Джеймс Лэфферти


Американский актёр, режиссер и продюсер. Родился 25 июля 1985 года в Хэмете, Калифорния. Его родителями были Джефф и Энджи Лафферти, владельцы местной строительной компании.
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Live from Los Angeles, it's The Streamin' Stephens. @stephencolletti

Easily amused today.

London, United Kingdom


Barcelona, Spain

Upstaged by an inanimate object. Again.

All of my dance moves in one photo.

@teenchoicefox Can I sit next to Will Smith? If not it's cool just thought I'd ask thanks.

EDC Kinetic Field Las Vegas Motorspeedway

Never a dull moment with @stuylaff

For 6 years I've known @johnny_derango_dp could do his job without a tent (see right). Today he proved he doesn't need an eyepiece either (see left). What's next Johnny? Coke bottle for a lens? Fishing reel to pull focus? Is nothing sacred???

Big thanks to @magdalenaniziol and @amyrichardsonmakeup for a wonderful shoot and for teaching me that if you part your lips it accentuates your jawline. Haven't closed my mouth since. 🤘🏼

Do unto others......

Big Sur, California


The Ranch at Laguna Beach

New Tesla looks siiiiick.

Los Angeles, California


LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Art (?)

Laguna Beach, California

Does this make me a millennial?


Chamberlain West Hollywood

Thank you @ted_baker for the dinner, drinks and oh yeah, my new favorite suit. And thanks @stephencolletti for letting a couple 909ers tag along. We may put our elbows on the table but our mom says we clean up nice.


Final @sxsw screening of @smalltowncrime was today. Thank you to the festival and the filmmakers for having me along for the ride. Can't wait for the world to see this one.

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