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@tothestarsacademy + UFOS + THE HISTORY CHANNEL= “UNIDENTIFIED” Coming in May

Can you spot the alien sticker? (Actually “Alien Workshop,” a skateboarding Company... but, u know...)

Successful night - @tothestarsacademy

BOOM - TODAY ON DEADLINE.COM - “Unidentified” from A&E Originals, will be executive produced by TOM DELONGE, co-founder and president of To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science, who along with former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and Intelligence Chris Mellon and their team will provide new information about UFO encounters and embark on new investigations. History has given the greenlight to “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation” a six-part docuseries that the network says will expose new evidence about the U.S. government’s secret program investigating the UFO phenomenon. The series will premiere sometime in May. @tothestarsacademy

@tothestarsacademy HQ


#WhoHereKnowsWhoTookMyClothes @tothestarsofficial

The Adventure @angelsandairwaves

Just a cold, snowy ride through the mountains of Southern California on Sunday... I actually was quite warm and enjoyed going 80mph while listening to quality lectures on UFOs. :)



#VeryOldLogo - found this in my storage today.

Took the boy to the mountains and it turned out to be a great place to look at his phone...

My little ol’ company @tothestarsacademy has grown so much over the year... and we have now partnered with many groups within the Department of Defense, the US Intelligence Community, Major Defense Aerospace, and other International Governments. We have sold multiple TV Series (announcement coming) and our first Feature Film aims to enter production in May. We have achieved an enormous and revolutionary breakthrough with the A.D.A.M. Material Science Project, and we have completed Program Plans for Beamed Energy Propulsion and SpaceTime Metric. Yikes... A lot to say here. We have also brought on a new TTSA ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER Chris Herndon from THE WHITE HOUSE, who has decades of US Gov Experience- Chris was until recently the Chief Information Officer overseeing all Secure Communications for the Executive Branch. Chris supports our effort, and believes strongly in our mission to learn more about revolutionary technologies, help the US Gov’s efforts on UAP matters, and to educate the public on our findings. Exciting times ahead. Sometimes I laugh when people say “he quit his band to chase Aliens” - ha. If you only knew that all the while I was sitting in the Captain’s seat during the biggest event to ever happen to mankind. #Confirmation

My Ducati Monster is coming, it’s been a year but I’m still excited... who knew building a tank would be a waste of time and not work out... BUT- the rest will work wonderfully. Leather seat getting stitched as we speak. #Iempire

#MyBikeNotYours #Iempire

#SekretMachines @tothestarsacademy

Hmmmm.... So this is what today feels like? I’m listening to the sounds of tacos

@jamescoffeeco contemplating one of many new @angelsandairwaves songs....

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