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The Dream Team... thanks @hanahliving for the curation •Evan •Joel •Raegan •JR •Blanka •Sofia •Francesca •Dr. V •Mrs. V •Jody •Bill •Julie •Katie •Li’el •Tomo •Ellio 🙌🏼 Photo courtesy of @gopro Fusion


A misty jaunt up to the Tiger’s Nest with some fine humans. Like this butter candle, there is something just a little richer burning in the air here. #handbuilt 17th century


Land of the Thunder Dragon... with @evan1mack. The #Gaiavibes are robust... 🌩🐉⚡️ @GoPro Photo


Castles in the sky....


HAPPY MOTHERS Day from Bhutan to all the mothers out there! Nothing but respect to all the mothers in my life! Taking a walk yesterday with a new friend of mine, Dr. Venugobal, who runs an incredible Ayurvedic hospital in India and is a partner of the @hanahliving company. He stated very simply to me “We can all share the celebration of Mothers Day for when you practice love without expectation, that is the love of a mother.” This place is unique... This Dzong was built in the 17th century and the art on the inside, well, I have never seen anything like it.


#rolemodel @ian.walsh

Looks like Gold is up! @redgerard... thanks for this @ryanrunke

I was prescribed Ritalin at age 13 by a doctor for ADD/ADHD. It calmed me down but also destroyed my creativity, ability to excel in sports and snowboarding, and eliminated my emotional intelligence, compassion and empathy. It’s insane how many people are on Speed, I mean they prescribe it to young children these days! So psyched that @hanahliving finally is offering their Bhutanese Cordyceps Senensis. These are POTENT and I find a mental clarity and focus similar to that of “Stimulant Medications” without the bullshit, and many other benefits with immunity and vitality. Anyways, after so many years of success with natural alternatives that don’t come with side affects that lead to the next prescription, I’m grateful many companies like Hanah are doing the work to bring about a better way.! I’m headed to Bhutan next month to see where these come from and learn more about these adaptogens. Excuse the direct sales pitch here, I really believe in these.! They are expensive but you get what you pay for... . #FckbigPharma🖕🏼 . . . .from Hanah- HANAH Cordyceps+, our first product from the kingdom of Bhutan, known as the “land of herbal medicine.” HANAH Cordyceps+ is a powerful combination of wild Bhutanese Cordyceps sinensis, a rare Himalayan medicinal mushroom, with eight other herbs and minerals all wild harvested from the untouched Bhutanese Himalayas. The blend is an ancient recipe based on the texts of Sowa-Rigpa, the centuries-old Tibetan traditional medical system, which is similar to Ayurveda.

Grateful to Share our Island Earth with you fine people, doing your best everyday, here is to progress and never settling. Some textures from my winter. #earthdayeverydamnday

4.20, it’s Science... @hot_nife does it best, follow for creative ideas for days like today-.

The Beast... one of many that have never been touched, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

A long winter in the Elements.. thanks @quiksilver for making my mountain skin LEGIT—..

My man @carlomondavi with that cab stale poke! Almost as smooth as that @Raenwinery Pinots and @Sonsbeer liquid gold that he has hands in crafting...

Waxing up for glide in the alpine... Follow @tordrilloheli for our takeover today.. @bluebirdwax on the @libtechnologies Goldmember ready for takeoff.! @quiksilver @redbull @gopro. Shout out to Black & Decker for the iron 😂.. 📷- @fotomaxizoomdweebie

Tomorrow, our little band of brothers are taking over @tordrilloheli lodge’s feed. Should be entertaining... going to see if we can max out story... 📷- @gopro #hero6 @chrisrasman

Last night the sky was dancing... These move so fast. Solar winds blast through our magnetic grid. Little visibility to Earth’s ‘WiFi’ connection to the sun? @fotomaxizoomdweebie with the always on point capture📷. @tordrilloheli at Winter Lake Lodge.


#justthetip ....

Espina Perfecta from many years ago. Looking at photos while we wait for the weather to clear... @tordrilloheli

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