Томас Миддлдитч


Канадский актёр. Наиболее известен по главной роли в телесериале «Кремниевая долина».
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Weird. Huh. It’s almost as if people warned us against this very thing happening...

@officialkevinjames #KingOfQueens4LYFE

How kewl kidz eat grilled cheese. From that one time last weekend. “CAUGHT!” Photo by @selashiloniphoto

Tony Salamanca is back and is not pleased.

Da voodoo poo krewe. Fun Saturday. Picture well took, @voteroberts

A little blurry but you get the idea.

Damn that’s some steamy #fanart. Hot daddies on the prowl for some verbally consented sexual intercourse. Thanks @ambernp and @jareddunns

How I text the people I love. #imanacquiredtaste

Sometimes I like to remind myself of what a black and white photo looks like. Is there something like Memory Monday? Like can Monday be a day for that kind of thing? Or is the internet ruined now? @lukefontana

I do love #fanart. Thanks @gnarlyfarts and @jareddunns.

This is legit being sold on eBay right now. #somanyquestions

So far every #tbt photo I’ve posted I kind of laugh at myself, or it’s maybe a little precious and I just want to hug the scared and insecure kid that I once was. This? This guy? I want to pull aside and say “NO!” This is 2002 arrogant theater school dork who thinks he’s God’s gift to the stage but has no idea that the afro, soul patch, open button up shirt/shorts combo in a class photo isn’t hilarious, it’s just embarrassing. To what? Show that sweet bellybutton hair? It’s like you can tell everyone else is thinking “Jesus, Tom, can we just take a picture without you doing something stupid?” I’m surprised I didn’t have a nickname. Like I didn’t insist on everyone calling me Lysander or something. I am genuinely filled with cringe when I look at this. It hurts me. And this is mixed in with a lot of early 2000s fashion choices here. To stand out in that? That requires a one’s head to be well up one’s ass. I actually remember being embarrassed when I first saw this picture. Probably an early memory of me telling myself “hey, maybe I should take it down a notch.” Wrong, young Thomas...multiple notches. So many fucking notches. But damn, look at that swagger. #kidhasswag (thanks for forwarding the photo @ksaiks)

This one needed to be saved. Digimon.

I’m an evil spirit and I’ve got unfinished business.

Haven’t had some Komedie in a while so here is one of the finest. Please will you enjoy it?

About to go to set and I just saw this. Haha. So tender. Thanks @lasasimi #fanart

Trip complete. Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah. A real so’western pilgrimage. All in this incredible little Marchetti, tailwinds both ways. I will admit, the paint job is growing on me. However it’s peeling in quite a few places and although it’ll break a few hearts, eventually it will need something new. Gives me something to obsess over for now. Really found some new respect for this area of the country, with so much scenic diversity and beautiful areas to explore. In the face of the recent onslaught against environmentalism from Voldemort, in short...I needed this. Mollie too. I encourage such journeys wholeheartedly, in whatever form or budget or route. It just helps to connect with *dons hemp sweater and drinks rainwater from a stump* the Earth. That night in Sedona as we watched a meteor burn up in the sky, I realized “I don’t see the stars that much anymore.” Or at least not like that. Cities don’t offer the best view of the cosmos. On this trip, we could see stardust. We could see the milk. Anyway. Great trip. Again, some carbon offsetting done to pitch in against the prop plane. Every muscle aches from hoofing it around Zion. Start Silicon Valley season five tomorrow and I’m very excited to desperately try to make a new internet. Huge success with this travel blog. YUGE. Reviews are in. Better ratings than The Apprentice. #TheApprentice

Angels Landing


Zion National Park

Day 5. Taking everyone we met’s suggestion, we hiked Angels Landing. I am scared of insects, especially ones that fly and sting, and of heights. There’s a winding path up that eventually leads you to a single-file ridge where holding onto the chain (chains fastened to poles that are driven into the rock) was I’d say “necessary”. I was a little timid but I had Mollie who suddenly turned into Tony Robbins and spurred me on. Yes! YES! Getting to the top gives you both an incredible view and also the sensation you just beat the Aggro Crag from Nickelodeon Guts. Sending our knees into the seventh circle of Hell, we continued hiking to see the Emerald Pools. All great. There’s just a lot of size here. Nature is “turnt”. No other way to say it. It’s like the desert version of Lord Of The Rings. It’s funny, I actually found this cool ring and it’s a real trip because I get visions when I put it on. lol. So weird. Guess I’m keeping it. FOREVER. NO ONE CAN TAKE IT FROM ME. #Zion10outof10

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