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Американский рестлер и киноактёр, известный также под псевдонимом Скала́. С 1996 года по 2004 год выступал в World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment. С 2011 года вновь работает в WWE, нерегулярно выступая в основном на бренде Raw.
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My ride or die. @kevinhart4real Kev's High pitched voice "cut!" 😂💀 Makin' a great movie and havin' a hard working blast. #TwoBAMFs #OnSet #Jumanji #ImClearlyOnOne

NEW Men's and Women's #humblehungry collection available NOW. **go to the link in my bio. There is no off season for us. We wake up, work hard, take care of our families, have fun, go to bed, get up the next day and do it all over again. Excited to drop you guys this new collection. As you know, with my past drops, these are never just words thrown on a shirt - they all tell a daily story and it all means something to me. I train em, sleep in em, tear em, sweat in em, do freaking things in em (kidding..sorta;). I've said it before, my promise to you with our partnership with @underarmour is you'll always know that the story you invest in with us, I live daily. You guys and gals enjoy the collection and as promised, Dwanta Claus🎅🏾 just delivered your early Christmas gifts. #HumbleHungryCollection #NoOffSeason #JustLife

This bad man is an asshole and I must throw him thru this cement pillar. My hand strength is like vice grips... he has no choice. For the record, this man is roughly 6'8 and well over 350lbs - he's massive and mean - I must run away now to preserve my health. #OnSet #MySaturdayNights #KnuckleUp #StuntBrotherLuv #Jumanji

Doin' dirt with my stunt brothers tonight. Rehearsals before the bodies hit the floor... I'm searching for a good spot to break his leg with one shot. This scene also looks like what happens when too many drugs are taken at a party. Just say no. #OnSet #HowISpendMySaturdayNights #FightNight #Jumanji

Sexy time. I'll pyramid up in weight for barbell shrugs as a finishing exercise for traps. (I start off with a seated leaning DB shrug variation hitting the mid to lower trap). Chalk the bars up before every set 'cause I stopped using lifting straps on my pulls so I can improve my overall vice grip strength and be a 100% in tune when the muscles firing become fatigued. Plus the vice grip strength helps me when I have to toss around 300lb+ stunt men tonight for our #Jumanji action fight sequences. Or run away from them as fast as I can;). Good day in the gym. Now I go to work til 4am. Grind DNA. Many of you know what I'm talkin' about. #OurAnchor⚓️

Been shooting #Jumanji for months now and I've been waiting patiently for this night to come... In the original movie, the world of #Jumanji came to us. Now 20yrs later in our continuation of the story, we go to the amazing and deadly world of #Jumanji. For months we've shot everything.. all the comedy, all the jungle action and all the heart. Finally, tonight - Saturday night - all night - I get to knuckle up with my stunt brothers and I get to beat some ass like a drum. My stunt brother here @taitfletcher is going night night. And when he wakes up, I'll be good as gone cause he can rearrange my face with one punch. Let's get it on boys and have some fun. #OnSet #KnuckleUp #BeatingAssesLikeDrums #BeenWaitingForMonths #StuntBrotherLuv #Jumanji #Tonights4YouAlanParrish💫

THANK U guys for this #PeoplesChoiceAwards DOUBLE NOMINATION for #CentralIntelligence. If I win FAVORITE COMEDIC ACTOR, I will proudly give the award to my parter in crime @kevinhart4real because you can't buy chemistry between two people and you can't dance alone. Luv my brotha Kev. Then I'll take that shit back and put it in my office, cause it's mine. #PCAs #FavComedicActor #FavComedyMovie #CentralIntelligence 🦄

2 things: @kevinhart4real has to defang the deadly snake and unfortunately for him, I have to hold it. 😈 In #Jumanji Kev's character is a brilliant Zoologist who has to defang a deadly Black Mamba which I'm holding here in this rehearsal as our director Jake Kasdan and crew look on. Kev in real life HATES spiders, centipedes and of course snakes and he's already extremely skiddish cause I've been f*cking with him for months with creepy crawly things on set. Stuff like this gives Kev nightmares for life, but good Lord are we having fun on this set. #OnSet #BlackMambas #AScaredHart #AHappyJohnson #JUMANJI

THANK YOU guys for this #PeoplesChoiceAwards nomination for my role in #ballers. This character's very close to the big 'ol heart (and big head) many of you know why. I appreciate all your votes. Ball out... #ballers #spencerstrasmore #HBO #PCAs

We killed it today in The Dungeon. Pushed thru barriers and made more inaudible sexy gorilla grunts you will not find in Webster's or Urban dictionary. #ThrowinBiscuits #QOTSA

THANK YOU to the Broadcast Films Critics Choice nomination for BEST ACTOR IN A COMEDY. Robbie Weirdich was a fun character to dive into. Complex, bullied in high school and f'n crazy. A CIA contract killer who believes unicorns are real and loves wearing his fanny pack. And he still wears "prescription pants".. just let that sink in. Thanks Robbie for the memories. And stop wearing jorts. #CriticsChoice #BestActorInAComedy 🦄

Here's a cool animated poster from my bud @peytonology's new horror movie that's out TODAY. I haven't seen it but it's a cool and twisted concept where the lead character has to go inside a possessed person's subconscious and extract the demon from the inside. And if you're a dude and you're watching with your lady, for the love of all things gangsta and manly don't ever show your scared. #INCARNATE

For my SPORTS ILLUSTRATED cover shoot I was asked, "As Co-CEO of rapidly growing @sevenbucksprod, what's the key to becoming Hollywood's media mogul leader?" I said "Well you forget to add sexy beast!?"😉 There's many 🔑's - but it'll always come down to putting in the work with my two hands and what's in my heart. That's a simple anchoring philosophy we can apply to any area in our busy lives. #HeartAndHands #PutInTheWork #SportsIllustrated

Finally had a chance to sit for 10min and read my cover story for #SexiestManAlive. Cool stuff. Made me laugh. Huge shout out to writer @juliejordanc for delivering on this one! She flew to Hawaii twice and we got some great hang time together - the balance of my extremely busy/crazy life consisting of my love and passion for my family, job and fans really shined thru in the story. You never know how stories like this are gonna come out, so the best thing I've learned over the years that I can do with writers is be is just be myself, be real and speak from the heart. The rest is up to them. THANK YOU Julie and all the fans out there for your comments about lovin' the issue and story. Luv U back, The Sexiest Muthaf*cka Alive. (lotta 🧀 I just put on that pizza baby, couldn't resist;).

I'm excited to bring our @HBO's #Ballers to California for SEASON 3. Of course we wanted to keep production in Miami, but the rebate was no longer in our favor. West Coast is a great $business move for us and most importantly we'll create thousands of jobs for hard working locals, vendors, actors and crew. Great to see the state of California be terrific partners, step up and level the tax credit playing field. Now on our film side, the impact of shooting my big budget movies in California would be huge with the jobs and income we could generate for all the locals and crew. That'd be amazing for them. Lots of people feel shooting big budget movies in LA has become a crack pipe impossible dream, but I say never say never. There's already a California rebate (which proudly Ballers is getting) but we need to keep expanding it to allow for big studio films that I love making for you. Plus, it gives me something to do with my time so me and my partners will be working on this one. This new move also opens our #Ballers storylines to a whole new creative level and west coast dynamic and vibe. Get ready West Coast.. its time to ball out. #Ballers #Season3 #CaliforniaLuv 🔥👊🏾

Killer workouts the past few weeks at The Dungeon aka MetroFlex in a little town outside of Atlanta, called Buford. When I'm on the road shooting, I'll travel hours from wherever I'm staying just to find a hard core gym where the owners turn up the heat for me so it's a sweat box and members respectfully leave me alone. I've gotten after it at hard core gyms all around the world and every once in a while you find a very bad ass old school machine that's no longer made like this angled "Pec Deck" that's engineered to give your pecs a burn and pump full of blood like never before. Luv this lil' darlin' so much the owners were nice enough to let me buy it from them. She's already luv's my sweat so she'll fit in perfectly in my #IronParadise at home! I know.. "Pec Deck" sounds like a creepy chatroom name, but it's better than "Pec Meat" which is my nickname every time I train chest. #Dungeon #IronParadise #MyAnchor⚓️

For #Jumanji we shot for two months in the Hawaiian jungles and mountainous terrain - now for our final weeks we bring our filming inside and come to huge sound stages where we shoot all our very technical VFX green screen action. Always so impressed with this process as we get to tap into the minds of some of the most brilliant visual effects filmmakers in the world. Now the only drawback to not being in the real jungle, is that I can't f*ck with Kevin Hart by throwing venomous spiders on him, but the payoff is when you see the movie you'll be transported to the amazing world of #Jumanji. #OnSet #SoundStages #GreenScreenVFX #IStillNeedToF#ckWithHart #MidnightRider #Jumanji

I luv how angry @kevinhart4real gets when he turns around and keeps talkin shit as I walk away. 😂Always time to f*ck with brotha Kev who is TERRIFIED of creepy crawly spiders 🕷 while we're shooting in the jungle. #OnSet #Jumanji #MeLaughingIsWorthKevinsPain Crazy @jackblack with the cameo!!

Grateful to share this EXCLUSIVE NEW COVER w/ you. Failure can be a cool & powerful thing.. When I was 15yrs old and started playing football, I had a dream that one day I'd play in the NFL and be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Keep in mind, at 15, I also considered becoming a pro-boxer 'cause I thought I could be beat Mike Tyson who at that time, became the youngest ever Heavyweight Champ, so clearly my goals were extremely ambitious if not crack pipe level impossible. I failed to make it to the NFL (as well as got cut from the Canadian Football League). But my football failure created a drive that still pushes me today. Now years later THE COVER of @SportsIllustrated dream & goal was just achieved. Holy shit! (that's the 15yr old in me talkin';). At the end of the day, I want to surround myself with the hungriest and most brilliant team, because I never want to just play in the game, I always want change the way the game played. And thank God I didn't fight Mike Tyson. #FromAthleteToCEO #ToTheCoverOfSportsIllustrated #SevenBucksProds #1Baller *LINK TO FULL STORY IN MY BIO

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