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One from the archives.

These ladies were kind enough to let me take a photo with them for only $20.

When you agree to play @trishahurckes in a game of pool.

27 🖕🏻🎂

Sydney, Australia

Big thanks to @niqueclothing for letting me check out their A/W collection for 2019 - I can’t wait to get my hands on EVERYTHING. Dammit.... I should’ve stolen this khaki wool coat when I had the chance.

Los Angeles, California

When you get your tax return back and spend it on stupid shit. #throwback

Sydney, Australia

How your favourite instagram influencer drinks coffee (probably).

*Drake lyrics*

Sydney, Australia

Snippet of a quick improvised shoot from a few weeks back. ——————————————— @thomgreen x @theastralsociety #pisscorner

Wishing @itsjordanjr a Happy Fucking Birthday. I can’t remember the last time we got to celebrate each other’s birthday together but I’m drinking cheap champagne and OJ in your honour no matter what. Happy Birthday mate 🍾🍾



Round 2 once I’m back? @joeypauline

I love the internet.

Birthday Gyal. @mzmh_

Is it still #oldheadshotday ? (Not specifically a headshot as I didn’t have any at this point.) Enjoy. @georgieparker remember your boy?

Happy Birthday to Charlie boy! I was lucky enough to work two jobs in a row with this rudiger and somehow I still don’t feel the urge to drown him in a shallow body of water! @charlesgrounds_ #aldente

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