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Американский музыкант, автор песен и продюсер.
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Me and my hot lady @jenniferdelonge hanging in the mountains. Sometimes small little towns and less people feel like we actually live on a peaceful planet.

I walked by a room that had a bunch of construction materials in it. I just thought they were remodeling. It was actually an Art exhibit, all consisting of various construction materials. Cool, but whatever. But then I found out every little fucking thing was made out of FOAM. There were drills, cigarette burn marks on furniture, electric sanders, 2x4’s, work benches with Tylenol bottles that were not only all Foam, but they precisely painted the exact wrapper, ingredients and all. I thought it was real. Dope. #WadeGuytonPeterFischli

I love the mountains. Hi, Colorado!

Earth looks like this

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The long-awaited follow-up book to our 2015 award-winning bestseller Poet Anderson ...Of Nightmares has finally arrived. Collectors can now get their hands on the signed, advanced readers edition of POET ANDERSON ...IN DARKNESS before the trade version hits stores next year. Limited to 250 signed and numbered books, this exclusive special-edition hardcover is in deluxe manuscript format, fresh and uncorrected before being prepped for wider distribution to the public. Www.ToTheStars.Media

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This is what exercise looks like in San Diego

Desert sky last night.

@tothestarsofficial will be releasing Military Videos of UFOs on a website tasked with coordinating discussion, study and disclosure of this information in partnership with Governments. These are “proof of concept” and To The Stars plans to be building this technology with a Major Aerospace Company soon. Invest now Www.ToTheStarsAcademy.com #CapturedOnAegisRadar #fowardlookinginfrared

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Truth is, if I don’t look at my guitar when I play it, sometimes it sounds like a kindergartner. And then when I do look at it and play, it changes dramatically... it sounds like a 2nd grader on sugar.

When TTS Director of Advanced Technology Steve Justice approached me about building an Aerospace Division, he wanted to model it after his love of a long career at Lockheed Martin SkunkWorks and their unique ability to think “out of the box” and innovate. The “Toy Factory” will be the To The Stars Aerospace Division, and like the SkunkWorks it will innovate and Engineer the future of point to point travel and access to Space. Www.ToTheStarsAcademy.com

My conversations lately are balancing between two large issues- Disclosure and Revolutionary Technology. i take multiple calls a day where my partners and i weigh the benefits and risks of both. i talk on secure lines, use secure email servers, and systematically erase my digital tracks. Weird place to be these days. When we launched, we had a large group from the CIA and DOD call our Team saying “it’s about fucking time...” TTSA is part of a large plan that is unfolding as we speak. You all have seen the first step, but it only gets better from here. Also, my partners are moving fast- i already have flow charts, timelines, manufacturing / R&D road maps and our first Sekret Machines Feature Film is half way written. Lots to come, thank you to all our new owners! Www.ToTheStarsAcademy.com

We have some good news brewing on this...wow. Steve Justice (former Program Director of Lockheed Martin SkunkWorks) brings an ability to create and manage very large programs based on partnerships with other major Aerospace companies (and DOD Divisions) to create multi-billion dollar aerospace projects. i would not bet against someone like that. That’s why i am like a kid in a candy store working with him and this team at To The Stars. invest at www.ToTheStarsAcademy.com

I’ve always had a rebellious edge in me. Every report card in middle school said “has trouble with authority” - hell yeah, i did. Even with @angelsandairwaves, i was like “fuck you, i’m gonna make my own world..” Now, with @tothestarsofficial, i have broke a system of silence on an important sekret (70 years going) in half. in Blink, i always wanted to offend... just didn’t give a fuck... and guess what? Still don’t. Ha. Bands always need an edge, that is my addition to things, i suppose.


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