Tove Lo


Шведская певица и автор песен.
  • Все 1975
  • Фото 1755
  • Видео 220

🎶hey you got drugs just need a pick me up only for tonight dont tell anyone i was you yeah its good stuff but im resistant now take it if you want think ive fallen out of my feelings 🎶 #heyyougotdrugs? #BLUELIPS

🎶 i try cause we’re in the same crowd always at the scene but i dont know how im suppose to act fine when we used to be burning love 🎶 #baddays #BLUELIPS

🎶 honestly you never thought you’d fall for me but somehow you got pulled in 🎶 #9thofoctober #BLUELIPS

@jungle_magazine photo: @vitali_gelwich hair: @karolinaliedberg makeup: @josefinaz stylist: @crapdiem

@jungle_magazine photo: @vitali_gelwich hair: @karolinaliedberg makeup: @josefinaz stylist: @crapdiem

just love this shoot so much here’s a few more :) @jungle_magazine ‘The Resilience Edition’ photo: @vitali_gelwich hair: @karolinaliedberg makeup: @josefinaz stylist: @crapdiem

🎶 fuck some sense into me 🎶 #struggle #BLUELIPS

🎶 im in a cycle dont mean we aint true just cause i talk about the things ive done before you 🎶 #cycles #BLUELIPS

🎶 drinking destructive kind fill me up 🎶 #romantics feat. @itsdayejack #BLUELIPS


@koreyfitz and @christinaleeadams fixed my hair, face and sparkle last night ✨👄 thank you everyone for the love on #BLUELIPS means the world to me 💙

GRATTIS GRATTIS GRATTIS to the one and only Beppe @bodeezy ❤️🎉 I’m so happy to have had almost 4 years of non stop adventures with you. I could not do life without you B! The best TM, bud and roomie there is 🌹love you tons🌹

🎶 all the girls stare at me drop lip drippin in harmony like fifth 🎶 #bitches #BLUELIPS

🎶 youre my last hope and I dont care what you do leave my heart open im gonna leave it for you 🎶 #stranger #BLUELIPS

🎶 these butterflies scare me to death feel em beating out of my chest 🎶 #dontaskdonttell #BLUELIPS

@jungle_magazine ’the resiliance edition’ 🦄

@jungle_magazine ’the resiliance edition’ ✨

release day and excited to be on the cover of @jungle_magazine ’the resiliance edition’ 💙 it’s out now so go get it!

🎶 kissing it better the physical phase take in your body i sit on your face 🎶 #shiveringgold #BLUELIPS

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