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Американская актриса, скрипачка, бывшая фотомодель. Более известна ролями Мелисса Хастингс из "Милых Обманщиц" и Мередит Фелл из "Дневников Вампира".
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And that's a wrap! I got the pleasure this weekend of learning about #wildernesstherapy through these wonderful people at #ritesofpassage . It was an honor to hear their stories and watch them open up in such a brave vulnerable way. As someone who struggles with anxiety myself, I learned so much and left feeling so full. I cant wait to share all that I learned through what we were working on this weekend with you guys! #comingsoon #attn #❤️

Washington, you've left me speechless. Most magical weekend filled with breathtaking scenery and incredible people. Thank you. 💕💖

Mount Erie


One of my favorite things about instagram, is getting to see and find really great recommendations from really awesome people. This book 'Play it as it lays' by Joan Didion was first posted by my favorite TV sister, @sleepinthegardn . Since I would trust anything Troian recommended, I ordered it, plowed through it and LOVED it. And now I am reposting it to recommend it to you! Enjoy! And as she said #moreplease ! #joandidion #ThanksTroian

"Can you really stop aging??" NOPE ! And why would you want to??! Don't know if you guys know this, but amongst all our differences, the one thing we ALL have in common is that we are going to age! All of us! Aging does not discriminate. Look and feel younger?? Nah. How about look and feel healthy in the age and skin you're in?! Be the healthiest version of yourself inside and out. Why don't we try that for a change....promote that for a change! And the 'miracle diet stars swear by'...bullshit. bullshit, bullshit. Magazines and social media sometimes set an unobtainable standard for beauty and living. It can cause so much anxiety and depression and questioning of self worth. Know that you're not alone in these feelings. We all see that "perfect" photo shopped photo and think "why cant I look like that?" Or "Why DON'T I look like that." Well I'm here to remind you, you're perfect as is. We all are. At every age! Be careful of what you read, and how much time you spend scrolling through the internet comparing yourself to unrealistic images. If we all focused and cared about how our insides and mental health looked as much as we focus on "how to do the perfect contour", the world would be a much better place! Wisdom that comes with age and self confidence radiate more beauty than any filter ever could. #writtenwithcare #sentoutwithlove #gracefulaging #happyaging

#Repost @feministvoice ・・・ (Via @emilybaldoni) ・・・ The DACA program protects 800,000 immigrant youth from deportation and gives them freedom to work and live life. Today we reaffirm our solidarity with our DACA-mented, and DACA-eligible youth and their families, and pledge to do everything in our power to preserve their rights, protections, and opportunities. Don't just like this post- take action to defend DACA and protect our immigrant communities. What you can do TODAY: 1. Release a Statement. Declare that rolling back DACA is immoral and will harm our communities and nation. 2. Call on Congress. Drive calls to Congressional offices to do their job and pass a CLEAN Dream Act with no enforcement measures, or trades for other things that would harm our communities. Tell Congress to pass the bipartisan Dream Act of 2017 immediately to protect immigrant youth and do not jeopardize other immigrants. Please do so by calling the following number: 888-542-8298 3. Go to "We Are Here to Stay" ( http://weareheretostay.org/ ) to participate in a 48 hour response plan with coordinated messaging in English and Spanish, sample tweets, hashtags, slogans and more. 4. Call on your state and local officials to issue statements of support and resolutions to protect immigrant youth #DefendDACA #HereToStay #UnitedWeDream #SURJ #HispanicFederation


#ChiFam #💋 #😻


Ravinia Festival

When worlds collide 💜 #ChicagoFam #LAfam Such a beautiful show of story telling and music. Thank you, Stevie! #StevieNicks



Beyond thrilled about their new comfy, cozy @Casper beds. #happyBabies #beauAndhomie #TonguesOut #❤️

There's not enough wine in the world to help ease the concern Beau and I have for what's going on in the world today. Thank God there's @postmates to deliver us our daily provisions while we are busy fighting the good fight ! And now you can too by entering this code: TORREY50 to get $50 FREE delivery credit. #resist ! #postmates supporting the #ACLU

Don't kid yourself.

Obligatory wing 📷 by @mdevitto

My tribe hanging out at video village. #sisters #4 #chicagoMed #❤️

Making my sisters dreams come true... and mine again for the second time. 😬😍😬 Thank you, @josephamorales ! You and the rest of the #Hamilton cast blew us all away!! ( see what I did there ?? 🤓)

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