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Американский боец смешанных единоборств и актёр. Тодд выступает в тяжелом весе. Сейчас перспективный молодой тяжеловес является свободным агентом, т.к UFC разорвала с ним контракт из-за открытого спора с президентом UFC Даной Уайтом.
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Santa Cruz, California

Inches away from a game of inches. #ufc @csagym


Baker Beach Sand Stairs

The places you’ll go.

Siesta Key, Florida

Anápolis, Brazil

Goiâna, Brazil fun. #ufc

Siesta Key, Florida

Siesta keys 2018

Combat Sports Academy

#onnit with @csagym ・・・ As @toddduffee has been rehabbing his shoulder post surgery, we have been spending a lot of time focused on cultivating South Paw Tactics, weapons and tactics @ufc he will be ready soon!!! #CSAVSTheWorld #ufc

Just keeps getting worse and worse

Brooklyn, New York

That one time in #brooklyn @brooklyn_mma_official_page #ufc

Salmiyah, Al 'Āşimah, Kuwait

Great win for @king.rambooo and a great night with my friends @osama_co @abdullah_boushehri @baderalsh3ibiii @3gab_alenezi @paulao_filho

Check out my boy @yurisimoesjj just released his new grappling dvd ・・・ The science of guard passing and top control - these and many more guard passes and takedowns techniques in details are included on my new DVD "High Efficiency No Gi JiuJitsu - Top Game" made by @bjj.fanatics. You can order it online, or you could download the digital version. Thanks for the video 🎥@bjjscout 👍🏾#jiujitsu #yurisimoesdvd #grappling #dvd #onlineshopping #bjjfanatics #bjj #training #technique #guardpass #takedown #wrestling #judo #nogi #bayarea #martialarts #mma #fighting #ebi #acb #f2wpro #adcc #scrambler #teaching #instructional

Boca Raton, Florida

This was some of the beginnings of my return after being told by 12 doctors to retire from fighting because of a neurological condition in my back and arm. It was a tragedy for me I couldn’t write I couldn’t lift I could barely move. But more importantly I couldn’t retire or quit. So day by I believed and most importantly my friends believed. Without @mavymcmavmav @xpesports And Mike Tobias. I may never had made a return to fighting. I ended up winning my first fight back with a KO by the same arm that was unable to move for months the same one that doctors said may never move. I get the question are you going to fight everyday. Yes, I am a martial artist so everyday I fight. Everyday I improve in some way. Even if my shoulder surgery did not go as planned it does not mean I will not fight. I will persevere. I have came back from much worse. So for those out their saying I won’t or I can’t just know this. I am on my way. While you hate while you doubt I improve. For those of you who have supported me. I can not thank you enough. I promise to give my all to making a return. #ufc #parsonageturnersyndrome

United States Fleet Activities Sasebo

Crushing naval arm wrestling champion Gino Lewis in my one an only arm wrestling match. We were in Sasebo, Japan at the Naval Base Sasebo. The submarine that we were on is the USS San Francisco (SSN 711). The troops were on their Western Pacific Deployment at the time. They just got in that day from a 3 month deployment and got orders to go back out the next day. The navy shipmen and submarine men have some of the mentally toughest jobs in the military. The intimidation factor for me was real. I am thankful for their service to our country and the experience they gave us touring their #submarine. @armedforcesent #ufc #military #navy #sasebo #armwrestling #submariner @anthonynjoku @kurtshrout

Salmiyah, Al 'Āşimah, Kuwait

Hanging out with Kuwaits Mma champion @king.rambooo after his victory. I got to help train him for two weeks. This monster listened even when he didn’t understand my logic. Very coachable and talented. It was a real pleasure. #ufc #wawanacademy #wawanmma


Missing training with my @onnit mace. This was way back when I first started learning. I would finish my workouts with the 360 at 2x4 min rounds. I know ribs down🙄 look thru the hole etc. I’m excited because I’m sure in another month I’ll be strong enough to start working with one again! @onnit #onnit @onnitacademy #mace #lululemon #becomethelegend

Boca Raton, Florida

Been helping my friend with his new gym and beginning to miss running my old Gym in Boca. Throwing little people was my favorite class. Who is next?! #throwbacktuesday

Marina Crescent, Walking At Sea Side.

My friend @adel_wawan caught me at the end of my work out in his new gym before the seminar today. Both coming soon. #ufc #csa #wawanteam #shadowboxing @mickmaynard2

Salmiyah, Al 'Āşimah, Kuwait

I love @renato_laranja so much I finally understand Yoel. 😘😘😘😘 he is like #shrimpscampi

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