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Happy birthday to my Father who always looks stoned in old pictures of us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!

Shagadocious bro

We kicked some ass and things got weird last night at the Season 10 wrap party for @abcmodernfam #twobitcircus

When you tryna get in that group shot... #modernfamily

#tbt and a super early #mcm post for @wellsadams, who has my heart AND my funny bone. ❤️😍😘

These are actual candids of @wellsadams and me telling a story.... We’re very passionate people.

Who’s ready for short hair? I think it’s about that tiiiimeeee. (And by that I mean just take out Haley’s fake hair)

Happy #internationalwomensday from the @abcmodernfam Women! So grateful to have spent the last 10 years working with these funny, smart, beautiful, and STRONG women! Remember your worth. Keep your sisters close. Fight for your rights. And never forget that we can do anything together!

It’s called FASHION Brenda. Look it up. #tbt #showyourscars

Every day is @itsjuliebowen day. But ESPECIALLY today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TV MAMA!!!!!!!!

That New York Beat🍸

#funfact I’m wearing TWO pairs of spanx. Why diet? When you can just hide it!

When you feelin fine as hell but your man thinks you finer 😍😏 @wellsadams @vanityfair #vanityfairoscarparty

It’s my 👯’s birthday!!!!... ***NOT MINE!*** Thanks to @samweaving I know who @dualipa is and how weird I actually am. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU VERY MUCH TWIN!!!!!! HAPPY BURFFFDAYYYYY!!!!! 🎈🍸🍷🍹🎂🎁🎉 #allthedrinks

Being annoyingly cute in #laketahoe with @wellsadams 💕 🌹

HAPPY FRIKKIN BIRTHDAY @imthekatie!!!!!! Thank you for being my go to fashionista date, my crystal loving witch sister, and my best friend. I LOVE YOU!!!!! 😘💕

With you I feel like I’m on top of the world & I’ll always catch you if you fall... no matter how high we climb. I love you to Pluto & back @wellsadams ❤️ I am so grateful and appreciative of everything you do for me. #happyvalentinesday #myperson

2019 Expectations Vs. Reality

When the waiter asks if you want to look at the dessert menu 😏

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