Тичина Арнольд


Американская актриса и певица, наиболее известна по сериалу «Все ненавидят Криса».
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!! Stay Beautiful. Stay Black...because "MO" WILL be back...TONIGHT! On @daytimedivas on @vh1 with all my girls and guys. @vanessawilliamsofficial @camilleguaty @fionagubelmann @chloebridges @mckinleyfreeman @thesarahmack @nikopepajla @starjonesesq @suzannedepasse - THANKS FOR WATCHING & SUPPORTING YOUR LOCAL DIVA TV SHOW!!! Love you all.

Wanna get a monkey to eat from your hand? Put food under your nails. You just gotta watch out for beautiful & trained #GermanShepards They love food too. Lol. My friends house is literally Animal Kingdom. Lol. Love Animals...not insects.

That moment you realize you downloaded the #Explicit version to your favorite rap album while with your #Tweenager on the way to school. Yep. That happened. Lol! We good though. Don't judge us. We LOVE good #Music & MEANINGFUL #Lyrics #SchoolMorningPlaylist #TICHINAandALIJAH @kendricklamar #BeHumble ...SIT DOWN!

*You ask. I give. When a bug interrupts your song. Lol! #SchoolMorningPlaylist #TICHINAandALIJAH #CanWeTalk @therealtevincampbell - Note:This is older video footage during our ride to school. #Seatbelts are on.

#ALIJAHKAI My single & most greatest GOD GIVEN achievement in my 48 years on this earth. I have not ONE COMPLAINT, despite my trials, tribulations and road blocks along the way. I will forever be grateful & humbled to GOD for trusting me to raise her to be the woman HE wants her to be. May he continue to guide my steps and the steps of all who have committed themselves to her anointed life as well. You can't do it alone. We all need help & must thank God everyday for it.

...You thought WRONG. A Devious Divas continuation of @daytimedivas on @vh1

When you finally get to listen to a song that you like in the car. #SchoolMorningPlaylist #TICHINAandALIJAH @jsullivanmusic #HappyFriday folks!

Oh... And don't forget... Be Happy... Life's too special to not enjoy it. Despite what others think, always DO YOU. #Cancers #Loyalty #Respect #Hardwork


When you start feeling the song you're singing. Lol. I love my kid. We love music. Happy #4 of #July folks! #TICHINAandALIJAH #SummerPlaylist @saintrecords #cranesinthesky

Yal know him as "bad boy" Tommy, but he's "nice guy" Joe to me. Good people. Me & @Josephsikora4 Backstage before the @Starz presentation at @Essencefest #powertv #survivorsremorse

The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans

Me & the beautiful, lovely, kind @cynthiabailey10 before I received my #mcdonalds #365BlackAwards Adore this woman.

I'm returning home from @essencefest with this... I'm still on #cloud9 & extremely honored. Thanks @mcdonalds for my #365Black #Award #survivorsremorse @starz

Mercedes-Benz Superdome

#Repost Me & my @Starz Network Mate - Yep. What he posted. This is all ya get. Lol.. #survivorsremorse @josephsikora4 ------- Me and @tichinaarnold . That is all you GET! #survivors #powertv

Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Me & chocolate drop @kofisiriboe from @queensugarown at the @essencefest #survivorsremorse #Season4

Me & my lil sis..... @tichinazenay #essencefestival @starz @essencefest @essence #survivorsremorseseason4 @daytimedivas @vh1 @wewinfoundation

I spent my birthday in the Emergency Vet w/my 2yr old #Bulldog Alice. She just suddenly stopped breathing. #EnglishBulldog Breed issues. She's a little better now & my nerves are a lot calmer. Thank GOD my family was there to get her breathing again. #Prayers for #Alice quick recovery. Take care of your pets. Take care of each other. Anyone studying to be a vet, always remember, our pets are our family...sometimes they are the only family person has. I'm glad I donate to animal causes. ******** Thanks in advance for your positive thoughts for my baby girl Alice.

I will always cherish your kind words & well wishes on my birthday, June 28th. I pray I get better, wiser, kinder & more humble as time flies by. There is SO much to be done. Life is here to LIVE it, so let's do this. Blessings.....TA

CBS Studio Center

I'm using this video to see how I look on camera before I go out and do a segment on @TheTalkCBS to talk about @daytimedivas - Yep. I'm USING y'all right now.

Some kids have great reflex qualities. Lmao! Smdh. @alijahkai knows I'm too old for kids.

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