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Американская актриса, наиболее известная по ролям Бренды Уолш в телесериале «Беверли-Хиллз, 90210» и Прю Холливелл в сериале «Зачарованные».
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Jimmy has just a few hours before he is put down if not rescued. This cute boy deserves to finally be loved. Anyone? Please contact below #Repost @urgentdogsofmiami with @repostapp ・・・ BAIT DOG CRUELTY SURVIVOR HAS LESS THAN 24 HOURS LEFT TO LIVE🚨JIMMY NEEDS OUT BY TOMORROW AT 4PM OR HE WILL BE EUTHANIZED💔💔💔 As you can see, humans have not been nice to this sweet boy. Despite all of the abuse he endured, Jimmy #A1839849 is so sweet with people. He does not get along with other dogs at this time (MUST BE ONLY DOGGIE), understandably so because he was abused at the hands of humans & other doggies, but volunteers say he is a TOTAL TEDDY BEAR with people outside of his kennel. Please PLEDGE for JIMMY's urgent rescue in the comments below. If/when he is rescued, we will let everyone know where to honor your pledges. Due to his LAST CALL status, Jimmy can only be saved by someone local who can rush to the shelter to save his life tomorrow💔😢. The shelter will not grant extensions. Miami Dade Animal Services is located at 3599 NW 79th Ave in Doral, FL. MDAS is open Mon-Fri 10am-6:30pm & Sat-Sun 10am-4pm. Please share, tag & repost to help #SaveJimmy! 📷via @kairohrer #shelter #MDAS #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #adoptdontshop #dontshopadopt #rescue #foster #Fosteringsaveslives #urgentdogsofmiami #Miami

Did I or didn't I..... the #slayer and the #cancerslayer @sarahmgellar being supportive thru thick and thin. Love this woman #friendship

Sometimes you just need a shoulder to crash on. @kurtiswarienko #onetiredcancerslayer

Date night... he fell asleep...@kurtiswarienko

What do you do to celebrate end of radiation? You run to @ramireztransalon and see @johnnyramirez1 to transform your hair color (let him do whatever he wants cause he's that good and that lovely) and then sit with @anhcotran for the best haircut and just to revel in his pure radiance. Love these two. #cancerslayer with good hair now!!!

Anyone able to foster this mama and her pups in, around, near Miami... please contact @urgentdogsofmiami asap. #Repost @urgentdogsofmiami with @repostapp ・・・ URGENT RESCUE NEEDED FOR NURSING MAMA & BABIES💔MUST BE SAVED TOGETHER🚨 This poor momma is so scared for her babies at the shelter. Mama Patches #A1793921 and her four newborn babies arrived at the shelter OVER A WEEK AGO and now they need rescue immediately🚨! She is protective of her babies (as ANY mom would be) and we can only imagine what she went through on the streets to make sure her babies survived😔. Please pledge to help a rescue save this family's life together by leaving your pledge amount below!! If this family is saved, we will let everyone know where to honor your pledges. Miami Dade Animal Services is located at 3599 NW 79th Ave in Doral, FL. MDAS is open Mon-Fri 10am-6:30pm & Sat-Sun 10am-4pm. Please share, tag & repost to help #SavePatchesandBabies. Video via @kairohrer #MDASmomAndBabies #MDASrescue #shelter #MDAS #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #adoptdontshop #dontshopadopt #rescue #foster #Fosteringsaveslives #urgentdogsofmiami #Miami

Thank you Vantage Oncology and Dr Leslie Botnick. Thank you to all that work there, especially Anna,Vince, Mike (pictured here) and Jackie. And a big thank you to Maggie. Everyday you rotated around me, I knew you were zapping the last of those pesky micro cells lingering behind. Here's hoping I never see you again sweet Maggie!!! #lovethiscrew #cancerslayer

Went from morning radiation to dance with Neda @jammalibu Now shower then back into town for second radiation. Had to move to stay motivated!!! @sarahmgellar get ready... you're up!! #cancerslayer and #slayer

Double radiation day here I come!!! Got @themamarosa and @missbowiedoherty with me. Maggie here I come. #cancerslayer #homestretch #gettingitdone

If you're in the area and see this sweet girl... she's lost her humans and needs help finding her way home. Her name is Storm and is friendly. Please contact number below. #Repost @ghettorescue with @repostapp ・・・ LOST! Washington and Adams. Los Angeles! Female. 323-470-4069 #lost #lostdog #lostlosangeles #socal #lostandfound #husky #losangeles #323

This is Maggie. I've seen Maggie five days a week for what seems like forever. We have a love hate relationship. I love her because she's part of the life saving treatment I'm receiving. It's astounding how far we have come with technology. One day, Maggie will be retired and the cure will be found. Things like immunotherapy are the future but for now.... it's me and Maggie. I'm seeing her twice tomorrow so that I can wrap this phase up faster. Goodnight sweet Maggie. See ya tomorrow. #cancerslayer

Radiation is tiring. It builds up within you and sometimes one just struggles to keep their eyes open. You can see how tired I am here but I'm still moving!! Any movement is so good during treatment, not just for the body, but for your mind as well. #cancerslayer @jammalibu @themamarosa

UPDATE..... she's RESCUED. Thank you to everyone for networking her. Please see below info if you're able to help her. She has hours left. On a separate note.... it appears Miami has a very high amount of abuse with animals. If you see a dog abused, report the person. More must be done to put a #Repost @urgentdogsofmiami with @repostapp ・・・ MUST BE SAVED BY 6PM OR WILL BE EUTHANIZED💔🆘🚨🚨URGENT‼️🆘🚨Please pledge for her emergency rescue. This baby girl Precious was DUMPED by her family in this condition today and she needs rescue by 6pm or she will be killed‼️If you can save her life, please get to the shelter ASAP. The only information we have is listed here so you must go to the shelter IN PERSON now if you are interested as they will not do holds over the phone. Precious #A1842005 is suffering from facial swelling and discharge from her eye💔. She needs a rescue by 6pm TODAY‼️PLEDGE FOR HER EMERGENCY RESCUE HERE BY LEAVING YOUR PLEDGE AMOUNT IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. If she is rescued, we will let everyone know where to honor your pledges. Miami Dade Animal Services is located at 3599 NW 79th Ave in Doral, FL. MDAS is open Mon-Fri 10am-6:30pm & Sat-Sun 10am-4pm. Please share, tag & repost to help #SavePrecious. On a side note, the animal cruelty in Miami is OUT OF CONTROL, and we are sick over this. Please pledge and tag rescues. We need to save this baby. ***If you are a 501(c)3 rescue and can save this baby's life, we will gladly post your fundraiser to help her get the medical care she needs! #shelter #MDAS #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #adoptdontshop #dontshopadopt #rescue #foster #Fosteringsaveslives #urgentdogsofmiami #Miamistop to animal cruelty.

2017.... @themamarosa and I watched La La Land. What a fantastic, magical journey it took us on. Great night. Love my mom!! Now to sleep and back at radiation. #stillslayingcancerin2017

Anyone in or around the area... this girl is missing and would love to be reconnected with her people. Please read below for information #Repost @ghettorescue with @repostapp ・・・ #Repost @_klarabella_ with @repostapp ・・・ Day 4 of #MissingMishka To update; Mishka was lost in Barrio Logan but lives in Chula Vista. On Monday night the 26th at 11 pm she was held on 63rd and Imperial by a gentlemen who said she got away from him. According to him she still had her purple bandana on her and didnt seem hurt. He called today Tuesday the 27th thanks to a flier we had posted in a gas station. Again today as we passed out fliers in that area, another man said he had seen her and a little girl later on said she did as well around 3pm. #Mishka is a #black #female #germanshepherd with #tanpaws and a #tan underbelly. She is #spayed. She is #friendly. She loves other dogs, kids and people. Last seen wearing a purple bandana and a collar with her name and my contact number. #Thankyou all for your #help. I am (and my loving family) are out day and night looking and wont quit til shes home. Please repost this updated information if youre reposting and resharing. Shes so close I can feel it!! #bringMishkahome #lostdog #founddog #lost #lost #lostinsandiego #lostandfound #socal #sandiego

In my spare time, I work on this project. My other passion.... architecture and interior design. Our home is almost done and looking great. Can't wait to move in! @kurtiswarienko @dustinglodney #design #vision #glodneyconstruction #smddesign

RIP Debbie Reynolds. Shocking and so sad.

So proud to be a part of this beautiful dogs story. Hopefully from here, she will live a life of love and kindness. Thank you to @themotherofdogs @urgentdogsofmiami @p0ppyharlow Kristal now has a real chance. #Repost @p0ppyharlow with @repostapp ・・・ Kristal AKA "Gray Girl" was scheduled to be euthanized on November 30th @ 4 PM in Miami, Florida. I wasn't going to let that happen and with the help of many people we successfully got her transferred out of the shelter and saved. The amazing @theshando generously paid for her transport from Florida to Michigan and she arrived last night and was given lots of cuddles and love ❤️ sometimes you just gotta take a chance and save a life.

You will always be my princess. RIP Carrie Fisher.

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