Томас ДеЛонг


Американский музыкант, автор песен и продюсер.
  • Все 1958
  • Фото 1803
  • Видео 155

Had an amazing trip to #CaboSanLucas with my hot wifey @jenniferdelonge #SunsetMakingOut


#rightnow at my favorite morning seat... with my favorite morning Iced Latte

Hello, my name is Tom DeLonge and I created the band blink-182 years ago with a couple buddies. But I have something important coming up, and I will need your attention for a minute when it arrives. I am sure it will not be what you are expecting... And, it's (almost) here. Also, sorry about the delay, it was extremely difficult to do and it will make sense to you later. This will also not matter if you are a fan of my music or not, it's not about me, it's about....us.

I don't have a pick in my hand, it's just my fingernail.. it's a little difficult to find the pocket. I'm just trying to hear things as I play, basically just trying to find a "through line"... my problem is I play acoustic guitars like an electric guitar. I want these things to be louder so I tend to play them harder. And at the end of the day, an acoustic guitar is not supposed to be banged on the way I tend to bang on them; Causes issues with tuning.... and often bleeding fingers. #stillruffaroundtheedges. #StrangeTimesMusic

I knew Chester, he was very kind. Our bands grew up together, and we would run into them from time to time. I actually just had a run-in with him about two months ago at the LAX airport. We had a nice conversation, and he was very kind to my wife and kids. It's a painful loss for those who are inspired by his work, but is much more painful for his family and kids. I'm saddened that any child loses a parent. That is just crushing. Chester, may your journey To The Stars be fantastic.

Thanks Dak for your service and support! Tell your wife I am a fan of your relationship and your best collaboration yet... your son. :)

As Americans we like to have a loud voice about our accomplishments in whatever way possible. And that's ok, all countries should. But Britain is one of the true heroes of WW2, holding off the NAZIs while America debated and argued about how best to help or staying out of it altogether. Britain suffered about the same amount of casualties as the US. As a MUCH smaller country and fighting MUCH longer. Three times as many casualties per capita as the US. And Americans LOVE the UK, they are our brothers/sisters and closest friends. I feel like the Brits and the Yanks could never be split from each other....thankfully. Thank you to the U.K. for keeping the world safe until the US was able to get our heads together and do the right thing... help. #Dunkirk #christophernolan #ChurchillWillFUCKyouUp

Work day...

This is definitely my style...


My boyz #Padres

I did this before a few weeks ago, I need 10 seconds of your time again. Right now, send Jameson the collected thought of bright light and healing. Just picture it really quickly in your mind, right now. As you read this, imagine that light of all our collected consciousness is surrounding his little amazing body and curing him 100% and completely. #ToTheStars


My view right now

I'm currently at the nicest studio ever... 😬

@angelsandairwaves #valkyriemissile #wedontneedtowhisper

@angelsandairwaves #wedontneedtowhisper

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