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Back home after thousands of miles with these Two! Built for the things I love to do- @polarissnow @toyotausa thanks for being so damn dependable through such an unpredictable winter and supporting our me projects and dreams-.! #tundra #axis


Savage morning with @robinvangyn on a face we named Jazz Flute out here at #galenalodge @CMH_Heli. Standing here on piles of sluff I kicked off- Riding down flutes is like crushing cocktails walking on tables! Check in with @quiksilver for a heads up on our little project we are working on. Going to be good... @bryanwfox @austensweetin @jtaylorsmith @helioandcompany @skullcandy @circesnow @dc_snowboarding @gopro @baldisbeautiful @tyevans @nelboshoff

Have you been seeing the @libtechnologies Holy Bowly that's been going down this week in Canada.? Looks epic! Wish I could be in 2 places at once...

Beautiful times hanging with @jbuffery and @robinvangyn on knife ridges waiting for snow squalls to pass and Solaris to show us the way! Thank you for sharing Buff! @cmh_heli #galenalodge

Always looking, rarely finding...... #galenalodge

I spy with my little eye @austensweetin... @cmh_heli #galenalodge

Found him... @cmh_heli Galena... Line drawings... 2 days ago...#roadtoholybowly

Evan and I have been together for 9 years. 9 is the number of completion. Last week I asked her to marry me while staying with some friends in Italy. I love you @evan1mack and am so excited for the next dimension in our relationship, now... 🖖🏼🤘🙏. Here's to choosing those who bring forth your best!

@evan1mack let's do this!....

When you catch up to your buddy on the freeway 8 hours into the trip and he's looking tired! @jtaylorsmith 🏈fumble on the play... #incompletepass @redbull

Off for one more trophy hunting trip of the season-! @quiksilver @cmh_heli Galena @dcshoes @bryanwfox @robinvangyn @austensweetin - Old Man Winter, I know where your at... Photo snipe by @clarkfyans ! #depthperceptionfilm @helioandcompany

Another great season @jacksonhole! Survived Godzilla and ended with about 590 inches for the 'open' season! Thanks again for all the support and providing such amazing access and snow to so many! VIP to the Patrol and all mountain staff for being awesome! Now it's time for... Um, another month of winter in the alpine.. Haha..

@redbull HQ in Fuschl Austria as we buzzed the tower a few days ago. It's pretty nuts when you think about it, how many people, dreams and innovations that this company has supported over the years...I'm lost to think of another company that has done more to empower athletes and original thinkers in the alternative sports/lifestyle space. I'm proud to be with a team of driven, open minded and empowered individuals- thank you for all the support... @rbmhfilms

Visiting with @wolfgangnyvelt at the @aesmosnowsurf super headquarters factory mothership industrial facility.! So much fun on these over the years- Get yourself into the flow zone! You won't regret it..thanks @grubalibre 📷@GoPro #boom

Salzburg, Austria

Bad Idea- he gave me full control• 🚁 Sigi 'Blacky' Shwarz -the pilot that rips helicopters upside down- took us around the motherland this am! Well played @redbull ! #redbullpointofyou #instabrag

@Cartercountry pointing it! @HanahLiving's Rituals video series kicks off with Mark Carter giving an inside look into his morning routine. Video link in bio. Photo: @nicalegre

@freerideworldtour Haines is about to go live with Snowboard Men starting first.. 10.45am Pacific going live- hope conditions are good-!

Asymbol Art + Essentials

Asymbol has only ONE pair of the @bryaniguchi Cycle bindings by @unionbindingco left. And we want you to have them! Go to the @asymbol profile for info on how to enter the contest. Both first and second prize come with some amazing stuff as well, so don't hesitate, contest ends on the 24th. ・・・ @asymbol @rbmhfilms #thefourthphase #bryaniguchi #redbullmediahouse #asymbol #unionbindingco

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