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Overwater Palafitos Dorado Maroma

Hi. My name is Sarah & I’m EXTRA #bigdickenergy #showyourscars #actnatural So many hashtags #experienceeldorado @eldoradoresorts @karismahotels

Overwater Palafitos Dorado Maroma

Always thinking about tacos. This time it’s just on a boat. 🌮 🌮🌮🌮 #experienceeldorado @eldoradoresorts @karismahotels

Turns out old dogs CAN learn new tricks! Barkley can finally be an Offleash dog thanks to @off_leash_life! I’m seriously so impressed with how much Barkley learned in such a short amount of time!!! #generalbarkley thank you so much @off_leash_life!!!! Swipe right to see video!

New York, New York

We tied for the #mostdramatic superlative our senior year. Still living up to our title at our 10 year highschool reunion. Best Friends for LIFE ❤️💋 #themichelletomyromy

Physical imagery of inside my head 24/7

PICTURE WRAP on @theweddingyear guys!!! I’m so proud to be a part of this film! Thank you to our CREW!!!!, our cast!, our producers!, and especially @robertluketic for being our fearless funny ass leader of this whole shindig. Can’t wait for you guys to see #theweddingyear ❤️

Happy birthday to one of my favorite goddesses @sofiavergara!!! Always eat cake and dance with me please 💋❤️

I like to float on water and cuddle with dogs. 📷: @free_connor

Apparently it’s #internationalkissingday so this will have to suffice💋

DAWG ON A POOL TOY... also #freethenipple #funboy #happiestgirlintheworld #mybooforlife

Here are 4 out of about 150 pictures of us. #4thofjuly #babes (it was a very long, tedious and annoying group chat picking which ones to post) ❤️💙

Look at these jeans! @candiesbrand just launched a sculpt denim, so you can eat all the tacos you want! Shop them here-> @kohls #ad #candiessculptdenim #jeansandtacos

Monday Mantra: Be patient. Be kind. Be free. Don’t stress. Don’t overthink. Don’t worry. Just be. #nomakeupmonday #theresnofilterforlife

Went wedding dress shopping for this magnificent human doll @thekatiestevens ❤️ she could wear a paper bag and still look fabulous but OMG WEDDING DRESSESSSS

Happy Birthday to my PCD Barbie Moana Mama!!!! Good Lordy I miss you!!! 😘😘😘

Step on a crack and ya break ya mother’s back

Counting down to the weekend and the work week just started 😆 Shop my favorite @candiesbrand sundresses only @kohls! #Ad #sarah4candies

Pulling an @arielwinter: Honestly the ONLY reason I’m posting this is because I’ve never seen a more accurate picture of myself. #newyorkeratheart #angrywalking

#happyfathersday to the best Dad a daughter could have. Thanks for all the shoulder rides because I was a very lazy child.

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