Томас Миддлдитч


Канадский актёр. Наиболее известен по главной роли в телесериале «Кремниевая долина».
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King of chips, bitch. #kissmychips

Well done @robcnorris_. Well fucking done. @siliconhbo #kissmypiss

A bird inside a rabbit inside a wolf inside a lion inside a Thomas. I worked with @represent to come up with this weird/awesome design for some apparel, and all the proceeds are going to @nrdc_org. The premise of this shirt is two fold. “I’m an animal” could mean you are simply just a party animal and right on, I hear you 🤙. It also means that, along with all the other critters, you are literally an animal. There’s no animals and then us. We are all linked inextricably to each other and the planet, and a good idea might be to love and nurture that link. And what better way to do that than by buying a shirt or sweater with some cool art that actually has my stupid face on it, knowing that the money you’ve spent goes to an organization that works tirelessly to fight on the planet’s behalf? I post so much goofballs stuff on here that sometimes you’re just gonna have to deal with something earnest in order to even it all out. LIMITED TIME OFFER, then it goes away. So these “threads” will be “legit” “coveted”. Go to represent.com/middleditch (link in bio)

Quick question.

This is Silicon Valley. Minus a few very very important faces but plus Johnny goddamn Knoxville.

To all the haters.

Attn guys. This pickup line works EVERY TIME. Subscribe for more dating tips.

@selashiloniphoto at it again. The scamp.

My mom was outnumbered with three farting boys (dad being one) and no doubt this is a photo capturing the utter joy I (still) experience at hearing a good rip. My brother on the left has that face of happy disbelief. I can’t confirm this is a genuine fart capture but it would definitely be “on brand” for the Middleditch household. Patience is a virtue, mother. You’ve got it in spades.

I went to the Solo premiere last Thursday. It’s a spin-off movie about a main character from a major motion picture franchise called Star Wars. Now that we’re all up to date, CANIPLEASEBEINTHENEXTONE????

Mollie repping The Klumps for her birthday. 👏 Hercules 👏 Hercules!

Oh me? I check out old mines in my free time. It doesn’t look like it, but this shaft goes down, classic old mine style. Placard said the lowest part was 8000 feet. Facts! Old. Mine. Old mine. Mold Ine.

@grainge_hill with another official dad rock video. I mean it IS a banger.

Bizarrely many people have requested this be saved permanently to the feed. Y’all are freaks. And I’m into it. I accept you dating my mom.

Scrolling through my library trying to find something specific and found this series of DooDoo videos. Not sure why I didn’t post them many months ago, these are gold. Pinnacle of comedy. In fact I think we can call it now. No more jokes need be made.

Zach. I miss you. Je t’aime.

Stars of the next Disney Marvel Rush Hour Jumanji Star Wars Kevin Hart Comicon Buddy Cop movie.

I get why I used this. It’s one of the few photos I’ve ever taken where I don’t look like some terrible clown monster. This wasn’t even meant to be a headshot but I was like “sister, you better make that an 8x10 and put a gloss on it because this bitch is gonna book some local NY Lotto spots, hunneeee!” #oldheadshotday

I thought this headshot was so funny I demanded it be used. Agents disagreed. It gives off a certain...oh, I don’t know...trade Magic cards for HJs vibe, no? #oldheadshotday

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