Томас ДеЛонг


Американский музыкант, автор песен и продюсер.
  • Все 1978
  • Фото 1819
  • Видео 159


"We will drain the swamp, everything that Obama has done is a disaster, I built a giant business, I will do it here, I will do it better than anyone. I know what I'm doing, it's all a disaster, you can't elect Hillary if she's under investigation, only I can fix the economy by making deals, I'm the best at making deals, We will get all of the people out of Washington and I will fix it." - 7 months in, under multiple federal investigations for treason, multiple failed bills in congress, pissed off all of our allies, and almost started nuclear war... oh, he is also a despicable racist.

HAPPY 11th BDAY TO MY BOY! I stoked him out with an Alienware gaming computer today. He was definitely not expecting that. But it has a very cute little light-up Alien on the side! You know, those short creepy little Demon ones with the big black eyes? The ones that take you out of your room at night and cut you open to genetically hybrid a new race to take over earth? Yeah those ones... super cute :/

Fast, dynamic, anthemic and emotionally sincere. The new @angelsandairwaves should aspire to be just that. And I shall try my hardest to make it so...

@pioneertownranch by @jenniferdelonge #nofilter

Desert Runner...

Lost in #HomeDepot

Just came on as I started my car. I miss Critter, who always spoke with such poetry as he was my companion during the making of the first years of Angels. He would drink and dance in the studio parking lot to these songs till 4am. Unfortunately, the drinking killed him. But his heart lives on. And as he once said, "I danced till the morning hours with only the moon as my witness" - those words became a song, BTW.

@angelsandairwaves new album in the works....

Clap along.... and dance sexually.


@angelsandairwaves #thedreamwalker

@tothestarsofficial Concept Art...


A wise man once said....

At this moment... I'm getting my coffee

Poet Book #2 is just about finished.... :)

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