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Американский актёр и продюсер, младший брат актрисы Тайн Дейли.
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HUMANS!!! This Sunday, Jan. 13th, #Novocure Patient George Gerner will be on #MadamSecretary! It was great having this friend & supporter of @thecreativecoalition on set!

HUMANS!!! Families like the ones in tonight’s episode of #MadamSecretary are still making the difficult choice to leave their homes fleeing violence & persecution. This isn’t just TV, it’s happening NOW. Learn more from @amnesty & @amnestyusa’s report: http://bit.ly/AsylumReport

HUMANS!!! It’s going to be ok. Love wins. Happy 2019!!!

HUMANS!!! Be peaceful. Be loving. Be kind. Be true. Be generous. Be compassionate. Be empathetic. Be humble. Be imaginative. Be kind again.

HUMANS!!! The 100th episode of #MadamSecretary is on THIS SUNDAY! And did you hear that @samdaly is on it, too?

HUMANS!!! The 100th episode of #MadamSecretary airs this Sunday with special guest star...@samdaly!!! Please watch live - or you might end up behind bars!

HUMANS!!! Thanks to Theresa Rebeck for writing #Downstairs for me and my sister, @tynedalyonline. You still have some time to come see us at the Cherry Lane Theatre / @primarystages. Read the full article at the link in my bio.

HUMANS!!! Listen to my episode of the @reallyfamouspodcast - AKA my therapy session with Kara Mayer Robinson - at the link in their bio! #ReallyFamous

HUMANS!!! This #GivingTuesday, support the #RightToBearArts and arts education by donating to @TheCreativeCoalition at the link in their bio!

HUMANS!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thinking of my aunt “Mel” today. She reached the highest rank available to women in the military at one point. To her, my dad, all the people in my family and all those who have bravely served our country...Thank you.

Cherry Lane Theatre

HUMANS!!! Last night was the first preview of #Downstairs with my sister @tynedalyonline. Get tickets at the link in my bio!

HUMANS!!! Today is Nov. 6 - please get out there and VOTE!!!

HUMANS!!! This is your friendly reminder to VOTE!!!

HUMANS!!! Happy Halloween! If you’re tired of being haunted, VOTE on Tuesday!

HUMANS!!! Let’s #InfluenceTheElection. Get five of your friends to vote and ask them to get five of THEIR friends to vote! Drive. Walk. Bus. Train. Get out there and participate in our democracy!!!

HUMANS!!! #ThrowbackThursday to Alec Baldwin and me in “A Study in Scarlet” at @wtfestival in the 80s. #TBT

HUMANS!!! October 23rd...we begin the 100th ep. of #MadamSecretary. My father would have been 100 years old. And I’m celebrating 36 years of sobriety. It’s a big day for Timmy D!!!

HUMANS!!! We stand with @glaad against bullying! Not just for #SpiritDay, but EVERY day. #MadamSecretary

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