Томас ДеЛонг


Американский музыкант, автор песен и продюсер.
  • Все 1873
  • Фото 1732
  • Видео 141

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Hi. What's our collective thoughts on traffic?

ALL Americans ARE British Citizens right now. We are with you.


Hi- my big announcement is still coming. Gonna be a few weeks still, got pushed back. But... just had a MAJOR developement, making it even BETTER. 🚀

No names for streets...

U2 The Joshua Tree and wifey @jenniferdelonge

@angelsandairwaves music coming #StrangeTimes

It's much too late to modify the art on the Voyager spacecraft. But I made an edit that is so important, it should definitely be a national priority to change it out with my correction.

Right now.... #GoBulls

Look at the silver fox... lil' gray hairs on my sideburns. My god... I'm not 23 anymore

Austin Hedges- I need you to whip these pitchers into shape. #PleaseGoPadres

My collection is grooooowing...

This is me, looking at you and wondering what you think about our White House crumbling down...

Jesus Christ Robert! Almost died by 1. Friendly Bomb 2. Dud Mine 3. Rolled Military Vehicle off 50' cliff.... THANK YOU FOR YOUR COINS! You are a fucking superman.

Thanks Carlos for your coin!! Never seen one that stands for "Presented for Excellence" really cool. Thanks for your sacrifices-

Happy Mothers Day to my beautiful wife @jenniferdelonge - She keeps our family grounded, healthy and crazy stylish.


Such a great branding story early NASA had...

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