Томас Миддлдитч


Канадский актёр. Наиболее известен по главной роли в телесериале «Кремниевая долина».
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PAY ATTENTION, NORMIES. #flatearthpart2

Been spending some time on Flat Earth forums and I’m starting to come around. #lookatthefacts #scienceisopinion

Placerville, California

Placerville, CA. Keeping it chill.

See? Hipster Bill Nye. Thanks for the look @ilariaurbinati.

At the Critic’s Choice Awards I dressed as hipster Bill Nye and Mollie dressed as a beautiful human and Judd Apatow dressed as himself in the background. Happy to have been nominated, happier to have lost to Ted Danson. Congratulations to @kumailn and @emilyvgordon for their win. They are two very funny and lovely weirds.

...nothing makes sense in this world anymore.

You’ll see.

From demure to fierce. What a Nasty Woman. @molliemiddleditch photo by @selashiloniphoto

Help. I accidentally melted one of my dogs.

Max Level Voldemort.

Been listening to a lot of Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History.

I know we all just spent our cash on presents and booze and medication for dealing with family, so maybe earmark this as a New Years resolution. With Double-Chin Mode fully activated, I invite my followers (invite, not demand, it’s all optional) to be a part of the movement to protect our one and only planet, not just so we can survive, but so that we and all the other critters we share it with can flourish. Just remember, if everything dies, we won’t be able to have arguments if science is real or not. I will say that @sierraclub is probably the only organization that would let me curse and talk about smoking weed. Go to their website. Become a MONTHLY MEMBER. ✊

@selashiloniphoto really captured my sleepy hipster vibe. “Guy, I need that Intelligentsia...#ironiccaseoftheMondays”

I do love some good #fanart. This one by @meeschamouse. Is Richard an orc of some kind?

Who’s who? By the insane @reneefrench

Couldn’t get the “Sinatra booth” but managed to find this beautiful woman who accidentally married me.

This is an incredible story. If you’re interested in trolls and aggregation manipulation and social media, listen.

So many good ones from my little shoot with @selashiloniphoto. Love this one, I look like a right junkies bastard (deep cuts viral video nerds will know what I’m talking about). “If tuna never had a son...”

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