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Канадский актёр. Наиболее известен по главной роли в телесериале «Кремниевая долина».
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One of my favorite times of the year. @cinefamily

Hayppy Mermarial Day.

Remember? D2F? Seems like forever ago. Simpler times, simpler times...

First time in Napa after all this time in California. Within minutes of being at the hotel we've got wine and cheese. Initial reviews from Mollie are "premium" and "oh my god, it's colder than I imagined". Well done, NorCal. Well done.

The summary: fuuuuuuuccckkkk. I really do hope this ends soon somehow. Either type in this link or just google "trump budget environment Atlantic". https://tinyurl.com/kl4pogh I wish Captain Planet was real so bad right now.

These Largo shows are premium. It's mainly dads and a few moms. Only kids that behave. I'll never stop getting onstage with shows like these.

But it was. Most of us were just guests, but the show is once a month at UCB Sunset. I like this photo. It's like a comedy dork version of a network drama. NCIS: UCB.

Also, Ben tried to kiss me in the show and I Melania'd him. Swat swat.

These @largolosangeles Middleditch and Schwartz shows have been insane. Tonight was about the crowning of the new Moon King, a celestial being that keeps the moons in alignment. Kurt Russell was the old king, and gave the power to a guy who just wanted to get a haircut at a Russian family-owned barber shop. Standard stuff. Next show on sale. Hurry before the tickets are gone. Go to June 17th and 18th on the Largo-LA calendar! Snatch 'em quick!

Can't wait to see all the forced photos of them "enjoying each other" now.

Is it poor form to post the same photo but just from a better angle? Screw it, NO RUUULLESSS! Captain Underpants, June 2nd.

I guess people were joking when we all agreed to wear underpants over our clothes to the Captain Underpants premiere. Ok. Lol. Good one. You got me.

Stewart P. Paddington, barrister.

Captain Underpants movie. June 2nd. I can promise you the underpants levels will be high. As well as farts. Dav Pilkey loves it so if you don't you're not a legitimate Captain Underpants fan. Gauntlet...THROWN.

@mikebloomberg is a good man. Philanthropist, environmentalist, mentalist probably. I'll also assume gymnast. He does a lot for @sierraclub and this photo was taken tonight when we met for the first time. He's also an aviator and we immediately started talking about the wild blue yonder. I think this is where he said "I'm 75 now so I always fly with someone in the right seat, but if he touches the stick while I'm awake he's fired." I'm pretty sure #thisguyfucks

125 years. Keep it up, Sierra Club. Honored to host your gala with my tepid rambling "jokes".

@firstwefeast had me on Hot Ones where I ate progressively hotter and hotter chicken wings (although mine are pussy ass vegetarian wings which are actually super tasty). Full version is on their YouTube channel. It's fun! My butthole hurt the next day!!

And my friend @kevinatv made this. He had a different interpretation of "sauce" be he still a FREAK.

A delightful weirdo @charles.brockman made a piece of art based on a #comedybangbang bit. You're all strange, and that's the best part.

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