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Listen to this right now with me, so you can feel the punk rock tingling I feel.

The Beast got some stickers

Singing today. @angelsandairwaves

Hi. This is morning coffee time.

I-EMPIRE SIGNED VINYL BUNDLE AT ToTheStars.Media @angelsandairwaves #2019

I WROTE A NEW BOOK! :) “Who Here Knows Who Took My Clothes?” NOW at Www.ToTheStars.Media

Because nudity is funny. Limited first edition that comes with a flexi vinyl narrated by me only online @tothestarsofficial!!

I will finish this f-ing LEGO #millenniumfalcon or so help me God... When finished, I will put in the @tothestarsacademy retail store for international admiration and worship

@angelsandairwaves T’s for the Ladies at www.ToTheStars.Media

On bag #7 #millenniumfalcon

@angelsandairwaves #Anxiety

“When God falls fast asleep, The kids still move to a steady beat... from the White House lawn to the Middle East... Even when it's bombs landing at their feet.... I will not surrender” — @angelsandairwaves

#SuburbanKings “this house is gettin’ out of hand....mommy’s got a thing for prayin’—- but God is gonna hate my band” #ToTheStarsDemosOddsAndEnds


What’s coming this #holiday season? Who here knows? #fromtheimaginationoftomdelonge

I have a de-looooong way to go on this build.

Thank you to the Italian Government for the security you provided to me and my team all week long, and thank you for the attendance of your AIR FORCE Generals, United Nations Officials, Intelligence Operatives and Vatican representatives to the private and invitation only @tothestarsacademy briefing on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and the ADVANCED AERIAL THREAT IDENTIFICATION THREAT PROGRAM— here in Rome, Italy. It was my pleasure to represent the United States with the To The Stars Principal Team Members and start the exciting and unifying international conversation here in such a wonderful country. #Disclosure

Pope— Can ya spot him? #TakenTodayInRome

This is big news! I’m done wearing suits for awhile! T-shirt and sweatpants feel incredible. This is my GQ pose I learned from the flight magazine.

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