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Американский актёр и продюсер, младший брат актрисы Тайн Дейли.
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HUMANS!!! I love playing Henry because not often do men get to be strong AND vulnerable. Emotional AND brave. A competent father, good husband, AND good at a complicated job. We need positive examples of male leaders, especially now. @cbstvstudios, #RenewMadamSecretary!

HUMANS!!! Happy #stpatricksday!

HUMANS!!! #ThrowbackThursday to QUEEN, a part of the Roots Trilogy, which I was honored to be a part of. Ann-Margaret and Martin Sheen played my parents! #tbt

HUMANS!!! We need everyone to make this world work. #WomensDay is a reminder that we must do all we can to educate and empower women everywhere.

HUMANS!!! #ThrowbackThursday to some fam time with @owenjamesdaly! #tbt

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @tynedalyonline!!! I’m glad you were born and am lucky to have you as my sister.

HUMANS!!! #MadamSecretary returns tomorrow night! Check it out…

HUMANS!!! Happy Valentine’s Day! Spread some love.

HUMANS!!! #ThrowbackThursday to this article in @Variety about #Downstairs, the play I did with my sister @tynedalyonline - link in my bio. #tbt

HUMANS!!! Art is like air—we take it for granted but it surrounds us, we are always breathing it in, and it quietly sustains us. Without it, we cannot survive. How does art sustain YOU? #RightToBearArts

Park City, Utah

HUMANS!!! @samdaly is now leading the Young Hollywood division of @thecreativecoalition! I’m incredibly proud of all he does - on camera and off. #RightToBearArts

Park City, Utah

HUMANS!!! At #Sundance2019, @thecreativecoalition celebrated the power of teachers & arts education by featuring Lucy Alibar & Walton Goggins who thanked their teachers, Kyle Bostian & Harry Mastrogeorge. #RightToBearArts

Park City, Utah

HUMANS!!! Celebrating “Before You Know It,” the film that I am the Executive Producer of, at its #sundancefilmfestival premiere with @samdaly - who’s in the movie.

HUMANS!!! This Sunday, Jan. 13th, #Novocure Patient George Gerner will be on #MadamSecretary! It was great having this friend & supporter of @thecreativecoalition on set!

HUMANS!!! Families like the ones in tonight’s episode of #MadamSecretary are still making the difficult choice to leave their homes fleeing violence & persecution. This isn’t just TV, it’s happening NOW. Learn more from @amnesty & @amnestyusa’s report: http://bit.ly/AsylumReport

HUMANS!!! It’s going to be ok. Love wins. Happy 2019!!!

HUMANS!!! Be peaceful. Be loving. Be kind. Be true. Be generous. Be compassionate. Be empathetic. Be humble. Be imaginative. Be kind again.

HUMANS!!! The 100th episode of #MadamSecretary is on THIS SUNDAY! And did you hear that @samdaly is on it, too?

HUMANS!!! The 100th episode of #MadamSecretary airs this Sunday with special guest star...@samdaly!!! Please watch live - or you might end up behind bars!

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