Томас Миддлдитч


Канадский актёр. Наиболее известен по главной роли в телесериале «Кремниевая долина».
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Flip up shades and a horse. Hipster Cowboy game is on point.

Solid advice, I thought.

There. A puppy. Whatever. Something nice.

That was the most upsetting batshit press conference. To say that the people standing up to violent white nationalists are the same as them is abhorrent. It's simple -- there are people who are clearly and loudly proclaiming their racism, and there are people who are against that in every way. How is that the same? The torch-fueled night on Friday wasn't "quiet" as Trump claimed it was. They chanted endless racist slogans, lit torches clearly akin to KKK style mobs, and the "Alt Right" follow up the next day was more of the same. That's because they ARE the same. There is no Alt Right or "Alt Left" as Trump so brazenly used in this speech. It's racists vs egalitarians. Trump yet again has supplemented truth with his own reality, only this time it's far less laughable. This is fucking disgusting. No denying it now what his base is and who he panders to and who this man really is. Shame.

I think Trump might actually be Emperor Palpatine. Go to @nrdc_org to find out more about how he is tirelessly trying to fuck up our planet. Sign a petition. Throw a few bills to the cause. Share the video.

New haircut. New attitude. New life. #BARTSWORLD

I'll admit this is a weird look.

Hi, racists. Just a friendly reminder that me and all the other Kazoo Kids are here to sing, dance, pretend, and have fun. Your breed is dying. Kiss. #charlottesville


He strikes again!!!!

That one time we met Obama. #fbf

Office Guy Hero

Some sick rhymes coming from this crew. Anthony and Nala the dog getting FILTHY.

This bunny and the man inside it -- my spirit animal. @emotionalclub

I miss them so much.

Another clue... the Time Bandit strikes again! I think I know who it is...

Two lil' tattletales.

Atlanta Braves Suntrust Park

@edhelms singing the 7th inning stretch. Star studded game. The glamor. My god, the glamor.

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