else he feels like sharing. This event will be graced with a FULLY STOCKED Merch table of Draplin Design company goodies. Draplin did one of my @libtechnologies board graphics about 8 years ago and actually is the man who brought our own Asymbol Logo to life. He has also done some other small projects for Obama and a few others you have probably never heard of. Not to be missed! Spread the word---

News from @protectourwinters is Ivanka wants Paris, and yes that does sound funny- but "the White House and Environmental Protection Agency were plotting to send our environmental protections back to pre-1970’s levels", a vast majority in this country want and support this. I think the term climate change often overshadows the reality that this is for our own health and well being, cleaner air, water and a more conscious existence.! Don't mean to preach as I'm sure most of you feel similar on this but come on, this is basic common sense... Link in profile to send her a direct message or perhaps better even, take 5 minutes to meditate and pray on this.- Thanks.

One dimensional pic of a multidimensional world.

Spray down to an epic season ender in BC at #Galenalodge. 📷-@andywrightphoto .. Director @jtaylorsmith drinks in the glory with @austensweetin @robinvangyn @bryanwfox @carriedooh @cmh_heli @quiksilver @skullcandy @murphychris @helioandcompany #depthperceptionfilm

My first time to the Oregon coast this weekend... Mind blown at #hoteltacoma, good people, taking time to play, and found a sweet little point break all to ourselves that had a head high peeling right...@toyotausa

Respect to all those who went out for the Climate March..!🙏 📷 stolen from @joshdirksen wish I was there...

Back home after thousands of miles with these Two! Built for the things I love to do- @polarissnow @toyotausa thanks for being so damn dependable through such an unpredictable winter and supporting our me projects and dreams-.! #tundra #axys


Savage morning with @robinvangyn on a face we named Jazz Flute out here at #galenalodge @CMH_Heli. Standing here on piles of sluff I kicked off- Riding down flutes is like crushing cocktails walking on tables! Check in with @quiksilver for a heads up on our little project we are working on. Going to be good... @bryanwfox @austensweetin @jtaylorsmith @helioandcompany @skullcandy @circesnow @dc_snowboarding @gopro @baldisbeautiful @tyevans @nelboshoff

Have you been seeing the @libtechnologies Holy Bowly that's been going down this week in Canada.? Looks epic! Wish I could be in 2 places at once...

Beautiful times hanging with @jbuffery and @robinvangyn on knife ridges waiting for snow squalls to pass and Solaris to show us the way! Thank you for sharing Buff! @cmh_heli #galenalodge

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