Томас Миддлдитч


Канадский актёр. Наиболее известен по главной роли в телесериале «Кремниевая долина».
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The Late Late Show with James Corden


Tonight on @latelateshow I was on the couch with one of my favorite actors of all time, Kurt Russell. Big Trouble In Little China, Miracle, Captain Ron, Hateful Eight, so many to list, but not only do I love Backdraft, I wore this shirt almost every day from 5th to 7th grade until I had to burn it due to intense pit stains. Well @j_corden printed out my school photo and Kurt signed it. It says "Did you check that door for heat, Thomas?!" I now have to shower because I have shit myself. He's a pilot, and yes, we talked about flying. Watch. This. Episode.

Colbert Show tonight. Watch. So stoked. Love you. America. #blessed #dreemz @americaferrera

Meatloaf be dreamin'.

Since everybody's doing it...Also, I feel like I've already slept with the girl version of myself at some point -- figure that one out.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Earth Day. Science. Facts.

Tomorrow! Season 4! I've seen the first two episodes, they're fantastic. Very proud of all my little girls that work on the show.

I'm actually on the cover of a magazine. Me, a successful and beautiful actress. My talented friend Koury Angelo took the pics. Thanks to Eric Stolze and Flood Magazine. Pick up a mag or view the online version here (and no I will not put a link in the bio I want to make this as difficult as possible): floodmagazine.com/43883/thomas-middleditch-vincible/

Our Talking Hardwick episode already aired but this photo is still real nasty. Nasty women.

Our recent press for the show with The Wrap. Our theme was The Outsiders. I voted our theme be The Green Mile but we couldn't agree who would play Mr. Jingles the mouse.

I call, she answer.

This is a real and terrible and funny thing we've created. An actual Google extension you can install and have Pipey all up in your business. Link is on @siliconhbo bio.

Well screw you too, Potter.

Night flight.

I just partnered with a company called WaterFX. Solar desalination. Finally visited the demo plant and it's pretty inspiring. If for some reason big agriculture or Gov. Jerry Brown are following me...call me.

Eagle Field. Characters welcome, for sure.

A lesser known Stark. #obscureDukeOfTheNorth

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