Джеймс Лэфферти


Американский актёр, режиссер и продюсер. Родился 25 июля 1985 года в Хэмете, Калифорния. Его родителями были Джефф и Энджи Лафферти, владельцы местной строительной компании.
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Paris, France

Repost: Photo by @jacksonb4real. It was an honor to be invited back to Paris by @empireconventions and the kind and gracious #OTH fans of France. Thank you for giving our cast the time to spend together again. Thank you for showing us the love. Let’s do it again some time eh?

Joshua Tree, California


Los Angeles, California

It’s been an extraordinary ride so far, shooting the first season of @everyoneisdoinggreat. Couldn’t have wished for a better group of people to bring this story to life, in front of and behind the camera. Thanking our lucky stars for how far we’ve come and all the #EDGHeroes who got us here. All you backers are here on set with us in spirit. Every day. So much more to come.....

Los Angeles, California

Thank you @mgabsodesigns for my new favorite place to do business ☺️

Wilmington, NC Convention Center

Another successful @eyecon3000. Thanks all you legends. We love you and we miss you already :)

Thirst Trap Billie

Los Angeles, California

S.P.B. Pt. IV

Happy Birthday @stuylaff. I’m not sure why you’re brandishing a canister of bear mace in this picture taken many months ago, but the menacing look on your face suggests you had your own reasons and you were determined to see it all through. Godspeed brother. You are loved. 🧔🏻🐻💫

Wilmington, North Carolina

Thanks to everyone sending their love on the 15th anniversary of One Tree Hill's premiere. Looking back today, I remember so much of what I loved about the show was where it was shot: Wilmington, North Carolina. This is a truly special place with a heart and soul all it's own and at the moment, the people of Wilmington are still hurting in the wake of Hurricane Florence. If you'd like to give back to the place that gave us #OTH, there are a couple ways to do so. You can visit the good people at redcross.org by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS or texting FLORENCE to 90999 to make a donation. You can also purchase a t-shirt designed by the women of OTH in support of the #HurricaneFlorence recovery effort by following this link: https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/capefearlesschallenge Any support of these organizations, whether financially or just by sharing through your own social media accounts, will a go long way to ensuring that Wilmington gets back on it's feet quickly and completely. Once again, thank you for your long-time support of our little show that could (and apparently still can.) Much love right back to you all.

Sydney, Australia


Wilmington, NC Convention Center

Looking forward to hanging with the #OTHFam and #EDGHeroes alike at the @eyecon3000 event this October 19th-21st in Wilmington, NC(Aka Tree Hill). It’s always a wonderful experience and this year will be one for the ages ;) Come join us!

When you’re backstage with some groupies and the weed hits.


Los Angeles, California

For more tips and tricks on making a splash at your next rooftop garden party, I highly recommend consulting a professional or literally anyone but me.

Los Angeles, California

#BTS our pilot shoot of @everyoneisdoinggreat and also an accurate representation of my feelings having surpassed our goal on Indiegogo and being on our way into pre-production for Season 1 here soon. This is bonkers guys and gals. Crowdfunding has been a long, emotional journey but it’s been incredibly positive and rewarding because of you. THANK YOU #EDGHeroes. You laid our foundation, now it’s time to build the house. The perks on our page are staying available for a few more days to let some of our last contributions trickle in. If you haven’t jumped onboard yet, now’s your chance to join a community of thousands, making a TV show together. Jump on in, the water’s fine.☺️ P.S. I can’t do handstands. The @nelmsbros are holding my feet off camera.

Los Angeles, California

Chill Bill

Los Angeles, California

I can’t really explain much about this picture other than these t-shirts feel like an Ewok cuddle on a warm yet breezy autumn afternoon after a serving of homemade chicken soup. The link in my bio will take you straight to the only place you can get a tee of your own. Every penny goes toward the budget of the first season of @everyoneisdoinggreat, of course. Come help us make it happen :)

New York, New York

Hey thanks NYC

Manhattan, New York

Adventures of Catman & Batwoman Vol. 1

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