Тодд Даффи


Американский боец смешанных единоборств и актёр. Тодд выступает в тяжелом весе. Сейчас перспективный молодой тяжеловес является свободным агентом, т.к UFC разорвала с ним контракт из-за открытого спора с президентом UFC Даной Уайтом.
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Posted it for the thumbs up

#Repost @csagym ・・・ #BolanosKO HELP @dreamkiller_bolanos win KO of the year!!! He's been voted one of the TOP KO's of the year... the fans now decide the winner via #'s the KO with the most Hashtags wins. So please vote on Bellators post or here ;) with posting the hashtag #BolanosKO no other KO comes close to the violence or technic required to land!!! Repost @bellatormma ・・・ Our final 2017 Knockout of the Year candidate is this @dreamkiller_bolanos #Bellator189 spinning back elbow! Vote/comment with #BolanosKO @onnit @zevia @virusintl @triumphunited @hansmolenkamp @monsterenergy @andybcraig @joerogan @muaythaiauthority @strikingcorner @strikingbreakdowns

Anápolis, Brazil

What do you guys think? Should the hair make a come back?

Another fun day @americankickboxingacademy



Xtreme Couture MMA

Great seeing the guys at extreme couture last night! Love seeing how much it has grown as a team.

Las Vegas Strip

Viva la Bruce!

Las Vegas, Nevada

This pic seems so creepy. “Smile you just murdered someone”

Combat Sports Academy

Sometimes your dizzy, nauseous, sleepy, and don’t want to do anything. But you can still learn if you keep your eyes open. Thanks @iamamsb for making me learn when I wanted to watch.

XPE Sports

Dance moves. #turtlepower

Downtown San Jose

32 feeling amazinggggg #happybirthdaytome

Kettle bells are cool. @onnitacademy

Santa Cruz, California

All these voices in my head.

Can I kick it?

If you want to be a fighter reAd @dinthomas words Fighters get into this game inspired by other fighters. You will watch those fighters and think, "That's what I want to do. I can do that." For me it was Royce Gracie, Pele, and Mach Sakurai. For fighters today, its Conor Mcgregor, GSP, and TJ Dillashaw. But unlike most professions there's no established blueprint on how to do this. There's alot you don't know and even more that nobody will tell you in your pursuit. They wont tell you that fight promoters aren't your friends. They are just trying to make money and will only hire fighters that make them money regardless of how good you or any fighter is. They wont tell you that you will be charmed by potential managers who will sell you on a dream. They wont do shit for you but will hold you to a contract regardless. You'll end up getting your own deals and your manager will still want his 20%. They wont tell you that your first coach is the only one that really cared about you. But you'll break his heart because you'll leave him thinking the answers are somewhere else. And he will treat other aspiring fighters like burnt bacon based on that experience. Or your first coach doesn't know shit and you'll end up staying with him out of fear of breaking his heart. Either way, you'll stifle your own progress. They wont tell you that your training partners will hate on you out of jealousy of your career or the attention you get from the coach. Or you might be the one hating. They wont tell you that you'll get injured and YOU have to pay for it with money that you don't have because all you do is train. They wont tell you that sponsor aren't just giving away "free money". Businesses don't give a damn about your fight career, they want their product in people's faces that will buy it. There's alot they wont tell you. And every time you learn it on your own, it will suck a little more blood and passion out of you... until its all gone. And then you'll retire. But then you'll look at another Conor fight and be inspired. You'll make your comeback and fall short of your expectations because while you were retired, the game passed you up. And you'll try again.

Philz Coffee

Mom is best in the mornings.

Caio Terra Academy

Happy thanksgiving everyone! Feeling thankful! @caioterrabjj @yurisimoesjj @denis_kokushi

Combat Sports Academy

Had an incredible weekend @csagym learning @iamamillionstyleboxing

Headed home from a trip to Tunisia and Kuwait. This one really hit home from @taitfletcher

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