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Американский голливудский тренир и автор книг по физическому развитию.
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Sunday vibes after our #hotyoga

Friday vibes. We did a #hotyoga class in Bridgehampton and it was INTENSE!! Walked out feeling amazing. #hamptonslife

Complete dedication to @rpstrength @vinsanity331 A LOT of hot yoga are getting me back in shape. #heartattacksurvivor

SoHo, Manhattan

Sunday afternoon in the City.

The Polo Bar, New York City

Predicting a rain storm. Saturday night vibes. #m_moriabc #carolchristianpoell #ccp

Brick New York

Do you think I’m obsessed with my dogs? 🖤🖤🖤

Cuz it’s Friday afternoon and I’ve had a WEEK!

Hey New York City. I’ve missed you. 💎💎💎🖤🖤🖤

Happy 4th!! Sending much love to all of you. 🇺🇸

The Ritz-Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara

Magazines. Sancerre. Big hat. #cabanalife

Brick Los Angeles

People have been asking me if I am taking a break from @crossfit and the answer is NO. this morning I was @bricklosangeles doing a WOD that consisted of Push Presses at 145lbs. Double unders, alt DB snatches and strict HSPUs.

@nick.shaw.rp @rpstrength and @vinsanity331 doing their job on me. And A LOT of hot yoga @modoyogala

Monday vibes. BIG shoutout to @vinsanity331 and @nick.shaw.rp of @rpstrength for getting this #heartattacksurvivor back in shape. We aren’t there yet but we’ve come a long way. These Pros are COMMITTED and have been tireless with me on a daily basis. Their passion for health and wellness is palpable. I love them. 🖤🖤🖤

West Hollywood, California

Category is... Dog park realness. #havanese

Run to see the documentary @mrrogersmovie My message is all about spreading LOVE. This documentary had me not only crying my eyes out but it also reminded me how relevant his message of LOVE and ACCEPTANCE is today. #twocupsin

The voice in your head is a LIAR!!! #twocupsin @modoyogala @trainerjake @saintluisnyc

Vivienne loves that air vent. 🖤🖤

Spread the word of LOVE AND KINDNESS and remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! I love all of you. #twocupsin

It’s all about LOVE. Let’s just LOVE each other. We are all different and that’s okay with me. @crossfit #twocupsin

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