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Американская актриса, скрипачка, бывшая фотомодель. Более известна ролями Мелисса Хастингс из "Милых Обманщиц" и Мередит Фелл из "Дневников Вампира".
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SEASON 3 is underway! The fam's back together again! 💙💙💙💙

Stop embarrassing me, MOM!

I may not support leather, but I DEFINITELY support this. About time! 🙌🏻🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏾🙌🏿 @louboutinworld

Bye, Cabo! Thank you for everything! ☀️💛✨@zaringgroup @grandvelasloscabos #friendship #loscabos #Mexico #ATvacay❤️ #magic

(infra)red on red on red. @zaringgroup @grandvelasloscabos #friendship #loscabos #Mexico #Spa

#heaven @zaringgroup @grandvelasloscabos #friendship #loscabos #Mexico

💜🔮💜🦄@zaringgroup @grandvelasloscabos #friendship #loscabos #Mexico @aikidoswimwear @we_are_hah

Listen, we are all on the same page. I get it.... this is NOT real life. But within this magical realm, I couldn't be more grateful to be with one of my best friends in the most gorgeous location. Currently pinching myself.... thank you for hosting us , @zaringgroup & @grandvelascabos . Had we known while driving to school together every day back in Florida that we would be taking a trip like this together to celebrate love and life , I think we would have puked from excitement ! #friendship #loscabos #Mexico @ariellekebbel

And I finally got to wear the black hoodie. It wouldn't have felt right to end Melissa without a black hoodie appearance even if it wasn't...really... her... But in all seriousness , thank you to this woman @imarleneking . What you have created marvels me. You are a force to be reckoned with and I am grateful you chose me to fill Melissa Hastings shoes. And thank you to all the wonderful PLL fans who have loved to hate and be completely confused by Melissa's motives since day one. Hope you're all satisfied ! I know I am 😜

Baby Hastings. 💕I'll never forget incredible bits of the conversation from this night ... 💓#Repost @ianmharding ・・・ Another pic from the pilot. Troian, Torrey, Julian and myself all went to Sushi one night and this is the photo I managed to grab in between sips of sake and bites Julian's favorite: Uni rolls. #pll

The first time we ever met Melissa Hastings. Can't believe it was 7 years ago and I can't believe tonight we all say goodbye to PLL for good. What a ride, what a journey. It's been an honor to be a part of this show! Hope you all get the answers you were looking for .... 😈 #pll

Happy birthday to this beautiful, teeny DREAM BOAT! I love you so much @ccsolis25 ! #17yearsStrong #CharliesAngels

My partner in cooking and all other things. Love you , @katijapevec ! @eatzla #istillcantcook #👍🏽

Watching #wonderwoman for the second time with these #wonderwomen was 😍. #HappyBirthdayAmy ! 💕

Happy Father's Day to my incomparable Dad! I love you Pops!!! 💜

#HappyBirthdayDevon #sisterlyloveisthebestkindoflove #❤️

Happy birthday to my older, cooler, (shorter 🐒) sister @thisisdevond !!! I'll never stop smooshing your face with kisses! I love you SOOO much! #1/4 #DTMM #❤️ I'll be celebrating your birth all day!!! #daria

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