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Американская актриса и певица, наиболее известна по сериалу «Все ненавидят Криса».
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Don't ACT like a boss...BE one. Control your Destiny & never apologize for doing so.

You ask..I give. Here's a lil more of me #singing my new version of #AmazingGrace #Song that will help raise money for the #Music Department at #StoneMountainHighSchool - Song to be released soon. Enjoy & be blessed.

Debbie Allen Dance Academy

Happy Valentines Day! Keep dancing to the beat of Life. Enjoy my baby #AlijahKai grooving for ya. @alijahkai @dwimpye @officialdadance @chocahontas187 #choreography #dance #hiphop

Pretty Cool. True humility is embracing recognition & accolades but never forgetting that you did not do it alone. Big thanks to a "kick ass" CAST, CREW, WRITING STAFF, DIRECTORS, PRODUCERS, AGENTS, MANAGERS, PUBLICISTS...& all the folks that put up with me. Lol! Let's have some more fun.

*..And now a narcissistic moment: Check me out on @heroicmag - HeroicMag.com

*Just a little taste of how some #Music is made. #AmazingGrace #song #ComingSoon @romelveal @flo_cam_ent - Raising funds for the music department at #StoneMountainHighSchool - THE WORLD NEEDS MUSIC!! #MusicMakesTheWorldGoAround

Hey peeps! #HappyFriday Doing a little press for #SurvivorsRemorse at #ATVFest #Scad #Atlanta #Season4 @nikatnight @robertwu2u

I'm in the lab again... Me & @romelveal are back at it. #music #single #project #song #ComingSoon

This #Meme made me crack up. Made me think about my kitchen perms back in the day. Lmao!!! Thanks @ralphochoa

*We're 10 days into shooting #Season4 of #SurvivorsRemorse & I'm already sick of these mofo's. JK! Love these folks. @theericaash @teyonahparris @denisetunnell @janicetunnell @ralphochoa @theglamgirl @tisbeauty

So happy & excited to have my LONGtime friend @sallirichwhit directing an episode of #SurvivorsRemorse #Season4 - It's so refreshing to have friends you've known forever that never change. #Friends #Director #Showbiz

*The hard working #crew of #SurvivorsRemorse at work. It's #Friday, but we're working to bring you all the HEAT for #Season4! Great stuff coming soon. #TGIF @tichinazenay

Washington, District of Columbia

My daughter was UBER excited to meet the calm, poised & sweet @janellemonae at our hotel at #WomansMarchOnWashington -I'm so grateful to Janelle for her powerfully encouraging words for my daughter. Alijah Kai will cherish that moment. #BlackGirlsRock #HiddenFigures

The Mall (Washington DC)

*Here are some amazingly clever & true #ProtestSigns left in front of the #WhiteHouse after #womensmarchonwashington ENJOY!

The #womansmarchonwashington was amazing today. Hats off to all that peacefully participated & to all of those there in spirit. The fight continues until it doesn't. Blessings...

*So we took a little walk today...

D.C. Here we come! #WomensMarchOnWashington @alijahkai @cedric_boswell

My daughter Alijah Kai & I will be attending the women's march in DC. It's important that we as parents & adults, display actions & set examples for our children so they fully understand & have the memory of people fighting for THEIR rights and the rights for the HUMAN race. Some things SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED. The fight continues until it doesn't.

Here's some help if you don't know what to watch on this Friday, January 20th 2017 -This schedule should cover your whole day. Set your DVR's folks! Enjoy!

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