Торранс Кумбс


Канадский актёр, наиболее известен по ролям Томаса Калпепера в телесериале «Тюдоры», Сэма Бешта в телесериале «Шах и мат» и Себастьяна, незаконнорожденного сына короля Франции Генриха II, в телесериале «Царство».
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Our Iceland blogs and vlogs continue at www.thealist.me // 📷: @alysscampanella

Silica Hotel - Blue Lagoon

Lucked out our first night in Iceland and caught a spectacular Aurora Borealis show. If you want to see more from our trip, check out www.thealist.me

My buddy.

Take me back. // 📷: @alysscampanella #Iceland

Self portrait. Like a selfie but with a nicer camera.

Thinking about some hot fresh fish ‘n chips. // 📷: @alysscampanella

Reykjavík, Iceland


Glacier Lagoon-Jökulsárlón

Brrrrrrrr. // 📷: @alysscampanella

Quick jaunt in the snow in the mountains around Reykjavík // 📷: @alysscampanella

Myvatn Lake, Iceland

MY SHOELACE IS UNDONE // 📷: @alysscampanella

My helmet’s cooler than yours.

Glacier Lagoon-Jökulsárlón

Came here in January and it was completely frozen over. Cool to see it again a bit thawed out.


Been looking for one of these 🍆 // 📷: @alysscampanella

Skógafoss Waterfall, Iceland

I’m falling for you. // 📷: @alysscampanella


The shadow in this canyon makes it look like Batman’s behind me.

There are no bad angles in Iceland.

Deplar Farm


Returned today to the diamond beach. Too windy to linger long, but still beautiful.

ERRRRSSSSLERRRRRNNNNND #Iceland // 📷: @alysscampanella

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