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I'd love to introduce you to my cousin Lake!!! When I saw him in Missouri this last trip... he looked me right in the eyes and said... "No way man!!" I'm pretty sure he's actually 30 years old and stuck in this 3 year old frame. Love ya bud and look forward to seeing you take over this world!!! ✌️👍👍

San Francisco, California

Small businesses give me faith in America! Passionate people exist everywhere and I'm always stoked to get to work with them! Keep killin it!!! Support these lovely companies!✌️🇺🇸👍🤓🤠

Los Angeles, California

I've been debating with friends on whether advances in robotics will result in humans wanting to be more involved in arts. I'm leaning towards more jobs for artists in the future. What do you think? ✌️here is a preview of the @muse_refined shoot from yesterday with my lovely Fiancée @chelseagilligan ✌️👍

Fremont Hills, Missouri

I was able to capture this moment of my 2 year old nephew playing grandmas piano!! My grandmother was a piano teacher her husband was a trumpet player. My father is still an awesome trumpet player!! And now this little man is always playing the piano. I've been in the other room a few times and hear the piano playing and know it's him... Before I took this photo I went in the other room to grab my camera. I heard him scream! "Uncle Toddie come watch me!!! You need to watch me Uncle Toddie!!!" 👍👍I'm watching ya Julian! We're all watching!! ✌️🤓🇺🇸

She said yes! 💎✌️❤️

Diamond District Los Angeles

These guys are awesome and should get a look. This photo happened by complete accident. I'm discovering those tend to be my favorite shots. 🤓🥃🍕 follow @rusticgemjewelry

Los Angeles, California

Take that 2.01 ct Burmese ruby!! 🔥🥊Buy your large and fancy gems from @intagemsanddiamonds Jerry finds these beauties from all over the world! He's a mentor of mine and one that has taught me how gems are supposed to look. He pushes me to be my best self and for that I will be forever grateful! @jerryphengyoung

L.A. Fashion District

Really digging shooting for @muse_refined - 👍✌️she is a super Mom that still has time to run her own business! Support this boss mom and purchase her beautiful minimal bracelet! ✌️

Hollywood Hills

What's up everybody??? Shooting for @chiralitynailpolish and everyone should go support this company and grab some awesome nail color. ✌️🇺🇸🍰#chiralitynailpolish

Studio City

It was nice to step away from photographing gemstones and shoot this purse. Thanks @chelseagilligan for putting up with my ridiculous ideas.✌️🍕🍺 Buy this sweet purse from @upstyle.design -- the awesome nails are by @chiralitynailpolish - give them both some love!! ❤️

Palos Verdes Cliffs

My friends at Stempnyc.com are announcing their most sustainable giveaway on IG this independence day! In 2 easy steps, you could win exciting merchandise from Stemp, a hemp based clothing brand from Brooklyn with roots from Kathmandu, Nepal. What to win? Option 1) Hemp Scarf + Hemp Bow tie + Hemp Skinny Tie. Three best selling accessories worth $150 plus a donation of $100 from your name to 'Stepping Stones' , an orphanage we support in Nepal. Option 2) 50% off on any Stemp merchandise. (one item per customer) plus a donation of $100 on your behalf to a local orphanage we support in Nepal called 'Stepping Stones' How to win? 1. Follow @stempnyc on Instagram, FB (facebook.com/stempnyc) and twitter (stemp_nyc) 2. Share this post on any or ALL of your social media outlets with the hash tag #hemp #dufflebag #stempstyles #stempnyc and tag as many ppl as you can! ( Don't forget to tag @stempnyc!) Entries will be open until 4:20 pm E.T July 10. Winners will be announced through Stemp's IG within a week after entries are closed.

Studio City

These earrings are sweet! Minimal and hammered. @lsjeweler is killing it right now and perfect for everyday greatness!

Toluca Lake, California

I never would have thought that I'd be a gemologist. It has made going to garage sales more fun though... ps. If your not sure if the gem is expensive or not... you should probably get it looked at... A trillion morganite for @ohmychristinejewelry - morganites are super popular right now with the rose gold craze and are more affordable then sapphires.

Jewelry District Downtown LA

This girl is killing it at the jewelry game. Check her out 💎📸🥃@ohmychristinejewelry

Chipotle Mexican Grill

We know @chipotlemexicangrill 🥑🥑🥑💰💵💳 sweet bangle by @nikkiandnibby

North Hollywood, California

What's up everybody? Been getting to photograph this hottie lately and really enjoying it. Never thought that photography would be my job and it's quite a fucking life guys!!! Highly recommend🤓👍📸✌️hamsa choker by @tensevenjewelry - earrings by @josue_tacostudio - jacket and dress by @hm #buyeverything

Los Angeles, California

This beautiful girl just finished another dance around the sun! What a wonderful person and beautiful soul you are @chelseagilligan ✌️🤓🎉 love ya babe!!

Hollywood Hills

Shooting this sweet minimal necklace from @eandeproject 📸☕️👍give them some love!

Downtown Los Angeles

@houseofjackcompany is killing it at the leather game!!! Get some greatness!!! 👍📸✌️

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