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Американская актриса и модель.
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Just saw the lovely and amazing @hotdamnitslaura in the truly incredible DEAR EVAN HANSEN. Congratulations, my friend! And thank you, @kershaw_m for being so thoughtful!

Hey @kershaw_m - looking sharp!

Makeup closeup. Thanks, @amystrozzi for bringing your lashes and lipsticks, brushes and blushes!

It was such an honor to present my dear friend Philippe Rousselot with the International Cinematographer Award at the ASC Event last night. Special thanks to my glam squad: @amystrozzi @charles_dujic

Oh, pictures! How I adore you!

Happy Wednesday!

What a weekend with @ladyoftheladle at the incredibly breathtaking Parker Palm Springs. Special thanks to my dear friend, José Neira! Photo credit: @ladyoftheladle

Bubbles take away troubles. Thank you, my thoughtful husband @kershaw_m for this lovely surprise gift. You always make things better. And @ladyoftheladle agrees. Xxx.

Friends since birth. Girl's weekend. So happy with @ladyoftheladle and our mimosas in the sunshine.

This is what @kershaw_m and I call the "toothpaste challenge", aka the "who has to bust out a new tube of toothpaste"...THAT IS FIVE FEET AWAY!

Belated Birthday Bouquets are the Best!

I'm reading "The Stranger Beside Me", a book about Ted Bundy...😳. My sentence is "It could not be considered positive physical evidence connecting the two cases, but it most certainly was alarming."

Thanks to @lestudiophoto we all had a darn good time at the game last night!

Thank you, @la.vie.amy, for cuddles with Cooper!

Bracing myself for "Splash Mountain" with @kenziehewins and @meganbai at Disneyland...

A crash course in beer thanks to @kenziehewins and pretzel bites!

Happy New Year!

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