Томас Миддлдитч


Канадский актёр. Наиболее известен по главной роли в телесериале «Кремниевая долина».
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Reposting @adam.pally #tbt Sundance last year to promote Joshy. Watch it, it's good. I also really like the people in this photo. Would kiss. A/S/L? Cyber?

I had a hoot. #TooMuchTuna

I'm a grown-up and I think about things like "shiplap" and "open concept" and "here take all of my money".

This was my third attempt at a video for @rejectedjokes. I promised myself no more than three. So...

@kumailn @martinstarr Thought you said you wanted to go clubbing. Text me.

Solid post by our manager of the big tough Tumble Boys aka The Improvised Shakespeare Co. aka The Dandy Fellas aka WTF Is Going On Here Dahw-ling?


@joshruben I'll eat your meat.

@joshruben It's ON.

These Topman models are really angry with us for some reason. We're sorry, I guess?

Da Kronik Boyz. @improvshakesco coming to NYC. Snow be damned. Theatre 80 Under St. Marks. Search brownpapertickets.com to see if any are left. It's a hot show, all the mothers and fathers want a piece of cake. Multiple nights, multiple frights.

Preferred method of transport. Gawd, how pedestrian.

I've somehow found myself in a stretch hummer. By myself. Needless to say I'm conflicted. #vegas

Late night GT Snowracing. Solid way to start the new year...and also a slightly scary way. Canada.

Whitewater Ski Resort

Excellent day of cush dank gnar powpow at the old stomping grounds with Dear Brother. I can't walk anymore, but that's how you know the hill hath been shred.

Nelson, British Columbia

Snow walking.

Waiting for my turn in the shower.

City of Nelson, British Columbia

My hometown. Nelson. Just across the street is the Capitol Theatre where upon I did traipse the boards for many a year. Nelson; where you can ski in the winter, jump in a lake in the summer, inject patchouli into your veins all year round, craft an artisan sweater from old ass hair, or smoke a bowl with the mayor. It's a great place. #osonegrolifestyle #righton #dank #cushboyeeeee

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