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Известный американский писатель, актёр, продюсер, телеведущий, сценарист, редактор и создатель множества натуралистических персонажей комиксов, а также бывший президент и председатель совета директоров известного издательства «Marvel Comics».
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Have you ever been told “Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out!” your first day on the job? Then you’ll understand how Dorothy feels in Chapter 5 of STAN LEE'S WORK FORCE! Link in bio. #stanleesworkforce

Stan responds to another one of your messages! Recently, a fan compared him to some pretty impressive figures. Watch the video to find out who they are! #DearStan

Black Panther shattered records when the movie came out earlier this year, but did you know the character also made history with his debut 52 years ago? In July 1966, the Wakandan King became the first black superhero to appear in mainstream comics in the US when he first leapt onto the pages of Fantastic Four #52. #FlashbackFriday

Ever wonder what it’s like meeting Stan Lee for the first time? Dorothy's introduction is quite the whirlwind! Read more in Chapter 4 of STAN LEE'S WORK FORCE. Link in bio. #stanleesworkforce

Congratulations to our pals at @forthewinproject and @magicwheelchair for a successful event at San Diego Comic-Con! Catch a glimpse of the posters and wheelchairs they created for 7 Star Wars fans in the above image and video. #SDCC

We've been sharing your messages with Stan - he loves hearing from you! There are tens of thousands, so he can't respond to every one, but occasionally we will post some of his reactions and comments. Here is the first, enjoy!

Dorothy receives quite the reception on her first day of work! See how she’s greeted in the next installment of STAN LEE’S WORK FORCE. Link in bio. #stanleesworkforce

Check out what our friends @forthewinproject and @magicwheelchair are doing at San Diego Comic Con this weekend for 7 young Star Wars-loving heroes in wheelchairs! #SDCC

Check out my new cameo - Stan

Happy #SDCC - Stan

In Chapter 2 of STAN LEE’S WORK FORCE, the new office manager, Dorothy, finds out just how different this workplace is - before she even steps foot in the door! Click the link in the bio to read more. #stanleesworkforce

Who knew an office could be so packed with adventure? Check out the new trailer for Stan Lee’s first episodic novel, STAN LEE’S WORK FORCE! #stanleesworkforce

I’M BACK! – Stan

Please click the link in the bio to read the Stan Lee and POW! Entertainment Pledge.

HULK SMASH! 56 years ago this month a gray Hulk debuted in his own book, The Incredible Hulk #1. (Due to a shading inconsistency in printing the first issue, Hulk became his now-iconic green in The Incredible Hulk #2.) Among Stan’s influences in creating the character were Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. #hulk #hulksmash

80 years ago today, Stan’s favorite movie, The Adventures of Robin Hood, debuted. And four years ago he posed as the title character for an Arclight Cinemas campaign. How well do you think Stan nailed the Errol Flynn look? #robinhood

Black Panther is coming home! Who else is enjoying the movie on Amazon or iTunes today? (Photography by @mullyadii, toy by @beast_kingdom). #blackpanther #marvel

Marvel got into the Star Wars game early; in fact, the first issue of the comic predated the movie's debut by a month. Later that year, in November 1977, The Marvel Comics Illustrated Version of Star Wars, adapted by Roy Thomas & Howard Chaykin, was released. And guess who provided the special introduction? Stan Lee. #maythe4thbewithyou #starwars #marvel

Congratulations to Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, the cast, and the whole crew on the stupendous success of #InfinityWar! #Repost @marvel ・・・ A special thank you from Kevin Feige. #InfinityWar

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