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Американский боец смешанных единоборств и актёр. Тодд выступает в тяжелом весе. Сейчас перспективный молодой тяжеловес является свободным агентом, т.к UFC разорвала с ним контракт из-за открытого спора с президентом UFC Даной Уайтом.
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Moms in me back in San Fran again. I don't have the words to express how thankful I was for this day.

Csa Gym

Coach Kirian has a nice voice. @diamondmma has a nice boulder holster Repost @csagym ・・・ On the road to recovery @ufc star @toddduffee is back in training post shoulder surgery and while we can't punch as much as we would like during recovery it's a perfect time to focus on adding a technical kicking game to his already powerful arsenal. BASICS...BASICS...BASICS!!! I can't tell you how many high level MMA guys come to CSA to improve their stand up game... but honestly they just want pad work... well until you show me your willing to be a student, improve your basics and mechanics you won't get any pad work with me... as a result I may never have a team the size of XYZ Gym, but the ones I do have will have some of the best stand up in the business! @monsterenergy #monsterarmy #csavstheworld

@5Limes_ordimes #duffman #atlartist #atlanta

Sometimes I hate science. Even more than weak minded lazy people.

....but I will snatch your soul away in a cage for a couple extra bucks....what's that say about me?! #walkingcontradiction

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Threw my left hand for first time last night. The rehab is coming along. Excited for more martial arts. I heard about Tim and put in an extra 30min for him. Probably pushed me to use my left some. #ufc #giftednutrition @giftednutrition

San Jose, California

En route. Can't wait for the next one. @giftednutrition #gifted #ufc

#bodyacceptance #socialjusticewarrior turn volume on!

Baby I'm a blur.

Westside Santa Cruz

Starting to miss teaching the martial arts. Maybe it's time to move again an open another gym.....maybe.

Westside Santa Cruz


Las Vegas, Nevada

When you have the second day of a seminar at 8am in LA but you hanging with Popeye at 2am in Vegas. #strongacid

StubHub Center

Incredible experience learning from these guys the principles and practice of FRC. @drandreospina has really revolutionized the future of training the human body. I suggest any fitness or health expert to quickly get to one of his seminars and incorporate this method into their practice immediately. Athletes will add seasons to their careers if they adopt this approach. Incredibly impressed with these 3 teachers. @hunterfitness @rannyron @danajohnflows

Thank you to who ever made this. Fun times assaulting people. @giftednutrition @csagym

🎼From the hillside to the seas From the mountains to the trees There this place I long to be And if I asked you, would you come with me?🎼

Westside Santa Cruz

Oh! No, no, you are not alone. 🙃 wish I knew the artist.

Westside Santa Cruz

#Repost @optimoz ・・・ Kimera Koffee is available in Australia right now at OptimOZ.com.au #becomethelegend

XPE Sports

Happy Birthday to the greatest. @isas.jpg

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