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Got to celebrate birthday times with this gentleman last night. Happy Birthday, @djaaronb41!

Once upon a #tbt in Sonoma.

#MeAt14 Shy. Clumsy. Insecure. Didn’t wear makeup. Loved floral dresses. Played the saxophone. Daddy’s girl. Couldn’t sleep without my stuffed animals. So very innocent...

#FAMILY It’s always so nice having my sister (@torikershaw) in town. I’ve got the longest arms, so I’ve always got to hold the camera... @kershaw_m

Aaaaaaaaaand TIME LAPSE...

Hazy DTLA... @kershaw_m @torikershaw

Best friends bring Clamato. Thank you @meganbai for bringing such delightful gifts!

Don’t mess with the family... Photo credit: @kershaw_m

Go Dodgers, GO!

Oh Sunday... Photo credit: @kershaw_m

Are we dressing up for Halloween? Yes. In costumes? Nope. STEAKS. We are dressing up steaks. *Don’t worry - @kershaw_m is operating the grill so I don’t hurt myself (also because I can’t cook).*

Judging by my photography...the wedding was a blast!

Congratulations to my amazing brother @hunterjamesnick and his beautiful bride @hayleygenevieve - it was a wonderful wedding!

I have no words. Just this picture. My mother travels with duct tape...

Brought the parents to their first NHL game last night. A good time was had by all. Thanks, @kershaw_m for being the best son-in-law of all time.

The family that warms-up on the treadmills together is smart...because they know @theycallmebam is coming! Photo credit: @theycallmebam

This just in... @clarksbotanicals Have products, will travel!

The waitress at Boston Pizza actually said “I feel like I should ban you for life” after she saw my savage technique for personal-pizza consumption.

NORMAL PERSOM: Oh, it's Friday night! What are you doing? ME: My best Hannibal Lector...

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