Томас Миддлдитч


Канадский актёр. Наиболее известен по главной роли в телесериале «Кремниевая долина».
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@davekloc made an absolutely INCREDIBLE poster for the #middleditchandschwartz Carnegie Hall show. We are selling limited edition screen prints, 18”x24”, hand numbered out of 375. Available night of the show only - then afterwards a limited supply through Kloc. It’s a really nice piece of pizza. So many toppings.

A few days ago on my way to the set of Zombieland 2 we found this very scared and very sweet stray pooch in the surrounding woods. I tried to lure her into my car but she wouldn’t have it, then I had to work. Hats off to @abbienormal9 and the crew for coming together to make the right calls and especially @friendsoffultoncounty for picking her up and naming her Little Rock. Well played. Happy to announce she’s already been adopted into a new home. Genuinely warms my heart. In the words of Bobby B, have your pets spayed or neutered. They’re our responsibility and sweeties like Little Rock deserve responsible humans. 🐾

Sunderland ‘Til I Die.

“Hey Davis, is your mom coming to pick you up?”

Saw @frankieshawisag last night and she put it better than me. Her words here • 👠👠👠 In 2013, When I started directing I watched as many short films as I could and my favorite was #All’sFair starring Thomas Middleditch, directed by Todd Strauss Schulson. That same year, I was cast as Thomas’ girlfriend in a movie called #someonemarrybarry. In 2014, Thomas starred in the short film of #smilf. His manager told me “he only has one available day on Saturday, June 1st, but he’s all yours.” Our DP Q was 9 months pregnant and we shot in a friends’ ex boyfriends’ tiny studio apartment. We were warned about bed bugs. Thomas showed up with a painful to the touch sunburn on his whole torso - which we ended up adding to the scene. The editor of the short, Joi just edited #bealestreet btw!!! When I was still writing the pilot for #smilf, I worked with Thomas again, briefly as a stripper with a knee brace in Jeff Baena’s film #joshy. Jeff was the first person to show me how to use (and gift me) a director’s viewfinder. When I was writing the pilot in 2016, I had a general Mtg w Todd because he was casting his own pilot. He did not cast me but we became friends and I ended up giving him notes on a script. He returned the favor and gave me notes on the cut of my short #toolegit and again on the cut of the #smilf pilot. Todd’s notes are wild stream of consciousness live tweeting type of notes and are always invaluable. Of course, like it is in the movies, Hollywood can at times feel a bit Faustian, BUT most of the time it’s a kind and generous community, full of people who are well-meaning, often a little pained, always imperfect, who are happy and honored for the chance to create and to help others do the same. Last night, 2019, Thomas and I got to awkwardly walk the carpet while our spouses waited patiently. We were there to support Todd’s spectacular heartwarming (studio!) movie, #isntitromantic. It feels like a romantic comedy the way they used to make em, big and sweeping, laugh out loud and still makes you cry a lil bit with the best damn Karaoke scene probably ever caught on “celluloid.” Congrats Todd!!! and so nice to see you Thomas! 👠👠👠

@carpoolkaraoke asked Ben and I to take a ride. It’s out now on the AppleTV app. I promise you...it’s on brand for #middleditchandschwartz and proof that we are good pals and silly lads. The IG story with link is pinned above.

Who is this little scamp tucked behind Ol Tommy? It’s @straussschulson and he’s got a movie called Isn’t It Romantic coming out Valentine’s Day and I think you should see it and just keep being little cuties like Todd. That little SCAMP. FUCK. THAT FUCKING SCAMP!!!!

My brother is a teacher in my hometown of Nelson BC Canada and he created a high school program where you downhill mountain bike. For credit. It’s physical. Teaches conservation. Mechanics. And it’s been adopted by the province so other schools can pick it up too. Proud of you, my man. And what’s that? You’re single? Uh-ohhhhh...

This dude gets it.

@mouthbreather__ it’s that 😱

I. Was. There.

She’s smooth, I’m telling you.

Paramount Theater in Denver mixed it up tonight. “Chips?” They said. “Nah, my dude. I think you mean popping corn.” Rocky Mountain popcorn, White Cheddar. Is this a disqualification? My god, the controversy. #corngate has begun. “Taste HUGE” is written on the front and here’s where these kernels live up to the rep. That’s right, Chipstermanics, I’m talking DUST. Powder. So much so that after just a few dips these digits were coated in a cheesey film that just begged to be licked. So I got the local creepy man to come in and clean my fingies and he wept because he’d never been exposed to that much white gold in his sad little life. Then he reached for me and since he was crying I let him have a go. And now everyone is eyeing each other like “we gonna do this thing?” I had to bail because I needed to write this review. Here’s the deal. They good but they just ain’t chips. DQ. Btw, I turned around and the only thing I saw on the couch was a signed Duck Tales poster. K, gotta go, Crudley Bogwater is waiting J me O.

Btw, I was on @drunkhistory tonight playing John Muir. Johnny believed in protecting the natural beauty of the world and that some things just don’t have a price — like national monuments and air and water and global temperatures and science and the wellbeing of all life on earth. Support @sierraclub if you agree and join the cause. And watch Drunk History because it’s funny.

I’m on a mission to blow up @catatonicyouths. It’s just good Internet. Follow. I mean...see this gold. See it. Let it twinkle in your heart and forget the miseries of our world. It’s just good old fashioned ding-fries-are-done Internet.

Goofing around with real 35mm film with sweet Hot Toddy @straussschulson.

That feeling when...

And now...Rap Snacks Sour Cream With A Dab Of Ranch, Migos Edition. Now I can’t tell if the branding is shameless or hilarious, but I’ll be god damned if I’m not finally going to be able to combine my very limited knowledge of rap with my boundless love of chips. Bout time. We out here. Sho nuff. What what? Aaannnd that’s all I got. The chip is a little soft. Like a Lays/Old Dutch. Old school. The dust...is interesting. Look it’s not a home run but it bobs and weaves. It hits you with a zesty Ranch and then finishes you off with “dat” Sour Cream right in your mouth. Or Kreem, if you will. It gets points for style and because it keeps me guessing. It also comes from a plethora of other Rap Snacks I encourage you to discover. B. Btw lolz is that a funnee d00d or a ghostie?

Wow, what fun. The Paramount in Austin came up with a real buffet of excellent choices. Since we are doing two shows here and since they killed it with the chips, let’s pick two. I’ll start off here with Doritos Ranch Dipped Hot Wings, Jacked edition. There are so many words on the cover of this bag to imply how extreme the contents are. And buddy, they don’t lie. Now listen, I haven’t ran into a chip that had too much dust, but these ride the line. Maybe that’s part of the whole Jacked line of chips, it’s hard to know, there’s a lot of Teen Marketing you have to wade through to make sense of things here. It’s also a little tricky to make sense of the flavor. Is it spicy and zippy? Yes. Will it destroy your stomach and make you shit blood if you ate a whole bag? Yes. And of course the real question — Is. It. Jacked? Yes. In short, all positives. But you can’t taste what’s what, and it should instead be called Spice Tang Flavor 4 Teenz because that’s what’s happening. Doritos lately is just messing around with various combinations of the STF4T formula like a zombie virus until they get the right one. So yes, it tastes good, but I can’t help but feel like it’s in beta. I’m also going to dock marks because I want Doritos to know I’m onto them. I see what you’re doing and you better figure your shit out because I’m the fucking CHIP KING GOD DAMMIT AND I’M A MONSTER NOW. C+. Also...door creeper much lol?

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