Томас Миддлдитч


Канадский актёр. Наиболее известен по главной роли в телесериале «Кремниевая долина».
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We all float down here.

This is my new safe space.


I spend all day in here.

Just found this gem from a year ago. Trying on glasses. It's...it's a look.

My dad was a little gearhead apparently. He and his buddies fixed up old cars for pennies and cruised. My mom is in the other photo, stone cold vixen.

This feels right.

A grand time at @dadsgarageatl Tuesday with dear Nick Kroll. First time he and I had improvised just us and it was a treat. So many goofs, spoofs, and woofs. Photos blatantly stolen from @mitzykeri and @nguyen.kim

This is from a little film called Entanglement that's making the festival rounds. It's weird.

First day of school. Here's the headline: nailed it. #tbt

Oh I'm quite liking this. Quite.

Aaaand another one. TOP OF THE CHARTS.

It's always the tame looking ones with the darkest secrets...

I can't visit NYC without a little white sauce red sauce.

Anything to help ease the pain, Sir Fatrick Poowart.

*mic drop*

Of course I don't mind helping round the house, guvna. Poor bugger, you're almost on your way out now. Won't be long, sir. Chin up. I'll fetch you some tea. @sirpatstew #ialsoknowhowtophotoshop

Never forget. @sirpatstew

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