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When you go out with @jonathansadowski and @_the.chris.smith_ and have a full blown photo shoot...you laugh your buns off.

So...@kershaw_m and I decided to extend our family. Say hello to Lolo - the new lady of the house. Many thanks to Kristen (wonderful foster mamma), @nyjenn7 (puppy matchmaking genius) and @apurposefulrescue for finding us the perfect pup. #adoptdontshop

Happy National Siblings Day to my Big (even though he’s younger) Brother Bear, @hunterjamesnick - I love you very much. 🥰❤️🥰

Many of you were worried about my monster bruise and I greatly appreciate your concern, so I wanted to let you all know that it’s healing, slowly but surely!

I know I don’t usually allow swearing in my posts, but I feel like this word is part of an important pep-talk, so I’m letting it slide. Never forget how beautiful you are - even when you’re feeling less than...

DO NOT WORRY: I slipped and fell directly onto my elbow with my whole body weight on a sneaky patch of black ice. There is no foul play exhibited here. But this is the gnarliest bruise I have ever had, so I wanted to share. 😳😳😳.

Attention everyone! The @lollipoptheater Superhero Walk is fast-approaching, so @_the.chris.smith_ and I decided to don our capes early and ask for your support in bringing smiles and laughter to these kiddos. Please help if you can! . . . Lollipop is an organization that brings the joy of movies that are still in theaters to children in hospitals.

We miss you already @jenniegee123, @rich_gee123 and Kate! And Blu goes back to @carmella_casinelli and @legit_rbs tomorrow, so our house will be very empty, but we LOVED having all the company!

His name is Blu. He is the sweetest pup. Thank you for this stellar visitor, @carmella_casinelli! #HouseGuest

Thanks to @_the.chris.smith_ I got to see “Five Feet Apart” last night. This is our before picture. Afterward...I was a puddle. Not sure anyone needs to see those pictures!

A little #tbt to the happiest day of my life... @kershaw_m

Happy Monday! Embrace the day! Thanks for the inspiration, @snoopygrams - we all need motivation on Mondays!

#doorpantsforall Thanks, @nyjenn7 - I needed to be made aware of this genius idea.

My husband @kershaw_m responded “kale” to this question/answer, then dropped the proverbial mic, and took out the recycling. He is actually my hero.

We. Miss. You. Every. Day. Sacred. Wonderful. Beautiful. Lady.

That time we bought SuperBowl tickets because we knew we weren’t going to be sending children to college. 😂.

May you find someone who is as happy to be with you as my niece Harper is to be with my parents, Nan and Pepp. My brother @hunterjamesnick and sister-in-law @hayleygenevieve sure did make a special little human!

Today, I spent the afternoon with my friends at @lollipoptheater as we screened @httydragon for the kids at @childrensla // HUGE THANK YOU to @all_things_krista for being the organizational wonder woman that she is and also to my bestie @_the.chris.smith_ for being my partner in all things GOOD, always...and for being amazing with the children and a wonderful addition to the Lollipop family. (I shamelessly copied the text from his post because I couldn’t have said it better if I tried). ❤️ 🤗 🎥 . . . . Although their mission is to bring the magic of movies currently in theaters to children confined to hospitals nationwide due to chronic or life-threatening illnesses, what they do is so much more. Go to the link in my bio to learn more!! 🎉 🤗 ❤️ 🎥


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