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Filming in Oregon, took this 10 min ago and the area is surrounded by fires. This is a @tothestarsacademy Production about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, and you will hear about it very soon. Invest in our informed storytelling with our Entertainment Division at ToTheStarsAcademy.com

@tothestarsacademy Creating an ambitious dialogue about ourselves and taking advantage of ground breaking-opportunities to invent technology that can revolutionize the world. Invest at ToTheStarsAcademy.com

Illustrations from #StrangeTimes — Another @tothestarsacademy production that uses informed storytelling... Invest at ToTheStarsAcademy.com

The new tank and cowl are gettin’ there. That backend piece will not be that giant, don’t worry. Yes, my wheels are a better color than yours... Need to ride this damn bike... #ducatimonster @alchemymotorcycles

@angelsandairwaves — a @tothestarsofficial production from our entertainment division of @tothestarsacademy. #demo

YES- @tothestarsacademy has in its possession many pieces of material of unknown origin. Some from observed craft, and some that are biological in origin. TTSA Scientists will determine the facts. Support and Invest in Science and Technology with the A.D.A.M. RESEARCH PROJECT at ToTheStarsAcademy.com

There are so many exciting things happening right now you guys know it’s hard for me to contain myself from hinting about them to you sometimes. But today I can finally release a few details of one thing that is a major milestone of progress for what I am trying to achieve. We have officially announced our first research program, The ADAM Research Project at @tothestarsacademy and we will be partnering with EarthTech laboratories to conduct the Acquisition & Data Analysis of Materials (ADAM). Our world-class team has already started collecting samples obtained through reliable, vetted reports of advanced aerospace vehicles of unknown origin!! Our goal in the coming weeks is to give you insight into the methodology and care taken into collection and testing so you can follow the process. I couldn’t have done this without your continued support. Check out more details: ToTheStarsAcademy.com

My view right now...

Hi. Writing a letter to everyone right now about a major update of @tothestarsacademy. In the next few days it will hit the ToTheStars email list (ToTheStarsAcademy.com). Make sure your email address is on it, because it will let you know something big.

You have no idea what is coming. :) #sekrets When I first met Lue, he was standing behind a tree in the lobby of a hotel. It was October of last year and we were to have an informal meeting about “stuff”. I was wearing a suit, because it was ‘that’ informal, ha. The responsibility he held at the time— UFOs, Guantanamo Bay, hunting terrorist leadership... you name it. What he has done IS NOTHING SHORT OF HEROIC. At the anger of others, he turned to the world to tell you all (what he can), but to help me bring the facts to the world. There is something happening here and I hope you all respect the enormity of it. Again, there is a reason we offered the world an ability to own the company with us. Invest at ToTheStarsAcademy.com

Wow! @ritamariemags nailed this Tom Clancy’s #JackRyan experience at Comic Con 2018! This is her baby and it’s insanely big. Stunts and all. Good job lady!

Right now.

These doves visit me everyday. Love what their symbolic meaning is. #Hope #Rebirth (I took this pic against a white cloud sea, an overcast afternoon)

My amazing daughter @avaedelonge has turned 16 today. I just can’t believe it. Being a father really makes you see the world in a much more careful way, it allows you to become so much less selfish and ready to sacrifice anything and everything for someone else. Best thing a person can do is have, or care for a young person. Happy Birthday Ava, I love u.

New headlight, handle bars, exhaust, and wheels... getting close #ducatimonster #caféracer @alchemymotorcycles

IMPORTANT: Awhile ago someone sent me this coin. Whoever you are, I need to know who you are and how you got it. Please respond in the comments, and I will know who you are by your answer.... And, I will reach u.

This is where I spend 50% of my time these days... it has a wonderful view, although you can’t tell. But it’s got a spiritually that helps when I need it.

Still just sitting here.... summer in San Diego provides quite a sunset to witness. Oh yeah, Angels album is going great :) recording again tomorrow with my co-pilot @theaaronrubin

This is my other bike, kinda looks like Batman’s Safari bike. Well, ask anyone who rides and they’ll have respect for this machine that can travel through rain, snow, mud, dirt and asphalt... across the world and back. Can’t do that on my two other café racers. This shit is the ultimate champ to get ya through the apocalypse.

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