Торранс Кумбс


Канадский актёр, наиболее известен по ролям Томаса Калпепера в телесериале «Тюдоры», Сэма Бешта в телесериале «Шах и мат» и Себастьяна, незаконнорожденного сына короля Франции Генриха II, в телесериале «Царство».
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Count Paris wants YOU to tune in to #StillStarCrossed, premiering one week from today on ABC.

New show. Still spending half my time covered in fake blood. #StillStarCrossed coming your way May 29th on @abcnetwork.

Silica Hotel - Blue Lagoon

Throwing it back to the Blue Lagoon. 📷: @alysscampanella

We pick up where Romeo and Juliet leave off. Still Star-Crossed premieres May 29th on ABC.

I was hungry so I ate my finger.

A ton of new promo photos for #StillStarCrossed are up at spoilertv.com

Photoshoot today with the amazing team at @regardmag. Thanks so much for having me! #RegardingTorrance #StillStarCrossed

Count Paris is on his way. My new show @stillstarcrossedabc premieres May 29th at 10pm on @abcnetwork.


Dany scoping out the absolutely gorgeous hand drawn portrait of her and her brother by @sashamalik_

Happy 5th birthday to these two little stinkers, who make me laugh my ass off every single day.

This is my "listening to NPR in traffic" face.

Emo AF.

L'Auberge de Sedona

Mixing herbs - it just makes scents. 📷: @alysscampanella

Been doing some modeling on the side.

South Rim of the Grand Canyon, AZ

Dat outtake.

We have a date! Still Star-Crossed (@stillstarcrossedabc) premieres May 29th at 10pm after The Bachelorette on @abcnetwork.

Papago Park - Hole In The Rock

Rock hard.

Butterfly Beach, SB

Beach days terrorizing this one.

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