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Steak. It's what's for breakfast. @stockingframe

Go Dodgers, GO!

C'est moi. Cracked screen and Scotch tape. Class act.

Happy Birthday, lovely girl. We miss you.

Just a little, on-set #tbt to the fans of "P2". I've never looked better...or stickier...

Thank goodness my skin remedy has arrived! After a brutal and mysterious allergic reaction graced my face with its presence, I really need @clarksbotanicals to come to my rescue! Phew!

Nachos for breakfast. These things happen...

So...I bought them books and a Snickers Bar. Definitely in the running for best auntie, right?

A little #tbt to my oh so moody modeling days. Paris, Tu me mangues!

I spy...Ashley Seaver! #criminalminds

Chillin' with Flynn and Sullivan. No big deal. Thanks for all the loves @mmcdonaldlewis and for the laughter, too!

Today's dramatic do...thank goodness I've got the stunningly talented @laracil to make my hair behave this way! Photo Credit: @mmcdonaldlewis

An @clarksbotanicals lip tint, Rachel Red, created just for me by my friend @clark.francesco? Yes, please!

Catching-up on "Golden Girls" reruns and stumbled across the perfect #tbt image...

This little guy turns 3 today. Aaaaaand that's how time flies. Happy Birthday, Oscar! @rosiesteve @kershaw_m

This guy. First season, first two episodes of CONTINUUM. What an incredible director and friend. Thank you for always being awesome, @joncassar!

No big deal. Guy in front of me just casually putting his cocaine through security. But seriously, what is that?

Lovely dinner with @juanmividal76 and @kershaw_m in downtown LA this evening!

Oh it is so good to be back at one of my favorite Vancouver spots...

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