Люк Эванс


Британский актер, известный благодаря ролям в фильмах серии "Хоббит" и "Дракула".
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Sometimes I feel like I've time travelled. These three New York streets have been perfectly replicated from photographs from the period. #TheAlienist

Battle scars. #DraculaUntold

Budapest, Hungary

Taking a cheeky breather between abs sets. How's everyone's training going? Any new exercises you wanna share with me and the gang? 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

While you lucky buggers are enjoying the Great British heatwave I am indoors pretending I'm outside enjoying the sunshine with you.

Budapest, Hungary

Hakuna matata #newfriends #thealienist #setlife🎥 #lionking

Budapest, Hungary

I'm lucky enough to have not just a father, but a grandfather in my life. Two men who I have looked up to since the day I was born. I never stop learning from them, and I never stop loving them more each day. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there #FathersDay

🎶 I'm a Welshman, I'm a happy Welshman, I'm a Welshman in old New York. 🎶 #TheAlienist

My mum took this pic a couple of days ago of my grandad on Porthcawl beach. Turned over every pebble, but I think this one was a bit too big, even for him! Legend!

A year ago today 49 people went to the #Pulse nightclub to dance and to meet friends but never came home. We remember them now and always. Hatred and bigotry will never win. #OrlandoStrong

Here's a look at #TheAlienist TV ad that will be on @tntdrama tonight

They see me rollin' #BTS #TheAlienist

The usual suspects. #BTS #TheAlienist @briangeraghty13 @dakotafanning #MatthewShear #DanielBruhl #DouglasSmith

Budapest, Hungary

A dresser, a dialect coach, an assistant and an actor sit at a table......just us waiting for the sun to go down so we can start the night shoot. Please observe my #crocs and socks courtesy of wardrobe dept. I'm also serenading them with @eltonjohn songs to while away the time. It's all glamour here at the #alienist set. 🌟

Today's the day: #BeautyandtheBeast is out to own in the US! Who's watching it tonight?

Ever wonder?

New York, New York

"As a specimen yes she's so captivating". Off to the #VeuveClicquot Polo with my beautiful friend @freidapinto #VCPoloClassic #VCPC10 Thank you to @HugoBoss and @montblanc for keeping me looking sharp!

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

My bro from another mo. 16 years under the bridge of life. #taboothemusical #billyfrombromley #friends #nyc @thisainttherapy

Craving a little extra Gaston in your life? Then here's a deleted scene from the Beauty and the Beast​ DVD! Out to own on June 6th

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