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🐠🐠🐠... the sexy bartenders of @beauxincastro have conCOCKted the booziest fishbowl COCKtail... you’ll leave thinking you’re a 🧜🏻‍♂️!!! Every Sunday JACKPOT 2pm-9pm SF.

T. Rains on NowWearIt.com swim sale 50%... send someone a NICE PACKAGE

JackPot Sundays at Beaux

@zoharasafasher bringing the party to life tonight!


Thanks @tyeolson and @poedancingkiwi for rallying after an amazing @theoasissf TABOO party last night. — “Alter Boys TABOO” will be launching soon.

I’m so excited about spending Xmas on the beach this year I dropped my trunks... I mean dropped them by 50% OFF!! Link in bio if you want a pair. All T. Rains swim!!

Nice try @Dollskill ...🤷🏻‍♂️

Eagle LA

@dianaconey we wish u were here but this screensaver works -xxxx

There is no gayer Xmas tree than the world-famous WeHohoho Coney Cher tree!!! Happy Holidays gays! @galendrever @dianaconey @mikeawilson @jtdivalover @bhytes @traverrains @cher

Hollywood Walk of Fame

World of Wonder release party w @aboybyanyothername n @trixiemattel Yummy

SF Oasis

Buns Out! Buff up your bums and show em off Dec 1 at TABOO. Come twirl with us in your a$$less pants/chaps/panties... OASIS SF.

Castro Theatre

Post Trixie orgasm in the Castro. 🧜🏻‍♀️🐒🤠 YeeHaw @trixiemattel @dianaconey @joelgiullian @rorykdavis @thepeacheschrist @katya_zamo

Hollywood, California

Getting the band back together. Watch out weho.

Palm Springs, California

SF and LA worlds colliding in the dessert of Palm Springs I’m so happy today!!

SF Oasis

The sailors have landed!! This weekend is a free-for-all in SF. Let’s welcome the Fleet at TABOO tomorrow (Friday) with a night of sexy dancers, rockin tunes and BOOZE!! Oasis at 10pm. Ahoy!!!

San Francisco, California

Big Balls! —who’s at Folsom with us this weekend??

Show offs... w/ @isaac239 and Jack Daniels.

Metropolis (aka Supermans Town)

They call this place Metropolis. Illinois. -a new sitcom starring Traver and Matt Rains (trans superwoman) in rural america.

JackPot Sundays at Beaux

@diegosans and @tyeolson shakin their titties at Beaux right now! Gonna be a sexy evening here...♠️♦️♣️♥️ @djguyruben is rockin is til 9pm!!

JackPot Sundays at Beaux

Money maker.

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