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Florence, Italy

I have the best woman on the planet! It’s been a wonderful 8 years with this strong, beautiful, soul✌️👍😍


@siorosilver preview from Venezia! ✌️👍🤠

Ozark, Missouri

My sister rocks!! ✌️👍🤓Excited to get back to Missouri for some Wild Turkey!

Florence, Italy

Florence chronicles ✌️📸 by @normanlesperance

Florence, Italy

Do you think she bought it?

Florence, Italy

When the clock struck midnight. These 2 were officially 1 year into a wonderful marriage. Congrats kiddos! @chelseagilligan is killing the backlight.

Florence, Italy

I️ see what you did there man! 📸 by @normanlesperance

Florence, Italy

David is quite famous

Florence, Italy

Paris, France

Versailles, France

Keeping the piece... or peace! ✌️

Florence, Italy

What’s happenin Florence?

Florence, Italy

Florence was sweet. Highly recommend meeting up with great friends there!! Foreground by @chelseagilligan ✌️photo by @normanlesperance


I'd love to introduce you to my cousin Lake!!! When I saw him in Missouri this last trip... he looked me right in the eyes and said... "No way man!!" I'm pretty sure he's actually 30 years old and stuck in this 3 year old frame. Love ya bud and look forward to seeing you take over this world!!! ✌️👍👍

San Francisco, California

Small businesses give me faith in America! Passionate people exist everywhere and I'm always stoked to get to work with them! Keep killin it!!! Support these lovely companies!✌️🇺🇸👍🤓🤠

Los Angeles, California

I've been debating with friends on whether advances in robotics will result in humans wanting to be more involved in arts. I'm leaning towards more jobs for artists in the future. What do you think? ✌️here is a preview of the @muse_refined shoot from yesterday with my lovely Fiancée @chelseagilligan ✌️👍

Fremont Hills, Missouri

I was able to capture this moment of my 2 year old nephew playing grandmas piano!! My grandmother was a piano teacher her husband was a trumpet player. My father is still an awesome trumpet player!! And now this little man is always playing the piano. I've been in the other room a few times and hear the piano playing and know it's him... Before I took this photo I went in the other room to grab my camera. I heard him scream! "Uncle Toddie come watch me!!! You need to watch me Uncle Toddie!!!" 👍👍I'm watching ya Julian! We're all watching!! ✌️🤓🇺🇸

She said yes! 💎✌️❤️

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