Малин Акерман


Канадская актриса и модель шведского происхождения, известная благодаря своим комедийным ролям.
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Met one of the legends today @janegoodallinst #janegoodall #globalcitizen @glblctzn

#Ibiza wedding vibes 💃🏻 #bathroomselfie #spanishstyle

My little cousin ain't so little anymore! She is now a happily married woman! 😍 Congratulations @juliasundstromsandstrom you were the most beautiful bride I've ever seen! Her dress by @valerie_aflalo my dress by one of my favorites @cushnieetochs with @jacquelinesundstrom #ssbailey17 #love

To each their own style #individualism #happygilmore #happymonday

Patti Smith, I adore you 💜 #pattismith #soundtracktomylife #bestsongever #1978

Bright whites and florals at an eerily dark screening of Mother, where I missed the note that the theme of the night was funeral attire 😬👍🏼 Loved this dress by @naeemkhannyc @grazielagems @molly_levin #dressedtokill

Thank you to everyone who donated tonight! 💜💜💜 #Repost @catherinezetajones ・・・ Call us! 1 (800)258-6000. We're waiting to speak with you! Or text GIVE to 80077. Donate for a great cause! #HandInHand ❤️

#handinhand call us! 1800- 258-6000 or text GIVE to 80077 all in the name of hurricane relief 💜 @samsmithworld

#handinhand #donate #support

Tonight I will be manning the phone banks as we reach out our hands to aid those affected by the hurricane devastation in Texas and Florida. Call 1-800-258-6000 or text GIVE to 80077. Link in bio #handinhand

404 NYC

Loving my custom mani from @NaturesBounty and @paintboxnails! Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies are definitely a part of my everyday beauty routine to prep for the fun week in #NYC. #NaturesBountyBeauty #AD

About Friday night 😎 Lucky girl got to go to the @harpersbazaarus icon night and see @theweeknd perform! What a treat! Dress by @cushnieetochs smile thanks to #theweekend #nyfw

Thank you to @cushnieetochs for a fabulous outfit and an exquisite show! #nyfw boots @aninebingofficial

💜💜💜#Repost @jedidiahjenkins ・・・ She had noticed that her husband was forgetting things. Misspeaking. They got him checked out and the doctor said he had dementia, which isn't terribly unusual for an 80 year old, and that it was going to get worse. Pretty soon, her husband's mind would be gone. The man she'd been married to for 42 years would leave her, and his body would remain. . She asked him, 'honey, while I've still got you, what's the thing you want to see most before you go? Anything at all.' . He answered, 'I want to see Burning Man, with you.' . She said ok, and got busy making costumes. They came all the way from Perth, Australia with their son. They wore handmade headdresses woven with roses and stayed up late into the night. Later than me. They danced under lasers and fire. . And at sunrise, with their son beside them, they renewed their vows. At 80 years old. As far from home as they could be. Side by side as the sun came up. . #burningman #burningman2017 . (Thank you for introducing me to their story and shooting this video @reallykindofamazing and @papshirock)

Reminiscing about weekend fun! #laborday #braveboy #tubing

Doin' Labor Day With my Jersey family 😎 #laborday #family #jerseyshore @nicolpaone

Love is in the air #NYC

#Repost @glblctzn ・・・ One of the largest countries in the world just took a major step forward for human rights! Last week, the Supreme Court of #India declared that freedom of sexual orientation is a fundamental right and that discrimination based on sexuality is unlawful. “Discrimination against an individual on the basis of sexual orientation is deeply offensive to the dignity and self-worth of the individual. Equality demands that the sexual orientation of each individual in society must be protected on an even platform,” the ruling said. Go to GlobalCitizen.org to read more. 👏🏳️‍🌈 (📷: Tsering Topgyal/AP)

Thank you to the local heroes 💜 sending strength and love. #houston

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