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Американский музыкант, автор песен и продюсер.
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Well said...

Hi... I'm Banana Joe

This is what I look like when I just had a marathon meeting that also made my heart race really f-ing fast....

Anybody at Reagan Airport in DC?

Anybody else in Charlotte, NC airport right now?

Les Ramonés

Important meeting next week. Can't look like a dirty Skate Rat, apparently. I'm excited for u all, it's coming...

Spotlights... but they look cool, right?

Date tonight with my lady @jenniferdelonge

Getting geared up for the moon

He's getting older.... :( #KingHenrey

VG's Donuts Cardiff by the Sea...

Goodbye Austin. Had wonderful time talking Gravity Lenses, AntiMatter and the decay of Hydrogen within a mechanism to block Zero Point Fluctuations... anyways...

What do you get when you have a musician, an Astrophysicist Mathematician / Chairman of SETI and a DOD/CIA Theoretical Experimental Physicist?

I'm here right now.

Thanks for the pic NASA

@angelsandairwaves Www.ToTheStars.Media



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