Томас Миддлдитч


Канадский актёр. Наиболее известен по главной роли в телесериале «Кремниевая долина».
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Love in the shadows. My sweet wife.

An extra on this new Verizon spot passed the time with some doodling. Uncanny. A+

An ode to one of the best internetz -- God Is Doing A New Thing.


Top 40 -- Dead Rat Song, Chubby Butterz.

Could not. Be more. Bored out my DAMN MIND.

Meatloaf. I miss her. I miss her skin.

Just reposting because I think it's important. From @sierraclub: "Colorado's magnificent West Elk Wilderness, with mountains, beaver dams and aspen forests has been under federal protections since 1964. But now, Arch Coal wants to devastate these lands with its coal mine expansion. The U.S. Forest Service is taking public comments on the proposal until July 24th. Go to sc.org/westelk to tell the agency that we want our public lands protected, not sacrificed for coal!"

To all the Penn Zero fans, there are a bunch of new episodes on the Disney XD app, all leading up to the very last super special 1 hour finale on 7/28. Kids cartoons!

This is a really frightening uncle to have. But he tucks you in all the same. Kiss.

Proud of everyone who put SV together, it truly is a joy to be involved. @siliconhbo #emmys2017 #nomnomnom

Hann-ee-bullll. @hannibalburess

Sergei has some killer jokeeezzzzz.

Woo-woo. Thick ass rat tail, whoever don't got no game. See you at the top.

Atlanta BeltLine Corridor under Freedom Pkwy


That popcorn is my popcorn. Alone in a theater for a horror film. Literally the best possible scenario...or the worst. CALL MY DAD.

You wanted proof? YOU GOT IT, TURDS!

Ponce City Market

Atlanta. Making malls cool again. #MMCG Btw, I'm here until September -- what do I doooooo???

The most heartfelt way of saying TGF. Feeling nostalgic about the show and can't wait to start the next season. Miss my Little Daddies...

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