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Tour Eiffel

Paris, France

Waimoku Falls

End of the rainbow #maui #roadtohana #waterfall

: @soulcirque in #sanjuan #puertorico

Vote yes on H today! Help give the homeless population in LA a fighting chance. #lavote #vote #yesonh

Over the next 4 months, my dj band, @soulcirque, will be playing events in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Maui, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Aspen, San Diego, Santa Barbara and one at the Santa Monica Pier. And better yet, I'll be doing it with two of my best friends (Dustin and Jason). These are mostly private events but think we'll be able to invite some friends to the one at the Pier! It's the start of year 5 for us and we couldn't be more grateful for these adventures and life-changing experiences. Music is a powerful medium. We will continue to do our best to bring love and dancing to this world thru music. It's an honor to be doing this as our work. The biggest lesson we learned through all this is to be our authentic self. By being true to who we are and daring to be different, eventually the doors started to open and we were embraced for being ourselves. We aim to never stop growing and finding ways to push our creative envelope. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you all who have been so supportive over the years. Much love. #love #music #travel

Bike riding in LA #rig #bike #shoot

Craigslist missed connections reenactments by Woody Allen. Link in bio

@spentsaints2017 Directed by @cendo23 photo by @terijomarie

A craigslist missed connection by Woody Allen. Coming soon to @nightpantz - with @toriatkins

Sage Organic Vegan Bistro


Let's make history! Vote!

The mothership

Uncle time ❤️️

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