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Just a little post-flight skin-soothing thanks to @clarksbotanicals and the availability of straws for the purpose of wine consumption.

Apparently I got hungry last night, did some research on egg rolls, selected a venue...and set my alarm to remind me to visit said venue.

Wisdom from buckets! I love this!

Keeping is classy with @torikershaw in the Arts District. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

BBQ day! Many thanks to @oneonthegomama for hosting and extra kisses to @kershaw_m for manning the grill. Honorable mention to Quintin and his mom @nicoleurbanmackle for letting me play cool aunt for a bit!

Salad breakfast in bed aka breakfast of lazy aka breakfast of a person with only salad in the fridge.

LA rooftop BBQ with @kershaw_m, @torikershaw and @naomirachael - HAPPY FRIDAY!

This #tbt is an excited shoutout to my sister, @torikershaw, who is coming to visit @kershaw_m and me for the weekend! Hurry up and get here, Tor!

Action shot!

Photogenic much? Oh, Parker...you're such a cutie!

At the gym at 9am? On a Saturday? ME? It takes an army of these three handsome boys; @kershaw_m, @paulmichaelrahn and @theycallmebam.

Any TopSleuths out there? Is this beer still being produced? Can I order it out of state? I'm asking for a friend who wants to do something very sweet for his parents!

Oh so true! Thanks to my Twitter friend @Srija_rc for this hilarious post.

Thanks to my friend Katie Rollins, this little gem jumped into my afternoon. Clearly I'm excited about the apple and wearing a fetching child-sized moomoo. Good times!

You all know about the heated "toothpaste replace" mission I have been advocating...and now @kershaw_m is just taunting me with his Post-It notes!

Once you go Canadian...you always watch NHL playoffs.

One of my favorite families participating in the #superherowalk with @lollipoptheater in Los Angeles! Sorry I couldn't be there, @oneonthegomama - but I'm thrilled that you went! Xoxo.

Enough said.

Happy Saturday, friends!

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