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Big up to the @earthship crew! One house complete. Now it's left for the family who'll be living there to turn it into a home. Soon all that dirt will be grass and trees!

Bottle wall and stairs in the brand new Earthship.

End of week 2: Roof is on. Windows are in. The shell of the building is almost done. It's coming along FAST.

Kingsland Road

My friends have opened a sake bar and it's pretty damn vibey. If you're East check it out. There's plum sake and it's really really good. #dalston #hackney #haggerston #sake #forfuksake #barlondon

Not bad for a week's work.

France is sek. Dream house.

Many hands make light work. @earthship

Build day 1: Tires and a big hole.

Bottle wall. #ecohome

Space house. Doing a course in Earthship building in Brighton this weekend. Very inspiring.

YEAH! #success

Thanks for having me @joestrummerfoundation. An excellent Glastonbury crew. Xx

Happy campers.

I bloody love Glastonbury.

Made a friend.

Pier pressure.

And while you're at it CHOOSE LOVE!! We could always do with a bit more compassion in society! #ge17 @helprefugeesuk

Out doing a bit of last minute canvassing for Rupa Huq in Acton today. Every vote counts this time! Let's do it!!! #ge17

Intrepid traveller.

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