Джеймс Лэфферти


Американский актёр, режиссер и продюсер. Родился 25 июля 1985 года в Хэмете, Калифорния. Его родителями были Джефф и Энджи Лафферти, владельцы местной строительной компании.
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Los Angeles, California

I can’t really explain much about this picture other than these t-shirts feel like an Ewok cuddle on a warm yet breezy autumn afternoon after a serving of homemade chicken soup. The link in my bio will take you straight to the only place you can get a tee of your own. Every penny goes toward the budget of the first season of @everyoneisdoinggreat, of course. Come help us make it happen :)

New York, New York

Hey thanks NYC

Manhattan, New York

Adventures of Catman & Batwoman Vol. 1

What’s wrong, Jeremy Davis? You’re screening at @nytvf tonight! Cheer up ya goober! The team at @everyoneisdoinggreat is beyond excited and honored to be part of the festival’s lineup this year. Can’t wait to get in there and mix it up with all the talented and hardworking creators raising the bar for independent television. And to all of you #EDGHeroes who are going to be in attendance this evening, thank you. Can’t wait to meet every last one of you and most importantly, we hope you enjoy the show :)

Los Angeles, California

Thank you @thewrap for the great conversation. We had a blast. Free water and A/C was a wonderful added bonus. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 ・・・ We just caught up with @jameslafferty and @stephencolletti on their new episodic comedy project titled #EveryoneIsDoingGreat. The long-time friends, colleagues, and now collaborators both co-star in the show. Check out how you can get involved in the project on the show’s page here 👇 @everyoneisdoinggreat!

Facebook Los Angeles

Join @stephencolletti and I for a Facebook Live, in-studio at Facebook headquarters. We’ll be chatting all things @everyoneisdoinggreat and revealing a bit more info on our upcoming OTH Cast Live Watch. The livestream will be available on my Facebook page. P.S. I plan on stealing like 17 free Pomegranate Kombucha teas from Facebook’s commissary, so if it looks like I’ve gained weight when we go live it’s because I’m hiding them all in my jacket. 🤫

Today, in 🇺🇸.

🙋🏻‍♂️- 🧦 =🤦🏻‍♂️

Austin, Texas

#Repost @atxfestival with @get_repost ・・・ Whaddaya mean you haven’t supported #ATXTVs7 series @everyoneisdoinggreat on @indiegogo yet?? Our buds @jameslafferty & @stephencolletti aren’t just great at lifting TVs - they’re great at making it, too! Pop over to their campaign (link in their bio) to get those BTS perks & help them make a full season of #EDG! 📷: @msayles | @rokuplayer Portrait Gallery

Los Angeles, California

Learn more about @everyoneisdoinggreat and these characters that have delighted festival audiences all over the country this summer. Follow the link in my bio, and click the UPDATES section of the Indiegogo page. There you’ll find several more videos featuring @stephencolletti and I taking you through this world we’ve dedicated our lives to creating over the past year. And without further adieu.... 🎥📺🐣

Henderson's Lounge

Please get in touch if anyone has a good laser cutting contact because WE JUST WON BEST COMEDY WRITERS AT @seriesfest!!!! Thank you to this sensational festival that’s created a culture of kindness, inclusion and support for independent television creators. And most importantly, thank you to every pilot we saw at the festival that affected and inspired us. The greatest reward of all is to feel like you’re part of something. The projects screened at this festival made us feel like we were part of something great. We’ll never forget the times we had and the friends we made. The future for @everyoneisdoinggreat feels brighter than ever 😊 #sfs4 P.S. Thank you @stephencolletti for letting me borrow your pants.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

“Make sure you get the parking lot” - @sherradiddle @ashleyjoycebush @seriesfest #sfs4

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

Thanks for an epic evening at Red Rocks, @seriesfest. Still not sure why @stephencolletti and I were matching. For the record, I got dressed first. #sfs4

Los Angeles, California

Want to know why in the name of all that’s holy this photo shoot ever happened? Well, let’s just say I’m in character as Jeremy Davis from @everyoneisdoinggreat. The rest will make sense when you check out our Indiegogo campaign’s NEW FEATURED PERK. Link in bio. Sorry for yelling. I get excited.

Denver, Colorado

Had a quick picnic and now it’s back to the @everyoneisdoinggreat Festival Tour. See you soon #Denver/@seriesfest! #thirsttrap

Denver, Colorado

#DENVER.... Come on out and join @stephencolletti and I for two screenings of @everyoneisdoinggreat at @SeriesFest. It’s a unique opportunity to experience new wave of fresh voices in independent television. We’ll be at both screenings, talking to the audience and doing meeting & greets after the show. We’d be honored to shake your hand and personally thank you for watching 🐒

Los Angeles, California

@stephencolletti and I are still on our festival tour, introducing audiences to the pilot episode of @everyoneisdoinggreat. Next stop: @seriesfest in Denver, Colorado. Check the link in bio to get more information on how you can be directly responsible for making season 1 of our independent comedy series a reality. Be sure to check the updates section of the Indiegogo page as well, for photos, videos and news on our festival tour. Thank you!!!

Grimaldi Forum

When asked which one of us still sleeps with a stuffed animal. #ftv2018

Not sure why @stephencolletti and I are dressed for Easter Sunday but at least @alexandrapark1 came to play. #FTV2018

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