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Американская певица и автор песен, медленно получила признание после размещения видео на YouTube в возрасте 14 лет, когда ей было 16, Tori пробовалась на телесериал пения конкуренции, American Idol .
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TOUR STARTS IN A WEEK. if you wanna hear more unreleased songs like this 1, get tickets to the #AcousticSessions @ torikellymusic.com 💋☕️

how was this a week ago? liiiiike did that day even really happen?🧐 lol still trippin..

it’s valentine’s day so that means i get to be extraaaa mushy & post a dramatic photo like this 1. heehee. luh u forevs @acmurillo22 🥰💗 (photo by @heyemilysaenz)

just when i thought things couldn’t get more exciting, i remembered i’m going on tour in 2 weeks... to reveal unreleased songs like this 1 (& so much more)❣️ tix @ torikellymusic.com

what a wild day. i still don’t know how i was somehow able to soak the tears back into my eyes as i was walking up to accept each of these. dreamed about this since i was a kid. never thought i would get 2 in 1 night. i don’t think i fully even know what happened😂 i just know that i’m so incredibly grateful & will never forget this feeling. all glory to God. (@kirkfranklin YOU’RE MY HERO)

amazing night. always an honor💗

thanks for having me today!! @beats1official @zanelowe @oldmanebro @julieadenuga

excited to play some new music on the #AcousticSessions tour🙊 tickets @ torikellymusic.com

weeeeee i wanna have tea & hang with y’all before the shows!! enter @ torikelly.wun.io/teawithtori ☕️ #teawithtori

so happy to announce that the amazing @mateusasato will be joining me for the #AcousticSessions 🤩🤩🤩we’re just 3 weeks away!!!🎊 did you get your tickets yet??

ok @mateusasato i see u👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

casual billboard(s) of my FACE in times square🧐


just frolicking in alleyways💃🏼 (ps tour starts in less than a month!!)

here’s a photo from my birthday which was in december but i really wanted to post something (hashtag content) & just say thank you for all the love on the song, i love reading all your reactions, k cool i love you byeee🥰

#AcousticSessions on sale now!! see you soooon 🎟 torikellymusic.com

#ChangeYourMind is officially out everywhere!! 💐


1 more day💐 #changeyourmind

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