Томас ДеЛонг


Американский музыкант, автор песен и продюсер.
  • Все 1917
  • Фото 1767
  • Видео 150

Just landed in Austin.... hi everybody (that's here). It's so hot... wtf? Where's the beach?

20 years old? Wow. It's crazy that what I am writing at this moment for Strange Times is even more riff-based and faster paced than this... at the time, it was fast for us. Love this album, and I'm thankful for it in my arsenal. I believe you will all be pleasantly surprised with the next Angels album.






Do science my way...

I love me a good hoodie... @tothestarsofficial


Daddy and Daughter Breakfast...

This flag kind of represents a bit of everything that's coming... Www.ToTheStars.Media @tothestarsofficial

Luna, my Great Dane.

Spread hope. New flags @tothestarsofficial

To The Stars... We have only just begun. This company has some really amazing things coming up... exciting times. @tothestarsofficial

Www.ToTheStars.Media @tothestarsofficial

Like seriously, I think this is the only nice shirt i got... me and @jenniferdelonge going to see a scientist deliver knowledge...

I'm from the Red Part... That's where all the cool entertainment comes from. But cool hardware and tech comes from the Star part. You see that Bear? There are actually a lot of Bears in that area, no joke... they'll getchya #Arrrrrrhhh #PirateBear

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