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Out in Richmond Park with @lawlwyn looking for chaffinches pretending to be David Attenborough.

Come and join me and the rest of the gang in Paris for a very special Reign event. It's gonna be sweet! http://www.empire-conventions.fr/long_live_the_queen_en.html @adelaidekane @rachieskarsten @rosevictoriawilliams @torrancecoombs @meg_follows

Nice leaves.

Found my baby tooth in an envelope. I used to be small.

Wrapped on TLK season 2! Here's @northcotej looking particularly holy. Photo cred @federmanas

Prince. Bowie. Cohen. Trump is the president. Whatever this is supposed to be. Feels like we've dropped the ball humanity.

Actual real smiles. @chillborg

Night shooting.

When we're not trying to kill each other... @thelastkingdom

Back in time when things were black and white.

Police trying to get this woman off the roof of a building due to be demolished in Budapest Park. Unlawful plans to cut down trees, concrete the ground and build something no one asked for or wants. #occupy

When life was goooooood. The dungarees days.

Self Portrait. Olive oil on boiling water.

Bad day

Met the cat in the dark.

Birthday celebrations in the camp. 1 year in the world. @helprefugeesuk

Helping to insulate the new cabins at the camp at Dunkirk yesterday. These are new shelters, with refugees being transferred from camp at Calais. The conditions here are a vast improvement. @helprefugeesuk

Upping my baking game with @vivacakevivacake - A hand of Fatima rose and raspberry birthday cake.

Big dog snoozing. @bomteard

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