Томас Миддлдитч


Канадский актёр. Наиболее известен по главной роли в телесериале «Кремниевая долина».
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Season finale is tense. I've got a lot of good gifs but don't want to post spoilers so this is just one that conveys the tenseness. It's my favorite episode. WTF is Richard gonna do?!!! @siliconhbo

"I love cigarettes, motorcycles, and rolling crits." Another photo from The Outsiders shoot. TEEN BEAT TEEN HEAT.

The latest issue of @thewrap has us all decked out like The Outsiders. Some are saying it was the sexiest photo shoot in history. Some are saying it was a crime to the eyes of mankind. There are a lot of steamy teen heartthrob pics in there. Sorry but no, I won't put the link in the bio, I gain sadistic pleasure in making you type it out. Article: http://feature.thewrap.com/emmywrap-silicon-valley/ (Creative Director: @guerin_ad / Photographer: @ecarenphoto / Wardrobe & Set Stylist: @jordan_grossman) #rudeboysonthelot

Hahaha! Going to www.beardbasedcomedy.com forwards to the video. Sometimes I hate the internet, but right now I love it. Much respect to the total weirdo who bought the domain and made this silly bit THE NEXT GREATEST COMEDY SENSATION!!

This guy always has some good goofs and zingers. Pretty wacky stuff.

Another one from the same shoot. I believe This Guy Fucks, no? No. No he does not. Photo by @nathanielwood

Two guys who became friends playing video games online 11 years ago now posing for Vulture. Photo by @nathanielwood

Potter Soccer.

A fun little photo shoot I did with Luke Fontana. Stylist Jenny Ricker found this sweater for me a few months ago and I finally got a chance to wear it. This pose is called "How I Normally Sit."

I present to you "Richard Hendricks: Smooth Operator Power Level 4000". Season finale this coming Sunday. Get caught up!

Another good one. They're free on YouTube btw. Watch! It's about coal and Trump.

Largo at the Coronet

Always a pleasure with Middleditch and Schwartz. Such giggles. Such fun. We've got a bonus show since we won't have one for a while. June 26th at Largo! Go to their site and get tickets now, they sell out quick.

Catalina Island


Airport in the Sky


I think this was us reminiscing with the audience about favorite local LA commercial jingles. Solid pre-show banter.

So apparently little Mr. Ben Harper is a fan of the show and has managed to sneak off with a signed poster! I think this means you have to be my friend, Ben! THEMS THE RULES, BRAH!

Richard in the zone.

Creature comforts.

This was genuinely weird. Was just doing one of my patented goofs and spoofs when the lights actually went out. I guess I AM a Mentalist. Cooooooooooolllllll...

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