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Guess what? My lovely and amazing friend, Linda Pianigiani has started a company @dographyla and, as you can see, her photographs speak for themselves. I highly recommend you check out her website www.dographyla.com - and have her take pics of your pups!

Thanks so much @lestudiophoto for inviting me, @kershaw_m and @nataliegori to your Hockey Holiday Party! I’m still full, but I wouldn’t turn down one of those sliders! 😋🤤🥳

Oh heck yes! Christmas puzzle season has begun! It’s my favorite time of the year...

Can’t tell you what I’m working on, but I can show you my spectacular hat...

Had a wonderful meal at @comotaperia in Vancouver this evening. I highly recommend the food and cocktails...and bathroom art! Delish. You should go. I felt like I was back in Barcelona! * * @torikershaw * * This is not an ad.

Happy Birthday, @kershaw_m, Handsome Husband! (I look like Lord Voldemort, but you look hot.)

Oh, it’s so good to be home! Thank you @rmabbs for meeting me for a delicious lunch. You’re the best.

Hello friends! It’s #givingtuesday on 11/27 and with donations being matched, @lollipoptheater can reach even more children with debilitating illnesses. Please visit us at https://www.facebook.com/LollipopTheater and see what we do. Donate if you can. Every dollar matters!

Hey @nicholasferroni - look what I’m sending to one of my favorite teachers for a Happy Holidays Card... * #BeGratefulForGreatTeachers

I would REALLY love to be throwing a cheesesteak from @tonylukes directly into my face right now. How do we make this happen? Where’s the nearest warp zone?

Anybody’s ball. #WallysBall


Another gem. * @_the.chris.smith_ @torikershaw

Today in photos. A good time was had by all. * @torikershaw @_the.chris.smith_

Wore my @leginknits kicks to the game tonight...because I’m so fancy.

SPORTS! I can smell the sweat from these seats thanks to @_the.chris.smith_ and I’m not bad about it!

It’s so hard to say goodbye! Thanks to @hayleygenevieve and @hunterjamesnick for letting me hog Harper all weekend!

They made a really cute human. * @hayleygenevieve @hunterjamesnick

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