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Американский рестлер и киноактёр, известный также под псевдонимом Скала́. С 1996 года по 2004 год выступал в World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment. С 2011 года вновь работает в WWE, нерегулярно выступая в основном на бренде Raw.
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After we bowed our heads in prayer, we went around the table and everyone shared what they were thankful for. Beautiful seeing and listening to everyone speak from their heart. Tears, laughter and boundless gratitude. Personally, I’m a little surprised no one expressed how thankful they were that THE Sexiest Man Alive (I refuse to relinquish my title) was sitting at the table. I didn’t want to be a dick and interrupt the prayer, but at some point someones gotta address the elephant in the room. Jokes aside, it was a very special Thanksgiving. As my mom pointed out earlier in the day, there was a time back in ‘87 when we couldn’t even afford Thanksgiving dinner and was praying someone would invite us over their house to eat. We were in a tough spot back then, but we got thru it. And here we are today. One big, extended, blended, slightly crazy, loving, grateful ohana. #sib 🥁

HICKAM AIR FORCE BASE.. I’m coming home. This WEDNESDAY I’m bringing a special military screening of my new movie JUMANJI for you and your families. I can’t wait to come back, deliver this movie and tell you all personally, how grateful I am for the service you provide me, my family and our great country. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your ohana. See you Wednesday. I’ll bring the tequila. Kidding. Sorta. #JointBasePearHarborHickam #SpecialScreening #JUMANJI #DwantaClaus 🎅🏾 🥃

Today, I’m thankful that this awesome lil’ 5yr old boy, Ty was my special #MakeAWish guest on our #SkyscraperMovie set and I was completely dissed and ignored 🤚🏾😂❤️. Ty’s Wish was to meet the one, the only, demigod himself.. MAUI from Moana. So we plan this big trip and meeting. Ty and his beautiful little sister Tia come to set along with his lovely mom and aunty. Ty is SO EXCITED to FINALLY meet his hero, MAUI. He won’t stop talking, playing and singing his favorite Maui song, You’re Welcome. I put on the MAUI wig, strut in and start singing You’re Welcome. Well, as you see here I walk in, start the song and lil’ Ty takes two long looks at me and decides he’s gonna treat me like I’ve been stealing his lunch for the last 87 days with the Clint Eastwood glare that says, “If I were 20yrs older and five feet taller I’d get up outta this chair and knock that goofy wig off your head punk”. Best moment ever. Always happens like this, even though Ty remained in shock and didn’t say a word the whole time, the moment I walked away to go back to work, little Ty was SO EXCITED and would NOT STOP TALKING about how he met his best friend MAUI. I’m also pretty sure he even said how Maui was waaaaayyy better looking and talented in person. Hey if Ty’s happy, then Maui’s happy. Happy Thanksgiving everyone to you and your families. Enjoy your day! As always, for me stuff like this will always be the best part of fame. Icy high five disses and all. I need a better wig. DJ

Appreciate the luv and breakfast tequila shot by brotha @therealtechn9ne for #RampageMovie. 😂👊🏾 Been bangin’ w him and #StrangeMusic for well over a decade now. Despite being the most successful independent hip hop artist of all time, he’s still keepin’ it hard core and all about the hunger and struggle. One of the GOATs. #DNA #HardestWorkersInTheMFRoom ・・・ Congratulations to @therock for having the number one trending trailer in the WORLD with his new movie #RAMPAGE So I'm bout to #DRINKUP one time and I ain't even had breakfast bro! JESUS! Tequila in the am? Gotta be for a good cause! Ha ha Love bruh!

#1 To the #HardestWorkersInTheRoom around the 🌍... THANK YOU. Stay strong. Train hard. @underarmour #ProjectRock #USDNA #DwantaDelivery *Link in my bio.

Horns meet bone, progress meets pain. My tattoo’s mana (power & spirit) acts as endorphins which interact with the opiate receptors in the brain to reduce our perception of pain. My tattoo artist @nikkohurtado thinks I need therapy. Pain is my therapy. #BlackAnchorTattooStudio #Mana #BullDNA 💀✊🏾

Dig in. #SkyscraperMovie. Want to thank the various spec ops boys who helped me bring this character to life. Especially on the HRT (hostage rescue) crisis negotiations side. Shooting this film has been an intense and unforgettable experience and I’m grateful to the bone for the opportunity to put in the work. Honored to wear the patch over the heart to recognize our fallen. Lorek and Shaw. Thank you team. Respect. #SkyscraperMovie #Vancouver #China

#1 trending movie trailer in the world. That’s cool, but now you’ve really pissed off the gigantic albino gorilla, the 30ft mutated wolf and the what the f*ck is that angry, mutated crocodile that’s bigger than an entire football stadium. Thanks everyone for diggin’ the trailer. Ohhhh... the fun you’re gonna have. #RAMPAGEMovie 🦍🐺🐊 4/20/18

I had a blast with this dude @teammarik who blessed our set w/ his presence. For those who don’t know Marik’s story. He’s battling cancer and recently placed on hospice. He made a bucket list... and meeting me was on that list. So here we are.. I’m pushing him around set, having fun, introducing him to our crew and explaining to him how our “Hollywood magic” works behind the scenes. He had a blast. I was grateful. I don’t know why things happen to kids the way they do. Over the years of spending time with kids and parents who are struggling hard thru disease (often terminal), I’ve realized we just gotta hold onto faith in knowing that there’s a much bigger and positive reason why this happens. Even if I don’t understand it at that moment. For me, this’ll always be the best part of fame. And the reminder that the most powerful thing we can all do is lead with strong empathy and love. It’s also the reminder to never let yourself get caught up in petty sh*t and keep your thoughts and energy optimistic and big picture. So grateful I had a chance to hang with my man Marik aka.. the King of Xbox. #MarikAndRock #OnSet #BucketListFun #GratefuMan

Moment we hugged I started getting choked up (manly tears of course:). Hard to even fathom what this mom @teammarik (and so many parents who I meet) is going thru as her son, Marik is fighting the fight of his life. What a strong mama with a beautiful heart who’s beyond blessed with an incredible son who inspires all those around him - including me. When she said “Give your kids a hug and cherish every single moment”.. that one hit home, because it’s such a reminder to love and hug our loved as hard we can because we never know what tomorrow may bring. #MarikAndRock #OnSet #BucketListFun

The signed #RockDeltas are on their way. Thank you to the thousands who participated in our USDNA Veterans Day giveaway and sharing your inspiring heartfelt stories of the military men and women you have in your life. And THANK YOU to the boys and girls of our US Military past and present. I’m grateful to the bone. #ProjectRock #UnderArmour #RockDeltas #1 USDNA 👊🏾

I’m loving every second of @teammarik just looking at me, smiling and still not saying a word lol. I did get two chuckles when I said I would fire anyone who doesn’t take care of him and if he didn’t like my performance while I’m shooting just yell out, yo you suck! More to share w you guys later about this special visit. And some incredibly moving and emotional words his mama, Kelii told me. Words we could all use as we move along in this amazing yet tough and unpredictable thing called life. #MarikAndRock #OnSet #BucketListFun

Aaaaaaaand The Rock invited me to meet him, but now that he’s in front of me, I will become totally shy, smile and not say a word 😂😂. This is my special guest @TeamMarik and his lovely mama, Kelii. Marik has been placed on hospice care and fighting cancer like a real warrior and meeting me was on his bucket list. We flew him out to hang with me on set so we could spend some time together. I’ll share more with you guys about our visit later today. And the funny part about teens, children and adults too becoming super shy and silent, is that the moment I leave, THEN they start talking lol! What a day. What a kid. More to come.. #MarikAndRock #OnSet #BucketListFun

CHRISTMAS is almost here. Swipe right and meet our motley crew of troubled teenagers in #JUMANJI. @karengillanofficial @jackblack @nickjonas @kevinhart4real and the big, brown, bald, tattooed fella. Welcome to the jungle baby. #Jumanji THIS CHRISTMAS 🎅🏾

Sharp dressed man. Appreciate brotha @stephencurry30 rockin’ our new #ProjectRock @underarmour collection from head to toe. I will now take full credit for Stephen going down in history as the NBA’s greatest shooter of all time. Luv ya man and thank you guys worldwide for making this collection a big success and personal motivator. #GOAT #ProjectRock #USDNA

Our new #ProjectRock @underarmour USDNA Collection is on fire. Thank you! *link in my bio. And yes, I’m unapologetic in the gym when I start to sense too much bullshitting and not enough getting work done. If you see me working in the gym, just pass me on by and don’t try and talk to me. Have some gym etiquette or I will stop what I’m doing and eat you for lunch. Stay strong, train hard and enjoy your new gear. #ProjectRock #NoGymBullshitting #OrYouBecomeLunch

Here’s two vids of a bucket list surprise for a very special and awesome 15yr old kid who I just found out was placed in hospice. I’m flew him out to LA to meet me tomorrow on set and we put him and his mom up at one of my favorite hotels in the world, #ShuttersOnTheBeach in Santa Monica. As you see in the video so many of my colleagues and friends went all out to make him feel awesome when he arrived with his mama, Kelli. Kid’s been battling cancer since 2012. He had his right leg amputated and went thru hard core chemo treatments that year. In 2016, a large tumor was found in his lung and he had thoracic surgery to remove it. After declaring cancer free in January 2017, another tumor was found in Marik’s lung this past June. This kids fighting like a CHAMP. Can’t wait to meet you dude.. you got a BIG ROCK SIZE HUG coming your way tomorrow!

As a punk kid I dropped tons of quarters in this arcade game while hangin’ out in smokey pool halls, I had no business hangin’ out in. Today, George is my best friend and I proudly give you our new #RampageMovie trailer. Link in bio. Enjoy. #BigMeetsBigger

Our first #RampageMovie trailer goes down TODAY at 5pm EST / 2PM PST. Btw, this is my best friend, George. A rare gigantic albino Silverback. I love animals because they’re the most honest creatures on earth. If they like you, they lick you. If they don’t, they eat you. #BigMeetsBigger #GorillaLickage #RAMPAGEMovie

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