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My new @ageofaquaria hat pin YeeHaw!!

Never saw these pics before! I didn’t know she actually wore these... made with $1 canal street tees, hand cut paper stencils, spray paint, safety pins and Swarovskis. (Same as the first CARRIE shirt done for SJP) 🤠 — @richxrichierich

The Bryant Park Hotel

2006 FW Heatherette... for the @ageofaquaria reference.

@ageofaquaria this is priceless. Thanks so much for the nod.... @amandalepore @richxrichierich would agree this Heatherette moment was a proud one.


Throwback to when I was in a hair band with my hoes- @dianaconey and @arnoldmyintbna

Excited to see what these two have up their sleeves (or lack there of 😈) this Sunday at JackPot SF. —image by ME!! 🤠


Lepore Lachapelle Marilyn.


Whoever it was I was talking to today about this image... look what just popped up in my feed!! Lepore Lachapelle Liz!


🐠🐠🐠... the sexy bartenders of @beauxincastro have conCOCKted the booziest fishbowl COCKtail... you’ll leave thinking you’re a 🧜🏻‍♂️!!! Every Sunday JACKPOT 2pm-9pm SF.

T. Rains on NowWearIt.com swim sale 50%... send someone a NICE PACKAGE

JackPot Sundays at Beaux

@zoharasafasher bringing the party to life tonight!


Thanks @tyeolson and @poedancingkiwi for rallying after an amazing @theoasissf TABOO party last night. — “Alter Boys TABOO” will be launching soon.

I’m so excited about spending Xmas on the beach this year I dropped my trunks... I mean dropped them by 50% OFF!! Link in bio if you want a pair. All T. Rains swim!!

Nice try @Dollskill ...🤷🏻‍♂️

Eagle LA

@dianaconey we wish u were here but this screensaver works -xxxx

There is no gayer Xmas tree than the world-famous WeHohoho Coney Cher tree!!! Happy Holidays gays! @galendrever @dianaconey @mikeawilson @jtdivalover @bhytes @traverrains @cher

Hollywood Walk of Fame

World of Wonder release party w @aboybyanyothername n @trixiemattel Yummy

SF Oasis

Buns Out! Buff up your bums and show em off Dec 1 at TABOO. Come twirl with us in your a$$less pants/chaps/panties... OASIS SF.

Castro Theatre

Post Trixie orgasm in the Castro. 🧜🏻‍♀️🐒🤠 YeeHaw @trixiemattel @dianaconey @joelgiullian @rorykdavis @thepeacheschrist @katya_zamo

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