Джеймс Лэфферти


Американский актёр, режиссер и продюсер. Родился 25 июля 1985 года в Хэмете, Калифорния. Его родителями были Джефф и Энджи Лафферти, владельцы местной строительной компании.
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Los Angeles, California


Today's inner dialogue.

When mom yells at you from upstairs.

AmericanAirlines Arena

Behind enemy lines last night.

Who else already has one of these awesome @loveyourmelon beanies? The kind and caring people from @csueblymcrew clued me in to the wonderful cause they're pursuing. The proceeds from these beanies provide hats for children battling pediatric cancer, as well as support local non-profits supporting those children. Follow the tags, pick one up for yourself and/or a friend and contribute to this worthy effort!

Strayin' 🇦🇺🍻

Gordon's Bay, NSW 🚣🏻

Blue Mountains, NSW 🇦🇺

Once again, thank you to everyone involved with @theroyalsone for making a guy's dreams come true. I simply don't have the words to express my gratitude, so instead here's a picture of how sexy and British you all make me feel on set. Episode 5 was a huge moment for me in many ways, I truly hope everyone enjoyed it. Now go catch the live show with #markschwahn and @stephencolletti on The Royals Facebook page! Until next time.... 🇬🇧👑✌🏼

@theroyalsone is airing in less than an hour...... 10|9c. I'll be live tweeting/responding to your questions about directing this episode over on twitter. See you there!

Bronte Beach Bombshell (zoom in for full effect)

I've been informed that I've already posted that last picture. Sorry. To make it up to you, here's a picture of world famous actor @goodproblemstohave being an all around badass carrying track to help us make a particularly hairy day on Ep. 5. This is some seriously top secret #BTS stuff right here people. Don't tell anyone I showed you. Our little secret. 🤙🏻

#BTS episode 5 of @theroyalsone this season, directed by yours truly. I think it's a kickass episode, but I'm a bit biased so don't take my word for it. Tune in this Sunday at 10|9c and see for yourself!

Australian finger graffiti wit.

Turn the volume up. Watch in the library. 🇦🇺

Nooooooooooooo filter 🎆


Idyllwild, California

Christmas Eve '16 🎄

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