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El Salvador

This is Lalo. He gave me the best compliment ever. ”I like your style! Your bad ass! You’re like Ricky Martin!” Then he ran off to another beach party and I never saw him again. #whereislalo

mermaid hair 🧜‍♀️

Massage train is the thing. Also my only photo from Coachella so far lol

Coachella, California

Having my own silent disco in the pool cause my friends are playing shit music 🤙🐅 (jk they’re all great dj’s but I’m better)

friday twiiiirl 💚🍻but like last week but will definitely repeat

El Salvador

I’m the happiest in places where I can be barefoot at all times ☀️

El Salvador ❤️


wiggle takes practice fuck 😅😘@toogiesaurus

wild beasts

pheebs 💚 found this girl on soundcloud 5 years ago, blasted #mine on repeat til we met at a house party in LA and she pulled a jello shot out of her pocket and I had to lick it off her hand. She’s one of the real ones 😁

#50lives 💔

Missing my weed pasties where did they go


I’m very drunk at this moment 🌸 #twobridesarebetterthanone

Impossible fat burgers is THE wedding move 🌸 congrats to the beauties @lexingit and @notkeyshiacole!!! #twobridesarebetterthanone

My new home is coming together 🥰

#TheWednesdayInitiative. This initiative, started 316 Wednesdays ago by @shellback666, means that every Wednesday a group of swedes across the world join in a shot of Chartreuse. It tastes horrendous. But this is now an important tradition in my creative family so I will happily partake 🥰❤️ Love you guys! Happy #316ChartreuseWednesday EDIT: Of course everyone is welcome to join in on this tradition 😃

#ListenToYourself inspired playlist up on @spotify! Bonus points if you check it out on my custom #urbanears headphones 😜🎧

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