Томас Миддлдитч


Канадский актёр. Наиболее известен по главной роли в телесериале «Кремниевая долина».
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This is a friggin awesome piece by @steph_draws_stuff. #fanart

No big deal. Did Tony Hawk’s podcast and he gave me a signed skateboard. He and I are best friends now. He’s having me over for dinner...RIGHT, Tony???!!!

Two little boys getting ready to don them togs.

Enjoyed a Pirate Dinner Adventure this last Saturday for my birthday. Couldn’t understand a word they were saying but they mentioned something about the Loch Ness Monster which I thought was weird because they were at sea and they were worried about a lake-confined creature. I was wrong. Nessy came. So either it’s figured out how to leave the lake or this. Whole. Time. It. Was. A. Lake. Boat. #fingermetimbers

Incredible birthday gift drawn by @davekloc commissioned by @molliemiddleditch. In Boris Vallejo style, a fighter plane, my favorite sweatshirt, Fire and Ice, Heavy Metal, my dogs, and the guy in the foreground with the rose is Chris fucking Harrison. I feel so seen. Max level seen. And yes. That’s me with the mask and mullet and axe.

Thank you @amandacrew.

#Repost @sierraclub ・・・ Offshore drilling is dirty and dangerous. And it's not a question of if there will be a spill, but when. The deadline is TODAY to protect our coasts: go to sc.org/nooildrilling to take action! #Birds, #seaturtles, and marine mammals like #seaotters, #dolphins, and #whales all feel the negative and potentially deadly effects of #oilspills in the #ocean. Sea turtles, specifically, migrate long distances and inhabit so many different parts of the ocean environment at different stages of their lives making them all the more susceptible to encountering an oil spill. In 2010, the #DeepwaterHorizon #oilspill damaged 1,313 miles of coastline — more than the entire length of California or half the Atlantic coast! But not just large spills are a problem: smaller spills happen frequently and have devastating influence on marine environments. We can't let Secretary Zinke open 90% of our coastline to offshore drilling, putting marine life and ocean environment in harm's way. (📸: @tentides) #ProtectOurCoast #StandForOceans

Confidence level: maximum.

Ok. So. @hbo. If I find a @veephbo pinball machine next imma straight up be sad. @ballershbo? If there’s a The Wire one out there...What’s it gonna take to get a little @siliconhbo pinball? I’ll do whatever it takes.

#MiddleditchAndSchwartz tickets for Town Hall in NYC are officially up on pre sale. Info on the Instastory. The venue will have grown but we’ll still end up rolling on the ground a lot. UPDATE — SOLD OUT.

Hey @hbo @siliconhbo. What’s it gotta take to get a Silicon Valley pinball machine? Like this post — let’s BUMP the numbers and get a HIGH SCORE, we’ve got some hearts and minds to win over.

#tbt to one of my first sketch troupes, Someone And The Somethings, back in Toronto. Yes. I used to sport a soul patch. And it is...regrettable. I believe this was a sketch where people kept freezing everyone with Time Out, Double Time Out, etc. You know. The good stuff.

Thank you for doing this.

Inspiring confidence in your business goals.

Digging the aesthetic vibe of the latest @hollywoodreporter piece. 70s office daddies.

All talking at the same time. Great radio.

Backstage at the Burton Cummings Theater, Winnipeg. I saw this show when it stopped in Vancouver. Can’t begin to describe how influential KITH was for me as a lad.

I’m on the cover of a magazine because as an actor on a tv show about Silicon Valley I also happen to be investing in a few start ups and the photo they chose was one where I was trying to look like a tech investor as a joke but now I don’t know what’s real anymore. Anyway, thanks for putting me on the cover of your magazine @gentry_magazine.

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