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Американская актриса, скрипачка, бывшая фотомодель. Более известна ролями Мелисса Хастингс из "Милых Обманщиц" и Мередит Фелл из "Дневников Вампира".
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Showing my #Happyface because season 3 Of #chicagoMed starts TONIGHT! @10/9c on @Nbc ! Who’s watching ?! @nbcchicagomed


Happy birthday to this beautiful bombshell !! Shine on, shine on @yayadacosta !! Everyone, go smother her with interweb love !!

#11:11 🖤

Oh dear God 🤦🏽‍♀️. The process of an Instagram video EXPOSED #smh (do people still say that?) . In all seriousness, I️ really can not wait to see you all in Paris! #DMWC2

First snowfall of the year here in Chicago. Me:

Less than two weeks till season 3. #ChicagoMed #FamilyPortrait

#tbt to a pic of me with my mom and fellow hospice volunteer, @mbethanyd from #hospice month 5 years ago. I have been a #hospice volunteer for almost 10 years and I can confidently say, it has been one of the most enriching experiences in my life. It has changed the way I choose to live and spend my time. It always reminds me of what is important in life and has taught me to be diligent in mapping out moments, during times of chaos, for quality time with those you love. To map out moments for adventure during times of stress...to take pauses in your career to just be still and grateful and connect with what is real. To me, death is just another beginning. A beginning to what? That I do not know. But what I do know is, there is not a single person on this planet who doesn’t deserve the right to leave this earth with dignity and respect and with comfort and proper care. If you are looking to share your time, consider Hospice volunteering..because no one deserves to die alone. #❤️ #hospicevolunteer #Hospicemonth #hpm

You may be asking yourselves, “why is Torrey posting this?” Well, Ill tell you why. I have known @pjflueger for a good 10+ years now and this incredible picture of him not only cracked me up , but it managed to capture his pure essence and personality in just one singular photo, so I thought I would share. @pjflueger , WHY ARE YOU ON THE FLOOR??! 😂😂😂😂 #onlypaddy

I am blessed to be amongst so many powerful, stunning women on a daily basis. And here are 2 of them. 🙌🙏👏#OnechicagoDay

#oneChicagoDay by night. #ChiFam ❤️

We all can’t stand each other. #OneChicagoDay by day #💙

#OneChicagoDay was a success.

For. Your. Consideration. 👏🙌👏 Congrats to my dad and everyone involved in this documentary. Such a great story to tell. If you haven’t seen it, check it out!!

A little reminder that love is all around us. #heartsmudges #❤️

When you got yourself a girl who will sleep on the floor with you, you know she’s a keeper. 💖 HAPPY BIRTHDAY @sparklesquirrel , can’t wait for our next adventure! (Just no semi trucks, please )😂😍🎉 🎂💕

Now, this is love. ❤️🐶🙈#beau and #homie

@crueltyFreeIntl has partnered with @ThebodyShop to call on the United Nations to end cosmetics testing on animals!! Swipe up on my story for more info or go to https://www.crueltyfreeinternational.org/what-we-do/breaking-news/calling-un-end-decades-animal-suffering !! Sign the petition today! LINK to sign the petition is in my bio. The goal is to get 8 million signatures! We are already at over 3 mill! Pass on the info and lets help them hit this goal!!! ❤️💜❤️ #TheBodyshop #CruletyFree #ForeverAgainstanimaltesting

Thank you @grumpymagazine for making me your #covergirl ! Check out this months issue where I talk about all the things that don’t make me Grumpy 😜 . #oliveoyl #grumpymagazine

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