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🇧🇴 | Ripper, Filmer, Chiller |@graythompson_ does it all. So hyped to have gotten a trip in with Gray. Such a legend #bolivianrhapsody #dreamerbydesign

🇧🇴 | Our Captain, Fearless leader, and my best frend @nick_russelll at 19,800 Feet. TeamBamba in full exploration, Nick, the first human to shred the peak he is standing on, and quite possibly the first American ever to stand up top. Dream Big #bolivianrhapsody #dreamerbydesign

🇧🇴 | Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, Shred, Walk, Walk, Walk...... #bolivianrhapsody #dreamerbydesign

Bolivia | 🇧🇴 | Your a Beauty. My feet hurt, I smell like butt, I have been wearing the same undies since last Thursday, and I love it! There is much more to explore in the mountains here. Thank you to the generous people of Bolivia, and our Badass TeamBamba for teaching me, and keeping me safe @highcountrysurf @nick_russelll @graythompson_ @justinkious #bolivianrhapsody #dreamerbydesign

@FrendlyGathering is right around the corner! Tag your crew for a chance to win a pair of tickets. See you all @sugarbush_vt June 28th-30th! Ticket link in bio

Going nuts in La Paz | Headed to the mountains tomorrow. Photo: @justinkious #DreamerByDesign #BolivianRhapsody

Yahtzee | #dreamerbydesign #bolivianrhapsody

@troubleandrew | #turningman #designershit Photo: @scottbarberfilm

Had the pleasure of having @ian.walsh come out to tahoe and do some snow surfing with @nick_russelll @jeremyjones and myself. @theinertia was there to capture it all. Full edit in bio! @scottbarberfilm

Too Much Fun | @baldfacelodge you are the best hosts. April looking like January in the kootneys. All the biggest thanks to @baldisbeautiful for creating the paradise and everyone who came out for #turningman | The Baldface withdrawals are real Photo: @zacharynigro @mountaindew @burtonsnowboards

STANDOUT | @big_air_jare Photo: @deanblottogray @baldfacelodge #turningman

@ben_ferguson | Misty @deanblottogray @baldfacelodge #turningman

Bald Rock City | #turningman @scottbarberfilm @baldfacelodge @mountaindew @burtonsnowboards

@darcysharpe | the king of sending it. Top gear, always. Photo: @deanblottogray @baldfacelodge #turningman

Psycho | @austensweetin Photo: @deanblottogray #turningman @baldfacelodge

Flat Light | #TurningMan 🎥 @scottbarberfilm @baldfacelodge @mountaindew @burtonsnowboards

Turning Man @baldfacelodge @mountaindew @burtonsnowboards

Tweak Face @ben_ferguson | #TurningMan Photo: @deanblottogray @baldfacelodge @mountaindew @burtonsnowboards

The Champ is here | 🙌🏼@markmcmorris @baldfacelodge #TurningMan #BaldRockCity

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