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Американский голливудский тренир и автор книг по физическому развитию.
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Today’s #twocupsin is one of my best weight loss tips. EVER!!!! I drink AT LEAST a gallon of water every single day. Staying properly hydrated helps with hunger, flushes out toxins (I call it WASHING AWAY MY SINS) great for complexion, keeps you “regular” and promotes brain power to name a few benefits. 💦 🖤

Hanging out with the cool kids last night @borisbidjansaberinewyork 🖤🖤🖤

PROTEIN!! There are many different theories of how much protein you should be having a day. I suggest using your weight as a gauge. Take that number and try to hit approximately .75% to total how much you should be having. That works for me. #twocupsin

#nationalcomingoutday Well as I look back at this photo of me as a little boy with a ring on both hands and really good posture, I realize that I haven’t changed much!! I love him. 🤣🤣🤣

Today on #twocupsin we are discussing Carbs. I eat them every single day.

Sunday vibes got me all relaxed...#m_moriabc #maurizioamadei

Today’s #twocupsin I’m gonna share with you the BIG DAY I had on my road to recovery. I love my boys Nick & Vinnie. Thank you for all your support.

Today’s #twocupsin I am talking about MY fat intake for my diet. I encourage you to talk to your doctors. Get blood work. See what works for YOU!

#twocupsin is back Y’ALL!! I’m gonna be sharing with all of you how I’ve lost 40 pounds! Send me questions and comments. I’ll see you tomorrow!

Javits Center

Bitch don’t get in my way... Best day. EVER!! I love @rupaulofficial @rupaulsdragrace @rupaulsdragcon MORE THAN I CAN SAY!! 🖤🖤🖤

#sponsored For #WorldHeartDay, I’m celebrating my fellow #heartattack survivors with AstraZeneca’s #SurvivorsHaveHeart program. Watch as 5 heart attack survivors reflect on their journeys and receive some warm feedback as a surprise.

Winter is coming #rickowens #ccp #m_moriabc

Vivienne is really interested in my dinner tonight. I made scallops and grilled asparagus. What’s for dinner?

I had a great day @soulcycle being interviewed by the one and only @theobird She is a class act and a dear friend. We got to speak to all the teachers in training. The energy in the room was palpable. Thank you for having me. 🤩 I love you, Olivia. 🖤🖤🖤


Saturday night vibes ROCKS in my ears #gremlins #rolex6263 #rolexbigred

Smith Street Tattoo Parlour

@frank__william gave me some LOVE today @smithstreettattooparlour

Sweating it out in my hot yoga class. Feels so good!

Are you missing #twocupsin ? What do you want to ask me? Let’s spread LOVE

My kids. Thanks to @davismcdavis for capturing Karl & Vivienne 🤩🤩🤩

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