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Stellar Heli

#motorboatingOrca w @austensweetin

A-OK Corral Horseback Rides

Well this should be fun... @liftfoils magic carpet rides of the future... check my fist try in story😂

@joanofsparc just Launched on Kickstarter... It is amazing to me how some things are just meant to be. My Lady @evan1mack and her two partners @cielawynter @sarahengelhart333 embarked on this journey that has become JOS almost 2 years ago. For it to come to fruition right now, in such an important time in the feminine conversation, I love it. I have heard the term Year of the Woman used a lot lately and the shifts that we are seeing play out in society right now, gives me so much hope for the future that I know to be attainable. Including my own, deeper than ever, self inquiry. Now is the time! This project that I have witnessed from its inception is built around accountability, self inquiry, and a Guru Free philosophy that aims at using technology to authentically connect and empower women everywhere. As a man, I feel the result of this company taking off will be the resounding echo of an epic reminder to stop, go within, and practice discernment from my/our own True Self. . . So, to all my DUDES out there that have a mother, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, partner, bff, etc. CAN I get a 🖖🏼 in support of this! And to all the woman out there... We believe in you! I implore you to back this Kickstarter campaign so that they can finish building out their web platform and interactive app...link in Bio

A walk through the woods can often improve your mood... taking my @libtechnologies Orca for a walk... @GoPro

Grand Teton

I’ve always known where you draw your inspiration from... Happy Birthday @evan1mack, you make the world a much more beautiful place.

South Lake Tahoe, California

Incredible weekend watching two of my favorite humans get married in front of an amazing group of love and support, officiated by @tbirdley! @patmoore and @chelsie_steg_moore you are inspirations in your honest, humble and selfless approach to life, family and friendship! I know you are going the distance, that is with your dog Murph’s help, and the kind words that showered you two all weekend is probably just a thin New Hampshire Maple Glaze of what the people that know you really think. Chelsie, your the best thing that ever happened to him, I mean 2nd to myself pressuring him into riding my snowmobile across a lake! @eddiewall I loved your poem and Bridges, I want to see your story made into a screenplay, which in proper New Hampshire style, ended with the groom having to shotgun a beer before his vows😂... @blattphoto thanks for nailing the moments!📸!

Was able to see it proper here in LA. Free Solo let’s go! @jimmy_chin @mochiNYC hats off to an amazing film everyone should see! I know hard work doesn’t touch how much goes into projects like this and thank you again for your help on The Fourth Phase... @alexhonnold, thank you for sharing your process with us... film is in theaters NOW. Link in bio to find a theater near you. @GoPro #Hero7Black pics @joeleinhorn @rmgall @stevereska josh-

Jackson, Wyoming

Broke my old mountain bike a few years ago and right before I hit the road a few weeks ago I picked up a new @evilbicycles... Are you kidding me with this thing!? Can’t wait to get back home for some more mountain adventures @bryaniguchi @baldisbeautiful @cartercountry @marklandvik @fotomaxizoomdweebie -October is going to be prime- I Love this company...

Venice Vibes. Shot this on a bird, Juul in mouth... @hanahliving mascot Agador Spartacus

GoPro Headquarters

Came to San Francisco for this one! Just got the new @gopro #Hero7black in hand... this is going to be big... More to come on how this little thing just stepped up the game... Again...

I did not vote last Midterms. I will be voting this coming Nov. 6- who’s with me? Thanks @protectourwinters

Seaweed collections with the 🍀Boss Cain Kilcullen. His family has run a holistic Seaweed Bath house since 1912!!! Irish for awesome... @gopro

Frost on the grass this morning and the days are noticeably shorter.. not too long now-on my @libtechnologies whale tale’d turbo fish ORCA at @baldfacelodge captured by @fotomaxizoomdweebie

Sunrise @tavaruaislandresort ... Bumping into @GoPro’s Nick Woodman in the line up first thing has its perks 👌🏼.. was cracking up watching you paddle in on that wave storm! -Thanks for sending this over. Soon after he swapped his board.. #hero6

Thought I saw a ghost last week...Perhaps one of the last public 3 meter spring boards-!? I touched the bottom every time I dove off it, love the sketch factor. Video courtesy of @curtismorgan

@credomobile thank you for your work... give em a follow if you value accountability- I’m not anti guns, I’m pro common sense. We need better gun laws against weapons of war like assault rifles with large volume magazines.

Portal hunting... @depthperceptionfilm @quiksilver @cmh_heli @skullcandy

In SF I was able to get a sneak peek and tryout this project a good friend of mine @natebosshard has been working on for the past few years that just Launched. It’s pretty wild where modern tech is heading. @tonal has this electric engine where you can do these variable resistant moves and if you struggle it will take weight off automatically. It has buttons in the handles so you get into position then can turn the weight on and off- Check it out! (Not a paid post here, I just think this is really interesting!)

@alexhonnold and @jimmy_chin teamed up for the journey of Alex’s mind-bottling El Capitan FREE SOLO. So psyched for this film to finally launch.! FREE SOLO, making hard earned achievements feel pretty damn mundane-! Full trailer link in bio-

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