Томас ДеЛонг


Американский музыкант, автор песен и продюсер.
  • Все 1796
  • Фото 1665
  • Видео 131

Trying to make two displays work at the same time... well, this damn module seems to hate that idea- But that's what you were made for!! Damn you +1!

My beautiful better half @jenniferdelonge and I had a nice date in Palm Springs this weekend..

Only book I had with me on a quick Palm Springs trip... Peter Levenda is doing something that is massively difficult: Laying the foundation to tie together ancient religion with the occult, and then reconcile them with modern science. After, in Book 2, he will lay in our discovery of the UFO phenomenon over the last hundred years, and in Book 3 "WAR" he describe how we deal with it moving forward. That is why there are three books. That is why... this first book doesn't just give you pictures of alien spaceships. You need to know the entire story. Trust me. It gets better, or worse... depending on how you look at it. 😬SEKRET MACHINES GODS, MAN, and WAR

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Some story boards from @joebrisbois


I look like the monkey behind me @tothestarsofficial

Here's all the challenge coins you all sent me! Thanks for your service! #UncleSam


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And the wreckage had Greek symbols on it... when translated, it spells the word "freedom". #sekretmachines

@tothestarsofficial .... big things coming Www.ToTheStars.Media

Super cute and beautiful Cherry Blossoms! Pouring into our hearts like the fire of heaven itself... exploding my spirit with love, glory and tacos



#TheAdventure @angelsandairwaves

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That's my campsite down there...

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