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Американский боец смешанных единоборств и актёр. Тодд выступает в тяжелом весе. Сейчас перспективный молодой тяжеловес является свободным агентом, т.к UFC разорвала с ним контракт из-за открытого спора с президентом UFC Даной Уайтом.
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Muscle Beach

Here we go.

Lost in a crowd with my Day 1 hitter. @punchdrunkmaori

Csa Gym

Little by little the frustration will give way to progress. En route with a Great group of folks and improving shoulder. @giftednutrition

"The Bowery, whiskey neat, I'm so grateful..."

Video game me. #ufc

San Jose, California

When I think of the self driving car. I think of how much better paper back is than audio. I smile. #evolve #teslamodel3

San Jose, California

Improving faster with one arm than I ever did with two. Thanks to the patience of @csagym I'm on my way to reaching my full potential...finally....

Let the demon out.

San Jose, California

#Repost @toorawshaw ・・・ I learn every day at CSA.. today I had the honor of learning from coach @iamamsb awesome training alongside awesome athletes 🙌🏼 #Repost @iamamsb ・・・ #csavstheworld @csagym Hard Work Skill and Intelligence Over Ignorance & Superstition @zoilafrausto @diegollammas @dustinortizmma @toddduffee @intense0ne @toorawshaw @genahfabian @muaythaiathlete #amillionstylesboxing #amsb #bujinfightclub #bfcm #blackbeltstriking #mindisprimary #controlisfun #godhasthepowertoletyoutryit #theyattackfirstbutwearrivefirst #boxing #kickboxing #thaiboxing #muaythai #ufc #mma #martialarts #sports #bjj #jiujitsu #wrestling #grappling #travel #wanderlust #boxingcoach #personaltrainer #hardworkdedication #fitness

California's Great America

"I'm like yo mane...word up to hyphy....like it was 1960" @simonrex415 #greatamerica #orangesunshine

Oh yeaaaa! #duffman #gifted #ufc

San Francisco, California

Cool edit @giftednutrition

Csa Gym

To be a coach is something different: ¥ One of the most over looked qualities as a fighter is patient persistence. It's a long road with many skills to build and resharpen. Sometimes you have to restart from the VERY beginning. This is where the most important asset beyond trust a good coach must posses. They need to have patient pressure. I have to thank @csagym for having just that. Most coaches when you get injured say "come see me when you can do everything I want and you are healthy." Meanwhile! they are missing some of the most crucial improvement times for an athlete. They are also leaving their fighter out to dry when they need them most. To create doubt, to forget how, or to lose belief. I think the most important thing a coach can do when a fighter is injured is keep them busy and keep them learning. I can't thank @csagym enough for helping maintain my focus thru this shoulder surgery. For not rushing and for not letting the pressure up. There are a lot of great styles, drills, and trainers out there but there isn't a lot of good coaching.

Running thru my shoulder therapy with @giftednutrition

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