Томас Миддлдитч


Канадский актёр. Наиболее известен по главной роли в телесериале «Кремниевая долина».
  • Все 1671
  • Фото 1212
  • Видео 459

I mean... @thelaterals bringing out the inner beauty. Rocking that high fashion trench-coat. — Credits: Photographs by @raulromo Styling by @tiffanichynel Grooming by @shelley_rickman Story by @heypyeh

I am not opposed. —— @iamianjones Every time I watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory I think to myself... “Thomas Middleditch needs to play this part”. So I finally decided to draw it. Someone please make it so. #willywonka

I’m in the latest issue of @thelaterals magazine. Who is this cool beach boy and why doesn’t he show up all the time? — Credits: Photographs by @raulromo Styling by @tiffanichynel Grooming by @shelley_rickman Story by @heypyeh

Me, Mollie, Mother-in-law.

In 2004 I was in a sketch group called Someone And The Somethings in Toronto. We were a really silly bunch. The silliest, however, was that I unironically sported a “soul patch”. Me, James, Andrew, and David. Photo by @fudagraphy

Why haven’t you responded to my emails? Me:

Comicon. Let’s do the damn thing. #middleditchandschwartz

I know I gave up the reviews. And you know what? This isn’t a review. This is just a fucking big thumbs up from me in a straight A to B line to the Danforth Theatre in Toronto. You see, Ketchup flavored chips are more than just a chip to me. They are riding my bicycle over to Reo’s video store and picking out a stack of tapes, staying up until, man, like...2 AM. JUST MASHING THROUGH THOSE VIDS. They are sleeping on the trampoline looking at the stars wondering if aliens are real, and the middle spot is the warmest but also all your buddies are kind of rolling onto you so it’s tough to fall asleep. It’s that LAN party when Odd Dave brought a liquid cooled PC with a bucket of open water on it and two cut up garden hoses clamped onto his CPU...no case. Ketchup got that tang. It also got that slam. That bam. They also promise to put pimples on your butt cheeks. She’s a great white north beauty top shelf twine seeking missile right from the blue no looker from the sweet teet of Pavel Bure and it didn’t matter that the Nucks lost we were just happy to be there. Ketchup, son. Ketch the fuck up. Btw, ghost?

So cool to be back in Toronto after all these years. Even cooler to have flown across the country in my little Bonanza to do it. Even even cooler to land at City Centre Airport right next to that downtown skyline under a crispy Toronto overcast. Very special.

Never thought I’d see the day when two of Hollywood’s silliest little queens got to mess around in such a beauty theater. I kiss. I KISS IT.

Another incredible piece by @davekloc that will be numbered and signed and in limited quantity available for sale at our Chicago Theater show this Saturday. Additional prints will be on sale through Dave’s online store the day after the show. It’s very special for me to be coming back to Chicago where I sharpened my improv teeth those many moons ago and in such a grand palace as the Chicago Theater. Davey boy always seems to get it with his work. Top shelf. #middleditchandschwartz

No big deal. Crashed a show’s premiere that I’m not in. @esquire puts me on the best dressed list. It’s a suit by @ilariaurbinati and an eagle bolo tie bought by @molliemiddleditch and this isn’t a humblebrag...it’s a brag. #highfashion #paintmejack

The cast. The final season premiere. It. Was. Great.

Good piece of #fanart by @elenaclaireart. Richard in “A Beautiful Mind” mode.

Meatloaf is my Kween. I praise her. If her Olden Bones cannot support the big climb up to the Sacred Heights I will carry the Kween

Scootin n bootin.

Hot Time. @rejectedjokes

Just don’t ask anything too personal.


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